Welcome back to DDT. It’s day 2 of Wrestling Peter Pan and that means we get the follow up of yesterday’s complete carnage fest. Today we’d see the NEO Itoh Respect Army take on Eruption, the Extreme, Ironman, KO-D Tag, and KO-D Openweight titles defended and a chop up challenge between Antonio Honda and Toru Owashi presented by Super Sasadango Machine. There would be all this and more so let’s get into the action.

Chop Up Challenge – Antonio Honda vs Toru Owashi ends in a draw

The opening contest was a chop up challenge presented by Super Sasadango Machine where 100 yen would be donated for each chop in the match. Both men were okay with the idea of chopping the hell out of each other as long as it was for charity. It was then announced to be falls count anywhere. After a brief lock-up, Honda practised his palm reading on Owashi, telling him about his past as a cockroach and his future as a cockroach trap. His first was bleak though as Honda predicted chest pain and chopped him. The pair then started going all out on the chops. Okatani ate a chop as Honda’s human shield, as did Imbayashi. They then ran away from the ringside area so we went to the next match. It would later cut to them in the locker room sharing crisps and lightly chopping each other. They both claimed they were hungry and went for some dinner. The next time we saw the duo had made it to a restraint that was part of the DDT foods subsidiary. They can’t stay and eat due to social distancing but the owner offers them take-out. They haven’t got the money to pay so they take him with them, chopping him as they go. The last we saw of the match was them enjoying their food in the locker room with the owner tied up. The chef chased them down and beat both of them up for the 3100 yen they owed him. He donated it to the fund and we got one last round of chops ending the total at 1000 so 100,000 yen for charity. Dango called back up after the match finished and nearly died at the amount he would have to pay.

TJPW Six-Woman Tag Match: MiraClians (Shoko Nakajima & Yuka Sakazaki) & Miyu Yamashita defeated BAKURETSU Sisters (Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino) & Rika Tatsumi via Magical Girl Splash

The second match was a showcase for TJPW, the Joshi pro-wrestling promotion under the Wrestle Universe banner. It would be two of the most recognisable teams taking on each other with some outside help. Tatsumi and Yamashita started the match with some technical lock-ups. They reached a stalemate so brought in Tenma and Sakazaki. Tenma used her strength advantage to grind down Sakazaki with a grounded headlock but that was broken and Sakazaki retorted with some unique slaps to the stomach and some blown raspberries. Nakajima and Aino were tagged in and changed the pace with some charges. Nakajima gave Aino the runaround and nearly won with a sunset flip but Tenma saved the day. The MiraClians took to the air to take out the BAKURETSU Sisters as Yamashita tried to dispatch of Tatsumi. Nakajima got a receipt for that one as all three of the opposition team, hit a triple team splash/elbow combo on her. Tenma locking in a Figure 4 neck lock on Nakajima and tried to dominate the Kaiju with raw strength but ended up crashing onto Nakajima’s knees. Tenma tagged in Tatsumi who dragged Nakajima around by the tail and crashed into her with a series of hip attacks. Nakajima escaped with a couple of crafty roll-ups and brought Tatsumi crashing down with a Frankensteiner. She tagged out to Yamashita who unleashed a series of swift kicks. Tatsumi escaped and brought in Tenma, who received the same amount of pain from Yamashita’s kicks. Tenma escaped a Fireman’s carry and turned it into an Abdominal Stretch and then kicked out Yamashita’s leg for a low crossbody. The pair clashed with another exchange of strikes then Yamashita was sent for a ride with a fallaway slam. Aino and Sakazaki returned to the ring and started slugging it out. Aino connected with a springboard Vader bomb and locked in a grounded full nelson but missed the follow-up and ate a running forearm from Sakazaki. She trapped Aino in a double armbar and tried for a pinfall but she was cut off and hit with a cutter across the ropes. Sakazaki was hit with the BAKURETSU Bulldog but her team broke up the pin. Nakajima saved Sakazaki from more damage from the trio KO’ed Aino with a double 619, spinning heel kick and ended the match with the Magical Girl Splash for the win. This was a fun little match full of mad spots.

DDT Extreme Title: Shinya Aoki defeated Yukio Naya via European Clutch

Our first title match of the was the Extreme Title. This match would be fought under no count-out rules to celebrate the lockdown lifting. Naya had been hand-picked by Aoki as the next competitor for the title and would get his shot at some DDT Gold. Things instantly got technical as Aoki tried to take advantage of the big guy by barring the arms. Aoki tried a couple of roll-ups but found himself trapped against the ropes with Naya raining blows onto him. Aoki latched onto the arm again and broke it across the ropes. He continued to work over the arm and egged Naya on to hit him. Naya did just that and after a series of forearms, Aoki crumpled to the mat. He hoisted Aoki into the air for a choke and slammed him into the mat. Aoki bailed so Naya stalked him and started slamming him into the ringside furniture. Aoki tried to call for an elevator so Naya beat him up as they waited for it to arrive. Naya choked out Aoki in the elevator and they fought into the backstage area where Aoki tried to use Nakamura as a human shield but it failed as Nakamura crumpled after a slap to the head. Aoki and Naya found common ground by playing ping pong with Nakamura as the ball and watched Maki Itoh rehearse her entrance song. They made it back to ringside and Naya finally dislodged Nakamura from Aoki and started kicking. Aoki threw Nakamura at Naya as he got back in the ring but it had no effect on Naya. He charged Aoki but found himself rolled up again and dragged to the corner. Naya locked on a Cobra twist but Aoki made it to the ropes. Naya wasn’t pleased and threw Aoki overhead with a duo of gut-wrench Suplexes. Aoki used his ground game to trap Naya in arm trap pin and rolled a bridge into a European Clutch for the win. This wasn’t the most compelling match but it was fun to see the duo bully Nakamura as they took a tour of the DDT filming location.

Eruption (Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai) defeated NEO Itoh Respect Army (Maki Itoh & Chris Brookes) via PK

Next up was a dose of faction warfare as the NEO Itoh Respect Army took a swing at Eruption’s Yukio Sakaguchi and Saki Akai. It was Eruption’s match to win after Sakaguchi’s prophecy of an all Eruption main event fell through. Brookes and Sakaguchi started with the duo matching each other perfectly on chain wrestling. They tagged out to Itoh and Akai who feigned a test of strength but turned it into a taunt and kick contest. Itoh and Brookes took advantage of a failed Eruption double team and bullied Akai with a senton/iron headbutt combo. Akai retorted by dragging Itoh by her middle fingers and bringing in Sakaguchi. Itoh saw the tag and instantly ran back to her corner to bring in Brookes. She continued to run until she reached the stage and left Brookes to fend for himself. It was all a ruse though as Brookes attacked a distracted Sakaguchi as Itoh scampered back to the ring for a tag. Itoh tried to bait Sakaguchi by crying but he was having none of it. He slapped her on the head and tagged out to Akai. Eruption then started utilizing quick tags to brutalise Itoh. Sakaguchi tried to get Itoh to fight but turned into a sadistic bastard and dragged Itoh around by the arms then locked in a straight jacket Camel Clutch. Brookes broke that up so Akai tagged in, put Itoh in the Paradise Lock, and used Itoh as a seat. Brookes broke the hold by accidentally kicking Itoh and was sent flying as Eruption continued to bully Itoh. She was finally given a reprieve by headbutting Akai and brining in Brookes. He came in hot and pummelled Akai with a combo of kicks and strikes. Brookes used some Sakaguchi interference to his advantage by turning a kick into a double dragon screw and locked Akai in a half crab. Brookes continued to kick out at Akai until she was able to escape with an around the world arm drag and hit Brookes with an inverted Suplex and double knees. She brought in Sakaguchi who PK’ed Brookes and scared off Itoh. After a crushing combo, Brookes was able to DDT Sakaguchi and bring in Itoh who made her entrance with a diving headbutt. The duo traded sleeper holds and Itoh stunned Sakaguchi with another headbutt. They nearly won with a Tornado DDT/Shoop Cutter combo but Sakaguchi had some fight left. He fought off Itoh’s Boston Crab attempt and kicked her back to the mat. He sadistically did the same again as Brookes was taken out by the Saki Cutter. Sakaguchi then put down a defiant Itoh with one more PK to win the match. This was great. It provided a nice blend of wrestling, comedy, and character as Sakaguchi came off as a sadistic monster, and Itoh was defiant to the end.

Ironman Title: Danshoku Dieno vs Makoto Oishi didn’t happen

Following Oishi’s attack on Dieno at the go-home DDT TV Show, we were supposed to have a singles match between the pair. This would have been a match to settle the history the pair had together as tag partners, friends and potentially more knowing Dieno. However, the match didn’t happen as Oishi texted Dieno to say he was running late. Oishi made it to the arena but as he was running for the ring, he took a tumble and was deemed unable to fight. The match was called off and will happen at a later date.

HARASHIMA & Naomichi Marufuji defeated ASUKA & MAO via Super Knees combo

After intermission and the announcement of Jun Akiyama joining commentary for the remainder of the show, we got our next tag match. It would be MAO and ASUKA taking on the team of HARASHIMARUFUJI in cross-promotional tag action. Given the calibre of talent in the ring, this one was going to get good. MAO and HARASHIMA started the match with HARASHIMA going straight for the legs. He tied MAO up and forced him to the ropes. The reset and HARASHIMA took the advantage again with a grounded headlock. They locked up a final time and this time MAO locked in the headlock but HARASHIMA forced him to the ropes. ASUKA tagged herself in and HARASHIMA brought Marufuji into the match. They too locked up and Marufuji tried to work ASUKA’s legs but she kept kicking him in the face. She threw Marufuji into the ropes, distracted him with some dancing, and took him down with springboard arm drag and a Quebrada. ASUKA then disrespectfully kicked and scraped at the face of Marufuji as he took his time to get up. Marufuji responded with a series of wristlock chops and dragged ASUKA to his corner to tag out. HARASHIMA continued the abuse with a slam, leg drop, and series of kicks. ASUKA tried to chop back but HARASHIMA knocked her back down with a knee strike. HARASHIMARUFUJI continued to punish ASUKA, quashing any comeback attempts with brutal efficiency. ASUKA created some separation by initiating a slugfest but Marufuji hit too hard and knocked her back to the mat with a kick. ASUKA finally got some fight back and launched Marufuji outside with a spin kick. Her and MAO took to the second rope and both hit moonsaults to the outside. MAO was tagged in and the pair double-teamed Marufuji with a high-flying combination. Marufuji continued to be singled out as ASUKA and MAO kept the pressure on. He finally got his escape when a double chokeslam failed and he could chop down ASUKA and Suplex MAO. He couldn’t make a tag though as ASUKA knocked HARASHIMA off the apron. He escaped a second time with a cartwheel dropkick and finally tagged out. HARASHIMA came in hot with a missile dropkick and running kick to the corner. He set MAO on the top rope and brought him down with a superplex. MAO fought back and another slugfest broke out. MAO looked to have the advantage but HARASHIMA floored him with a gutbuster. Both men got floored so MAO tagged out and ASUKA jumped onto HARASHIMA with a Missile Dropkick then went low with a basement dropkick. HARASHIMA took advantage with a hook kick and signalled Marufuji to join him in pummelling both MAO and ASUKA. MAO saved ASUKA and watched as she hit HARASHIMA with a bridging German Suplex. ASUKA saved MAO by doing the same to Marufuji when he tried to fight back. They hit HARASHIMA with a double chokeslam but it still wasn’t enough. HARASHIMA countered a Moonsault and nearly won with a vicious falcon arrow but MAO made the save. Marufuji decked MAO and helped HARASHIMA finish of ASUKA with a knee to the back of the head and watched as HARASHIMA finished the match with double knees. It was a brutal and hard-fought match but, in the end, the cross-promotional super duo won. This is definitely a must-watch.

KO-D Tag Title Match: Nautilus (Naomi Yoshimura & Yuki Ueno) defeated #STRONGHEARTS (El Lindaman & T-Hawk) via Flipping Spike DDT

The penultimate match was the #STRONGHEARTS chance to take the KO-D Tag Titles. They had earned the match after the #DAMNHEARTS bested DISASTER BOX in six-man tag action on the go-home show last week. This would be their hardest defence yet as to how do you overcome a team that has already beaten you twice? Ueno and T-Hawk started with a series of fast technical exchanges that both men seemed evenly match for as speed met power. The thigh factor then went up exponentially as both men tagged in their partners. They both locked horns as Lindaman tried and failed to bring down Yoshimura. He knocked T-Hawk off the apron and Nautilus started beating down Lindaman. Ueno and Lindaman slugged it out until Lindaman caught Ueno with an exploder and T-Hawk swarmed the ring for some double team action. Yoshimura was suplexed onto Ueno then both men were thrown to the outside. Ueno was suplexed on the floor and Yoshimura was choked with some camera cables by Lindaman. Ueno was thrown back into the ring and continued to be pummelled by the #STRONGHEARTS with T-Hawk taking great pleasure in chopping the hell out of him. This torture continued with a series of slams and strikes to the back with the #STRONGHEARTS breaking the rules at every turn. He finally mustered the strength to Suplex T-Hawk and crawled over to Yoshimura. He came in hot and took out both T-Hawk and Lindaman with a series of charges and a double Suplex. He crushed both men in the corner and sent Lindaman for a ride with an overhead throw. Lindaman tried to overpower Yoshimura into a German Suplex but it didn’t work and he was thrown overhead again and trapped in a stalling Suplex. Everyone rushed the ring as Yoshimura had Lindaman trapped in an armbar and Ueno attempted to stop T-Hawk from breaking the hold. He failed and Yoshimura was KO’ed with a right hand from T-Hawk. The #STRONGHEARTS tried to take the advantage but Yoshimura knocked both down with a double lariat. Nautilus hit Lindaman with the Dangerous combo but it didn’t keep him down. They set up for another finish but T-Hawk interfered and caused Ueno to dropkick Yoshimura. The match broke down with everyone rushing the ring as Ueno was taken out by T-Hawk and Yoshimura was thrown by Lindaman. T-Hawk was in and tried to take out Ueno with a crucifix powerbomb but Ueno escaped and both Nautilus lads hit lariats. Ueno tried to win with a bridging exploder but T-Hawk kicked out and kneed him in the head. Lindaman was tagged in and after failing to deadlift Ueno, he pulled off a combination with T-Hawk and hit both with a German Suplex. Lindaman dived onto Yoshimura and T-Hawk signalled for the end on Ueno. He hit the BT bomb and set up for a doomsday device but Ueno reversed and sent T-Hawk flying into Lindaman. Yoshimura returned to murder T-Hawk with a backdrop driver and Nautilus went to work finishing off Lindaman with their double team Uranage then Ueno scored the pinfall with a flipping spike DDT. This was the best tag match across both days of action. Everyone killed it in this match and it made for a very exciting 20+ minutes of action.

KO-D Openweight Title: Tetsuya Endo defeated Masato Tanaka via Shooting Star Press Duo

Last but not least, the main event. It would be Tetsuya Endo using his challenger sword to finally get his KO-D Openweight shot against Masato Tanaka. Endo is one of the greatest wrestlers in DDT but even he has struggled against Tanaka, a man undefeated in DDT. They both stared each other down and went for some chain wrestling. Endo won the exchange and they locked up again, this time Tanaka trying to manipulate Endo’s legs. He did the same to Endo’s arms and continued beating Endo in technical exchanges. Endo returned the favour and barred an arm but once again found himself on the receiving end from Tanaka. They went into a lariat battle that saw Endo take Tanaka out of the ring with a hurricanrana and then dived onto him with the Endo Special. Endo stalked his prey a bit then slammed him into the floor. He retrieved a table from under the ring, set Tanaka upon it, and went top rope but found that Tanaka had already sprung back to life and threw Endo from the top rope, through the table. Tanaka surveyed his handiwork and threw Endo back into the ring. He continued his work on the legs by locking in a death lock around the ring post and smashing Endo’s leg in with a piece of the broken table. Tanaka continued locking up Endo’s legs in submission holds and started stomping away whenever he made it to the ropes. Endo finally broke free by reversing a whip attempt into a Suplex and landed a springboard back elbow on a stunned Tanaka. He locked in a submission of his own on Tanaka’s neck and tried for a powerbomb but Tanaka reversed it into a back-body drop. They collided in the corner with Tanaka using the rebound to hit a DDT. He pulverised Endo with more strikes and set him up in the top corner. He hit Endo with a superplex and held on to deliver a sliding D to the knee. Tanaka hit a powerbomb but Endo reversed his pinfall attempt into another neck crank submission. Tanaka made it to the ropes so Endo gave him a cheeky kick to the head and tried for a handspring kick but crumpled from the knee damage. Tanaka punished this by delivering a shotgun dropkick to the back of Endo’s legs and set up another table on the outside. He took to the top rope and put Endo through it with a Superfly Splash. This backfired as he injured himself in the process of doing this.

Endo made it back to the ring but didn’t find safety as Tanaka hit him with Diamond Dust and slammed him into the mat for a Superfly Splash. Endo had an adrenaline burst and kicked out at one but instantly collapsed afterwards. Tanaka urged Endo back to his feet and the pair slugged it out. Tanaka missed with a rolling elbow but connected with a sliding D to the back of the head after Endo missed a Pele Kick. Endo kicked out so Tanaka tried for a second and got taken out by a kip-up lariat from Endo. This time Endo nailed the handspring back kick and planted Tanaka with the torture rack bomb. He tried for the Shooting Star Press but Tanaka dodged and Endo collided knee first with the mat. Tanaka hit another Sliding D on the dazed Endo but pinned him too close to the ropes. Endo dodged a second but was rattled by an elbow strike and German Suplex. However, he caught Tanaka off the ropes with Tetsuya Endo in the Sky and hit him with a straight jacket destroyer. He went top rope two more times to finish the match with a duo of Shooting Star Presses. He has overcome one of the top competitors in DDT and reclaimed the Openweight title. It was a hard-fought bout that escalated the drama throughout without any drag. I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to the rematch in front of a crowd that Endo promised. The chemistry and respect between the duo are obvious and I know they could knock it out of the park again.

So, there you have it, DDT’s Wrestling Peter Pan Day 2, reviewed for your reading pleasure. It was a bigger show than yesterday but no less special. A couple of the matches might have been throwaway comedy but for the most part, we got competitive tag action, faction warfare, a killer main event, and a nice sum donated to charity thanks to excessive chopping. I hope to see DDT continue to kill it as they continue their TV show and build towards the return of crowds. I’d like to thank DDT English Update for continuously translating the shows. There’s a lot to see and new champions to challenge so let’s see who steps up in the coming weeks, who falls, and if we see the return of a deadly doll with a grudge.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, Tetsuya Endo Twitter

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