Which barriers to break? Rally your troops, raise your army because it’s time to show the world you’ve decided to take over the business. Inspire and tease, and at the same time, keep on working to let your imagination build a brilliant future for yourself. Show the world you have never let down because every time someone tried to make you bow, every time you raised your head even higher. The game is not over, it’s always beginning. 
On the menu this week, from Nashville, Tennessee, Tasha Steelz will face off Susie. Jacob Crist will compete against Crazzy Steve. Johnny Swinger and Chris Bey will team up against X-Division Champion Willie Mack and Cousin Jake. Ken Shamrock will have to take care of both Sami Callihan and Michael Elgin. We’ll hear about the fate of the Impact World Championship. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were on commentary this week.
We saw the Executive Vice Presidents, Scott D’Amore and Don Callis, sitting in a conference room discussing what they’re going to say in regards to the Impact World Championship tonight.

  • Michael Elgin defeated Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan. After the match, Callihan and Shamrock were still in the ring. Callihan took out his phone. The lights went off. When the lights come back on, Shamrock was the only man left in the ring.
  • Backstage, Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace told Gia Miller she was planning to get back to normalcy tonight in the main event of the show.
  • Backstage, Wentz and Dez were hanging out when Trey stepped in. Trey was very disappointed that he couldn’t face Ace Austin last week. He wanted to know who attacked him. As they’re trying to figure it out who attacked Trey, The North interrupted their discussion to announce that they’re going to put their Tag Team Championships on the line against the Rascalz next week.
  • Tasha Steelz w/ Kiera Hogan defeated Susie. Kiera interfered.

  • Backstage, Ace Austin told Gia Miller that with the Impact World Championship announcement tonight, Austin believed he’s going to go home with the gold. Moose stepped in and tried to persuade Austin again to challenge him for his TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Austin left but Hernandez stepped in. He wanted a shot at the title next week.
  • Deonna Purrazzo has arrived.
  • Backstage, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan were celebrating Steelz’s win. They ran into Havok and Nevaeh. Havok thought that Hogan and Steelz are afraid of her and Nevaeh. Hogan said that they aren’t afraid. Nevaeh said if they aren’t afraid of them, they should face them tonight. Hogan politely declined, saying that they’re “off the clock now.”
  • Backstage, Rohit Raju confronted Rhino for Goring him last week while Taya Valkyrie was looking for John E. Bravo.

  • X-Division Champion Willie Mack & Cousin Jake vs. Chris Bey & Johnny Swinger. After the match, Johnny Swinger and Chris Bey continued attacking Willie Mack and Cousin Jake. Cody Deaner ran down to the ring to help his friends out.
  • Rosemary and John E Bravo were hanging out, having some drinks, and Taya Valkyrie found them. Valkyrie was offended that Bravo did not throw a welcome back party for her. She also didn’t like how much he’s changed. Rosemary informed Valkyrie that Bravo has been doing quite well since her departure. Rosemary told Valkyrie that she and Bravo will be standing by at ringside to cheer her on in her match tonight. Valkyrie was thrilled.
  • Scott D’Amore came to the ring to address the Impact World Championship situation. He reminded people that they couldn’t deliver the advertised World Title match at Rebellion and that Ace Austin won the #1 contender’s tournament. He said his responsibility isn’t just to the wrestlers and the Impact World Champion, but also the fans and the title’s integrity. And Tessa is still not in the building. As Scott D’Amore was about the make his World Championship announcement, Ace Austin made his way down to the ring. Austin said that D’Amore said something wrong in his statement: that the champion isn’t in the building tonight. He disagreed with his statement and says yes, he’s the champion, and yes, he’s here. Michael Elgin came out and said that Austin has to deal with him since he was the first person promised a shot at the Impact World Championship back in April. He said if Austin wants to become the official number one contender, Austin must face him. Eddie Edwards made his comeback and didn’t think it was fair that Austin or Elgin expect they’re going to be handed the Championship. D’Amore agreed that no one is going to be handed the Championship. He says that at Slammiversary, Tessa Blanchard will defend her Championship in a Five-Way Elimination match against Ace Austin, Eddie Edwards, Michael Elgin and Trey. The four contenders brawled.
  • Backstage, Gia Miller tried to get a word in with Deonna Purrazzo. She knocked on her door, but she wasn’t there.

  • Rob Van Dam, Katie Forbes and Joseph Ryan, aka Cancel Culture, made their way out to the ring. Joseph Ryan wanted to take a moment and welcome their newest member, Jake Crist, who has now become Jacob Crist, into their group.
  • Jacob Crist defeated Crazzy Steve. Joseph Ryan interfered.
  • Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary, John E Bravo & Mr. Mundo. After the match, Deonna Purrazzo made her way to the ring. She stood stand face-to-face with Grace. As Purrazzo went to shake Jordynne’s hand, Purrazzo locked her in a Fujiwara armbar. Purrazzo then stood over Grace and the Knockouts Championship.
  • Michael Elgin was on the phone, talking to Sir. He said everything’s going great and couldn’t be better. “Well, you know us Canadians. We’ve always been team players.” A Slammiversary advertisement ended the show.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Knockouts Championship Match: Taya Valkyrie vs Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace ran over towards Taya Valkyrie but she ran out of the ring and asked for more time. Grace didn’t play the game and dove through the ropes and landed on Valkyrie and her gang. Back from the break, Grace had Valkyrie cornered. Grace put in a few tackles before sending Valkyrie out of the corner. Grace chopped Valkyrie hard, then did it again. Valkyrie switched and chopped Grace. Grace connected with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Grace followed Valkyrie outside of the ring. Valkyrie rolled back in. Valkyrie climbed up top, Valkyrie followed her up on the second rope. Grace sent Valkyrie crashing off the second rope and to the outside with a forearm strike. After another break, Grace hit a sidewalk slam on Valkyrie to the mat. Valkyrie headed back out of the ring again. Valkyrie sent Grace into the steel steps. Grace rolled back in. Valkyrie flew towards Grace with a corner double knee attack. With Grace still down, Valkyrie put Grace in a front face lock. Grace fought out of it with an elbow strike.

Grace was sitting up on the top rope. Valkyrie climbed to the second rope, looking for a superplex. Grace slipped out and powerbombed Valkyrie off the ropes. Both women were up. Grace sent Valkyrie down with two powerslams. Grace then sent Valkyrie shoulder-first towards the ring post. Grace hit a corner combo and a Vader Bomb. Valkyrie connected with a spear. Grace got kicked, then escaped out of the Road to Valhalla. Grace locked Valkyrie in a sleeper hold. Valkyrie tried to resist but tapped out.

The not-Nygma’s Moment(s) of the Week 

This is what I’m going to cancel very soon…

The Lollipop and Baby-Oil Nygmalicious Moment of The Week The Knickers And Turtleneck Moment of The Week

I had the chance to talk to Joseph Ryan last week and he told me he had major plans for Jake Crist. Sometimes I ask myself if Impact Wrestling management is not reading my weekly stupidities because, yes, Jacob Crist in knickers, that happened… That’s pretty surreal to watch but that’s the way it is. Beyond that, Cancel Culture could become a very dangerous faction on IMPACT.

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts of the Week

– Eddie Edwards
We all saw on IMPACT how heartwrenching it was for him to let down an opportunity for the Championship belt like the one he had at Rebellion. Eddie Edwards is back and I couldn’t be more happy. I will talk about that later but since I started this review 3 years ago, Eddie, Moose and Rosemary have been my “Fabulous Three.” They have been there since May 2017 and they have never jumped off the boat. His unconditional faith to Impact Wrestling, his undeniable in-ring talent, his ability to make his character evolve, his kindness and his generosity, and his best friend Kenny make of Eddie Edwards the real heart and soul of the company. Welcome back, Eddie!

– Sir…
When you want something so badly, you’re able to make the most unholy alliances. Like Scott D’Amore asked himself on Twitter, who could he be talking to? Since last week, Impact Wrestling have spread a wind of mystery that is, at the same time, frustrating but also very exciting. We are 5 weeks away to Slammiversary XVIII and I truly think we are not out of surprises in the coming weeks.

– Deonna Purrazzo
Happy birthday to La Virtuosa. Deonna Purrazzo made things clear right from her debut. She came to Impact Wrestling to grab the Knockouts title. And she will destroy the arms of every Knockout to succeed. The company has been portraying her as someone very special over the last 8 days (watch here). All I want from her knows is to blow my mind, blow the fans’ mind with her “technically superior wrestling.”

Slammiversary XVIII main event
This time, the PPV will take place a Saturday, write that on your schedule right now. Tessa Blanchard will have a lot to take care of when she will compete against not less than four wrestlers. Michael Elgin has come to Impact for the title and he has done everything he could have possibly done to reach his goal. Eddie Edwards is a former World Champion, one of the contenders at Rebellion even if he didn’t compete. He is the cornerstone of this company like Scott D’Amore stated. Then you have the young seeds, Trey and Ace Austin. They are greedy, they want to make history like Tessa did at Hard To Kill. The tone is already set for a huge PPV.

To be eNYGMAtic…

It didn’t have the same level of greatness than last week. The episode was very good, don’t make me say anything else but the action was more a way to develop storylines than to explore the wrestling itself. I wish I could have seen more of the Triple Threat match between Callihan, Shamrock and Elgin because it had everything to be a PPV quality match. Ace Austin was the easy culprit when it came to last week’s Trey attack, I will survive from that even if I was expecting someone else.
Then, Eddie Edwards is back, The North is ready to defend their titles in the USA, Tasha Steelz has been doing very good things, 
Taya and Rosemary make the most strange team we can imagine but I love that, Deonna Purrazzo set the tone right from her debut. Even if it was not the first time they were squaring off, Taya Valkyrie and Jordynne Grace delivered another great match.
The tone is already set for a huge Slammiversary XVIII and I think, like me, you start to smell what Impact Wrestling is cooking. This mystery in the air, this smell of something unexpected, this feeling of greatness are not some things fake. They are everything the company has been working so hard at building the last few months. How proud I am to be the voice, the words and the heartbeats of this amazing team…
More than ever, take care, stay home unless you really have to go out, wear masks, and watch wrestling. On this “Happy 3-Year Anniversary, Nygma” note, until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Basil Mahmud, and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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