Welcome back to DDT TV Show! After the rollercoaster ride that was the debut episode, DDT continues the streak by offering a show packed with fun, wrestling, and probably some laughs. This week had Yoshiko take on Akito as they continue to kill ALL-OUT, Chris Brookes take part in the most “2020 feud” of the year and Masato Tanaka defends the KO-D Openweight Title against Eruption member Yukio Sakaguchi as he continues his quest to get an Eruption vs Eruption main event. Let’s see how they all faired on episode 2 of DDT TV Show!

Saori Anou & Yukio Naya defeated Saki Akai & Mizuki Watase via Bridging German Suplex

Our first match would see a feeling-out match for Saki Akai as she prepares for the next match in her 7 trials series. Her next announced opponent would be Saori Anou so here was the best chance to check out her opponent and what she was capable of. At Anou’s side would be Tukio Naya and at Akai’s would be Mizuki Watase. Things started fast as Akai and Anou locked up. Anou got Akai into the ropes and low kicked her. Akai fired back but was taking to the mat and kneed in the face. Anou ducked another kick, taunted and tagged out. Now let me just emphasise how big Yukio Naya is. This guy is about double the size of Mizuki Watase. As you can imagine, Watase made the wrong choice trying to shoulder tackle Naya. He instead stomped his foot and tried again but Naya just knocked him down. Watase was dragged into Naya’s corner where Anou was tagged in and started beating down on Watase too. She made the mistake of whipping him into the ropes though and found her teeth being dropkicked out. Watase tagged out and the pair both crushed Anou’s head in the corner. Anou and Akai slugged it out until Akai was able to kick Anou into the ropes and deliver a PK to her back. Akai tagged out again and Anou tried to fight off Watase but found herself getting slammed into the mat. Anou tried to slam Watase but was overpowered and slammed into the mat again. Watase made the mistake of going top rope and ended up finally getting slammed by Anou as she threw him from the turnbuckle and tagged in Naya. He ran a train through both Akai and Watase, slamming one on top of the other. Naya tried for a chokeslam but Watase kicked both his knees out and delivered a double stomp to the head. He then tried to go top rope again and dropkicked Naya back into his own corner, where Anou tagged herself in. Akai also tagged in and started laying in the beating on Anou, hitting her with a Front Suplex and a vicious grounded knee strike. Anou avoided more punishment and trapped Akai in one of the best-looking bridging pins I’ve ever seen. Watase made the save but Naya took him back out. The women slugged it out again with Anou nearly winning again with a Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex. She followed with a bridging German that Watase had to break up before Naya took him to hell again with a Chokeslam. Anou hit another bridging German to win the match. She won the feeling out match and will have the psychological advantage going into the official trial match whenever that happens. This was an excellent opening bout and I can’t wait to see the singles encounter to follow.

Akito defeated Yoshiko via Takeshita Murder

Next up was the continuation of Yoshiko’s rampage against the members of All Out. After taking out Iino and costing Takeshita his match last week, Akito was determined to beat Yoshiko and halt any further attacks by the diabolical doll. Yoshiko was proudly displaying the Black Right to Challenge Gauntlet they had taken from Iino as a further f-you to All Out. This would be a fight for survival, honour and the gauntlet, so Akito could really win it all here. Akito tried to be sportsmanlike but Yoshiko refused to move from their corner. Akito dragged them out and the pair got technical. Akito locked in a side headlock and took Yoshiko to the mat. A test of strength broke out and Yoshiko took Akito over with a Northern Lights Suplex. Akito backed off but was caught into a headlock and dragged to the mat. Akito got a headlock on Akito but was backed into the ropes and tossed outside with an arm drag. Yoshiko followed with the Sasuke Special and taunted outside. They drove Akito into the ring post and thrown back into the ring. Yoshiko continued the assault with a tornado DDT from the top rope. Both were down and slowly got to their feet to slug it out. Yoshiko delivered a flurry of strikes and KO’ed Akito with a headbutt. They fought over a Suplex and Akito was able to recover enough to slam Yoshiko into the mat, hit a dragon screw, and lock in the Figure-Four. Yoshiko tried for the chokeslam but Akito reversed into a Tiger Suplex for two. Akito continued with a cross-legged knee breaker and catapulted Yoshiko across the ring. Akito tried to go to the top rope and succeeded in hitting what looked like a muscle buster off the top and tied Yoshiko up on the mat after. Yoshiko was so tied up in fact, they had to make a rope break with their neck. Akito tried to trash talk but Yoshiko grabbed a hold of Akito’s leg and dropped him on his head with a half and half Suplex. They followed up with a Destroyer which would have won the match were it not for Takeshita interfering and completely destroying Yoshiko. Takeshita was ruthless, slamming Yoshiko off objects and swinging them so hard into the turnbuckle it destroyed their shirt. He threw Yoshiko back into the ring and Akito covered them. All Out got some manner of revenge against Yoshiko meaning Akito now has the Gauntlet and a win over Yoshiko, all thanks to Takeshita. Another excellent bout.

Ironman Heavy Metal Title Delayed Four-Way Match: Danshoku Dieno defeated HARASHIMA, Soma Takao & Keigo Nakamura via Danshoku Driver

That was followed by our first title fight of the night as Danshoku Dieno put the Ironman title on the line in a delayed four-way match. This meant three men would start and the fourth would come out after five minutes. Dieno would have the odds against him as not only was he the delayed fourth man in a one pinfall contest but Nakamura had also conspired against him by turning his opponents on him with salacious, but also probably true, rumours. This was all bolstered by Dieno wanting to beat the defences record for the title. Takao instantly left the ring and just left Nakamura and HARASHIMA to fight. The pair traded technical holds until they reached a stalemate. Takao then re-entered the match and applauded both of them then bolted again, confusing everyone. HARASHIMA then kicked seven shades of shit out of Nakamura and hit a double knee gutbuster. He missed a running knee strike and bounced off the corner giving Takao the chance to come in and hit a double stomp. This got two and a slugfest ensued. HARASHIMA despatched of Takao on the two-minute mark and was then propositioned by Nakamura, who wanted to be pinned so Dieno would lose the belt. This was a ruse and Nakamura tried to roll up HARASHIMA. It turns out HARASHIMA hates liars so he then went on to absolutely murder Nakamura with stomps. Once again Takao tried to take advantage but couldn’t keep Nakamura down for a three count. The pair traded pinfalls until Nakamura hit a Suplex and HARASHIMA hit a springboard splash onto Nakamura. HARASHIMA then hit the world’s most violent Falcon Arrow on Nakamura and awaited Dieno’s arrival. He crept out from under the ring and took out both HARASHIMA and Takao with a Danshoku Screw and a Danshoku Suplex. He went to attack Nakamura but was kicked in the head. He stunned Nakamura with a kiss then hit the Danshoku Driver for the win. He had successfully beaten the odds to retain his title again. He left ringside chasing after HARASHIMA. This was a clever little bout that had a lot of fun thrown in through screwing people over and scheming.

Konosuke Takeshita defeated Gota Ihashi via Oklahoma Roll

It was now time for Takeshita’s match of the show. After ensuring his stablemate’s victory over Yoshiko earlier in the show, he would now have to take on the king of the dark match Gota Ihashi. Gota was confident he would kill Takeshita but all commentary could offer were statements about his cooking. Takeshita came out with Shunma Katsumata alongside him to watch out for Yoshiko attacks. The pair shook hands then locked up, with Ihashi using his multiple chins to trap Takeshita’s wrist and bar an arm (no I’m not kidding.) The pair traded Hammerlocks until Takeshita was taken down and the pair awkwardly traded pinfalls. Ihashi helped Takeshita up and caught a kick to the gut. He then hypnotised Takeshita into a headlock and dropkicked him out of the ring. Ihashi signalled for a dive but instead tried and partially succeeded at a handspring taunt in the ring. Takeshita hit from behind and started laying in the boots. He backed Ihashi into a corner and started raining punches and choked him with a knee. Takeshita continued with a rope stomp and springboard senton. That transitioned into a grounded side headlock which Ihashi powered out of into a running splash and a single leg dropkick. Ihashi continued to strike at Takeshita and hit a jumping splash. Takeshita kicked out so Ihashi crushed him in the corner and dropped hit with an AA after some minor resistance. Takeshita fought out of a German Suplex attempt and Lariated Ihashi to the mat. Ihashi fought back but took far too long trying to work up a non-existent crowd to hit a cannonball. Takeshita kicked his face off then took the ref out to continue beating him down in the corner. He hit a brainbuster on Ihashi and went for the deadlift German but the lights went out. It was Yoshiko again. This time though, Takeshita was prepared and reversed the chokeslam. However, Yoshiko locked in a sleeper hold and tried to hit a Canadian Destroyer. Takeshita tried to sandbag and was spiked with a normal Piledriver instead. Ihashi re-emerged and woke the ref up. He tried to lazily pin Takeshita but Takeshita wasn’t having it and kicked out. Ihashi went top rope, missed a Moonsault, and was rolled up into an Oklahoma Roll for the loss. Takeshita bested Ihashi and survived Yoshiko to pull out the win. Post-match, Shunma challenged Yoshiko to a hardcore match next week, minutes before he was set to take on Chris Brookes in a hardcore match.  I loved this. Takeshita is great and Ihashi seemed to be having a blast on actual television and trying to be as funny as he could be.

Chris Brookes defeated Shunma Katsumata via Praying Mantis Bomb

Following the announcement that Jun Akiyama of AJPW would be a guest coach and performer for DDT in the coming months, we got a hardcore match between Chris Brookes and Shunma Katsumata. This whole feud came about because Brookes’ Twitter got suspended whilst shit-talking Katsumata. There would be no rules to the match apart from the ref being able to stop the match if something particularly life-threatening was to happen. The match was prefixed by a video package of the Twitter suspension too, just in case the audience wasn’t Twitter-savvy with CeeLo Green’s Fuck You playing. Katsumata came out with an absolute arse ton of Lego and a Lego bat. The pair instantly went for kendo sticks when the match started with Katsumata winning the duel and avoiding Brookes’ wild swings. Brookes bailed outside and caned Katsumata in the face as he went for a dive. Brookes continued the punishment by slamming Katsumata off the ring and threw him through several rows of chairs. Brookes tried to choke out Katsumata with a chair assisted Gory Special and then choked him with his own banner. Katsumata fought back and dragged Brookes into the stands and the pair duelled again on a bar. Katsumata stunned Brookes with a slap but got caught in the Octopus. Katsumata escaped by back body dropping Brookes onto a table and then diving onto him. Brookes took a caning then Katsumata filled the ring with chairs. He kept Brookes down with a couple of chair shots and removed a turnbuckle cover, well he got halfway there and gave up. Instead, he reached under the ring and pulled out a trashcan and barbed wire bat. A staff member removed the turnbuckle as Katsumata trapped Brookes in an STF with a chair. Katsumata made Brookes take a seat with a Superkick then battered his head in a trashcan with a barbed wire bat. The pair danced around a corner trapped chair until Brookes baited Katsumata into it. He wasted no time in punishing Katsumata with chair assisted shots and a trashcan shot to the head. Brookes then stomped the trashcan into Katsumata’s arm and locked in a crossface of sorts. Katsumata tried to fight back but was locked in the Octopus again. Brookes built a devilish contraption of chairs but ended up slammed onto it. Katsumata levelled Brookes with a trashcan shot then hit a dropkick to it on Brookes’ head.

The Lego was poured out like thumbtacks which Brookes threw Katsumata into with a top rope butterfly Suplex. The ref saved the match with a slow count by clearing Lego out of his way. Brookes dug under the ring and pulled out a bunch of plastic tubs and grabbed a ladder. Katsumata kicked the ladder into Brookes and started setting up the tubs. He retrieved Brookes from the outside and climbed the ladder. Brookes cut him off by smashing a tub over his head and meeting him at the top of the ladder. They went back and forth until Katumata killed Brookes with a sunset flip bomb through the tubs. That got two so Katsumata hit a top rope Pelé kick but again got two. He tried to run the ropes but Brookes jabbed him in the gut with the Lego bat and retrieved a table. He set that up and give Katsumata a dose of CTE with a trio of chair shots to the head. Katsumata gave Chris the finger so Brookes put him through a table with the Praying Mantis Bomb to end the match. This was so wild, I loved it. Katsumata and Brookes went all out to murder each other for no fans in attendance. This was brilliant. Daisuke Sasaki attacked post-match to pay Brookes back for last week. However, this backfired as he was attacked by MAO and Naomi Yoshimura. Sasaki had issued a challenge; it will now be a four-way match.

KO-D Openweight Title: Masato Tanaka defeated Yukio Sakaguchi via KO

Last but not least was the main event for the KO-D Openweight Title. Sakaguchi was determined to have an Eruption vs Eruption main event. Last week, his stablemate Kazusada Higuchi fulfilled his side of the bargain by acquiring the sword from Tetsuya Endo. Now he would have to dethrone Masato Tanka, which would not be an easy task considering he is undefeated in DDT bar one tie. Sakaguchi went straight for Tanaka, kicking, kneeing, and striking him down in the corner then hitting a lethal PK. He instantly locked in a triangle but Tanaka fought out. He locked in a second but Tanaka made it to the ropes. Sakaguchi then dumped Tanaka outside and tried for another PK but Tanaka dropped him face-first onto the apron and got back in the ring. Tanaka attacked as Sakaguchi got back in the ring and started targeting the knee. Sakaguchi tried to fight back but found his knee being struck at and locked up. Tanaka was merciless, stomping at and trying to break the knee, keeping Sakaguchi grounded in the process. Each time Sakaguchi got to the ropes he was punished again. Even the corner wasn’t a friend as Tanaka would just keep stomping there too. Sakaguchi’s big escape came when Tanaka whipped him into a corner and he was able to hit a running knee of a charging Tanaka. A slugfest broke out and Sakaguchi tried to kick but Tanaka caught the leg and delivered a sliding D to the injured knee. Tanaka locked in a Figure Four forcing Sakaguchi to the ropes and delivering yet more damage to the knee. He hit a slam and went top rope for the Superfly Splash. Sakaguchi got the knees up but did more damage to himself in the process. He tried for a Sleeper Hold but Tanaka dropped him with a Saito Suplex. Sakaguchi shook it off and dropped Tanaka with a German Suplex. They slugged it out again and Sakaguchi was able to avoid an elbow and hit two knee strikes, putting Tanaka on his back. Sakaguchi tried to charge Tanaka but missed and was hit with a rolling elbow to the back of the neck. They slugged it out again with Sakaguchi locking on a Cobra Clutch. Sakaguchi got Tanaka grounded but Tanaka got to the ropes. Tanaka fought back with some ground and pound elbows and escaped a Sleeper into a Sliding D. Saguchi locked the sleeper again and went for a running knee but Tanaka knocked him out of it and hit a go behind lariat. He then floored Sakaguchi with the rolling elbow and hit more ground and pound elbows. He picked up Sakaguchi for a Sliding D. The ref called for the bell as Sakaguchi had been knocked out. He eventually regained consciousness and tried to keep fighting but his faction stopped him. This again was amazing. So much drama was packed into such a heavy and hard-hitting match. You could feel the fire from both men. It was a pure joy of physicality to watch.

So, there you have it, another episode of DDT TV Show! reviewed for your reading pleasure. Once again, it was a really strong episode. We got some laughs, some hardcore, and some great wrestling all rolled into a 2 and a bit hour show. The hardcore match and main event really shone and Yoshiko’s murderous rampage against All Out continues to be a point of intrigue. Next week, we’ll see another hardcore match as Katsumata goes against Yoshiko and the much-awaited singles trial match between Saori Anou and Saki Akai. A special thanks again to DDT English Update for their translation. If you need a wrestling fill, DDT Universe is like just over a fiver, that is more than worth it.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, Chris Brookes Twitter, DDT Pro Twitter

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