Joshi promotion Actwres girl’Z (AWG) have jumped into the streaming service game and launched their own VOD service. The once DVD-only company was almost impossible to watch, so for them, to have one of the best VOD’s in Joshi is certainly an interesting turnaround.

AgZ’s VOD works on a tablet, smartphone, or computer and has a strong English language presence for 1000 yen per month (about £7.70) with 75 shows currently available going back to 2017.

Actwres girl’Z has a relatively talented roster with their main recruitment seemingly revolving around training people with entertainment/idol backgrounds and turning them into good wrestlers. The promotion’s trainer is the legendary AJW alumni Yumiko Hotta, who still wrestles for AgZ and has very entertaining matches in which she beats up her trainees in typical Hotta style.

Their roster includes their champion Miyuki Takase, Reika Saiki, Mari, Riko Kawahata, among others. AgZ stand out from others is their dance routines and strong characters which go hand in hand with their good wrestling.

Kind regards to LWOSPW – Pic and video courtesy of Actwres girl’Z

By Steph Franchomme

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