This week’s NWA Powerrr was the first new show we have seen from the company since the pandemic shut down production and the Crockett Cup was cancelled. We joined the commentary team of Joe Galli and Stu Bennett back at NWA’s usual home of the GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. The show started with David Marquez interviewing two members of the Villain Enterprises, Marty Scurll and Brody King, as they discuss their history within the NWA and their main event match on the show against Strictly Business.

Madi Maxx Vs Kamille 

Before this match started, we were treated to recap of Kamille’s history on NWA Powerrr as Nick Aldis’ bodyguard. We saw that she has never said a word while at NWA and that was leading people to think Aldis was controlling her. We got to see a recap from NWA Powerrr Episode 20 where Strictly Business member Thom Latimer came out and told everyone that Kamille would be having her in-ring debut on this episode and would be speaking afterwards. Kamille wasted no time in showing how much of a violent dangerous woman she is within a ring as she pushed Maxx into the turnbuckle and then repeatedly kicked Maxx. She then threw her opponent across the ring before lifting her and carrying her, showing how powerful Kamille can be. Maxx was able to get a few defensive moves in during the match, but this never lasted long as Kamille returned the favour with nasty stomps to the chest. Kamille once again picked up her opponent and carried her to the turnbuckle, Maxx got a kick in and tried to jump onto her opponent but Kamilie caught her, hit her with a steam roller before setting up and executing a spear, winning Kamille her debut match.

This match was brilliant, Kamille looked insane from the second she stepped out from the curtain, she looked like a beast within the ring and immediately presented herself as a nasty heel. I couldn’t find any faults with the match, for someone making a debut Kamille hit everything perfectly, making herself not only look insanely powerful but showing us that she is already ready for a title shot against Thunder Rosa. I can’t wait to see more of Kamille in the upcoming weeks and months as she already looks like she could become one of the best female competitors within NWA and even other professional wrestling companies. After her in-ring debut, we finally heard Kamille speak within NWA, as we saw a promo about her history as an athlete. This was brilliant as it helped us see Kamille as an arrogant heel. Her choice of words was excellent throughout as she stated ‘people don’t like you when your gifted’ and ‘even since I was little I have been hated for my power.’ This was one of the best build-up promos I have seen recently in professional wrestling and shows how Kamille is going to become a big part of the NWA Powerrr roster.

Rock N Roll Express Vs NWA National Champion Aron Stevens & The Question Mark

This match started with a recap from Episode 19 as the Question Mark and Aron Stevens attacked Trevor Murdoch, we then saw this team asking the Rock N Roll Express for a match on NWA Powerrr in hopes of getting closer to a title shot. There wasn’t too much to comment on during this match as it was a short match where Aron Stevens seemed to be controlled by Ricky of the Rock N Roll Express. When Question Mark was involved in the match, he seemed to get one over Ricky, but as soon as Stevens was tagged it, he was slammed into the ring again. The match was lost as soon as Stevens and Question Mark’s insurance policy Question Mark Jr came to the ring, he ended up distracting Stevens, Robert Gibson pushed Stevens onto the back of Ricky who rolled him up and won the match. This was an ok match, there were funny light-hearted moments but it just wasn’t my type of match. I didn’t quite understand why NWA’s National Champion seemed to be taking all the hits.

We then saw a recap from the last episode of NWA Powerrr as Ziggy Dice won the NWA World’s Television Championship. After this, we saw another recap, this time about the confrontation going between Melina, Allysin Kay and the NWA World Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa. This led to an interview by Kyle Davis with Melina, then Allysin Kay, and finally with Thunder Rosa coming out herself and declaring at the postponed Crockett Cup PPV, she wanted to face both competitors in a Triple Threat match.

Tim Storm Vs Jax Dane (No-Disqualification Match) 

The build-up for this match has been going for a few previous episodes as we have repeatedly seen Danny Deals dressing up as Tim Storm’s mother, which angered Storm. For Tim Storm to be able to have five minutes in the ring with Deals, he had to beat Jax Dane first. Jax Dane was waiting by the curtain for Storm to come out, straight away he started hitting Storm and then threw him headfirst into the ring. Once they had finally both made it into the ring Dane hit his opponent with a high suplex. The action returned outside the ring once again as Dane was thrown into the steel steps, both competitors started to climb the stairs into the audience hitting one another. Dane performed a big chop to the back of Storm, they went across the back-row punching, kicking and chopping one another. Storm threw Dean into the back wall, then hit him with a steel gate. Dean took this moment to start punching back and threw Storm down multiple stairs. Storm then threw Dean headfirst into the Crockett Cup repeatedly. Once back in the ring, Storm hit his opponent with a big boot to the face, Dane just got straight back up and threw Storm onto his shoulders, Storm got back up and tricked Dane into running headfirst into the chair and then hit him with the Perfect Storm to win the match.

Tim Storm now saw his opportunity to get his hands-on Danny Deals, dressed as Momma Storm, as he had to face Storm in the ring for five minutes. Deals did his best to run away but this didn’t work, once inside the ring Deals was destroyed rather quickly by Tim Storm as he defends the honour of Momma Storm. The match between Storm and Dane stole the show for me, it was incredibly well done and showed that you can put on a no disqualification match with very few weapons but still put each other through a tough match. One of the best parts of this match was that as soon as one of these monsters got an advantage the other came straight back fighting, it was so difficult for either competitor to have an actual advantage. There were moments where I didn’t know if either competitor would ever have an advantage or if this match would ever end and I was satisfied with the match lasting forever.

NWA Powerrr continued with a new episode of May’s Diary as May Valentine discussed the feud between her best friend Sal Rinauro and her boyfriend Royce Isaacs which we saw on the last episode of Powerrr.

Marti Belle Vs Tasha Steelz Vs Ashley Vox 

This match was short and sweet, it showed all three women in an excellent light. Marti Belle truly dominated most of this matchup as she took turns hitting both Steelz and Vox with different moves. The match started with Marti Bella refusing to shake hands and she leaves the ring so Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox started the match, Bella came back to break up a pin and threw Vox into the turnbuckles. Bella turned her attention to repeatedly kicking Steelz at the other side of the ring before running into both competitors. Bella showed her ruthlessness within the ring as she went from competitor to competitor getting unsuccessful pins. Both Vox and Steelz managed to get some offence in the match but Bella countered rather quickly. Vox went to the top rope to fly into Steelz but was quickly knocked down by Bella, who got a two-count. Vox superkicked Bella in the face and placed Steelz into a submission move. Bella kicked Vox out of the real catch submission and crashed Vox into the ring, Steelz hit an impressive cutter and won the match. This match ended with a surprising win for Tasha Steelz as out of the three competitors she had the least moves. Also, Belle was just so dominating during the match. I enjoyed this women’s match it showed all three of these women in a good light.

After this match, we saw an interview with the NWA World Tag Team Champions James Storm and Eli Drake who were joined by Eddie Kingston. As the three discussed Kingston’s current feud with Pope and the Beer City Bruisers.

Strictly Business Vs Villain Enterprises 

The NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and Thomas Latimer represented Strictly Business in this matchup against Marty Scurll and Brody King from Villain Enterprises. The match didn’t take long to start as Aldis faced off against Marty Scurll, Aldis tagged out rather quickly to Latimer. Scurll tagged out, Broady King wasted no time using his strength to push Latimer into the corner. Latimer dropkicked his opponent but he quickly countered with a shoulder tackle showing how strong Brody King is. Latimer seemed a bit shocked at just how big and powerful King is within a ring, King completely ripped Latimer’s shirt off so he could chop him in the chest. Scurll tagged in and used the distracted referee to fake Aldis kneeing him in the back. Brilliant move and one I haven’t seen before. Scurll called for the disqualification of Strictly Business, the referee not falling for it. Brody King was tagged in and quickly knocked Latimer back down in the ring, Scrull got distracted by Aldis which allowed Latimer to get some offence into this match. Scurll headed to the outside of the ring to hit Latimer face-first into the side of the ring.

With help from Aldis, Latimer seemed to be starting to gain some control over his opponent as, after throwing him into the steps, he put him back into the ring and tagged Aldis into the match. Strictly Business showed some good teamwork as they took it in turns to hit Marty and get a close two-count. Marty started to fight back as he suplexed Latimer back first into the ring. King and Aldis both tagged in, King smashed into both members of Strictly Business. Villain Enterprises worked together to control Latimer as they hit with an assisted German suplex. Aldis came back into the ring and hit a piledriver on him, Latimer broke up the pin. throwing King into the turnbuckle, Scurll outsmarted Aldis as he kicked him in the leg and set up a chicken wing. Kamille ran to ringside distracting Aldis and the referee as Aldis attempted to hit Marty with the umbrella. Marty countered and flew out of the ring into Royce Isaacs, Broady King returned to the ring to take out Thom Latimer, Latimer turned Brodie’s move into a low blow and Aldis jumped from the top rope hitting him with an elbow drop, winning the match for Strictly Business.

This match was a great match between the two teams and helped to show Brody King as a mean force within the ring. It was excellent that Marty Scrull took a small step back during this match so King could show more of his ability and win over the NWA fans as well. The match also did well at leaving this storyline completely open to expand above in the future with singles or tag matches, as both teams used cheating to gain an advantage.

NWA Powerrr ended this week with a video clip from the NWA President William Patrick Corgan as he announced because they aren’t able to host wrestling shows, how they want to at the moment, they will be introducing a new format of the show next week called Carnyland. There isn’t much information on what this format will be, but it will be interesting to see what Carnyland is next week in the standard NWA timeslot on their YouTube channel. This week’s episode of NWA Powerrr was my first time watching the completed show and I was thoroughly impressed with the layout and matches this show featured. Even though it was only an hour and a half it felt like a proper professional wrestling show which sometimes other shows such as AEW Dark loses out on this feeling.

All images and videos courtesy of NWA, Marti Belle and HWAN 

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