Welcome back to DDT TV Show! It’s the go-home show for their next big event, Wrestling Peter Pan. This week, we would see Eruption in action against Chris Brookes and a rag-tag group, the third match in the Dieno/Honda Iron Man match saga, Jun Akiyama kicking the crap out of Hideki Okatani, ALL OUT against the dolls of doom and the return of the #DAMNHEARTS in the main event for their six-man tag titles. Who would stand tall going into Wrestling Peter Pan and who would be left in the dust? Let’s find out!

Eruption (Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai) defeated Chris Brookes, Mizuki Watase & Yukio Naya via Sleeper Hold on Watase

The first match would see some of DDT’s recent title/challenger losers in Higuchi, Sakaguchi, and Chris Brookes do battle in six-man action on opposing sides. Sakaguchi had lost to Tanaka, Higuchi to Endo, and Brookes to Sasaki, now all of them needed some much-needed momentum. The two technical fighters started as Brookes and Sakaguchi tried to feel each other out. Sakaguchi got the best of Brookes, shunted him into Eruption’s corner, and tagged in Saki Akai. She pummelled Brookes in the corner then caught him off the ropes with an around the world arm drag. Brookes retaliated by locking Akai in a grounded Octopus stretch. Akai made the ropes so Brookes tagged out to Watase. She tried to fight back but Watase dropped her with a forearm and kicked her face off with a dropkick. Naya was tagged in and bullied Akai with some forearms of his own before locking in a neck crank. Brookes came back in and choked her in the corner then tried to limit her kicking ability with a leg breaker. She tried to fight back but Brookes just mocked her striking ability. Akai started kicking, to much greater success, catching Brookes with an axe kick. Higuchi was tagged in and started working over Brookes with chops, strikes, and a running power slam. He tried for a chokeslam but Brookes fired back with his Senton corner combo and tagged in Naya. He splashed Higuchi in the corner and locked in an Abdominal Stretch. A chop and lariat-off ensued with Higuchi finally getting the better of Naya and tagging in Sakaguchi. Watase was also tagged in and ran right into a knee strike. He attacked from behind and a slugfest broke out. Watase lost and was subjected to a combo of moves from all of Eruption ending in a brutal PK from Sakaguchi. Watase relented and subjected Sakaguchi to the same thing from his team, ending the combo with a low missile dropkick. Watase and Sakaguchi continued to trade and Watase was able to hit Sakaguchi with a German Suplex. Watase went for a backdrop Suplex but Sakaguchi reversed, locked in a Sleeper, and made Watase pass out. This was a great little opening match with both sides getting their licks in. Watase has been on quite the losing streak, losing every match he’s had on these TV shows,

DDT Iron Man Title: Antonio Honda defeated Danshoku Dieno via DQ

This match was preceded by the announcement that MAO and Asuka will take on HARASHIMARUFUJI, yes that is the team of HARASHIMA and Naomichi Marufuji at Peter Pan Day 2.

We’ve had dick shot comedy matches, double DQs, and Gon the Fox zombies, what could possibly happen this time? This was the third in the trilogy of Honda and Dieno matches. The previous matches had yielded no winner so hopefully this time we’d know who our champion is. To my surprise, things opened with an arm wringing technical exchange with both men technically giving up to Hammerlocks. Honda complimented Dieno on his wrestling ability and went for a handshake, instead he read his palm and told Dieno of his past life as paramecium and his next life as a sandal. Oh, and his present where his wrist was going to be attacked. Then in a move no one saw coming, Honda attacked Dieno’s wrist and then hit his fist drop. Honda signalled for the end but Dieno reversed the dancing bionic elbow with a Danshoku screw. Dieno continued with the nightmare pinfall but only got two. Both men dodged the other’s finish then Dieno locked in a sleeper hold. Honda nearly passed out but Gon the fox saved the day by breaking the hold. Just as it looked like Gon was going to win the match, everything paused with an Undertale style menu popping up with music and a poll for the audience to decide how the match was going to go. The choices were, A: listen to Gon, B: Dieno tells a story or C: Spontaneous nonsensical ref bump. The vote came in and B was chosen. Dieno incapacitated Honda and told him Gon is not exclusive to him and started telling a story of his own with Gon at his side. Honda dodged the attack and both men proceeded to attack the ref until he had enough and put both men down with a double lariat. Dieno hit a nutcracker on the ref and the bell was rung for a DQ. Then out of nowhere Makoto Oishi came into the ring, hit a stunner on Dieno, and the ref and demanded a singles match. Dieno accepted and the match was made for Wrestling Peter Pan night 2. Oishi spat in Dieno’s face so Dieno threatened to end him. What a riot this has all been.

DAMNATION (Soma Takao & Daisuke Sasaki) defeated ALL OUT (Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Iino) via Running Elbow on Iino

Next up was Katsumata’s chance to stick it to the Universal champion Daisuke Sasaki ahead of his title match. It would be ALL OUT vs DAMNATION in tag team action with Takao and Iino backing up the title fight opponents. ALL OUT started things quickly, attacking before the bell, with Takao and Katsumata fighting in-ring. He dealt with Takao but was blindsided by Sasaki. Iino rushed Sasaki and used his strength to brutalise Sasaki with strikes, chops, and slams. He prematurely went for the Haka elbow so Sasaki made him pay. DAMNATION dragged both men outside and fought around ringside. Takao drove Iino into a ring post and Sasaki pelted Kastsumata’s face with multiple chairs. A chair duel broke out between the two with Sasaki disarming Katsumata and hitting him in the face with yet another chair. Back in-ring Sasaki returned his attention to Iino and started beating him too. Takao was tagged in and did the same, raking Iino’s eyes if he started fighting back too much. Iino finally broke free but found there was no one in his corner to tag and found himself once again the victim of a DAMNATION beatdown that he kept trying to fight out of. He broke free again with a double lariat and finally got his freedom from the match.

Katsumata instantly went top rope and took out Sasaki with a missile dropkick. He went top rope again and stopped Sasaki fighting back with a double stomp. A slugfest broke out that Sasaki won by catching a running Katsumata with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a Pedigree. He reversed a pinfall kick-out into a Crossface and forced Katsumata to drag himself to the ropes as Takao prevented Iino from breaking the hold. Katsumata reversed a Suplex into a crossbody and flattened Sasaki with a Cazadora double stomp. Sasaki stopped Katsumata’s superkick follow up though by reversing it into a Dragon Suplex. Both men tagged out and Iino started getting some revenge on Takao. He crushed him in the corner and hit a vertical Suplex for 2. He caught Takao into a torture rack but Takao once again raked the eyes. The pair slugged it out with Iino winning with a Samoan drop. He summoned in Katsumata and the pair hit a Uranage/Double knees combo. Iino fired up but ended up running into the turnbuckle and a tornado DDT from Takao followed by a basement dropkick. DAMNATION took to the ring and did the same with a double knee/double stomp combo and double superkicks. Takao hit another double stomp but Katsumata broke up the pin with a kick to the face. Sasaki used Katsumata as a battering ram to take out the ref and took out Katsumata with a rolling cutter onto a chair. In the meantime, Iino recovered and took out Takao with a Bubba Bomb. Takao survived, ducked a series of lariats, and took out Iino with a running elbow for the win. DAMNATION once again takes a win in a frantic and entertaining tag bout.

Jun Akiyama defeated Hideki Okatani via Boston Crab

Next up was Jun Akiyama’s next in-ring murder. He’d beaten Okatani in tag action and Okatani’s tag partner Mizuki Watase in singles action. Now it was time for Okatani to get a one on one bout with the AJPW guest competitor. Once again, Akiyama could not finish his entrance as Okatani attacked with a series of forearms as soon as he got in the ring. Akiyama no-sold these, chased Okatani out of the ring and was forearmed to the floor on the way back in. Okatani rained down a series of strikes but Akiyama quickly answered back with a series of stiff kicks that winded the much younger competitor. Akiyama threw him out of the ring and slammed him onto the floor. Okatani struggled back into the ring and was instantly slammed again. Akiyama locked in a Boston Crab and continued to raise the angle as Okatani struggled to the ropes. Okatani managed to fight back with a series of forearms and a bulldog. Akiyama came back with a front headlock and a running knee but Okatani found the strength to kick out. He locked in the Boston Crab again and after a brief struggle, Okatani tapped. This was Akiyama’s quickest win yet. He is currently undefeated with none of the younger guys able to stop him. Also, that was Okatani’s first singles match. He got quite the big opponent did he not?

ALL OUT (Akito & Konosuke Takeshita) defeat Akihiro & Yoshiko via Literal Dismemberment

After footage of Nobuhiro Shimatani and Seigo Tachibana getting a match at Peter Pan to potentially earn more bookings and Joker Katsumata attacking Sasaki with a Pedigree onto chairs and LEGO, we got the continuation of the Yoshiko vs ALL OUT saga. This time, it would be Akito and Konosuke Takeshita against Yoshiko and their sometimes help, Akihiro. However, neither doll made it to the ring as they were ambushed by the other members of ALL OUT on the stage. Takeshita slammed Akihiro off the stage to the floor and Akito flipped Yoshiko down there too with a Monkey Flip. Yoshiko was singled out and beaten mercilessly by both Takeshita and Akito. Yoshiko was tied in knots by Akito as Akihiro struggled to make it back to the ring. Yoshiko made it to the ropes but found no quarter as Akito carried them over to his corner for a spike piledriver with Takeshita. He was tagged in and levelled Yoshiko with a powerbomb but Akihiro broke up the pin. Akito took advantage and tied both dolls up together as Takeshita went top rope for a splash. The ALL OUT duo set up for a Doomsday Device but Akihiro blocked Takeshita and Yoshiko used the distraction to throw Akito into Takeshita. The dolls set up a double team Destroyer on Akito and Yoshiko started choking out Takeshita when he tried for some ground and pound. Takeshita was choke slammed by Yoshiko and was hit with a double Dollstroyer. Akito started fighting back and ALL OUT set up a quadruple Bizan (four-person German Suplex) or as commentary called it the BIBIBIBIZAN! Everyone but Takeshita bailed to the floor as Akito dragged Yoshiko to the stage and tied them up in a ball with a rope and hung them from the stage banners. He then made them watch as Takeshita tore Akihiro’s arm off in the ring. It was a literal arm ripper. The ref called for the bell because one of the competitors had literally lost an arm. ALL OUT took this round with Takeshita challenging Yoshiko to one final match, a Last Man Standing bout at a venue of Takeshita’s choosing. This war is almost at an end but now we have seen the real cost it is taking on ALL OUT’s sanity.

It was almost time for the main event when a particular theme hit. Kenoh’s music hit and the full roster of the NOAH stable Kongo took to the stage led by Kenoh. He took to the mic and ripped into the Wrestling Universe idea and specifically into the boss of DDT and NOAH, Sanshiro Takagi. He called out Takagi for clearly not valuing NOAH. Takagi had enough of the insults and ordered Kenoh to fight him in a DDT ring. Kenoh had said he would protect Pro Wrestling NOAH from Takagi, now he had the chance to prove it.

KO-D Six-Man Tag Titles: #DAMNHEARTS (Tetsuya Endo, T-Hawk & El Lindaman) defeated DISASTER BOX (HARASHIMA, Naomi Yoshimura & Yuki Ueno) via Shooting Star Press

After Kenoh’s confrontation, we got the main event. If #DAMNHEARTS won, DISASTER BOX could no longer challenge for the KO-D Six-Man Titles. That was the caveat they had to accept to get the title shot after Ueno so politely asked. With that, #DAMNHEARTS took the fight everywhere by going after DISASTER BOX. Ueno was thrown into the ring about brutalised by Lindaman and T-Hawk. Ueno was able to outmanoeuvre T-Hawk so both men tagged out. Lindaman and Yoshimura came in and we got a proper strong man exchange. Lindaman gave it multiple run-ups but he couldn’t knock Yoshimura down. He tried for a cheap shot so Yoshimura knocked him to the mat for it. HARASHIMA was tagged in and started going to work on Lindaman with a leg drops and a stiff back kick. HARASHIMA continued targeting the back then tagged in Ueno. He knocked the other #DAMNHEARTS off their corner and attacked Lindaman’s back as he tried to spider crawl away. He locked in a Camel Clutch and hammered down on Lindaman. This just fired him up and he knocked away Ueno and tried to knock DISASTER BOX off their corner but couldn’t move Yoshimura. He smacked Lindaman in the face with a forearm and looked to follow Lindaman into the ring. Instead, Lindaman kicked the rope into Yoshimura’s balls and #DAMNHEARTS dogpiled Ueno on the outside with a Spike Piledriver. The action went everywhere again as HARASHIMA was thrown into the ring post and Ueno was introduced to the seating area. Back in-ring, Lindaman pounced on the scraps and choked out Ueno with his thighs. He rolled to his corner and tagged in Tetsuya Endo. Ueno was subject to more torture as Endo went after his neck and head with help from his teammates. T-Hawk was tagged in and nearly KO’ed Ueno with one strike. #DAMNHEARTS then caused a distraction and slammed Ueno headfirst into one of the titles multiple times. The #DAMNHEARTS continuously kept Ueno trapped and targeted his neck, head, and back with as many dirty tricks as he could. Ueno finally escaped when he reversed a super powerbomb attempt into a hurricanrana and got the tag out.

A furious Yoshimura took to the ring and started running a train on everyone. He tagged in HARASHIMA and the pair double-teamed Lindaman with a Springboard Splash/Leg drop combo. #DAMNHEARTS tried to double team HARASHIMA but he outsmarted them and hit a corner double stomp through both Endo and T-Hawk. Ueno was tagged in but T-Hawk took out Yoshimura with a low dropkick and caught Ueno into a spinebuster. Endo came in and traded licks with Ueno until he was clipped by a rope trapped hip attack. Ueno and Yoshimura double-teamed Endo with a rope hung splash and threw Lindaman over the ropes. Endo and T-Hawk double-teamed Ueno but couldn’t do the same to HARASHIMA as he reversed an electric chair into a reverse-Rana. Everyone else wiped out as Lindaman cleared Yoshimura with a German Suplex and hit a double team wheelbarrow plex on Ueno before tossing him to Endo to finish with a Torture Rack bomb. Except Ueno kicked out so Endo finished him with a shooting star press. Lindaman hit the nutcracker on HARASHIMA as a parting gift and the #STRONGHEARTS demanded a shot at the KO-D Tag titles held by Ueno and Yoshimura. What a bloody ride of a match. Fun from bell to bell.

So, there you have it, another episode of DDT TV Show! reviewed for your reading pleasure. This episode was a blast. It might have been a bit more promo heavy than recent episodes but it certainly set up Wrestling Peter Pan and sparked interest into the upcoming matches. Plus, everything we got here was great as there was no drag. All the matches had enough time to breathe without anything feeling too long. Not to mention we got a doll dismemberment at the hands of Konosuke Takeshita and a wild main event featuring the #DAMNHEARTS. I look forward to Wrestling Peter Pan and will be bringing you more on that closer to the time. Until next time! Oh, and as per usual, thank you again DDT English Update for your excellent work.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, DDT Twitter