Welcome back to DDT TV Show! This week sees a rematch for the Ironman title, Yoshiko going to war against ALL OUT’s top member, Konosuke Takeshita, Mizuki Watase got his one on one match against Jun Akiyama and we saw the chaotic bout for the DDT Universal Title. Plus, as this is DDT, anything can happen in the next two-and-a-half hours. Let’s get into the action!

DDT Iron Man Title: Danshoku Dieno vs Antonio Honda ends in no contest

After last week’s dick shot filled bout for this belt. We were left without a winner. This week Dieno and Honda were at it again to try and decide who would hold the Iron Man title by the end of the match. The pair instantly repeated their opening sequence of last week’s match, going for the Stunner and Rock Bottom. Dieno once again hit the Danshoku Screw so Honda bailed to the outside. Dieno beat-up Honda on the outside, hip thrust him against the ring and tossed him into the ring post. Dieno hit some ground and pound but couldn’t keep control as Honda started chopping him. A ringside attendant suddenly became the focus of both men’s attacks as Honda accidentally punched him and Dieno snogged him. Dieno threw Honda onto a bench and started ripping at his gear whilst he fought off attendants. Okatani, who turned out to be the attendant, ordered Dieno to get back into the ring. So Dieno threw him in and started beating him down as Honda recovered. Okatani was violated by Dieno as Honda danced on the outside. It was a nightmarish time for Okatani as Dieno showed no mercy. Okatani dropped Dieno with a dropkick and urged Honda to go for the pin. He tried to get back in the ring but tripped on the ropes and broke his knee. He tried to tell a story but Dieno wasn’t listening. Honda couldn’t hit Gon the Fox, so he imbued Okatani with the power of Gon the Fox. Imbayashi also came into the ring to stop the madness but he too was imbued with the power of Gon. Dieno couldn’t help but be interested in the story. Since his plan had worked, Honda tried to snap them both out of it, but he couldn’t. Gon was permanent now and came after both men but only succeeded in hitting the ref infecting him too. Dieno and Honda tried to use Keigo Nakamura as a human shield but got him infected too. They got Honda too and with now 5 Gon spirits coming after him, Dieno had nowhere to go. They all jumped on him but thankfully, he woke up to find it was all a horrible dream or was it? He woke up next to Okatani, who held up the sign of God. What an odd tribute to zombie movies. I love DDT’s creativity.

ALL OUT (Akito & Yuki Iino) defeated Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Naya via Figure Four Leg Lock

Next up was an exhibition tag-team match between ALL OUT members Akito and Yuki Iino taking on the big boy team of Kazusada Higuchi and Yukio Naya. Would we see Yoshiko interfere in ALL OUT’s affairs again? Iino and Naya started the match but Iino seemed more concerned with scaring Higuchi than fighting his actual opponent. He and Naya locked up with Naya easily manhandling Iino. Naya knocked down Iino but took too long posing and ended up getting knocked down in return. Both tagged out and Akito tried to stand up to Higuchi, despite the size difference. He tried and failed multiple times to knock down Higuchi and couldn’t make the tag to Iino. Higuchi capitalised, knocked him down, and hit a chop before tagging out to Naya. He started bullying Akito with chokes and strikes and cranked on his neck. Akito went to the eyes but couldn’t get the tag again and was hit with an Atomic Drop. Akito then escaped a chokeslam and hit a low dropkick to the knee whilst clutching his tailbone. He dragged himself to Iino who tagged in, knocked Highuchi off the apron, and ran a train on Naya in the corner. Iino slammed down Naya and started going for the Haka. He was so focused on his taunt that he didn’t realise that Naya had gotten up and was posing behind him. Naya locked in a sleeper and backed up to Higuchi who tagged in. Iino and Higuchi traded with Higuchi killing Iino with strikes and chops. Higuchi hit a power slam for two but was caught into a Samoan Drop from Iino. Akito was tagged in and hit a Gutwrench Bomb on Higuchi. He chopped down Akito and tagged out. Naya went for an abdominal stretch but Akito countered into a calf crusher. Higuchi broke that up and was taken out of the match by Iino. Naya hit a knee strike and a chokeslam for two. Akito made a sneaky tag and flew out of the ring as Iino came in and dropped Naya with a lariat. He hit Naya with a Suplex and the Haka elbow then tagged out to Akito. Higuchi saved the day and chopped out both members of ALL OUT. He used Iino as a battering ram on Akito but couldn’t actually slam Iino. The pair went chop crazy with ALL OUT double-teaming the legal Naya for the win with a Figure Four locked low spear. This was fun for all the big man on big man violence.

Jun Akiyama defeated Mizuki Watase via Exploder Suplex

That was followed up by Mizuki Watase getting his shot at battling the visiting AJPW vet Jun Akiyama. These two squared off in tag action last week. This time Watase would get his time to shine. He didn’t wait either, hitting Akiyama with a jumping knee and kicked him out of the ring before he could even finish his entrance. He continued the assault on the outside with forearms, threw Akiyama into the ring post, and hit a DDT on the floor. Akiyama sauntered back to the ring and was instantly hit with more forearms. Akiyama woke up and started firing back against Watase. He started bulldozing him with strikes and stomps, not giving Watase a chance to breathe. Akiyama took Watase to the outside and slammed him into the floor. He waited for Watase to move and hit him with a knee drop off the apron when he didn’t. Watase dragged himself back into the ring and was instantly met with more abuse and a piledriver. Every time he tried to fight back; Akiyama would just kill him again. This was punctuated perfectly by a Curb Stomp. Watase got a spark of life back into him and started trading strikes again then knocked down Akiyama with a dropkick. He used the advantage to continue pummelling Akiyama and hit him with a missile dropkick. Akiyama fought back from the dropkick with a side headlock. After a brutal knee strike, Akiyama backed Watase into the corner and tried to spark more life back into him with more strikes. This seemed to work as Watase drilled him with a face wash and a corner cannonball. He followed that with a backdrop suplex for two. Akiyama once again came back and KO’ed Watase with a jumping knee and locked in a Guillotine. Watase did the same but Akiyama took him down and knocked him out again. Akiyama kept knocking Watase down but couldn’t keep him down. An Exploder Suplex later and Watase was done. He had given it his all but couldn’t topple the veteran toughness of Akiyama.

DDT Universal Title: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Chris Brookes & Naomi Yoshimura via Praying Mantis Bomb Theft

After a short intermission, we got the chaotic triple threat for the Universal Title. It was meant to be a four-way but MAO is currently injured and could only watch from the sidelines. This made Sasaki’s job a little easier but he still had to contender with the vengeful former champ, Chris Brookes and Naomi Yoshimura. Brookes and Sasaki focused on fighting each other with Yoshimura being left to get involved where he could. After growing tired of being ignored, Yoshimura attacked Brookes and launched himself at both challengers. Sasaki bailed leaving Brookes to face a pissed off, Yoshimura. He was beaten from corner to corner with strikes and chops until Sasaki tried to cut him off. They brawled on the outside until Chris Brookes dived onto both men. Brookes exacted some revenge by throwing Yoshimura around the outside but found himself overpowered and receiving the same treatment. As they were fighting, Sasaki climbed to the cheap seats and threw himself onto both men. Sasaki got Yoshimura back into the ring and started working him over. He specifically targeted the knee but found himself interrupted by Brookes. Yoshimura used the distraction to his advantage and flattened both men. Yoshimura tried to lock in a Boston Crab but Brookes hit the diving senton to his back. Sasaki bailed again so Yoshimura was left to face Brookes’ wrath. Brookes locked in an Octopus but Sasaki broke it up and tried to roll up Brookes. Instead, he was chopped into a double Crab by Yoshimura. We got a three-way slugfest with Sasaki and Brookes temporarily teaming up to take out Yoshimura. Sasaki betrayed Brookes and hit him with a Pedigree into a Crossface. Brookes made it to the ropes so Sasaki went to the top rope and knocked Brookes out of the ring with a diving lariat. Yoshimura re-entered and started slugging it out with Sasaki. He threw the DAMNATION leader from the top rope and into a Shoop from Brookes. The three went at it again with Brookes spiking Sasaki with a piledriver and Yoshimura killing with more lariats. Yoshimura tried to take advantage of a damaged Sasaki but was hit by a nutcracker. Yoshimura ignored this, hit a powerbomb, and had his pinfall broken up by Brookes with a springboard double stomp. Yoshimura and Brookes slugged it out until Brookes hit the Praying Mantis bomb. He went for the pin but Sasaki threw him out and stole the victory. This was great. Yoshimura got to be the real star of the match and Brookes got screwed out of his title a second time. Brookes called him out for this but Sasaki wasn’t going to give him another shot. Instead, it’ll be Sasaki vs Isami Kodaka (Yes!) vs Shunma Katsumata in the next Universal title match following a post-match confrontation. And yes, it will be hardcore.

Yoshiko defeated Konosuke Takeshita via Around the World Bomb

Are you ready for war? That is what you are about to read about. Yoshiko has cut a reign of terror across DDT, targeting the members of ALL OUT. Now it was up to the leader, Konosuke Takeshita to destroy the diabolical doll. The pair didn’t start fighting straight away, there was a long section of baiting and posing. Neither fighter gave an inch to their opponent. Takeshita started working the leg with kicks and toe hold. He then barred the arm and kept Yoshiko grounded. Both got to their feet with Yoshiko grounding Takeshita with a headlock. Takeshita broke free and trapped Yoshiko with a leg choke. Yoshiko broke out and stared down Takeshita before succumbing to more chain wrestling. Takeshita was thrown out of the ring but caught Yoshiko with a lariat before they could hit the Sasuke Special. Takeshita locked in the Romero Special and then transitioned into a camel clutch, folding Yoshiko up. That was followed by a Boston Crab. Takeshita started getting nasty and hit Yoshiko with a bone-breaking powerbomb. He went for a giant swing and threw Yoshiko at a cameraman. A slugfest broke out that Yoshiko looked to win until Takeshita went behind and locked in a Sleeper. Yoshiko fought out, locked the waist, and hit a Back Suplex. That was followed by a vertical Suplex for two. Yoshiko then trapped an arm in the Kimura Lock, something we’d never seen from them before. Takeshita got to the ropes, fought out of a Destroyer, and dropped double knees across Yoshiko’s chest. He had Iino distract the ref as Katsumata took off a turnbuckle pad. Yoshiko didn’t fall for this though and drove Takeshita head-first into the mat with a piledriver. They then confused everyone again by breaking out a Style’s Clash. Takeshita tried to fight back but brained himself on the exposed turnbuckle and was nearly rolled up. They fought on the top rope where Takeshita reversed Yoshiko’s sunset bomb into a brainbuster to the floor. Somehow Yoshiko kicked out. Yoshiko tried for a Bizan but Takeshita grabbed the ref and broke out of the hold. Yoshiko clobbered the ref so all of ALL OUT came to attack. Yoshiko was nearly destroyed as ALL OUT speared them, tied them in knots, and dived on them from the top. The lights suddenly went out and another doll appeared. This was Akihiro, an executive from one of DDT’s sponsors. They took out everyone and saved Yoshiko. They performed a double Dollstroyer on a begging Takeshita. This would have won but Yoshiko wanted to inflict more punishment. They ended the match with the Around the World bomb and claimed another ALL OUT scalp. Nobody can stop Yoshiko but damn is it entertaining to watch them try. This was a main event calibre match with a shocking appearance from Akihiro.

HARASHIMA & Masato Tanaka defeated DAMNATION (Tetsuya Endo & Soma Takao) via Sliding D

Tonight’s main event was another DAMNATION vs the world tag match. It would be Tetsuya Endo and Soma Takao taking on HARASHIMA and Endo’s top target Masato Tanaka. No one was going to escape this exchange unscathed. Tanaka and Endo started with a series of technical exchanges. Neither man could keep an advantage so they tagged out. Takao instantly bailed, wanting none of HARASHIMA. He was right not to as HARASHIMA instantly went to work on him with a series of kicks and a corner double stop. He tagged out and Tanaka started throwing elbows. Tanaka pulverised the midsection then locked in a half crab. Tanaka and HARASHIMA kept making tags and punishing Takao until Endo interfered and gave Takao an escape. Endo tagged in and went to work torturing HARASHIMA and aggravating Tanaka in the process. He tagged out and Takao did more of the same, talking shit as he did so. DAMNATION kept making tags and bullying HARASHIMA with Endo relishing the pain he was inflicting in front of Tanaka. HARASHIMA finally broke free and tagged in Tanaka. Takao bailed and Endo came back in. The pair traded lariats with Tanaka dropping Endo with a rebound lariat. He followed with a Suplex but got taken out by a handspring overhead kick. Both men hit corner elbows and slugged it out in the centre of the ring. Endo ground down Tanaka with a headlock and brought him down with a lariat. He didn’t stay down though and KO’ed both DAMNATION members. HARASHIMA was tagged in and started going to work on Takao once again, flying at him with a Springboard Crossbody. However, Endo interfered and knocked him off the top so Takao could flatten him with a double stomp. They double-teamed HARASHIMA with kicks but Tanaka broke up the pin. Tanaka got rid of Endo and got the hot tag from HARASHIMA. He bullied Takao but a sliding D attempt was stopped by Endo. Takao and Tanaka traded elbows and forearms until Takao got the advantage with a lariat. He hit an air raid crash but it wasn’t enough so he went top rope but was caught by Tanaka. HARASHIMA helped take out Endo and the pair both hit Takao with a Superplex and a Superfly Splash. Tanaka finished the match with a Sliding D and another tick in the win column. Tanaka and HARASHIMA make one hell of a team. Endo was about to pose with the sword but the pair were interrupted by Shinya Aoki, who had come to cash in the Blue Challenge Gauntlet on Tanaka’s belt.

KO-D Openweight Title: Masato Tanaka defeated Shinya Aoki via Sliding D

So, since he had cashed in, Shinya Aoki now had his match on a tired Tanaka for the KO-D Openweight belt. Tanaka went straight for Aoki and took him down with a series of elbows. Aoki reciprocated with an armbar, forcing Tanaka to the ropes. Tanaka bailed outside and nursed his arm, baiting Aoki to the outside. He slammed Aoki off the ring apron and grabbed a chair. He drove the chair into Aoki’s ribs and threw it at his head but only got ring post. Aoki pursued and laid in some ground and pound against the seats. He went back to the arm and drove it elbow first into the floor, then did the same in the ring ropes. Aoki hit another arm breaker and locked in a chicken wing on Tanaka. He fought out but Aoki went straight to another armbar. Aoki moved into an abdominal stretch then into a grounded octopus. He continuously had Tanaka locked up and unable to strike. Aoki went for another arm breaker but Tanaka caught him in a sleeper. However, Aoki caught the arm again and drove Tanaka back to the mat. When Tanaka escaped that Aoki went to work on the legs with a Figure Four. Tanaka started throwing forearms but couldn’t break the hold, resorting to using the ropes instead. Tanaka had a momentary reprieve with an overhead toss but a Sliding D was caught into an armbar. Tanaka reversed this into a roll-up then used the kick out as a moment to hit a Sliding D and win. Tanaka won with a quick KO but it took its toll. Aoki would have won had he taken much more punishment.

So, there you have it. Another episode of DDT TV Show! reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was yet again, another fun episode. There may have been no hardcore match but that was more than made up for by strong in-ring action from DAMNATION, Tanaka, Konosuke Takeshita and so many more. Next week will be the go-home show for Wrestling Peter Pan, one of DDT’s biggest events of the year and home of the Tanaka vs Endo. All again made easier to understand thanks to DDT English Update. Next week will see the return of Damnhearts, ALL OUT vs Yoshiko and Akihiro, and more Jun Akiyama action. See you then.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, DDT Pro Twitter

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