Welcome back to MLW Fusion. This week sees Brian Pillman Jr take on his first Injustice opponent, Jordan Oliver, on his way to a Middleweight title shot. The Dynasty’s Alexander Hammerstone taking on #STRONGHEARTS T-Hawk in a strong style big man bout and King Mo going after Low Ki to determine who is the real King of knockouts. So, let’s get into the action and see who will overcome, who will suffer and who is the true master of knockouts, an MMA fighter or Low Ki, who defies description.

Dominic Garrini Prize Challenge: Dominic Garrini defeated Dr. Dax via Arm Trap Sleeper

The show was meant to open with Pillman Jr vs Oliver, but since Flying Brian was nowhere to be seen, the show went to one of its alternative matches. Team Filthy’s Dominic Garrini issued an open challenge to anyone that felt brave enough to fight him. It would be $1000 to anyone who could last five minutes with him in the ring. Dr. Dax answered the challenge and lasted about a minute. Dax started strong since he had a size advantage but ran himself into the corner allowing Garrini to hit him with a takedown and lock on a grounded Sleeper Hold. Dax lasted about a minute so Garrini gets to keep his thousand bucks for now.

Alexander Hammerstone defeated T-Hawk via Nightmare Pendulum

Alexander Hammerstone was ready to go into a record-breaking eight title defence for his National Openweight Title. This time, his opponent would be the #STRONGHEARTS giant, T-Hawk. This was going to be a battle of epic proportions between two athletic big men. Both wrestlers started by muscling each other into a corner and giving each other a clean break. Hammerstone tried to play some mind games but T-Hawk wasn’t biting. Hammerstone took the advantage and started tackling Hawk in the corner. Hawk powered back but couldn’t knock Hammerstone down so instead, he chopped him in the chest. T-Hawk kept chopping and was able to get Hammerstone over with a Suplex. Hammerstone seemed impressed and tried to charge T-Hawk only to get outmaneuvered and hit with a Powerbomb. They backed off again and Hammerstone issued a test of strength. T-Hawk accepted and Hammerstone instantly pummelled him into a pulp in the corner. This continued with a Bicycle Kick that sent T-Hawk to the outside and Hammerstone carrying him around outside before slamming him into a railing. Back in-ring.

T-Hawk was locked in a neck crank and knocked back down when he tried to fight out with a spinning back elbow. He let T-Hawk get to his feet and started a slugfest, allowing T-Hawk to chop him in the chest. This made him back up into the corner where T-Hawk tried to whip him and kicked his legs out. Hammerstone kicked back and went top rope but was chopped back down to the floor. The pair went full-on combination mode that saw both men get KO’ed by shots to the head. T-Hawk went for a powerslam but Hammerstone escaped out the back door and kicked T-Hawk into a German Suplex. He locked in a Boston Crab but T-Hawk kicked him off. There was another slugfest that saw Hawk hit more chops and Hammerstone throw Hawk with a T-Bone Suplex. T-Hawk battled back with more strikes and an inverted X-Plex. T-Hawk went top rope but Hammerstone dropkicked his face off and brought him down with a Superplex. The Nightmare Pendulum followed and Hammerstone won the match. This was great. The crowd was receptive of T-Hawk and he gave Hammerstone one hell of a challenge. Definitely, a match to watch from this week’s episode.

Brian Pillman Jr vs Jordan Oliver was canceled

Brian Pillman Jr was unreachable all episode so this match was canceled. He had been considered missing until Injustice crashed the final update on his condition and showed her a series of videos on a phone and told her to send it to the truck. That footage was shown at the end of the episode and showed Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver ambushing Brian Pillman Jr outside the arena as Kotto Brazil filmed it. They ended their assault by Curb Stomping Pillman’s head into a cinderblock.

King Mo (w/Dan Lambert) defeated Low Ki (w/Ross Von Erich) via Filthy Tom Lawlor

The main event saw MMA cross paths with wrestling as King Mo finally got to take on the man, he’s enjoyed mouthing off about since joining the company, Low Ki. He and Dan Lambert seemed confident that he could beat Low Ki with ease. Plus, we had the potential Team Filthy interference to worry about too. Low Ki looked pissed which meant someone was going to get hurt. The pair started by feeling each other out, throwing jabs and kicks but not really committing. This trend continued with Low Ki driving Mo into the corner and giving him a couple of forearm wakes. Mo fired back by dumping Low Ki over the ropes, leaving him clutching at his leg. Mo didn’t pursue instantly but launched an attack on the leg once Low Ki was back in-ring then dumped him back outside. Mo threw Low Ki into the corner and started stomping down and kneeing him in the face, head, and chest. Mo continued with a leg breaker and a leg lock. He transitioned to a Hammerlock then chop blocked Low Ki back down when he tried to fight back. No one was used to seeing Low Ki in this position. Every time he got up; Mo just slugged him back down. Then Mo made one critical error, he got too cocky. He started taunting allowing Low Ki to kick his leg out and hit a Rolling Koppu kick. Mo tried to go for the leg but Low Ki hopped onto his back and locked in a rear-naked choke, that transitioned into a grounded choke and Low Ki looked to have Mo out for the count. Then Dominic Garrini and Erick Stevens made an appearance. They started jaw jacking with Ross Von Erich, which meant Marshall Von Erich made an appearance to even the odds. The refs weren’t paying attention so Filthy Tom Lawlor knocked Low Ki out with Mo’s umbrella. Lambert threw in Low Ki’s towel and Low Ki was technically counted as knocked out. King Mo is technically the King of Knockouts despite Mo being pretty much KO’ed himself. Team Filthy saved King Mo from embarrassment.

There you have it, another episode of MLW Fusion reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was an odd one to me because the second match ruled but the rest of the episode seemed to be missing something. The main event was cool but it was downgraded by Team Filthy shenanigans. I get that they’re meant to be the hot new villain club but their antics are sometimes really annoying. I’d have rather seen King Mo KO Low Ki if that was the whole point then have Team Filthy celebrate. Anyway, let’s look to the future, Injustice will have to face the consequences of their actions and MJF or Mance Warner will see their MLW careers ending when they take place in a loser leaves MLW match with an empty arena. Mance is going to go full-on big dog style.

All images courtesy of MLW, Alex Hammerstone Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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