This is it. The grand finale of the AAA/MLW Super Series. Lucha Libre AAA has now pinned their hopes on Psycho Clown and his team to tie up the scores with their American competitors. Los Parks has spent the past few weeks taunting Psycho Clown and now they’d finally get to see who he had brought in to deal with LA Park and his family. Alongside this were threats from The Dynasty and CONTRA Unit. Just who was lurking in the shadows as the sun come down on the Tijuana series. Let’s find out, shall we?

Keeping Up with The Dynasty

Konnan was interviewed by Alicia Atout and promised that the MLW vs AAA action would continue in MLW. It was their time to strike. We also got the news that Dan Lambert of America Top Team was suing MLW and Low Ki because of his attack, claiming Low Ki was not sound of mind. After that, we got another edition of The Lives of the Rich and Dynastic from Bucksnort Tennessee. Gino Medina and Richard Holliday were not impressed with the place and were desperate to get away before they encountered a meth-gator. Meanwhile, Alexander Hammerstone was playing with a family of raccoons and was really unhappy to leave without one. That went into a response from Mance Warner issuing a challenge against the Dynasty. It would be Ol’ Mancer and Savio Vega against the whole Dynasty in a Triple Tower of Doom match. It would be a cage, in a cage, in a cage full of Mancer’s toys of doom for all the titles the Dynasty owns and the watch Gino owns. Mancer threatened he wouldn’t be a disadvantage as he’d phone someone up.

Los Parks (LA Park, El Hijo de LA Park & LA Park Jr) defeated Psycho Clown, Psicosis & Nino Hamburguesa via Spear to Psicosis

Well, this is it, the final match of the Super Series. Los Parks had run their mouths for weeks and now they would have to face their fan favourite rival Psycho Clown and his teammates, the even more legendary Psicosis and the wild card Human Cannonball, Nino Hamburguesa. Los Parks started the action with LA Park headbutting Psycho Clown and his sons targeting his teammates. The action mostly went to the outside leaving Hamburguesa and La Park Jr in the ring. LA Park and Psycho Clown fought into the crowd whilst his sons filled the ring with chairs and their other opponents. Psycho Clown took a chair shot to the head whilst Hamburguesa and Psicosis took a chair shot to their “other” head. LA Park got a bar table and introduced it to Psicosis while Hamburguesa got pelted with broken table on the outside. Clown was brought back into the ring and hit in the face with the bar table. They took the violence up a notch by triple powerbombing Hamburguesa onto the bar table. LA Park Jr and Psicosis fought in the ring whilst the rest of the action spilled outside. Los Parks got more toys from the crowd as El Hijo smashed Hamburguesa with a trashcan and LA Park battered Psycho Clown with a crate of beer. Hamburgesa took another ludicrous bump as he was suplexed onto the trashcan. The trashcan then left the ring as El Hijo dropped it on Psicosis’ head. Hamburgesa then got belted to his back and his gut while the crowd screamed for more. They tried to bully Hamburguesa with chops but he broke free and knocked all three Parks down, allowing his teammates to strike. LA Park took a chair shot to the dick from Psycho Clown, Hamburguesa bullied LA Park Jr and El Hijo got the same treatment as his dad via a chair shot to the junk. El Hijo got belted and LA Park Jr received his long due chair shot to the dick to complete the Park trifecta of infertility.

Team Clown continued to bully Los Parks then stopped the action for a pose off. Psycho Clown fired up the crowd trying to push LA Park to join in the fun. Park did not share the sentiment, slapping Clown down and crotch-chopping the crowd. Psycho Clown fired back and took LA Park down with a series of crossbodies. The sons accidentally elbow dropped their dads and ate a series of running splashes from all three members of team Clown. Psycho Clown grabbed a belt and hit everyone but the ref with it, instead introducing the ref to his crotch. All three of Los Parks then got a Bronco Buster in the corner and a Cannonball from the Human Cannonball. Everyone got pinned but everyone kicked out. Psicosis nearly took out El Hijo with a Flatliner so El Hijo answered back with a double knee facebuster. Hamburguesa came to the rescue took both El Hijo and LA Park Jr out. LA Park Jr fired back but was hit with a leg drop. LA Park made the save by kicking the ref. LA Park and Psycho Clown had a pose off once more then went into a chop off. LA Park nearly won with a lariat but Psycho Clown fired back, kicking El Authentico down but ended up eating double knees. Psicosis broke up the pin by belting Park and taking him out with a series of kicks and a dive to the outside. LA Park Jr and Psycho Clown followed and then El Hijo and Hamburguesa followed them, with Hamburguesa taking out his own teammates. Los Parks triple-teamed Psicosis but were foiled by a ref’s slow count. Pagano stormed the ring and battered all of Los Parks with a chair. The ref actually did the right thing for once and took the chair away from Pagano and LA Park ended the match with a vicious spear to Psicosis. This was mental. It was violent, out of control and full of over the top action. Psycho Clown is the king of AAA and LA Park is the king of MLW, so to see the pair clash for fan attention was a treat. Everyone killed it and everyone went out there to have fun. It looks like team Psycho Clown followed the cooking video advice as they came to work. Final score 5-3 MLW.

That would have been that but something started going wrong with the video. There was a cut to a dingy staircase with a broken and bloody Davey Boy Smith Jr and in his hands, the black flag of CONTRA. A new program booted up and Josef Samael appeared on the screen talking about the prophesised end. They had taken over MLW headquarters, the CONTRA soldiers taking out the MLW stars and bulldozing their way through everything and everyone MLW holds dear. MLW is no more, there is only CONTRA. Samael heralded a new age of darkness; one the company would painfully survive. The time of CONTRA is here and so we look to an uncertain future with CONTRA at the helm. Everyone thought the bad times were ended, it appears they’ve only just begun for MLW.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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