New Japan Pro-Wrestling has announced the cancellation of it’s annual Best of the Super Juniors tournament. The tour, which was set to run from May 12 to June 6th, has been completely cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

NJPW have released a statement about the newest batch of cancellations:

“We deeply apologise to fans who were looking forward to these events. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the disease. As eager as everyone at New Japan Pro-Wrestling is to return to the ring as soon as possible, the health of our fans, wrestlers and staff, as well as society at large is our utmost concern.”  

The company are going to be announcing refund polices and are looking into the state of events after June 6th:

“We will make announcements about events scheduled after June 6th upon careful monitoring of this developing situation. We will soon announce refund procedures for the affected events.”

This is the second NJPW tournament to be cancelled due to the pandemic as the company has already had to cancel the New Japan Cup and other events like Sakura Genesis.

NJPW are continuing to try and produce content with their wrestlers through the NJPW Together Project until fan-allowed shows can recommence.

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