Welcome back to DDT TV Show! The weekly dose of DDT fun is back and offering a foray of tag team action between DISASTER BOX, DAMNATION and ALL OUT, Shunma Katsumata going into his second week of hardcore action against Yoshiko, Saki Akai goes into her next trial match against Saori Anou and we got a main-event that would change the landscape of DDT once again. There is a lot to discuss here so let’s get into the action.

Kazusada Higuchi defeated Keigo Nakamura via Canadian Backbreaker Hold

The first match saw Keigo Nakamura get another opportunity against a big-name opponent. After failing to scheme victory in the Ironman Title match last week, he would now get a chance to best the challenge sword holder, Kazusada Higuchi. Unfortunately for Nakamura, it would mostly be about 4 minutes of him getting mauled. He tried to launch a fast series of dropkicks but found himself swatted out of the air like a fly. He was pummelled with a series of heavy chops but managed to mount the tiniest of comebacks by faking a dropkick and hitting a Dragonrana counter. However, this wouldn’t last and he was forced to tap to the Canadian Backbreaker Hold from Higuchi. This ended up being a nice little starting squash match that saw Nakamura get further punished for his deviousness in last week’s title match.

DDT Ironman Heavy Metal Title: Danshoku Dieno vs Antonio Honda ends in No Contest

Next up was the continuation of Danshoku Dieno’s quest to have the most Ironman Title defences. This week, his opponent would be none other than Antonio Honda. We were back in the separate white room of doom with phoned in fanfare, cheers, and some light piano music. It was being presented very much like a TV show, within a TV show. Honda started by breaking the rules with a series of closed fists then the pair tried to mimic Rock and Stone Cold with opposing Stunner and Rock Bottom attempts. Dieno got the upper hand with a Danshoku Screw but this backfired as Honda appeared to enjoy it. This continued with a stomp to the groin and the Danshoku Claw. So far, every move in this match that had landed, had been illegal. We got another Danshoku Screw, earning Dieno another telling off from the ref. We got an arse-to-face cover but Honda kicked out at two. Honda came back with a knee to the head and a dancing elbow drop. Honda hit another series of closed fits but missed the dancing bionic elbow. Dieno hit three inverted atomic drops which set Honda off into dance and tears. The pair then traded ever more comedic nutcrackers until neither man can actually do anything. Honda claimed he was going to give up but, instead, went for Gon the Fox, only to once again be punched in the dick. Dieno got a chair and went to finish Honda’s balls off once and for all but the ref stopped him, claiming it was illegal. Instead, he went top rope but was crotched on the ropes. Honda grabbed the chair, distracted the ref by telling him there are panties in the other way, and caved his own head in with a chair by mistake. We got more comedic low blows and the ref gives up on the match. The match was ruled a no-contest and we have no idea who is the champion now. This was comedy gold to me as I loved the parody feel and comedic sound effects going on the whole time.

DISASTER BOX (HARASHIMA & Naomi Yoshimura) defeated DAMNATION (Mad Paulie & Soma Takao) via Piledriver on Mad Paulie

That was followed by tag team action between DISASTER BOX and DAMNATION. It would be Mad Paulie and Soma Takao taking on one half of the Tag Champs Naomi Yoshimura and HARASHIMA. The DAMNATION guys played rock, paper, scissors to see who wouldn’t have to fight which meant it would be Takao and HARASHIMA starting things. Takao and HARASHIMA traded some technical exchanges until HARASHIMA got the advantage. He tried for a running kick but was interrupted by Paulie, kicked in the face by Takao, and thrown into a ring post. Takao did the same to Yoshimura and tried for a lazy cover on HARASHIMA. Paulie was tagged in and choked out HARASHIMA in the corner, forcing the ref to try and pull him off. Paulie continued with a slam and elbow drop for two. He tagged out and Takao continued the mugging on HARASHIMA, cheating when HARASHIMA tried anything. HARASHIMA eventually got back into the match with an amazing rebound kick and tagged out. Yoshimura came in hot and started laying into Takao. Yoshimura was relentless with throws and forearms, forcing Takao to tag in Paulie. The two traded tackles until Paulie knocked down Yoshimura. He tried to come back but Paulie flattened him with a press. Both teams went for double team combinations with DISASTER BOX coming out on top with a springboard splash, leg drop combo. Takao broke up the pin so Yoshimura went for a powerbomb only to be back body dropped to the mat. The pair traded lariats with Yoshimura coming out on top with a dodge. He knocked down Paulie and ended him with a Piledriver. This match was okay but it’s probably the most standard feeling match there has been on one of these shows so far. It was a nice comeback win for DISASTER BOX after some devious heel work from DAMNATION.

Hardcore: Yoshiko defeated Shunma Katsumata via Around The World Bomb

After being taunted by a barrage of ALL OUT DEAD signs, it was time for Shunma Katsumata’s second hardcore offering. This time, it would be against the homicidal doll Yoshiko who had declared war on the faction for a reason no one could understand. After losing to Akito last week, Yoshiko was pissed and had a match they could really vent their frustration on. No rules and no escapes here, the only stoppage could be caused by something life-threatening. Katsumata was decked out as the Joker this time, fitting attire for such a match. Katsumata instantly went for a kendo stick and started caning in Yoshiko. Katsumata seemed intent on murdering Yoshiko as he kept raining kendo shots down on Yoshiko’s head. He launched Yoshiko to the floor and dropped them headfirst onto the wooden floor outside. Back in-ring, Katsumata crumpled up Yoshiko and dumped them in a bin. He grabbed a barbed wire bat and smashed it into the side of the bin. Katsumata then started trying to break Yoshiko’s neck with a chair. Katsumata tried for a brainbuster onto a chair but Yoshiko reversed it into a Back Suplex, sending Katsumata through the chair. Katsumata bailed so Yoshiko dragged him to the stage and launched him over the banners to the floor below. Yoshiko then hit the Sasuke Special off the stage, smacking their head on the ceiling as they did so. Katsumata was then dragged to the bar and was hit with a bulldog into a side headlock. Yoshiko did the same on the other bar too and tried for a destroyer. This didn’t work but Yoshiko was still able to spike Katsumata with a piledriver onto the bar.

Katsumata baited in Yoshiko by begging for mercy, then grabbed Yoshiko and rammed them headfirst into the ring post multiple times. Katsumata then set up some chairs and tried to launch Yoshiko off the top, but the deadly doll held on. Katsumata went for a powerbomb but was hit with a Frankensteiner into his chair pile. Yoshiko tried to go top rope but Katsumata cut them off and flipped off the turnbuckle. Yoshiko dropped Katsumata with a German but he landed on top of them and went for his own. He nearly sealed victory over the doll by reversing an around the world into a Code Red but only got two. Katsumata covered Yoshiko in chairs and dived onto the with a frog splash but seemed to do more damage to himself than Yoshiko. When Yoshiko kicked out Katsumata got desperate and set up a ladder and dropped it on the doll’s head. Katsumata went for a powerbomb on the ladder but Yoshiko reversed it into a chokeslam. Yoshiko got the Lego® out and tried to dump Katsumata onto it, but both competitors went flying and took out the ref. Takeshita came out to get some revenge and set up a double team move by power bombing Yoshiko onto the Lego®. He went to slam Katsumata onto Yoshiko, but Yoshiko moved and Katsumata ended up slammed onto the Lego®. Yoshiko took Takeshita out on the outside then got two on a Destroyer to Katsumata. They then went into the around-the-world bomb and won the match. Yoshiko has successfully killed another member of ALL OUT. This time the hardcore member was felled in their own match type. Can anybody stop Yoshiko? Takeshita will take on the deadly doll next week. Alas, you do not need me to explain why I loved this. I am a fan of almost anything hardcore and this perfectly fits the bill. Katsumata has become one of my favourite members of the DDT roster.

Jun Akiyama & Keisuke Ishii defeated Hideki Okatani & Mizuki Watase via Boston Crab to Okatani

We went from hardcore straight into the opposite of hardcore as next up was Jun Akiyama’s first DDT match on his run in the company. He was teaming up with Keisuke Ishii to take down the team of Hideki Okatani and Mizuki Watase. Akiyama had come from AJPW to originally be a guest trainer at DDT but now had plans to fight too. Watase and Akiyama started with a lock-up but Akiyama tripped Watase onto his arse. Watase continued to try and pick a leg but Akiyama easily kept his balance and kept Watase grounded. Akiyama got an arm locked and forced Watase to the ropes. They got to their feet, tagged out and Ishii and Okatani went to battle. Okatani was slammed into the mat and Ishii dropped knees and forearms into his back. He slammed Okatani again and dragged him to his corner to tag in Akiyama. Okatani tried to fight back but Akiyama no-sold his forearms and headbutted him back into the corner. Akiyama kicked him again then threw him outside so Ishii could slam him outside. Watase saved Okatani from a three count but angered Akiyama who slapped him back and threw him out of the ring. Watase ran back into the ring and attacked Akiyama however the AJPW vet was having none of it and gut-punched him. He dispatched Watase and went back to beating up Okatani in the corner, nearly KO’ing him with a running knee strike. Okatani tried to chop back but Akiyama just kept hitting him and tagged out. Ishii came in, hung Okatani on the ropes, and started kicking him in the back. Ishii then locked in a single leg crab and forced Okatani to the ropes. Okatani was finally able to knock down Ishii and tagged out of the match. Watase made his presence known by dropkicking Ishii from the top rope and knocking Akiyama down on the apron. He nearly KO’ed Ishii with a basement dropkick but was reversed out of a Saito Suplex. Ishii tagged out and Akiyama started a slugfest, making Watase run the ropes. Okatani begged to be tagged in and he ran a forearm train on Akiyama but exhausted himself in the process. He tried to Suplex Akiyama but it was blocked, so Watase had to stun Akiyama with another dropkick. The pair tried to double team Akiyama but he trapped Okatani into a guillotine and Ishii took out Watase. Akiyama then hit a running knee and locked in the Boston Crab on Okatani, forcing him to tap. Akiyama won his debut appearance and did so by bullying the younger guys. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this but I did. Akiyama was really captivating to watch and seeing a fire lit under Watase was pretty cool to see. He demanded to be taught by Akiyama in a singles match.

Saki Akai defeated Saori Anou via Saki Cutter

After, that was Saki Akai’s sixth match in her seven trials. As it stood, she was at 2-3 in losses. Having been beaten last week by Anou, the pressure was on to do well here. The pair started fast with both women dodging and avoiding until Akai brought Anou down with a kick. She locked in a leg choke on Anou but it was broken. Anou bailed and took out Akai’s leg with a chair. Anou kept up the assault with the chair, aiming for the back and leg of Akai. She then got back in the ring and waited for a count-out. Back in-ring Anou started stomping down on Akai, showing as much disrespect as she could. Akai fired up but Anou caught her leg and Dragon Screwed her knee. Anou then locked in a Figure-Eight then lounged into a Figure-Four. Anou continued her attacks on the knee using the ropes and a missile dropkick. Akai fought back and drove Anou to the outside where she kicked her chest in. Akai continued with a flurry of strikes and a kick to the face. Akai kept kicking but was stunned by a slap. The pair started dodging and trading kicks until Akai downed Anou with a big boot. Anou went for the beautiful bridging pin again but Akai reversed it into a choke. Akai went top rope but was cut off with a forearm to the chest a duo of fisherman’s busters, the second with a bridge. The pair slugged it out with both women firing up and Akai kicking out of the bridging German this time. Anou went for a Dragon Suplex but had her head kicked off and then her face kicked off with a running dropkick. She was then able to get Anou into the Saki Cutter for the win. Akai is now at 3-3 in matches and put on a clinic against the sadistic Anou. She praised her opponent after the match, thankful to have fought and bested her.

DAMNATION (Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo) defeated ALL OUT (Akito & Konosuke Takeshita) via Roll-Up on Akito

Next up was another faction warfare tag match as DAMNATION and ALL OUT went to war. It would be Sasaki and Endo taking on Akito and Takeshita. If Akito was pinned he would lose the black challenge gauntlet. Endo and Takeshita started with a series of technical exchanges and worked in some rope running to a pose off. Akito tagged in and Endo backed off out of the ring. He wanted nothing of Akito and tagged out. Sasaki tried to control Akito by barring an arm but Akito just did the same back. Sasaki baited him down and tried for the Crossface but Akito escaped and tried for a leg so Endo interfered. Endo beat down Akito outside, so Sasaki went for Takeshita. ALL OUT were thrown about then Endo dumped Akito back in the ring. Endo was tagged in and continued his beatdown on Akito. DAMNATION kept the tags coming using the cameras to point out Akito’s bald spots. Sasaki kept wrenching at Akito but Akito broke free and started throwing hands. He took out a knee and Gutwrenched Sasaki to the mat. Takeshita tagged in and started throwing more hands putting Sasaki on the mat multiple times. Endo interfered again but Takeshita has an answer for it, a fist to the face. Sasaki took advantage of the distraction and gored Takeshita out of his boots. Endo was tagged in and started beating down Takeshita, using his agility to throw himself at his opponent and striking him out. DAMNATION started to double team Takeshita but he reversed, throwing Sasaki into Endo. Takeshita tried to take advantage but Endo grabbed him by the jaw and headbutted him. Takeshita fired back with a lariat but only got two. They fought to the top rope where Takeshita rolled through a Hurricanrana into a roll-up. Takeshita launched Endo to the outside, where Akito introduced him to the ring post and slammed him to the floor. Takeshita hit a Tiger Driver into a Boston Crab then tagged in Akito. He kept the attacks coming with a series of kicks and a Suplex. Akito tried for a Figure-Four but was kicked back into Sasaki and dropped across the ropes. DAMNATION hit an aerial duo and tried for a pin but Takeshita broke it up. Sasaki tried to clear Takeshita but he ran back in-ring for an ALL OUT Lariat combo. Endo tried to escape Akito’s offence with a handspring kick but Akito caught him into an ankle lock. Akito looked to be dominating and went for a Sharpshooter but was caught into a Roll-Up.  Endo stole the win and the Black Challenge Gauntlet after an amazing tag match. But that wouldn’t be it…

Tetsuya Endo defeated Kazusada Higuchi via Shooting Star Press

Endo wasted no time in calling out Kazusada Higuchi for a match using his Black Challenge Gauntlet. He wanted his challenger sword back and wasn’t waiting for it. Higuchi honoured the challenge despite having no boots or kneepads on. This was a brash decision; Endo would have to hope it wouldn’t bite him in the ass. Endo instantly attacked, battering Higuchi out of the ring and smashing him around outside. Higuchi tried to fight back but the scenery held him back. He eventually got a shot in by ramming Endo into the ring and dumped Endo over a guardrail. They fought up to the stage and traded lariats. Higuchi tried to Suplex Endo off the stage but Endo reversed and kicked him off instead. Endo then took to the air and followed him down. Higuchi managed to regain his composure back in the ring and dumped Endo with a running power slam. He tried for Goten but Endo escaped it. Instead, Higuchi hit a running splash to his back and locked in a Camel Clutch variation. Endo ducked a lariat and dragged Higuchi onto the apron where he dropped him headfirst with a Brainbuster. He re-entered the ring with a Springboard 450 Splash but could only get two. Higuchi locked in an iron claw but Endo escaped by raking the eyes. A chop fest broke out with both men managing to make me wince from the impact. Endo stomped a foot and went to the eyes again. Endo hit a destroyer but Higuchi tanked it and hit a spear. Higuchi tried for Goten again but Endo reversed it into a Dragonrana. Both men traded pinfalls then went lariat crazy. He got Higuchi down with Tetsuya in the Sky and finished him with a Shooting Star Press. Endo had successfully reclaimed the sword and threatened to cash in on Masato Tanaka but thankfully for him, the man wasn’t present. After two excellent matches, Endo stood tall over everyone.

So, there you have it, another episode of DDT TV Show! reviewed for your reading pleasure. It certainly was a packed show this week. We got some shock main-events, tag matches galore, and an exceptional hardcore match. These weekly shows are great and have allowed DDT to showcase so much of their variety. Next week will see Takeshita take on Yoshiko in singles action, the 4-way match for the Universal Title and Akiyama vs Watase. See you then and as always thank you DDT English Update for existing and making this show easier to follow.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, DDT Twitter

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