The clock hits 11 late on Tuesday night, that can only mean one thing… we are about to be transported to the insane world of Carnyland. While I miss watching NWA Powerrr every week, Carnyland is also becoming a highlight of the weekly schedule, it provides some much-needed comedy relief to the strange world we are living in.

Two weeks ago, Billy Corgan shared the huge announcement that Carnyland needed a mayor. We all have waited patiently over the last 14 days to find out who the mayor could possibly be. While we didn’t find out who the mayor is just yet we were able to meet the candidates during episode 3 of Carnyland.

Here are a few of the segments which featured this week on Carnyland:

  • The show opened with a heartbreaking speech from Eddie Kingston about the current protests happening in America for Black Lives Matter.
  • Strictly Business decided who would run for mayor from the team and showed off their brand new campaign adds.
  • Joe Galli explained how the Carnyland election would work.
  • Eli Drake spoke to the people of Carnyland announcing he would be running for mayor and what his policies would include.
  • Entice Zicky Dice returned for the third week in a row to announce he would also be running for mayor.
  • We saw the Question Mark conduct his new phone-in advice show, Taking The Time with Question Mark.
  • There was a public service announcement by Jocephus.
  • True Carnyland Stories returned with May Valentine telling everyone about the time she and her friend met a magician.
  • Thunder Rosa, Ester Addington and Allysin Kay all announced they would be running for mayor.

To become a citizen of Carnyland, which will allow you to vote in the Carnyland mayor election join NWA Patreon found here;

All videos and images courtesy of NWA  

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