Our weekly AEW Dynamite reviewer, Patrick, will be back very soon, I promise. This week, another no-crowd episode of Dynamite. Where did it air from? No one knows. Dasha was the ring announcer, Tony Schiavone was joined by Cody on commentary. A couple of wrestlers were at ringside, Kip Sabian, Jimmy Havoc, Gunn Club, Britt Baker and Penelope Ford.

As I’m still not a specialist of the show, I will just take the time to tell you the big things that happened this Wednesday night somewhere only AEW know, where Dynamite was airing live, with no attendance. Ready?

  • The other TNT Championship Tournament matches were announced (the first were announced on AEW Dark the day before). Kip Sabian will face Dustin Rhodes, Lance Archer will compete against Colt Cabana. The tournament will start next week.
  • Kenny Omega defeated Trent w/ Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. Post-match, Omega helped Trent up and they shook hands.


  • Video packages on the Jericho-Hardy war and Hikaru Shida.
  • Hikaru Shida defeated Anna Jayy. During the match, Britt Baker talked some trash to Shida, Shida approached her and Baker told her, “six feet of distance.” Post-match, Britt Baker talked more trash to Shida while eating a sandwich. Shida kicked the barricade. Baker now had her shoe in the other hand to keep Shida away. Kip Sabian took a selfie when the two were jawing. Shida headed over to the other side to gather her entrance gear and headed to the back.

  • Video package on Jon Moxley and Jack Hager. Hager commented on Mox being a fool thinking he can compete with him. Mox said he’s a miserable, pissed off bastard, and while he’s on top, he has a target on his back and they want to take what belongs to him. Hager won’t beat him. Jericho said the Inner Circle does things for themselves, while Mox says he is a one-man army who will defend his championship with his life.
  • Jake Roberts said his client, Lance Archer, is about to come out and destroy whatever AEW has cooked up. Roberts added AEW are playing games, and they don’t play games. Roberts told Cody he might be smarter than he thought and was actually afraid, or, maybe it’s Brandi Rhodes telling him not to get in the ring… she seems like the one who wears the pants.
  • Lance Archer massacred Marko Stunt. Colt Cabana was on commentary. Post-match, Archer came back to the ring and sent Stunt into the crowd on a couple of other wrestlers. Archer left the building.


  • Brodie Lee in a suit stood at a table with other Dark Order followers looking on. Lee said during these scary and unprecedented times, he understood how we feel. Lee said at one point he was scared and beaten down, but no longer. He had one minion stand and he said, “Thank you, Mr. Lee.” Lee replied, “It’s Mr. Brodie.” He then said, “Sorry, Exalted One.” Lee angrily replied, “It’s Mr. Brodie!” Another minion yawned, Lee sat and got in the guy’s face. Lee asked if there’s something going on at home to make the person yawn. Lee stated tiredness shows weakness, and he can’t have that in these doors. Lee told them to never yawn in his presence again. He then booted the guy out of the room.

  • The Natural Nightmares w/ Brandi Rhodes defeated 2 Dark Order Minions. Post-match, Brodie Lee headed out to the ring. The Natural Nightmares gave him a look, but he ended up going into the ring. He hit a big powerbomb on one of the minions. He looked over at the other one, who sneaked to the corner. Lee then headed to the back.

  • Chris Jericho was hanging out in the Jacuzzi. He said today is a holiday, April Fool’s Day, and he’s never seen a bunch of fools like The Elite. He then ran down the entire group, making fun of each guy, including Matt Hardy. From the skies came Vanguard 1. Jericho said once things get back to normal, they will still have to face Inner Circle in a Blood and Guts Match. Jericho finally heard Vanguard 1. Jericho said he wanted to apologize for what he said to it last week. Jericho still wanted Vanguard 1 in the Inner Circle and offered up a tiny t-shirt. He hooked it to Vanguard, but the drone flew away. Jericho threw his bottle of bubbly at it. Then released his dogs and chased after, yelling “I’m going to get you!”


  • Matt Jackson trained with Nick Jackson to make sure he’s staying in ring shape after being attacked by the Inner Circle. Nick has been out for the past couple of weeks when they dropped a loading dock door on him. Matt said it was really difficult to watch someone he loves get hurt. Nick said he wasn’t sure what happened, he didn’t know who took him out or being in an ambulance. Matt and Nick did some training in the ring. Nick said a return day is hard to say right now.

  • Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears defeated Cody & Darby Allin. Post-match, Cody tried to help Allin up, he didn’t want it though. Cody kept trying, then Allin knocked Cody and left the ring.

All pics and videos courtesy of AEW and Lee South for AEW

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