WrestleMania 36 will mark the first time WWE has no live crowd for its signature show, and it will also be a two-night event. The company has decided the show has to go on, and so did we. WWE offered to media the interviews they couldn’t have done, and we will share them with you all week long. Legends, main roster, and NXT wrestlers, this week is all for them.

As WrestleMania comes hurtling ever closer, everyone is bracing themselves for what could be the most unique Mania of all time. The two-night event will be hosted by none other than Mojo Rawley’s best friend, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski. He spoke with the media about what it means to join WWE, the similarities between WrestleMania and the Super Bowl, and the importance of entertainment in current times.

What made you want to come to WWE?

“I have been a fan since I was a young boy. I’ve been watching WWE since I was in second grade all the way in Buffalo, New York, where I grew up. My dad brought me to the matches when they came to Buffalo, and I was a huge fan of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, D-Generation X, and Val Venis. He was my favourite, “Hello ladies.” To be part of an atmosphere that I grew up watching is an honour. On top of that, to get the chance to work with my good friend Mojo Rawley who’s been a member of the WWE Universe for about 8 solid years now or somewhere around that. So, it is a dream come true on the aspects of how legendary WWE is to me and to work with a good friend who’s in the WWE. To come here, meet so many legends and have a good time with it, it’s spectacular.”

You played football with some of the most elite players in the game. How has competing alongside the GOAT (Tom Brady) and other football greats prepared you to compete with some of the best athletes in WWE?

“Playing football in the NFL and being around so many greats, be it, players or coaches, I’ve been around the best of the best in that industry. That definitely prepared me for the spots in WrestleMania. You can’t just walk out on the field and expect to be ready to compete. There’s so much more to it, you have to practice, workout, and know your plays. It’s the same thing for WrestleMania. I can’t expect to go out there and jump off the top rope or cut a promo. It’s about practice, everything is about practice, and that’s what I’ve taken from my time in the NFL. If you want to be great at another level, succeed in any industry, you have to do the work and prepare. In the time I have been with WWE, being around the legends and the superstars I can see they are the same, they prepare, they hustle, and they want it just as bad.”

Describe any differences and similarities between preparing for the Super Bowl and WrestleMania?

“They are both the biggest stage in their respective industries. The Super Bowl is the biggest stage in sports, and WrestleMania is the biggest stage in Sports Entertainment. They’re both very similar in that way and very different. One of the main similarities is that they are both team games. In order to win the Super Bowl, you have to be a team. In order to have a successful WrestleMania, everyone has to work like a team from the beginning to the end.”

You have a global fanbase and WrestleMania will air to WWE fans all around the world. What can fans expect from your appearance and how does it feel to have the honour as one of only a few people to host WrestleMania?

“It’s just incredible the fanbase WWE has. Global, worldwide, WWE has fans everywhere. Since my appearance at WrestleMania 33, where I took out Jinder Mahal, it’s been insane how many people bring up that WrestleMania spot I had. I really didn’t do too much. I had a beer thrown at me, it made me a little mad, and I went into the ring and took out Jinder, and got my name in. Wherever I go, whether I am here in the States, even as far as California or in another country, the fans always remember that. WWE is a global phenomenon, and to be part of the first-ever two-night WrestleMania is truly an honour.”

Why is it so important for you to be part of the first-ever two-night WrestleMania especially during this trying time?

“It’s super important to me to be a part of the first WrestleMania that is two nights long, and an honour to be part of any WrestleMania at all. The fact that it’s the first-ever two-night special makes it that much cooler. To come here during these tough times when people around the world need entertainment more than ever. There’s no sports on, and let me tell you it’s weird without sports. When I’m chilling, I want to watch sports, that’s my getaway. So, to have the opportunity to provide that to them is pretty awesome.”

WrestleMania airs live on the WWE Network on Saturday, April 4th, and Sunday, April 5th. Check your local listings to see if PPV coverage is available in your area.

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