It’s night three of the MLW/AAA Super Series. The first two episodes of this series have been wild, now the third offering was bringing the viewers The Hart Foundation against Los Mercenarios and Richard Holliday having to defend his Caribbean Title against the legendary Chessman. Oh, that match would be fought under “Caribbean Rules” meaning there were no rules at all. Would the Dynasty’s most marketable cope with such an unpredictable match and despite their injuries, would The Hart Foundation come together to beat Los Mercenarios. Let’s find out.

Richard Holliday defeated Chessman via Market Crash

The first match of the night saw the self-proclaimed Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday put his title on the line in Tijuana. Despite being pressured at the border, Holliday was coming in confident. He was determined to make the Caribbean Title the most prestigious and Dynastic title of the MLW brand. Holliday took to the ring and asked for a mic. He ran down the crowd in Spanish, gave up halfway through, and just asked the crowd to be silent as he took his Airpods out. Chessman came out and was forced to wait as Holliday applied hand sanitizer. He palmed off Chessman, so Chessman snapped and beat the piss out of Holliday, launching him out of the ring with a dropkick. Chessman tried to follow up with a dive but Holliday caved his face in with a chair. Holliday smacked him around with the chair a couple more times then dumped him in the ring. Holliday went for a cover but yet again, the ref went for a blatant slow count. In response, Holliday just beat down Chessman some more. Holliday beat Chessman around the corners but after one too many whips, left the door open for Chessman to escape. He ducked under the ropes, prompting Holliday to follow. Holliday did follow and ended up eating a face full of boot. This time Chessman was able to dive onto Holliday and started taking a chair to a newly injured leg and back of Holliday.  The pair went through a slugfest, then a dodge and go with kicks before they both ended up knocking each other down. Holliday got to his feet, superkicked Chessman’s teeth out and hit 2008. Unfortunately, the ref counted slow again so Chessman could kick out. Chessman got back to his feet, hit a dropkick, and moonsault onto Holliday but also only got a two count. Chessman missed his Twisting Senton and crashed to the mat, opening him up to the Market Crash Powerbomb from Holliday for the win. This was an odd one. Holliday is rarely ever the good guy so seeing him in a position where the odds are against him was quite the unusual sight. It was a good match and honestly, Chessman seems like a really interesting character.

That was followed by Alicia Atout and Mance Warner sharing a light beer and talking about taking out the Dynasty. He also apologised to Atout for ruining her birthday. We also found out Douglas James is out for at least 180 days, due to Averno’s elbow strike. There was also a very odd segment with LA Park and his wife in bed. Last week, Team Filthy announced there was going to be a big press conference announcing something big, after delays due to an altercation and a threatening message from Low Ki promising he could make some calls since Mo and Lawlor have started a war.

The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr & Brian Pillman Jr) defeated Los Mercenarios (Texano Jr & Rey Escorpion Jr) via Air Pillman

The main event saw the Hart Foundation back in action for the first time in nearly half a year. Davey Boy Smith Jr and Brian Pillman Jr would team up once again to take on the former AAA Tag Team champions, Los Mercenarios. Texano Jr and Rey Escorpion Jr were more than ready to bring the fight to Smith and Pillman, even running them down on the mic beforehand. Pillman talked trash back and everyone started fighting. Pillman and Texano started the match officially. They locked up and Pillman escaped by kicking Texano in the head. He continued by winding Texano up with a slap in the corner. Pillman tried to go for the tag but had his eyes raked and was the victim of a double team combo from Los Mercanarios. Pillman escaped a fireman’s carry and threw Texano into Smith in the corner. Smith was tagged in and held Texano in a super stalling Suplex. Another slow count later and Smith had Texano locked up again. Injustice caused a distraction, allowing Los Mercanarios to storm the ring and attack both members of the Hart Foundation. They hit Smith with a double team combo of kicks and went after Pillman who was trapped on the top turnbuckle. Texano dropped Pillman with a Backbreaker and tagged out. The official continued to be oblivious as Pillman was double-teamed again. Pillman and Escorpion slugged it out which Escorpion won by dragging Pillman to the mat by the hair. The ref screwed over both teams as Texano punished Pillman with agility and a shot to the knee from a bull rope.

Los Mercenarios continued to tag with impunity as Escorpion punished Pillman with a Powerbomb. Pillman escaped more punishment with a jawbreaker and dropkicked his way to freedom. Pillman made a tag but, surprise surprise, the ref didn’t see it. Pillman took out both members of Los Mercenarios with a crossbody and made an official tag. Smith came in and started laying waste, taking both members of Los Mercenarios out multiple times. Smith sent them both to the outside so Pillman could dive onto them both. Texano was thrown back into the ring for Air Pillman and the win. The Hart Foundation were successful in their reunion despite all the ref antics and double team shenanigans. This was a good little bout with a lot of drama attached. It was nice to see Smith and Pillman back together again.

So, there you have it, another episode of MLW Fusion reviewed for your reading pleasure. It was another decent episode to enjoy. Whilst not as frantic as previous episodes, this one still delivered some interesting concepts. We saw Holliday deal with BS, instead of dishing it out for once, and saw The Hart Foundation tackle a team that was trying to be more villainous than CONTRA UNIT. Next week we’ll see Injustice try to dethrone the AAA Trios champions and whatever else MLW wants to throw at us as the AAA/MLW Super Series continues.

All images courtesy of MLW, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube 

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