Welcome back to MLW Anthology. After weeks of solo stars and legends of the business, it’s time for our first Tag Team anthology and who better to start such a thing than the Lucha Bros. Pentagon Jr and Rey Fénix are some of the strongest in their world of Lucha Libre and one of the greatest tag teams on the planet, period. This anthology will show them at their best against the odds and what happens when real-life brothers go to war against each other. Plus, we’ll get all the updates from Pulp Fusion! Let’s get into it, shall we?

Pentagon Jr defeated Rey Fénix via Pentagon Driver

Our first match was the main event of the first-ever MLW Fusion episode. When the company came back it came back hard and Salina de la Renta was ready to show off just what her clients could do. The easiest way to do that, have them fight. When brothers fight it’s never pretty so what would happen when two brothers fought just to show what they could do? Pentagon started as he starts most matches with a show of Cero Miedo at Fénix. Rey caught the second taunt but received a kick to the gut for doing so. Pentagon hit more stiff kicks but was countered into a sunset flip. They then went through a sequence of dodges and big moves with Pentagon hitting a superkick and Fénix landing on him with a standing shooting star press. They traded kicks and knocked each other down with duel front kicks. They both returned to their feet and Fénix caused Pentagon to bail with an uber-athletic arm drag. Fenix tried for a baseball slide but Pentagon dodged and hit his brother with a lethal overhand chop. Pentagon rushed the ring to try and hit a dive put Fénix followed and hit him with a cannonball senton to the outside taking out his brother and most of the fan’s seats in the blast zone. Fénix continued kicking the downed Pentagon and dragged him around the ring to throw him into a ring post. He threw Pentagon back into the ring and tried for a springboard Cazadora but Pentagon caught him and then dropkicked him out of a second springboard attempt. He then kicked out Fénix’s knee and posed to the crowd on the turnbuckle.

He took Fénix for a trip around ringside, taking the time to sample a fan’s drink and chopped him against a ring post. He baited the crowd into a chant and hit Fénix with another chop, crumpling him to the floor. Pentagon tried for a third and hit the ring post instead of his brother then baited Fenix into doing the same, leaving both men with injured hands. Pentagon took too long to pose to the crowd, which allowed Fénix the time to recover and to hurricanrana him into the crowd. Fénix tried to charge at Pentagon but just ended up Superkicked in the mouth. Back in-ring, Fénix stunned Pentagon with a pump kick and a springboard roundhouse kick in the corner. He then went top rope to hit a double springboard missile dropkick. Fénix missed a Moonsault and chased his brother to the corner but ended up eating a spinning back cracker. Pentagon then hit a duo of sling blades and superkicked Fénix in the face once again. Fénix fired back with a flurry of kicks and caught Pentagon out of a move with a rolling cutter. They fought on the top rope where Fénix popped up and brought his brother crashing down with a top-rope Spanish Fly. Fénix once again charged and ended up eating a powerbomb backbreaker followed by a destroyer. That got two so they slowly rose to their feet and slugged it out. Fénix once again charged but was flipped into a powerbomb, had his arm broken, and was finished with the Pentagon Driver. This was an insane contest orchestrated by two insanely talented wrestlers. If you ever needed proof both men are incredulously talented, watch this here below.

Lucha Bros defeated The Dirty Blondes (Michael Patrick & Leo Brien) and Team TBD (Jason Cade & Jimmy Yuta) via Fear Factor Double Stomp

The second match was taken from the Lucha Brother’s quest for the MLW Tag Team Titles. To get those titles though, they would have to go through not one but two teams, The Dirty Blondes and Team TBD in an elimination tag bout. The match erupted in chaos instantly as nobody wanted to patiently start the match. Every man rushed the ring and KO’ed someone. Patrick made to his feet and stomped on everyone in the ring except his partner. The Dirty Blondes took out both the Lucha Bros and Team TBD with chops and strikes and used their heavily obvious size advantage to keep Team TBD grounded. The Lucha Bros were able to clear the Blondes with superkicks and then superkicked Team TBD out of the air. They went for dives but were dragged out of the ring by the Blondes and were part of the body pile Cade and Yuta dived on to. Everyone started fighting, forming the perfect crash mat for Patrick, who dived onto the crowd with a senton. The Blondes singled out Cade and planted him with a double-team Spinebuster but Yuta saved the day. Brien then took out both members of the Lucha Bros with a double lariat. He hit both men with stalling suplexes and then hit Fénix with duel sentons. Cade rocked Patrick with a jumping knee and TBD caught Brien with a double team Tornado DDT. They then eliminated the Dirty Blondes with a double team elbow drop and splash combo on Patrick.

It was now just the Lucha Bros and Team TBD in the match. The Lucha Bros quickly took control with two quick superkicks and some chops in the corner. Next came some Dosey-doe lariats and the Lucha Bros threw both members of Team TBD into one another. More superkicks followed and Fénix was slammed onto Yuta. Cade broke up the pin and started to chop the shit out of both Lucha Bros. His efforts were for nought as two seconds later he ate duel superkicks. They trapped both members of Team TBD in the corner, with Yuta hung over Cade, and Pentagon was launched like a cannonball at them. TBD kicked out of a dual finisher and Cade took out Pentagon with a corner hung double stomp. Yuta folded Pentagon up with a powerbomb but Fénix broke the pin with a jab to the face. Fénix ate a double dropkick off the top and hit a double team German Suplex but Pentagon was there to make the save. Pentagon and Cade got into a slugfest which turned into a superkick-off between the two. Pentagon took Cade down with a sling blade and knocked Cade out of a handspring with a dropkick. Yuta made the save and tried to stomp down on Pentagon but found his offence dodged and a swift sting to his back from a kick. Yuta caught Pentagon with a Samoan Driver but his pin was broken up by a Missile Dropkick from Fénix. He nearly finished off Yuta with the Fire Thunder Driver but Cade broke it up with a double stomp to the back and hit Fénix with a Handspring Codebreaker. Pentagon rushed the ring but was kicked back to the floor by Cade and hit with a dive to the outside. Yuta went to join him but was kicked out of it with a rolling dropkick. Cade clipped Fénix and TBD hit Fénix with the same combo that killed off the Blondes. Fénix kicked out so Cade instructed Yuta to hold Fénix in place only to clobber his teammate with a rolling elbow. Pentagon trapped Cade in the Pentagon Driver but Cade was able to kick out. They trapped Yuta in the double team Fear Factor for the win and took home the MLW Tag Team Titles. This was an absolute war and an amazing showcase for all the teams involved.

Pulp Fusion Recap

The von Erichs recapped the DAZN deal. Tom Lawlor tried to home school his kids but they seemed to be von Erichs fans. Holliday announced his new coffee product line which Hammerstone wanted to infuse with muscle candy. Mance Warner talked about wanting to fight and the fights he’s had in his trailer park. Now he’s going to be fighting a bear to cure his boredom. Dan Lambert further ran down Low Ki. Myron Reed talked of getting back up and Jordan Oliver insulted CONTRA, especially Simon Gotch. Gino Medina continued to keep people at a distance. Saieve Al Sabah continued to talk about sparking a revolution and showed off a very large knuckleduster. Last but not least, we got the big news reported everywhere, Salina de la Renta is back and she looks ready to crack some heads. We’ll hopefully see her plans next week after the Extreme Horsemen anthology.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube