It was recently revealed that the Bella Twins will be inducted into the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame, a decision that has truly divided fan opinion! With many in full support and others very much against the idea, there is a big discussion amongst the WWE Universe regarding Nikki and Brie’s Hall of Fame induction. Now, while the timing may have thrown some off there can be no denying the impact The Bella twins have had in the world of women’s wrestling and their role within the women’s evolution. During their WWE careers Nikki and Brie were a part of some of the most memorable moments and storylines, made history and played a vital role in moving the female talent forward to new heights. Today we are going to be highlighting some of the best moments that led to their Hall of Fame induction.

Longest Reigning Divas Champion

As a big-time AJ Lee fan, I have to admit I wasn’t the biggest supporter of the idea of Nikki Bella making history and becoming the new longest reigning divas champion but looking back this was such a huge moment for Nikki and the divas/women’s division and will go down as one of the biggest and most memorable angles for the division.

The build had fans hooked, especially towards the end, with many wondering whether Nikki would, in fact, make history. WWE made a big deal of whether or not Nikki would be able to end that particular episode of RAW as champion. After a failed attempt at twin magic that saw Charlotte pin Brie, the decision was reversed and Nikki left Monday night RAW still the Divas champion and a historic champion at that. This was a well-told story that divided fans but is most certainly memorable, to say the least.

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The Original Twin Magic

Originally, fans had been introduced to Brie Bella and she was booked as a singles star but with changes made during matches, it was clear the newcomer had something up her sleeve or in this case…something under the ring, that something being her twin sister Nikki.

During an episode of Smackdown, it was revealed that the twins had been using ‘twin magic’ for weeks, and the WWE universe were now introduced to Nikki and Brie, the Bella Twins. A dramatic way to start their dramatic careers. This was a new and unique angle for the Diva’s division and something that separated the pair from everyone else from the get-go.

Brie Bella wins the Divas Championship

While we spend so much time talking about the historic Divas championship reign of Nikki Bella, we must remember Brie’s championship victory back in 2011. Defeating Eve Torres, Brie captured her first and only title in the WWE, and while it isn’t as of a memorable reign as her sister’s second run with the Divas championship, it remains a key moment in Brie’s career.

It would have been great to see more of her as champion but unfortunately it just never happened. Brie was involved in a big angle with Charlotte Flair later in her career and she did in fact pin Flair, but wasn’t ever able to defeat her to capture championship gold for a second time.

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I Quit/ Brie vs Stephanie

The biggest angle of Brie Bella’s career was arguably the Authority storyline involving her husband Daniel Bryan. During the WWE Payback PPV in 2014, Brie stood up to her boss/bully in the form of Stephanie McMahon when she quit instead of giving Stephanie the satisfaction of firing her. This entire storyline saw Brie thrown into an intense spotlight she hadn’t come anywhere near to being a part of before.

The slap to the face of Stephanie during this segment – and the ongoing moments between these two women – are so incredibly memorable and play such a vital role in the career of Brie Bella. We saw in-depth character work and believable action that won fans over completely. Seeing Brie go on to compete at SummerSlam against Stephanie in one of the biggest matches of the night was yet another brilliant moment for Brie’s career, and transitioned her into her next storyline perfectly.

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Headlining the First Ever All Women’s PPV

Nikki Bella sure has been a part of several historic moments, and main eventing the first-ever all-women’s PPV, Evolution, back in 2018 is something no one will be forgetting anytime soon! Taking on Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship, this was a storyline I did actually enjoy.

The build made sense and Nikki made for the perfect opponent for Rousey at the time with their personal friendship so well documented, and the impact Nikki and Brie had made during the women’s evolution. Now, the match wasn’t the standout of the evening, but Nikki put up a solid fight and proved that she can truly kick ass in the ring. This was another historic moment for the now Hall of Famer that massively contributed to her induction, and a moment no one can take away from her.

Team Bella

While the Bella twins have always divided fan opinion, there just cannot be any denying what these two women have done for the division. They have ushered in a new audience thanks to Total Divas and Total Bellas, and their role within the women’s evolution is so clear and important. These are two women who dominated the Divas/women’s division from storylines, title reigns, segments and matches.

Love them or hate them, the Bella Twins became the faces of the Divas division in the WWE. Team Bella (including Alicia Fox) kick-started an evolution and forced change within the WWE women’s division. There were no other female superstars more dominant at the time on the main roster, and it took new arrivals and two other teams to dethrone the power Team Bella possessed.

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Nikki Turns on Brie

One of the most memorable Bella Twin moments takes place at SummerSlam 2014. This storyline may have seen some terrible promos and segments but the angle was so well-timed and had a great build. After suffering so much abuse at the hands of the Authority, all blame was put on Nikki’s sister Brie, and at SummerSlam Nikki finally snapped.

She turned on her twin sister and assisted Stephanie McMahon in picking up a big victory. This was the start of an iconic storyline that again divided fans and took Nikki and Brie to new levels of their careers, pitting them against each other for the first time.

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Throughout their careers, The Bella Twins have divided fans. Some love them and some don’t, and their Hall of Fame induction has continued to divide the WWE Universe. However, looking back no one can deny just how much these two achieved and the role they played in the women’s evolution.

Nikki and Brie are household names who have taken their career to new heights, and make for genuine inspirations. Their WWE careers have been full of historic moments and memorable storylines, and I believe there is still plenty to come for The Bella Twins in the future.

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