Welcome back to MLW Fusion. This week will be the end of the line for either Mance Warner or MJF as they take place in an empty arena match with their MLW careers on the line. Plus, Douglas James returns to action to take on the one and only Septimo Dragon. We will also see how Brian Pillman Jr is doing after that merciless assault by Injustice during last week’s episode. Now let’s waste no more time and see who we’ll be saying goodbye to when the empty arena match ended.

Douglas James defeated Septimo Dragon via Grounded Guillotine

The first match saw the hard-hitting hybrid Douglas James take on AAA Luchador and King of the Air, Septimo Dragon, in exhibition match action. The pair instantly went fast by going through two sequences of speedy dodging and near hit. James was left unimpressed and kneed Septimo out of the ring then followed him with a Suicide Dive. Dragon retorted by kicking James in the face and hitting a standing Moonsault off the apron. That was followed by a Superkick and a high Suicide Dive onto James. Back in-ring, James continued to fall victim to kicks and was dropped on his head with a Spike-Rana. Septimo tried to go top rope but James caught him up there by kicking his leg out and breaking his face with a rope hung Codebreaker. James continued the attack with a Vertical Suplex and a series of stiff kicks to the chest of Dragon. Two of Dragon’s comebacks were quashed with a Crossface and a ripcord clothesline. Septimo tried to win with a roll-up but James kicked out and started a slugfest. The slugs turned to chops then the chops turned to kicks and knees. Both men ended up KO’ed then both men got to their feet at 9 for round two. James went for a GTS but Septimo reversed it and kicked James in the head again. James was dropped on his head with a Septimo driver but only got two. He tried to go for a top rope double stomp but James moved and kicked Dragon’s face off. He then drove Dragon into the corner with a DVD and finished him with a Guillotine. This was a brutal opener and a lot of fun to watch. It’s nice to see James trash talk and Dragon was more than willing to give it back.

We then found out that Injustice had been fined and suspended for their attack on Pillman Jr last week where they drove his head through a cinderblock. We also got an extended preview of the upcoming AAA Super Series which had a riotous promo from Los Parks challenging Psycho Clown to find some quality partners and not just pendejos for their upcoming 3 on 3 match.

Mance Warner defeated MJF via Southern Lariat 

Mance Warner continues his war on The Dynasty by going after the leader, MJF. This was a loser leaves town match, taking place in an empty arena, so you just knew it was going to get wild. Throughout the episode, Alicia Atout would try to talk to The Dynasty but she was shut down each time. Mance, however, had plenty to say. When it was finally time for the match, the question floating around would be whether Holliday, Medina, and Hammerstone would all play a part. Hammerstone and Holliday tried to ambush Mance on his way in but Savio Vega worked with the Southern Psycho to dispatch the duo. Once the match started, MJF instantly got chopped down for spitting his gum in Mancer’s face. The pair fought around ringside with MJF driving Mance into the rails and Mance smacking MJF with a chair. Both men tried to use bolt cutters on each other then MJF went to the eyes and drove Mance through several rows of chairs. MJF continued by throwing a chair in Mance’s face but Mance came back and drove him into the bleachers. They fought on the balcony then Mance threw MJF down the bleachers to the floor. MJF got back up and found a broom which he then choked Mance out with. A cameraman got to close so MJF gave him a shot to the face and went back to hitting Mance with the broom. MJF took a cigarette from a crew member and put it out on Mance’s forehead. MJF stole a phone and tried to call for a taxi but Mance intercepted and launched a chair into his face. MJF met some rows of chairs and a throat full of boot. Mance tried to kill MJF with scaffolding then let the action return to the ring. The pair duked it out in the ring then Mance went big dawg style with a series of jabs and a bionic elbow. MJF went to the eyes again but ran into a headbutt and lariat. Mance won the match and keeps his MLW career going whilst we can all sing goodbye to MJF. He put up a valiant effort but, in the end, couldn’t quite get crazy enough to beat Mance. He did give us one hell of a main event though.

So, there you have it, another episode of MLW Fusion reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was an annoying episode to review. The matches were great but there were only two of them and they were split up by almost 20 minutes worth of promos and recaps. The episode could have been shortened and let the action speak for itself. I loved the loser leaves town match, especially since it showed MJF getting a little hardcore, something you always forget he can do. They had some nice spots and made full use of the environment. Now Mance can enjoy his light beers in peace as he sends the leader of the Dynasty packing. We will be looking to the AAA Super Series next as MLW heads to Mexico once again. Now join me for a farewell to MJF, Nah Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah Nah, MJF, goodbye.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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