Welcome back to MLW Fusion. This week, we see the vengeance from Killer Kross and everyone else Team Filthy has pissed off in recent weeks as Davey Boy Smith Jr, Killer Kross and the Von Erichs team up to batter Filthy Tom Lawlor and his cronies. That wouldn’t be all though as El Lindaman of the #STRONGHEARTS was in action against Zenshi and Richard Holliday would have to take on Mance Warner’s mystery man in singles action. Let’s get into it, shall we?

El Lindaman defeated Zenshi via Bridging Tiger Suplex

Our first contest saw Zenshi, wearing the damage of his previous battle, taking on El Lindaman, the diminutive strongman of #STRONGHEARTS. The duo stared down, then Lindaman went for a waist lock but was taken oven and Zenshi gave him the runaround. The pair reset with Zenshi offering a handshake. Instead of shaking that hand, Lindaman knocked it away and slugged Zenshi in the face with a forearm. Zenshi gave Lindaman the run around again then dropped him with a back body drop and a standing Moonsault. That was followed by a snap Suplex but was tricked out of the ring by Lindaman and hit with a cannonball plancha. Lindaman had a posing session and drove Zenshi into the ring apron. He rolled Zenshi back in the ring and started kicking at the injured shoulder. Zenshi tried for a roll-up but that was kicked out of and Lindaman barred his arm, Fujiwara style. Zenshi made it to the ropes but the damage was done. Lindaman continued to wrench the arm but found he’d fired up Zenshi and the pair started slugging it out. Zenshi was tossed over the ropes but he saved himself with a headbutt, then hit Lindaman with a springboard twisting senton. That was followed by an over the ropes neckbreaker for two. Lindaman got to a corner and caught Zenshi out of a springboard back elbow but the Chilean Luchador escaped a German Suplex. Zenshi went to attack but was caught in the Cross Armbreaker by Lindaman but he was once again in the ropes. Zenshi avoided another German Suplex attempt by using the ropes but Lindaman held on and tossed him into the turnbuckle with a Northern Lights Suplex. He used the ricochet from that to launch Zenshi into a German and tried for an Arm Breaker Suplex but that was reversed with a Pele kick. Both men duked it out with forearms until Lindaman was floored but Zenshi’s Ace Crusher was reversed into a Blue Thunder Bomb. He picked Zenshi up and pinned him with a bridging Tiger Suplex. Lindaman scored the victory by exploiting the weakened arm of Zenshi in one hell of a match. This was exceptionally fun for an opening match, Zenshi even when injured continues to impress and what do I really need to say about Lindaman? The kid is a beast.

The Mystery Man defeated Richard Holliday via Count Out

Since Mance Warner was not medically cleared to compete, he’d brought in a mystery man to deal with Holliday for him. The Caribbean Champion would have to contend with the mystery man and Mance lurking in his corner enjoying some light beers. You can bet he was shocked when the mystery man was revealed to be none other than the Blue Meanie. The ECW legend had come home to aid Mance in his fight against the Dynasty. The crowd absolutely loved this surprise. Holliday was not impressed and mocked his dance. Holliday suggested they dance together then whacked Meanie when his back was turned. Holliday stomped him in the corner and threw some forearms. Meanie tried to reverse an Irish Whip but Holliday shoulder tackled him. Meanie ducked a clothesline and hit his jabs for two. He missed a corner splash so Holliday punished him with a running elbow. Holliday went for some ground and pound, getting the attention of Warner, who started shouting abuse at him from commentary. Holliday wandered over too him, criticised Mance’s choice of opponent and committed the ultimate act of sacrilege, he wasted a light beer. Whilst he was doing all this Meanie had been in the ring, so Holliday was counted out. Just to add insult to injury, Mance spat beer in the face of Holliday, sending him packing. They celebrated with light beers in the ring.

Injustice commented on their beef with Brian Pillman Jr as he has a match with Jordan Oliver next week. They insinuated Pillman could meet with some injustice before the match even happens. After that, we got a cooking show from LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park. They were here to show us how to cook sausage and eggs, a very traditional breakfast meal. This was a meal for champions and they revealed throughout that they would win their matches by kicking their opponent in their huevos. I’m going to let you work that one out. LA Park stormed out of the set in a huff as he had not been given his proper equipment.

Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr & The Von Erichs defeated Erick Stevens, Kit Osbourne, Dominic Garrini & Filthy Tom Lawlor via Von Erich Moonsault

Last was our main event. The battle between two super teams. It would be Team Filthy vs Team everyone who wants to kill Team Filthy. Lawlor started proceedings by taking to the mic and running down the city of Philadelphia and the crowd he was in front of. He also reminded the more aggro fans that there were kids in the crowd when they swore at him. It erupted in a brawl as Ross Von Erich went for Lawlor, Kross went for Garrini, Smith went for Stevens and Marshall went for Osbourne. Team Filthy got their asses handed to them for a bit, then things started to even out and both teams took some abuse. Lawlor officially started the match by beating down Ross. Ross temporarily escaped but got too gung-ho with his offence and was soon back on the beatdown side after missing a knee strike. Stevens started attacking Ross, allowing the rest of Team Filthy to attack when the ref was distracted. Lawlor and Stevens continued to work together to grind down Ross as Kit Osbourne played cheerleader. That was until Kit got into the match and helped continue the beating on Ross. After some more punishment, Ross escaped with an Enzuigiri and tagged in Killer Kross, who went Exploder Suplex crazy on the members of Team Filthy. He called out Lawlor and the pair started slugging. They both threw forearms then Lawlor downed Kross with a spinning wheel kick. Kross shrugged this off and murdered Lawlor with a Doomsday Saito. Osbourne came back into the match, tricking Kross into KO’ing the ref and hit a Nutcracker on Davey Boy when he came into the match. Kit went for a chair but Marshall made the save, smashing Osbourne in the face and locking in the Claw. He slammed Osbourne down and hit the Moonsault. The count lasted nearly 10 seconds but the ref eventually counted the victory. The music played but Kross stopped it and retrieved a ring board. Meanwhile, Garrini and Stevens had started attacking Marshall with a Kendo stick and chair. Davey Boy and Kross set the board up in-ring and Smith powerbombed Kit Osbourne through it. This happened as Ross pummelled Lawlor with a kendo stick. It was pandemonium to end the show and I loved it. The fight continued right up to the credits until King Mo revealed he had joined Team Filthy or was at least in unison with them.

So, there you have it, another episode of MLW Fusion reviewed for your reading pleasure. Again, this was a great episode. The Fightland tapings have given us some excellent episodes so far. This one was more comedic than previous weeks but bringing back the Blue Meanie was a pleasant surprise, Zenshi and Lindaman had an excellent little exhibition bout and the main event was chaotic joy. Next week promises to be just as intense as we’ll have Brian Pillman Jr taking on Jordan Oliver and a bout to determine the KO King between Low Ki and King Mo. Will Team Filthy play a role in this knowing what we do now? Plus, MLW has announced Mance Warner vs MJF in a loser leaves town empty arena match so now we know MJF’s MLW future looms on the horizon too. Exciting times are yet to come.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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