Welcome back to MLW and the fourth week of the MLW/AAA Super Series. We continue our trip to Tijuana where the MLW stars have to tangle with AAA stars and the shadiest of refs. This week we will see two six-man extravaganzas as Poder Del Norte take on the team of Black Destiny, Fantastick, and Rayo Star and we get to see the AAA Trios titles defended on MLW TV. Injustice have managed to weasel their way under Konnan’s skin and get a shot at these prestigious belts against the Jinetes Del Aire. It’s going to be a furious episode this week.

Poder Del Norte (Mocho Cota Jr, Tito Santana & Carta Brava Jr) defeated Black Destiny, Fantastick & Rayo Star via Frog Splash

Our first contest was a Lucha showcase as two teams of AAA stars went to war. Both teams made their way to the ring and both took stared the other down. After a CONTRA pop-up, the ragtag team dropped all members of Poder to the floor with head-scissors. They followed that up with stereo dives and managed to maintain control of the match in-ring using a series of athletic arm drags and a Code Red. Rayo Star took the time to pose in the ring and had his head kicked off for it. Fantastick got the drop on the group but was crotched against the ring post. From here Poder Del Norte took control bullying Rayo Star and introducing a chair into the match, all under the ref’s allowance. He was catapulted into the chair and thrown into the crowd’s chairs. Black Destiny got a chair to the head as Brava Jr crotch chopped the crowd. He tried to play avoidance but was caught and hit with double dropkicks. An ad break later and Fantastick was kicking Brava Jr off the top rope. However, he was kicked down into the tree of woe and hit with a double stomp. Brava went for the pin but it was broken up by Rayo Star. He continued to wow by hitting a split-legged Spanish Fly to Brava. His pin was broken up by a series of stomps for Santana (yes, Tito Santana) and KO’ed by a crucifix bomb. Black Destiny made the save on that and dropped Santana with a handspring stunner. That was broken up by Brava who then worked with Cota Jr and Santana to execute a series of kill moves on the whole ragtag team. Brava got his comeuppance though as Black Destiny dived onto him as he was perched on the rails. Meanwhile, Santana and Cota dived onto Rayo Star and Fantastick. The ragtag team’s attendant hit a barrel roll splash onto the group but that just pissed of Poder Del Norte who then ran a train on Black Destiny. They dragged him to the middle of the ring where Santana finished him with a Frog Splash. I loved this. It was fast, mad, and featured a group of vicious bastards which is always going to get a pop from me. Let’s also not forget Tito Santana is 66 and he was still close to moving like the rest of them.

Keeping up With The Dynasty

That match was followed by a video package from The Dynasty as they went to Savio Vega’s childhood home. It turns out Richard Holliday had bought the title to the house in Puerto Rico. He talked about turning the house into an Air BNB and joked about never holidaying in Puerto Rico. Holliday and Hammerstone laughed at their own joke and walked off.

That was followed up by footage of Injustice attacking Brian Pillman Jr and trying to cut off his hair. He answered back in a video package promising to destroy Jordan Oliver’s “white trash head” by challenging him to a hair vs hair match. Then we got another LA Park in the kitchen segment. This was addressed to Psycho Clown ahead of their upcoming match. LA Park told him to eat well since he wants him at his best. To do so, they were going to teach them the recipe for a delicious pork dish. They even gave a health and safety warning about Coronavirus. They ran down the fact MLW was signing Pagano, telling him to work not just f—k around. They also insulted Psycho Clown’s father and got more sausage jokes. We also got promo packages from Davey Boy Smith Jr and Mance Warner threatening Jacob Fatu and Alexander Hammerstone respectively.

Jinetes Del Aire (Hijo Del Vikingo, Octagon Jr & Myzteziz Jr) defeated Injustice (Jordan Oliver, Kotto Brazil & Myron Reed) via 630 Senton

Then it was time for the main event and a chance for Injustice to add more gold to their collection. They had made it a long way since kicking up a fuss but would their attacks on Pillman Jr and Konnan come to bite them in the ass? They seemed confident but they would be taking on some of AAA’s best in Jinetes Del Aire. Oh, and Injustice came to the ring throwing tortillas. Just to really make sure the crowd hated them. The match started with Reed taking on Vikingo as the other members of each team had attacked one another. The pair felt each other out with fast and flippy moves and counters. Vikingo got the better of Reed but was snuck up on by Oliver. Myzteziz stood up to Oliver and kneed his teeth out. They played the avoidance game until Oliver dragged Myzteziz down by his back. Myzteziz sent him to the outside but Oliver avoided his attempt at an arm drag. They were both kicked down by Brazil and Octagon who took their place in the ring. Octagon worked the crowd into a frenzy by removing his shirt and the pair traded moves. Octagon hit another knee strike and brought Brazil to the mat with a springboard arm drag. At this point, the rest of Jinetes Del Aire joined Octagon and bullied Brazil in their corner with chops and strikes, all with the ref’s approval. This culminated in a pop-up missile dropkick that Reed had to break up the pinfall for. Reed then got a dose of bullying through a double team wheelbarrow codebreaker and Suplex combo. That was followed by a Shooting Star Press, forcing Oliver to run in and make the save. The cycle repeated again with Oliver on the receiving end of a combo of offence. Reed and Brazil swarmed the ring finally getting some offence in on Jinetes Del Aire. They singled out Myzteziz and planted him with a triple-team combo into a bridging German but Vikingo broke it up with a double stomp. He fought off the trio and avoided being caught by the hair.

However, he was baited into a backbreaker/neck breaker combo by Oliver. That was followed up by a springboard Senton but Octagon broke that up with a single leg stomp to the throat of Myron Reed. Octagon took a beating and the rest of his team attacked as Injustice were posing. They took out Reed and Oliver then Octagon hit a Tornillo onto all three of them. Injustice struck back by either dodging or attacking as the Jinetes Del Aire went for dives. They bullied Vikingo and Oliver took out Myzteziz with a dive. The hit a trio of Ace Crushers and Stunners on the Jinetes Del Aire but Myzteziz managed to get up top to break up another pin. They locked Myzteziz in a triple-team submission but a pissed off Pillman Jr made his way to the ring and spat beer in the face of Brazil. Vikingo and Octagon struck during the distraction and Pillman foiled Brazil again, setting him up for a superkick. Reed and Oliver were taken out by a Moonsault and another Tornillo as Vikingo finished off Brazil with the world’s fastest double knees and a 630 Senton. Injustice’s enemies came to bite them in the ass costing them some shiny new titles. That being said, they sure as hell put on one excellent match here. They may be the most annoying faction in MLW but they are all talented as hell and when given opponents of this calibre, there was no way this could be bad. Hats off to everyone here.

So, there you have it, another episode of MLW Fusion reviewed for your reading pleasure. Despite the excessive padding from promos and recaps, this was a great episode for Lucha Libre. Both matches were excellent and LA Park managed to score some big laughs with his family cooking segment. Next week is the final night of the Super Series as Los Parks take on Team Psycho Clown. Just who will stand tall when these legendary luchadors and their teammates come to blows. AAA will be relying on Psycho Clown to get the win so they can tie the series. Plus, will there be an appearance from CONTRA Unit as they continue their elusive message for war. Davey Boy Smith Jr would love to get his hands on Jacob Fatu. The only way to find out is to check back next week.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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