Which barriers to break? The same than last week. When fate decides for you and makes things be impossible, you can make them possible. Be careful, don’t compel, let things happen, let the situation put itself together. Show the world that saying you are Hard To Kill is not just words, it’s a state of mind and a goal. Make your Revolution, create the Rebellion. Impact Wrestling hasn’t tried to lie to their fans, they took the time to envision what was possible and they made it happen. The PPV has become a free 2-night event. A treat for the Impact fans, a gift for the wrestling fans in general. Over the last weeks, I have said, watch more wrestling. Tonight, I say it once again, watch more Impact Wrestling.
The major question was: can this 2-night Rebellion be the Rebellion we were expecting to watch? Night One showed us not, like Night Two card. This night is made of 3 matches, no World, Knockouts and Tag Team titles defences but, as Michael Elgin requested it, the fate of the World Championship will be decided tonight. May Tessa Blanchard be stripped of the title? She will tell us herself tonight. Who are the survivors and the winners of that second night? How many ‘I told you” or “I saw it coming”? It’s time to find out but your French Enygma Steph way…

  • Chris Bey vs Suicide vs Trey vs Rohit Raju

An X-Division opener is the master key of an Impact Wrestling PPV. It’s a way to remember what has made the success of the company, its DNA. That’s probably the opener that we would have needed last week but that doesn’t matter. This week, we had 4 of the best Impact Wrestling’s high-flyers in the ring and we could only expect something great. Suicide, this mysterious character that comes out of nowhere to repair an injustice, a TNA original that has been coming and going since 2008. Rohit Raju, one of the founding members of The Desi Hit Squad, even if his relationship with Gama Singh is not at its best for the moment. Chris Bey, the Ultimate Finesser, young, brilliant, innovative, but a bit of a cheater. And Trey, one-third of the Rascalz and a former contender for the X-Division Championship. This match was a number one contender match, with the winner facing The Mack for the belt in the near future. And like I said, it was the perfect opener.

They worked into counters and four-way switches as Suicide and Trey then backed off. Bey dropkicked Suicide, Raju dumped Trey as he and Bey isolated Suicide with double teams. Suicide ran them together and worked the double octopus until Raju attacked. Suicide was dumped, the others traded as Raju took control. Suicide cut him off and hit the Lucha arm drag, a RANA, but Trey cut him off and ran wild. Bey countered back, he took out Suicide and dumped Trey. Raju begged off and then cradled him. Bey cut him off with a dropkick, hit a dive and Suicide followed with an apron cannonball. He followed with chops, Trey hit a step-up tope. Suicide cut him off and Bey joined in for double teams as Raju hit the top rope double stomp. He worked over Bey, but Bey counted back. He ran wild on Suicide, Trey cut him off and it broke down into the big move. Suicide took control, took Trey up top and followed. Try slipped out into Cheeky Nandos and the 619. The Meteora followed but Raju dumped him, superkick by Bey who pinned Raju for the win.
Bey winning is not a surprise, his coming matches against The Mack are going to be some must-watches.

  • Meanwhile, at home and backstage…

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne recapped Night One of Rebellion. Mathews announced that both the Knockouts Championship and the World Championship will not be defended tonight, but he was able to speak to the World Champion, Tessa Blanchard, earlier via FaceTime to get her comments about the situation. Tessa Blanchard began her interview by apologizing for not being able to defend her title tonight. Blanchard looked forward to facing both Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin soon. In regards to Elgin claiming he will be the new world champion, she said that he loves to talk and she wanted to shut him up. She ended her interview by quoting Ric Flair, but adding a twist to it, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man, even when that man is a woman.”

We got a video package on the story between The Deaners and Joseph Ryan.

  • Joseph Ryan vs Cousin Jake

This match was reflecting a difference in culture between two men who have a completely different vision of their image, through the lens of screens and social media. Cousin Jake enjoys a beer next to his tractor, and he doesn’t give a damn about what people think of that. Joey Ryan suffered from the perception by social media of his raunchy and unique character. This polished, clean, not sexy Joseph Ryan has really nothing to do with the King of Dong Style. Below the surface of characters, this feud is reminding us of what social media can say about us, about what we want to show of ourselves, and how we can be ourselves, despite criticism.

Ryan talked trash and shoved Jake, before running away. Jake overpowered him, Ryan begged off and stalled. Lockup again, Jake shoved him down and Ryan attacked. Jake cut him off and followed with strikes. He tossed Ryan around, whipped him to the buckles. Jake delivered more strikes, Ryan fired back and then posted Jake. Post break, Ryan was in control, delivering chops and attacking the arm of Jake. He choked him out, and went back to the arm. The hammerlock slam connected, he kept attacking the arm and grounded things. Jake fired back, got slammed down and Ryan went back to the arm. Jake powered up, Ryan kept attacking the arm but Jake countered into a suplex. The corner splash followed, but Ryan hit the Divorce court. Jake fired back, hit a suplex and both men were down. Jake followed with strikes, fired up and a lariat. He dumped Ryan and followed with a tope. Back in, he hit a powerbomb. Ryan stunned the arm over the ropes and hit the superkick. Jake countered, but Ryan cradled him with the ropes for the win. A good match for a feud that is not meant to be over.

  • Meanwhile, at a bar or backstage…

Rosemary was at the bar complaining to Taya about having to work this Full Metal Mayhem match. Taya has been reduced to wearing sweat pants. Jordynne Grace made her ill and Rosemary said she understands and told her to come and face Havok instead of her. Taya refused and Rosemary said the feud is in her past while Taya needs it to get back into her warrior mentality. Taya promised her a girl’s night when she wins, so Rosemary agreed, but Taya owed her one.

Meanwhile, Havok was telling us the story of a Demon Assassin and a Kaiju Queen. Rosemary also told a very haunting tale about their everlasting feud.

  • Full Metal Mayhem Match: Havok vs Rosemary

If you read me week after week, you know this kind of matches is heaven on earth to me. Rosemary, Havok, Full Metal Mayhem. Tables, ladders, chairs, chains, garbage bins, cookie sheets, why not thumbtacks. Since Havok made her debut with Impact Wrestling, Rosemary has been her #1 enemy. They are both embodying the Undead side of the company, a different and supernatural side of Impact, the cinematic orchestra paradise. These two women are huge, they are able to make you love the darkest sides of yourself. This Full Metal Mayhem match was supposed to be a Knockouts Championship bout but it became a piece of classic hardcore wrestling.

They both brought weapons with them and Rosemary said they don’t have to fight and can do other things. Havok refused and Rosemary stapled her repeatedly. Havok cut her off and Rosemary begged off. Havok started stapling her, tossed her around and wedged a chair in the corner. Rosemary countered and hit a sling blade, followed by ground and pound. She got handicap signs, beat on Havok until Havok cut her off. Havok charged and missed, hitting the chair in the corner. Rosemary choked her out with a chain, tying up Havok and continued to choke her out. Rosemary monologued about Havok stabbing Mitchell, but Havok cut her off and hit a knee strike. She got chairs and choked out Rosemary.

The face wash followed and she hit another. She hit a third with a trashcan lid and wedged another chair in a corner. She set up a chair and missed with the chain whip as Rosemary slammed her into the chair. Rosemary slammed her to the corners, into chairs and Nevaeh arrived. They brawled to the floor, Havok slammed Rosemary to the ramp and threw a trashcan at her. She kneed it into her face, Rosemary sent her to the steps and used a hard hat to block a trashcan shot. Back in, Rosemary set up chairs in the corner. She set up two in the ring and Havok ran her into the corner chair. Rosemary fired back and Havok chokeslammed her onto the chairs. Havok choked her out and then used the chair to do more damage. She used the chain to choke her out again, Rosemary got the pipe and hit Havok. She hit her again for the win

It was pretty damn good even if I still have a few questions unanswered. They unleashed all the usual tools we could expect from a Metal Mayhem match but I have to say it, where were the tacks? The current context of COVID could explain that because it would not be good currently to make anyone bleed. Then, Nevaeh was in the crowd, she witnessed the action, she didn’t move, she didn’t get involved. Who is she going to help? Who is she going to brawl with the next few weeks? Her teasing is just adding more spice to a recipe that has always worked and we can’t get enough of.

  • Meanwhile, backstage…

Willie Mack told Gia Miller it’s an honour to be the new X-Division champ. He said growing up, he put all his savings together to buy TNA pay-per-views, so he could study the X-Division roster. As Rich Swann was commenting on Mack’s impressive win last week, saying Mack will be a great Champion, Johnny Swinger interrupted, again. He said Mack promised him a shot at the strap

The Impact Plus Moment of the Week was Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann from Rebellion 2019.

Gia Miller asked Michael Elgin the same question she asked him last week about not being able to fight for the World Championship tonight. Elgin was disappointed that he can’t beat up Eddie Edwards and Tessa Blanchard, send them to the hospital, and then become the champion, but he was hopeful. He was looking forward to his opportunity to fight for it soon because things haven’t changed, he will be the champion tonight. An Elgin video package followed.

  • Meanwhile, in the ring…

Michael Elgin was ready for a fight. He said Rebellion holds a special place in his heart, he debuted at Rebellion and stated he will be World Champion. That would have been realized if his opponents weren’t cowards and no-showed. They didn’t want any of Big Mike, so he demanded the ref award him the Championship. He changed his mind and demanded David Penzer do it. He reluctantly agreed, but as he was doing, the lights went out and “Ultimate Warrior” Moose arrived. He was wearing the old TNA World Title and said that he understands Elgin’s pain, he has no opponent. Eddie no-showed as Tessa held the championship hostage. Moose said he is a world champion, but Elgin said he respects the history of the letters TNA while Moose tried to ruin them, “Take it back to the mid-card with your comedy act.” Moose says he conquered TNA talents and offered to defend it against him. Hernandez arrived and said Moose never beat him.

  • Triple Threat Match: TNA World Championship Moose vs Michael Elgin vs Hernandez

They all brawled to begin, Elgin hit a dive, and back in, Moose was double-teamed and Elgin then took control. Hernandez countered back and took Elgin down as Moose attacked with strikes. He followed with a dropkick but Elgin hit a Northern Lights suplex and clotheslines, Hernandez backdropped Moose and worked over Elgin until Elgin took out the knee. He followed with a half crab, released and got it on Moose. Hernandez cut him off and delivered chops. They worked up top and Moose joined in, headed up top and got dumped as Elgin fought off Hernandez and followed with a missile dropkick. Post break, Elgin was still in control. He delivered chops, a suplex, and dumped Moose. Elgin delivered strikes, Hernandez fired back and was cut off by Elgin. Moose joined back in, delivering strikes and chops to both. They all traded, Elgin hit clotheslines, Moose cut him off and followed with a dropkick. He worked up top with Hernandez, hit the superplex and Elgin followed with the twisting Swanton.

Post break, they were all trading strikes, Hernandez took control and Moose made the save. He followed with chops, Hernandez fired back and dumped him. Elgin hit an enzuigiri, Hernandez replied with a big boot by Hernandez. Moose made the save, they traded and Moose hit tackles, a powerbomb and a running splash. The Spear was countered by Elgin who followed with the German suplex, rolled into another and followed with forearm strikes and Hernandez German-suplexed Elgin. Elgin then hit a German on them both. Moose fought off the buckle bomb, superkick by Elgin and he traded with Moose until Moose hit the Go To Hell as Hernandez made the save. Pounce by Hernandez on Moose but Elgin made the save. Elgin unloaded lariats and a powerbomb on Moose, hit a buckle bomb but Moose rebounded out with the spear. Hernandez traded with Moose and hit a spinebuster but Elgin made the save again. Hernandez cut him off, dumped Moose, Elgin hit the buckle bomb and the Elgin bomb but Moose pulled out the referee. Elgin was pissed, argued with the referee and shoved him down. Supermex dive by Hernandez took another referee down. Back in, Moose hit a Spear on Hernandez for the win.

Here was Moose’s very special announcement, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Saying “Impact Wrestling will never be the same” after is below a certain level of truth. I read Moose, Tessa Blanchard and Scott D’Amore comments on social media this morning and I’m not as ecstatic as D’Amore can be. It is awesome to see the TNA belt back, but why? Is it a way to settle an interim champion until Tessa Blanchard is back? Is it a matter of competition? I can keep on the litany of questions but that will bring us nowhere. The match itself was more than good, exactly what a Impact Wrestling PPV main-event is supposed to be. We have a new World Champion or a World Champion… Let’s say Impact Wrestling upcoming episodes will be on Red Hot Chilli Peppers mode, very, very hot, enough to make explode the Scoville scale…

Rebellion Night Two was a good PPV, even if the no-crowd situation was once again sad. That night was complementing the first perfectly and in many ways. We had the X-Division opener that we love, hardcore action, women’s wrestling and a more classic bout. When it comes to the Championship match, was it really one?
Tessa Blanchard is Impact World Champion and Moose TNA World Heavyweight Champion?
What does all of this mean? Honestly, I’m lost. Moose has spent a lot of time talking trash on TNA and his wrestlers to come to the ring with the TNA belt and retain it… For a long time, TNA had 2 World Champions, with the NWA and TNA belts. From 2002 to 2007, these two titles were defended separately and were representing two very different things, symbolistically. Moose is literally throwing a bomb in reviving a title that doesn’t exist anymore, from a company that doesn’t exist anymore. I could tell you more but where is it going to bring us? Tonight, nowhere. The best thing to do will be to watch Impact next week to have some answers. Right now, there’s nothing else to do but to enjoy what we just saw tonight, and what we saw last week.
The limited roster worked hard and the company did their best to make good on a difficult situation. Any wrestler who worked Rebellion did something great, they more than entertained the fans. They played the game. They even made us forget there was no crowd. Rebellion was trending yesterday night, and it’s not a surprise, at least for me.
Also, new players are entering the game. Nevaeh is one hell of a woman who has been in the business for 15 years, she has worked for every women’s wrestling company in the US and has absolutely no problem with hardcore or intergender wrestling. Crazzy Steve came back last week, Hernandez and Suicide are still there. We have a new X-Division Champion, and a flurry of contenders for him to defend against. Maybe one thing or two were not exactly what we were expecting, every musician can play false notes, but overall, the score was really respected.
Impact Wrestling did something great with Rebellion, entertaining against all odds, despite the lack of crowd, despite the wrestlers missing, despite the virus situation. And that worked.
These two nights were a true act of Rebellion, they were exactly what Impact Wrestling is about. 


Rebellion Night Two Full Results:

  • Chris Bey defeated Rohit Raju, Trey and Suicide
  • Joseph Ryan defeated Cousin Jake
  • Rosemary defeated Havok in a Full Metal Mayhem Match
  • Moose defeated Michael Elgin and Hernandez to become/retain the TNA World Heavyweight Champion

All pics, screenshots and videos courtesy of Impact Wrestling, AXS TV, Basil Mahmud, and Fite TV. Photocollage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag. 

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