The Acid Cup 2 continues for its second night. This time, it would be all the quarter, semi and the final match of the Cup, as well as the world’s first social distancing match. Joey Janela continued his stint on commentary and taught the GCW competitors a lesson in social distancing during a match with Jimmy Lloyd. Plus, we got the return of the Clusterfuck and none other than famous WWE star John Cena was “totally” in attendance. How can we go wrong? Let’s get into the action and see who walked away with the second-ever Acid Cup.

Shane Mercer defeated KTB via Roll-Up

The first match was one of the most hotly contested rematches in recent GCW history. Both big men with freakishly athletic ability and both ready to throw down. KTB wouldn’t even let Mercer finish his entrance as he instantly dived on him and elbowed his way out of a belly to belly attempt. The fight went to the stage where Mercer avoided a chair shot and choked KTB out with his ring jacket. He smacked KTB with a chair and the pair tried to throw each other off the stage. KTB launched Mercer to the floor and the pair countered each other in the ring until KTB pump kicked Mercer back out again. KTB went for a dive but Mercer caught him and slammed him face-first into the bar. Mercer wanted to attack but KTB dropped him back first onto the apron. The pair fought on the bar with Mercer avoiding another chair shot and punching KTB back down. KTB recovered and dropped Mercer back into the ring then followed with a Diving headbutt. Back in-ring KTB tried for his corner tackle but Mercer avoided and threw KTB into the turnbuckle. Mercer went coast to coast whilst KTB sipped on a White Claw. That was followed by a Split Legged Moonsault for two. They fought on the top rope where KTB was able to hit his newly dubbed “Go to Beast” but missed with a Lionsault and locked in a half crab on Mercer. Mercer fought out and rolled up KTB for the win. This wasn’t as wild as Mercer’s first match but worked well as an opening match and offered plenty of athletic hoss action.

Blake Christian defeated Matthew Justice via Springboard DDT to chairs

High flying meets high danger next as Matthew Justice, the fan with no fear takes on Blake Christian, wrestling’s next top high-flyer. They locked up, with Justice out powering Blake, grounding him with a shoulder tackle. Christian tried to speed things up but was grounded again. The pair traded shoulder tackles, Blake using a springboard and Christian brought Justice down with a Headscissor and basement 619. Blake tried to capitalise with a dive but Justice caught him and hit Snake Eyes onto the ring apron. He continued to abuse him around ringside with chops and slams then broke a cup of ice over Blake’s head. The fight broke into the toilets, where Blake was slammed into even more items but once out, Blake managed to escape with a Lionsault as Justice threw him at the ring. That was followed by a double stomp and a massive crossbody. Blake continued with a series of uppercuts and a dropkick to the back of the head. Justice got his knees up on another Lionsault and set Blake in the tree of woe, only to have his coast to coast avoided. Blake went for a 450 but missed and was speared out of his boots. The pair started slugging it out but Justice got the upper hand with a running knee and DVD’ed Blake into the corner. Justice got the chairs in but Blake beat him to the punch and rammed one into Justice’s throat, making him take a seat. Blake then went full Sabu by step up dropkicking Justice off his seat. Blake then kneed to chairs into the face of Justice to the terror of Janela. Blake went for another strike but had the chair speared into his face. That was followed by a splash for two. He tried to do the same with a chair but Blake picked it up and broke it over Justice’s head and hit a super DDT onto the chairs. Blake set up some more chairs and went top rope but Justice caught him and tried for a DVD. Blake avoided that and a chair shot to 619 a chair into Justice’s face. That was followed by a Springboard DDT to the chair for a three count. Blake Christian overcame GCW’s maddest man to progress to the next round. What a bloody match. We also got to see Joey Janela in his boxers as Blake went to rest up.

Chris Dickinson defeated Allie Kat via Axe Bomber

This was the match that worried the whole internet. Allie Kat would have to battle the Dirty Daddy if she’d want to make it any further. It would be the battle of dick vs puss strings as Kick Dickinson (thanks, Janela) made his way to the ring. Dickinson didn’t play along and instantly slammed Kat down. They locked up and Dickinson drove Kat into the corner but gave her a clean break. Allie did the same but didn’t give a clean break. Dickinson made her pay with a shoulder tackle. Kat came back with a series of chops and escaped a half and half Suplex and kneed him in the face. Dickinson had enough and chopped her down then dropped her headfirst with a Brainbuster. He then went back to his usual strategy and started working an arm, wrenching it in the ropes and locking in an armbar. He kept up the pressure with a slam and encouraged Kat to hit him. This only lasted a couple of moments as he then smacked her back down. He went for a powerbomb but Kat escaped and they went back to slugging it out. Kat jabbed Dickinson in the jaw, hit a Jawbreaker and KO’ed Dickinson with a corner combo that ended in the Furball. She went for the Pussy Piledriver but Dickinson backed her into the corner and started ramming in shoulders. He tried to go for a Super Brainbuster but Kat escaped and hit a running Powerbomb. She tried for the Piledriver again but Dickinson escaped and after a series of roll-ups, hit a Shining Wizard on her. The pair kicked each other then Kat went for a DVD. The pair woke up and continued to smack each other. Allie hit the Piledriver but took too long to pin Dickinson. Once again, he got pissed off, rammed Kat into the corner but ended up Eating a German Suplex. He no-sold it and ran the ropes to knock Allie down with a vicious Axe Bomber for the win. This was a hard-hitting affair that made Allie Kat look like a star.

Jordan Oliver defeated Nick Gage via Atticus Cogar and Ellis Taylor saving his ass

Matthew Justice instantly turned everyone against him by announcing he like Jordan Oliver during ring announcement duties. Back to the match though, Nick Gage was ready to clear the last none-GCW competitor from the tournament by destroying Jordan Oliver. After Justice messed up his intro, Gage went right after Oliver, leveling him with a nasty combo of offence that ended with a swinging neck breaker. The King did not want to be fucked with here. Gage upped the ante by hitting the corkscrew elbow on Oliver through a door on the outside, causing more to fall on the poor YDNB member. Oliver kicked out at one so Gage went and got a barbed wire board. Whilst he set that up, Oliver climbed to the top and dropkicked Gage into his contraption. Oliver tried to DDT Gage onto the wire but Gage reversed and Suplexed him onto it. Gage continued the torture with a chair to the board and Oliver’s back. He threw a chair into the ring and launched Oliver at the ropes off the stage. Gage went for a facewash with the chair but Oliver avoided and after a series of dodges, kicked the chair in Gage’s face and went for the double with a Roaring elbow on the chair. Oliver went for a step up move in the corner but the chair broke so he tried to do it with a second but Gage had woken up and launched the chair into Oliver’s face. Oliver tried to fight back but Gage knocked him back down with a Brainbuster. Gage went for a frog splash but Ellis Taylor interfered and Oliver was able to fling Gage off the top rope with a Frankensteiner. Gage would have won as he hit Oliver with a Piledriver and Powerbomb as Manders tried to deal with Ellis but the ref was dragged out. Gage gave Ellis a Chokebreaker to send him packing. Atticus Cogar got some revenge from last night and cost Gage the match with a distraction, allowing Oliver to Yakuza Kick a chair into Gage’s face. A dirty pin later and the match was over. Oliver survived thanks to the interference of others eliminating the fucking God of this shit.

Social Distancing Rules: Joey Janela defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Tackle through a Door

What is a social distancing rules match? Well, under Coronavirus guidelines, people must stay at least 1 meter or 6ft apart. Now we’d see how that applied to a wrestling match. Joey Janela was outraged at the poor form of the wrestlers last night that he would teach the guys and gals how to avoid Coronavirus. The match started with a cup of hand sanitizer and Janela struggling to understand what the hell he was going to do here. Now this was silly as hell but every move was done at 6ft away, bear that in mind as I describe the action. The pair locked up and Lloyd took Janela out early but the pair both went for dropkicks and both kipped up. They went for a handshake but Janela was being a snake and hit low. Janela knocked Lloyd out of the ring and signaled for a dive, He took too long and Lloyd enziguried him on the apron. That was followed by a crossbody and started a 6ft slugfest. The pair got too close and had to be separated by a ref.  A hockey fight broke out and both men clotheslined each other down. Lloyd hit a superkick as Allie Kat joined commentary. The pair continued to trade superkicks with Janela having enough and hitting a Poison Rana. Janela grabbed a chair but the ref stopped the match again as the chair was not sanitised. He cleaned the chair and lobbed it at Lloyd. Lloyd cleaned the chair again and threw it at Janela’s head. Janela returned fire but didn’t clean the chair first. Lloyd shocked everyone by going for a Canadian Destroyer. Janela kicked out so Lloyd got a door, cleaned it down and set it up in the corner. They played the avoidance game until Janela had Lloyd in front of the door. Janela looked set to tackle Lloyd but instead stopped to plug Orange Crush. He then sent Lloyd through the door and won the match. Who said a PSA couldn’t be fun right? Jim Cornette has already hated on this but fuck him, this was fun and served as a reminder to look after each other during the Coronavirus scare.

Semi-Final: Chris Dickinson defeated Shane Mercer via Moonsault and Battery Roll-Up

The first semi-final saw the Iron Demon take on the Dirty Daddy in one hell of a strong man bout. Dickinson instantly went on the attack with a Dropkick into the corner. The pair ran the ropes and Dickinson knocked down Mercer with an axe bomber. Dickinson hit a series of kicks but Mercer caught him into a Powerslam. Mercer chopped down Dickinson and choked him with a ring rope. He kept on slugging Dickinson focusing on the lower back. Mercer continued the assault with a chop and a snap Suplex then locked in a chin lock. Dickinson escaped with a Back Suplex but Mercer threw him straight back into the corner and sent him outside with an Exploder. After a brawl on the outside, where Cena nearly died, the pair started chopping again in-ring. Dickinson went for a powerbomb but Mercer reversed and launched him with a Fallaway Slam. Dickinson fired up, mentioned Suzuki and hit Mercer with a whiplash-inducing Tornado DDT. The pair got to their feet and ran the corners trying to catch the other. When neither succeeded, Dickinson kicked out Mercer’s knee and hit a shining wizard. Dickinson then hit a stalling Piledriver and hit an Enziguri to Mercer when he flipped him off. He took too much time taunting Sonny Onoo and got caught with a Belly to Belly and a discus lariat from Mercer. Dickinson was set up for Moonsault and Battery and hit with it, but was able to roll through the move and roll-up Mercer for the win. Dickinson showed respect for Mercer then left the ring to recover. What a battering from both men and a hell of a way to progress for Dickinson.

Semi-Final: Blake Christian defeated Jordan Oliver via Springboard Elia

Time for a rematch of a match that broke Jim Cornette. Jordan Oliver was coming in cocky after surviving Nick Gage. He would be taking on the man that battled the man CTE forgot, Blake Christian. Things were about to get flippy. Yet again things started fast as Blake hit a tope con Hilo off the banister and took out Oliver. The pair instantly got up and started speeding things up all around ringside ending with a pose off in the centre of the ring. They both kicked each other down and took a second to recover. They had a chop fest and a slugfest that brought both men back down to the mat. The strikes continued with both men going neck and neck. They both hit Rainmakers and Blake continued with a Hammerlock Rainmaker. Blake went top rope but was brought down with a Frankensteiner. He reversed Oliver’s cutter attempt into a Powerbomb and hit a superkick when Oliver kicked out. After a recovery period on the outside, Oliver came back and kicked the life out of Blake before dropping him with a Powerbomb. Oliver went for another Clout Cutter but Christian ran him into the turnbuckle. That was followed by a diving double knee for two. Oliver came back with a kick, hit Cleopatra and a duo of Yakuza kicks to the front and back of Blake. The fight switched sides and Blake tripped Oliver onto the rope and hit the basement 619. He jumped onto the apron and hit a springboard variant of Elia to win the match. This was a hell of a fast, furious and stiff fight to the finals. Blake Christian will take on Chris Dickinson in the final.

Clusterfuck: Nick Gage outlasts Cole Radrick, Benjamin Carter, Ellis Taylor, Pinkie Sanchez, Pitbull, Jimmy Lloyd, Stauffer, John Cena, Atticus Cogar, Manders, Dilfboy Dalton and Lucky 13

It’s Cluster fuck time, the ridiculous bout that can be won by pinfall, submission, over the top rope elimination, leaving the building and death. Benjamin Carter drew number one and fought Cole Radrick, the number two draw. These two put on a fast and flippy bout with just a little bit of playing dirty. Radrick just got the upper hand when Ellis Taylor of YDNB entered the bout and took on both men. He got about 30 seconds before Pinkie Sanchez entered the bout too. For some reason, everyone gave Pinkie the chance to rock out on a turnbuckle without eliminating him out of the match. I think Sanchez spent more time than he did wrestling but it was entertaining nonetheless. He ran a train on the three other guys then the best of the best came in PITBULL’S CORPSE. He took everyone out by jumping from the rafters. Lloyd came in next after his social distancing lesson. He took out Carter with a Gonzo Bomb. Stauffer was up next, GCW’S t-Shirt guy. He lasted two seconds and was eliminated by Jimmy Lloyd. Okay, I was premature on the best of the best; JOHN CENA was up next.

He hit everyone with AAs and mugged off Sanchez with a five-knuckle shuffle. Ellis Taylor low blew Cena as Atticus Cogar made his entrance. Cogar then did the unthinkable and eliminated Cena. Cogar tried to mouth off at Lloyd but Gage was up next and the duo worked together to eliminate Cogar from the match. Gage chased after Cogar post-elimination to continue murdering him. Back in-ring, Cole Radrick eliminated Taylor with a package driver. Manders was out next and he started his run by taking Lloyd’s jaw off and murdering Radrick with a minute-long stalling Suplex. His moment was ruined by the next entrant, Dilfboy Dalton making his GCW debut. He tried to chop Manders to no success. Manders then killed him by throwing him through a door. Next in was Lucky 13, fighting with an injured shoulder. That didn’t stop him messing up Manders and diving on everyone. He was eliminated about 20 seconds later with a power slam and lariat. Lloyd and Radrick worked together to eliminate Manders and then turned on each other. They eliminated each other with Superkicks and got pinned together. Pitbull’s corpse survived the match and won the Clusterfuck. Except, wait no, Gage was never eliminated and he claimed his victory. He won and demanded his title back. RIP Pitbull.

Final: Chris Dickinson defeated Blake Christian via Pazuzu Bomb

Last but not least was the final of the Acid Cup. Blake Christian and Chris Dickinson had been through hell and now would have one final fight to find out who would hold the trophy. It would be traditional vs flippy in the final bout of the tournament. It seemed only fair that Gage would be the final ring announcer of the night. Dickinson instantly took him down, locking an ankle of Blake’s. Blake picked a leg too and tried for a roll-up. He escaped and locked an arm of Christians and tried for an armbar. Both men went for the other’s legs with Dickinson coming out on top. Christian got to his feet and started laying strikes in on Dickinson. This fired up Dickinson, who caved his chest in with a chop in the corner. Dickinson kept laying in the chops then went back to the legs of Christian, locking them in a deathlock. He stepped on the throat and kept applying pressure, continuously dissecting the legs of Christian. He escaped a half crab and started firing back on Dickinson. This didn’t last though as Dickinson locked in the Figure 4 after a Dragon Screw. Christian reversed the pressure, forcing Dickinson to the ropes. Christian came back, knocked Dickinson down and started stomping the shit out of him and dived on him when he bailed. Christian dropped a door on him but Dickinson quickly regained control and went back to chopping. He kept lashing out at Christian and forced him into a slugfest. Dickinson locked in a sleeper hold and then once again brought him to his feet for a striking bout. Dickinson ate a series of kicks and a German but kicked out at two. Christian went for a Saito Suplex and managed to hit a pump knee but it wasn’t enough. Dickinson came back and pulverised Christian in the corner then dumped him on his head with a DVD. Any resistance from Blake was quashed with a snap Piledriver but the pin was too close to the ropes. Dickinson went for the Pazuzu bomb but Blake latched onto the turnbuckle and hit a double stomp. He nailed the 450 but Dickinson kicked out. He went top rope again but Dickinson caught him into a super DVD, hit a deadlift German and an axe bomber but only got two. We got one final slugfest that saw Dickinson catch Christian out of a springboard DDT into the Pazuzu bomb. What a fucking final. Both men brought it in a dramatic bout that offered few frills just sheer brutality and wrestling. Blake Christian got to prove that he is more than his flips. This was amazing to watch and a greatly deserved prize for one of indie wrestling’s best, Chris Dickinson.

So, there you have it, GCW’s Acid Cup 2, Night 2 reviewed for your reading pleasure. Chris Dickinson gave a heartfelt speech that reflected the state of wrestling and what it means to him, to everyone. He’s lost a ton here but this gave him a chance to at least wrestle for a bit. This was a great watch. A nice variety show of comedy, flippy shit, hardcore shit, and pure wrestling. It was a great reminder that wrestling fans care, wrestling companies care and a chance to say fuck you to Coronavirus and the damages it’s done. I loved this and personally, despite the fanfare, the crowds and some of the production values, this was one of GCW’s best shows. Long live GC fucking W, a light in the bleak reality we all live in right now. You can still support the wrestler’s Indiegogo here.

All pictures courtesy of GCW, Matt Koon, Jordan Oliver, Earl Gardner Photography, Joey Janela, HeyyImRob

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