Welcome back to MLW Anthology, the throwback series dedicated to showing the greatest hits of some of MLW’s biggest stars. We’ve had LA Park, we’ve had Mance Warner. Now it’s time to show something new, MLW’s hardest striker, The Lone Wolf of Brooklyn, Low Ki. This episode will cover his student vs teacher match against Homicide and his MLW Heavyweight Title fight against Shane Strickland. Let’s get into the action and bear witness to some of Low Ki’s unique style of fighting.

Student vs Teacher: Homicide defeated Low Ki via Roll-up

Low Ki is a legend of this business. He is recognisable worldwide and is now looked at with a mix of respect and fear from people within the industry. Even if he started under a trainer, in 2004 when he made his debut with MLW, he fought his mentor Homicide. The pair started technically, slowly feeling the other out and steadily picked up the pace by trading hip tosses. They locked up again and Homicide took the advantage and slowly peppered Low Ki with strikes, stalking him around the ring and chopping away. Low Ki ran to the ropes and hit a crossbody on Homicide and hit him with a series of kicks, even nailing him in the head with a kick as he tried to dive. Low Ki took advantage of the stunned Homicide by hitting him a punishing series of kicks and strikes then bridging into a double underhook Suplex. Low Ki continued with a variety of chops and reversed Homicide’s comeback into a trip to the turnbuckle and a handspring kick. Low Ki started disrespecting Homicide with some kicks in the ropes that whilst hurting him, only seemed to piss off Homicide. Low Ki went for another running kick but Homicide caught it and snapped his knee against the rope. Homicide continued by dropkicking Low Ki to the outside and hitting a Cannonball Tope that hit with such force it propelled him over the barrier.

Low Ki continued to receive a beating as Homicide hit him with a Stalling Suplex, locked in a surfboard armbar, and threw Ki over with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Low Ki could not get a break as Homicide continued attacking in the corner with a flurry of headbutts and chops then brought him back to the mat with a top rope hurricanrana. He tried to end things with a diving headbutt but ate canvas and found himself on the receiving end of a series of machine-gun chops, kicks, and Kawada kicks from a vengeful Low Ki. Homicide tried for the Cop Killer but Ki broke out and hit Homicide with a Koppu Kick. A deadlift German Suplex later and Homicide was nearly out for the count. He did come back hard though by catching Low Ki out of a springboard kick into a Dragon Screw. He locked in an STF but released it early so Low Ki reversed with a Dragon Sleeper. Low Ki tried for the King Crusher but his leg gave out so he instead hit Homicide in the back of the head with a Black Magic kick. Low Ki tried for another submission but Homicide drove him into the turnbuckle with snake eyes and took his head off with a lariat. Homicide tried the Cop Killer again but Low Ki escaped and locked in another Dragon Sleeper. Homicide played it smart and rolled up Low Ki for the win, stealing the victory and instilling another lesson on his student, always expect the unexpected. He came to his teacher’s aid after the match when Jerry Lynn attacked and caused pandemonium in the crowd by beating up the fans at the instruction of Gary Hart.

MLW Heavyweight World Title: Low Ki defeated Shane Strickland via Switchblade Kick

When MLW was resurrected in the late 2010s, Low Ki came back to be a figurehead in the company. He became the Professional, an Agent 47 inspired character that fought in a suit and had been hired by the head villain, Salina de la Renta, to collect the $60,000 bounty of the champion’s head. He was a world-travelled veteran by then and was given a shot against Shane Strickland for the MLW World Heavyweight Title in July of 2018. He’d promised a public execution and the fans were torn on if they wanted it. Low Ki tried to get in Strickland’s head with a slap but it just resulted in a pissed off Strickland raining blows down on Low Ki’s head. He took Low Ki over and tried to lock in an arm breaker but Ki got to the ropes. Strickland threw Ki back into the corner by his suspenders and started chapping. Ki struck back with some vicious chops of his own, some blows to the head and a foot choke in the corner. He continued to smash away at Strickland in the corner then continued to batter in his head and slam him into the mat. Low Ki continued with the violent strikes and nearly KOed Strickland with a kick when he dared fight back. The champ was in a bad way, clearly dazed and disorientated. Low Ki showed no sympathy as he stalked Strickland and attacked again once the ref count stopped, even locking in a Rear Naked Choke over the ropes. Strickland woke up and started giving back Low Ki what he’d been dishing out with more hard strikes. Strickland tried for a JML Driver but Low Ki turned it into a sunset flip double stomp. Low Ki used the ropes to rake the face of Strickland but found himself falling to the floor as Strickland threw him overhead. Strickland kicked Low Ki off the apron and hit him with a Handstand-Rana to the floor. He threw Ki back into the ring and tore the shirt and tie off of Low Ki. He hit some corner punches and dodged out of the way as Ki ran into a turnbuckle. He threw the stunned Low Ki overhead with a half and half then tried to powerbomb him. Instead, it became a catapult to the turnbuckle that Low Ki caught and turned into a double stomp. Ki tried for the King Crusher but Strickland broke free, kicked out Ki’s knee, and kicked him in the head. Strickland then nailed him with the Rolling Cutter and tried for the Moonstomp but missed and crashed down on his leg. Low Ki struck by clubbing Strickland in the back of the head and killed of Strickland with the Switchblade Kick. Just like that Low Ki managed to claim the MLW World Heavyweight Championship and made himself $60,000 richer after a brutal encounter with the champion. It wasn’t flashy but it was exceptional to watch.

MLW Roll Call

The Roll Call was back with an opening pun from the Blue Meanie. Jordan Oliver teasing people over the next Injustice member. Gino Medina being Gino Medina. LA Park challenging CONTRA Unit, letting them pick the match type so he can kick CONTRA ass for all of MLW, all of Mexico and his family. Mance was next stating his own interest in whooping some CONTRA ass for getting in the way of his pay window. We got another Dynasty conference call where Holliday stated his interest in buying MLW and then sell it off to buy it again. Savio Vega threatened to forcefully remove Holliday’s moustache off his face. Dominic Garrini was interested in revamping his dating profile, much to Filthy Tom Lawlor’s confusion. Konnan delivered a warning to Josef Samael for derailing his AAA/MLW Super Series. Myron Reed explained the meaning of Injustice. Hammerstone expressed his intention to get the MLW Heavyweight Title. The Von Erich’s issued a challenge to Team Filthy and talked about work ethic. It looked to end with LA Park but the footage cut out as Park was attacked off-screen and the feed cut to Samael issuing a warning against the uprising in the works. We’ll see if this warning was heeded after Satoshi Kojima’s Anthology next week.

All images and videos courtesy of MLW

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