In the world of women’s wrestling in the year 2020, the landscape has dramatically changed. In many ways, wrestling had been in the dark ages when it came to promoting its female athletes; relying solely on sex appeal and rarely if ever putting them in situations where they could show their true and full abilities. Now in 2020 women are headlining major shows across the world, being taken seriously, and still being beautiful while doing it. No woman, for my money blends raw ability, charisma and beauty quite like Thunder Rosa.

My introduction to Thunder Rosa was through a video on YouTube, where they were showing the entrances for all the wrestlers at NWA Powerrr –  Into The Fire. When Thunder Rosa appeared I was captivated. There she stood in her red leather jacket and ring attire with her face half-painted, looking like the last woman in the world you’d want to mess with.

photo courtesy of We Are Stardom

I watched her walk to the ring and couldn’t take my eyes off her. She had hooked me. I then began watching her matches on YouTube and was blown away! She was this incredible blend of athleticism, charisma and toughness. I watched her take on women like her former tag team partner, Holidead; Savanna Stone, Raychell Rose, Alex Gracia and Shotzi Blackheart. Thunder was just awesome.

It is hard to be truly unique in wrestling today. The art form is centuries old; fans have more access to libraries and footage than ever before, making it hard for the men and women to be someone that has never been seen before. As a wrestling nerd, I can say there isn’t anyone I have seen quite like Thunder Rosa. Her look, style and charisma are unique to her and her alone. So, as I began my journey into watching this mesmerizing star, I decided I had to know more about her and here is what I found:

Thunder Rosa made her professional wrestling debut in 2014 in a battle royal for Supreme Wrestling. She wrestled throughout shows in Northern and Southern California until being signed by Stardom, an all women’s promotion based in Japan, home to many incredibly talented ladies. Soon, Thunder Rosa would find herself in Lucha Underground, another promotion known for its unique characters and stories as well as fantastic and exciting wrestling action.

Here she grappled with the likes of Bengala, Sexy Star and Drago, a male superstar. She has also appeared for Ring of Honor, where she formed a fantastic tag team with Holidead known as the Twisted Sisterz. She has wrestled for SHINE, RISE, WWR, SHIMMER and various independents throughout the world.

But Thunder Rosa isn’t just an incredible professional wrestler. She also is an MMA fighter, while she has only had 1 fight to date, I’m willing to bet that if she continues to pursue this avenue, she will become a respected and feared fighter as well.

You can currently check out Thunder Rosa every Tuesday at 6:05 Eastern Time on YouTube as a part of NWA Powerrr. At 33, I truly believe Thunder Rosa has not even started to peak yet. I have a feeling that when all is said and done she will be mentioned in the same category as Manami Toyota, Bull Nakano, Madusa Miceli, Sherri Martel (My personal favourite women’s wrestler ever) Trish Stratus, and Lita. Thunder Rosa really is that great.

My words have not done this athlete justice; I would highly recommend you check her out for yourself. Hopefully, she will captivate you as much as she has me. Here are some matches I would recommend you go and watch:

Kobra Moon vs. Sexy Star (Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 6)

Kobra Moon vs. Ivelisse (Season 2 Episode 11)

Thunder Rosa vs. AQA (Ladies Night Out 3)

Thunder Rosa vs. Ivelisse (Ladies Night Out 4)

Thunder Rosa vs. Taya (Ladies Night Out 5)

Thunder Rosa vs. Shotzi Blackheart (TWF: 1-7-17)

Thunder Rosa vs. Savanna Stone (2-4-18)

Thunder Rosa vs. Kris Statlander (Available on

Thunder Rosa vs. Mercedes Martinez (Queens of the Ring)

Pics courtesy of NWA 

By Mark Cannon Jr.

Total wrestling nerd. I also like Batman, Basketball, and video games!

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