This week’s AEW Dark was a shorter episode as there were only five matches on the card. This was a huge improvement over the recent weeks’ ones as it finally started to feel like a conventional wrestling show again, instead of a bombardment of predictable squash matches.

Due to these technical issues, tweets were made available only for the first match. 

Billy (w/ Austin Gunn) Vs John Skyler

Every time we get to see Billy within the ring, it is a treat for multiple reasons, one of them is Austin Gunn acting completely insane at ringside. You will never notice the stadium is not filled to the brim when you see Austin at ringside, he will make enough noise for anyone and everyone. The match itself was short but good, it is always incredible to see Billy within a ring still being able to perform great moves and teaching younger wrestlers how to improve their craft. Billy Gunn, of course, got the win against John Skyler, though he still allowed Skyler moments to get some good offence into the match.

QT Marshall’s mid-life crisis continued this week as we saw Dustin Rhodes and Brandi standing outside the arena having an interview. QT Marshall then turned up with Allie by his side in his brand-new sports car. As QT is still under the spell of the bunny, trouble is obviously on the horizon for the Natural Nightmares.

Jon Cruz & Joe Alonzo Vs The Butcher & The Blade

The Butcher and the Blade could be such an amazing tag team for AEW as they look strong and dominating within the ring. AEW must have seen their protentional as they have been steadily pushing the team since their debut near the end of November last year. This match made the team of the Butcher and the Blade look extremely strong both physically and with their ring ability. They dominated from the first moment and spent most of the match purely playing with their victims, even pulling away from their pins deciding to beat Joe Alonzo a bit more. After destroying both Alonzo and Cruz they decided to finally end the match by pinning Joe Cruz. This was a good match, short and sweet but showed us not to dismiss the Butcher and the Blade for a title shot anytime soon.

Christi Jaynes Vs KiLynn King

Jaynes versus King seemed like a strange match to put on the card as neither competitor has been announced as an  AEW signee, though I truly hope we see a lot more of Christi Jaynes. I am not complaining about this strange match up though as both competitors have impressed recently, King against Penelope Ford and Jaynes against the current AEW Women’s champion Hikaru Shida. Both women had their moment to impress the fans at home during this matchup as they each were focused on trying to get their first AEW’s win. This bout was a nice women’s match this week, which is sometimes rare within AEW as we are not treated to many women’s matches. Christi Jaynes won this one and that leads me to hope that AEW may sign her soon, she has some great in-ring ability and could easily be built up within the company.

Big Game Leroy & EJ Lewis Vs Santana & Ortiz 

We have not seen much of Santana and Ortiz in tag team matches since they joined the Inner Circle, they spent most of their time standing in the background or coming in to save their teammates. So, it was certainly a nice surprise to see the two facing off against Big Game Leroy and EJ Lewis on Dark this week. I am hopeful this means we may see more matches involving Santana and Ortiz on the main AEW Dynamite show, as they do deserve some achievements on their own. Santana and Ortiz, of course, took the win this week. They did a great job within this match, it was another short match but reminded us that these two can hold their own within needing the help of the Inner Circle. Santana and Ortiz have some of the best character work within AEW due to the fact they are completely insane. You cannot help but laugh at their antics every time we see them within AEW.

Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon (w/ Leva Bates) Vs The Natural Nightmares (w/ Brandi Rhodes) 

For the second week in a row on AEW Dark, we saw the Natural Nightmares in action. This was a plus as we have not seen AEW do much development with this team. Of course, QT Marshall, fully in his mid-life crisis mode brought his admirer Allie out to the ring with him and escorted her to the commentary table. There were points where I was not focused on the match as Allie went on and on about her devotion for QT Marshall and his new nutrition plan. I feel like this is developing into a storyline between the Natural Nightmares and the Butcher and the Blade as Allie jumped ship into the arms of her new man, the apple-eater QT Marshall. We mainly saw QT Marshall against Avalon and Cutler during the match as Dustin’s involvement was minimal. After some good teamwork, the Natural Nightmares took the win. Was another good match and has helped to develop two storylines as Avalon and Cutler still chase their first win and the Natural Nightmares could be all over before they truly began.

Particularly good show this week, it was well put together and felt like we are finally getting back to what Dark used to be before lockdown came into place. There was not an overkill of matches and even though some were still predictable, they did this to build further storylines. We also got to see some segments and interviews throw-in which is something I have been begging to see for weeks. Overall, I enjoyed this week’s episode of Dark and am very much looking forward to seeing the multiple storylines develop in future weeks. If you had decided to stop watching Dark recently, I would encourage you to tune back in as if they continue along this path Dark will become a weekly stable once again for a good quality of wrestling matches.

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