This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite featured the first-ever TNT Championship title defence as Cody faced off against Jungle Boy. We also saw the return of the AEW World Tag Team Champions as Omega and Hangman defended their titles against the team of Havoc and Sabian. Nyla Rose was in action against Big Swole, Chris Jericho faced Colt Cabana and we found a whole lot of new information surrounding Fyter Fest, which will now be a two-night event taking place in July.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc (w/ Penelope Ford) Vs Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page (C)

Starting the show off strong, AEW decided to throw the Tag Team Championship match straight onto Dynamite. Due to travel restrictions, we have not seen much of Hangman Adam Page and therefore we have barely seen any title defence from the current AEW World Tag Team Champions. Penelope Ford got thrown out of the match after trying to hit Hangman with a hurricanrana, this distraction gave Havoc the perfect chance to hit both champions with a metal spanner. We learn each week that Havoc and Sabian are going to be the type of tag team which uses any method possible to win. They have no problems with cheating by using weapons or even Penelope Ford to gain more wins to their names.

Their antics also made it more believable that they had a shot to win as they could easily cheat and get a quick victory against Omega and Hangman. I enjoyed this match, it was brilliant, it told an amazing story of the differences between these two teams as they fought for the belts. Each competitor stuck to their main skills, a lot of the impressive wrestling moves came from Omega and Hangman as they used their years of experience, though both Sabian and Havoc looked impressive in their own ways as well. Both teams had close pinfalls and there were points where either team winning was a believable possibility. Havoc and Sabian truly gave everything they had into this match and gave the champions a run for their money even though they ultimately lost when Hangman pinned Jimmy Havoc.

Winner: Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page

Brian Cage (w/ Taz) Vs Shawn Dean

For the second week in a row, we saw Brian Cage come out alongside his manager Taz and destroy one of the regular indie wrestlers brought in to fill the roster gaps. This week, it was Shawn Dean’s turn to be destroyed so incredibly quickly by Cage as he spent an extraordinarily little time beating his opponent and winning the match. This was fine, it did what it needed to, it was never going to win a match of the year award. It was simply there to help the audience understand how an insane monster Brian Cage is and therefore build up his match against Jon Moxley at Fyter Fest.

Winner: Brian Cage

After the match, Taz took over the microphone to cut a brilliant promo on Moxley and his match with Cage. Moxley, of course, would not stand for this as he came to the ring and cut an even more incredible promo. Honestly, every single week on Dynamite, AEW should just allow a certain amount of time for Moxley to say just whatever the hell is on his mind, his promo skills are something else entirely.

We then saw Lance Archer on a building site with Jake Roberts, Archer was beating up some random guy. This was probably one of the first time we have heard Archer on the actual microphone since joining the AEW roster.

Private Party was then hanging out at the bar when Matt Hardy turned up to credit Private Party on the brilliant match they had last week. Matt explained how he will do whatever he can to help the young tag team and this concluded in the creation of a Hardy party.

AEW then gave us some new information surrounding their next special event, Fyter Fest, which will be a two-night event. Night 1 will take place on Wednesday, July 1and night 2 will follow a week later on Wednesday, July 8. We already know that Brian Cage will face off with Jon Moxley, and the tag team titles will be on the line as Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page compete against Best Friends.

Colt Cabana Vs Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho came to the ring accompanied by Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara, who once again sang the whole of Judas while on his scooter. This match was made due to Jericho confronting Cabana and believing that he cost him his shot to knock Mike Tyson out on Dynamite last week. Jericho seemed to have the advantage in this match as Hager helped him out at any possible moment and repeatedly hit Cabana when the referee was not looking. Though Cabana is also a veteran, he definitely used his years of experience to outsmart Jericho at points during their match. Colt Cabana nearly owned the match at one point after hitting Jericho with all his usual finisher moves, Jericho just managed to kick out.

Jericho seemed to take a beating at the hands of Cabana as he was repeatedly pinned and hit with impressive moves. Shortly after his near lost, Jericho hit Cabana with the Judas effect and won the match. It was an ok match, I guess, but I did not understand why Jericho took such a beating, he seemed to only win the match because he got lucky at one point. Chris Jericho is your first-ever AEW World Champion and he nearly lost to one of the mid-carders. It just seemed to be a strange decision, especially as the Inner Circle has been losing quite regularly, maybe this is building up to some new members or even the break up of the Inner Circle, we will just have to keep watching and see.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho then called out Mike Tyson, but instead Orange Cassidy came to the ring as he apparently is now, the baddest man on the planet? After mocking Jericho for a few minutes and showing up both Hager and Jericho, Cassidy escaped to ringside with Best Friends. This whole segment was incredibly weird, I did not really get where it was going other than maybe Jericho and Cassidy facing each other on Dynamite next week. Honestly, the whole thing seemed rather pointless.

An intense recovery video aired next as we saw Britt Baker not really trying too hard during her physiotherapy session, she mainly relied on everyone else to do the work for her. This was a funny little segment which I hope will continue each week, so we do not forget the development Britt had been doing before her injury as a heel within the women’s division.

Big Swole Vs Nyla Rose

During AEW’s last PPV Double or Nothing, Nyla Rose lost her AEW Women’s World Championship, so she was understandably in a bad mood coming into this match against Big Swole. Big Swole is another wrestler who we have not seen for months due to the global pandemic, so it was great to see her back in the AEW ring. Swole gave the Native Beast a run for her money during this match, she focused on trying to outsmart Nyla instead of competing with her power. For someone who has not been in a ring for the last few months, Swole was definitely impressive never missing a move.

Both women put on another great match, each having their moments of control, they worked well together in the ring and seemed to complement each other’s wrestling style. This was another match where it was believable that either competitor could win, which made it all the more enjoyable to watch. Big Swole had multiple close calls as did her opponent. Nyla Rose also seems to improve more and more each week within the ring. After a longer match-up, Nyla Rose finally managed to turn the match and win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Tony Schiavone Interviews FTR

Tony Schiavone tried to find an answer to the question everyone has been asking over the last week, what does FTR stand for? Well, apparently to FTR it means anything and everything they could possibly want it to mean. It is a lifestyle for them. They discussed what teams they are hoping to face, well actually who they want to beat in AEW. FTR then discussed their struggles with the Young Bucks who has raged a social media war with them for years.

Cody (C) Vs Jungle Boy – TNT Championship Match

After winning the battle royale on last week’s Dynamite, Jungle Boy won the opportunity to challenge Cody for his brand-new TNT Championship. Jungle Boy secured his place as one of the future stars within AEW after his superb match against MJF at Double or Nothing. During this bout, Jungle Boy definitely put on another superb performance as he looked incredibly impressive against Cody. Ever since AEW has started, Cody has truly come into his own and showed the whole wrestling community what he could do when given the freedom with his character. Both competitors wanted to show the fans what they could do when given the chance. While Cody is a known star, he did not dominate Jungle Boy as Jungle even got a few close calls in their match.

Since MJF’s turn on Cody at Full Gear last year, there have been hints that Cody could be on his way to becoming a heel himself. These hints have been escalating recently as Cody seemed to not help his brother Dustin against Lance Archer on Dynamite weeks ago. This match also highlighted the mean side of Cody as he seemed overly aggressive and focused on beating down on Jungle Boy.

After a missed move, Cody headbutted the wall and cut his forehead open. The blood pouring from Cody seemed to kick some life into Jungle Boy as he gained a few more close pins. Cody was not prepared to lose his TNT title just yet though as he focused on fighting back and managed to pin Jungle Boy with only moments of TV time remaining. Cody and Jungle Boy put on a truly spectacular match this week, one that could easily have been highlighted on a PPV. When Cody announced he would be a fighting champion, he was not lying. If he puts half as much effort into his next few title defences, like this one, his TNT title reign will be something incredible.

Winner: Cody

All Elite Wrestling put on another great episode of Dynamite this week. Even though it was pretaped, it was not noticeable in the slightest. I had no real complaints after watching the show, it focused on building storylines for the upcoming special event Fyter Fest and helped give us an insight into some of the matches we may be seeing in the following weeks. The crowd of wrestlers once again gave the show a great atmosphere and provided comedy relieve at points, like Britt Baker’s segment on her Rolls Royce wheelchair.

All pics and videos courtesy of All Elite Wrestling