Welcome back to DDT TV Show! After the chaos that was Wrestling Peter Pan, we now return to our weekly dose of dramatic wrestling. Things have not slowed down as this episode is just as manic as the previous offerings with title changes, contract changes, and more matches than you can shake a stick at. We’d all start to get the makings of new storylines and challengers amongst DDT’s most competitive divisions. Let’s get into the action, shall we?

Tomomitsu Matsunaga, Toru Owashi & Yukio Naya defeated ALL OUT (Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Iino) & Hideki Okatani via Cobra Twist

Our first match was an exhibition six-man tag as ALL OUT accompanied by Hideki Okatani took on the random team of Matsunaga, Owashi, and Naya. If Okatani could hang with the competitors in this match, it would go a long way to improving both his training and his reputation in the company. He started the match by testing his technical skills against Matsunaga. When they reached a stalemate, both tagged out to Owashi and Katsumata. Owashi tried for a handshake but Katsumata wasn’t playing. The pair ran the ropes for an awkward exchange of fast dodges, then Owashi tried to leave the ring in shame after Katsumata told a crap joke. Katsumata tried to attack from behind but was flattened by a splash when he tried to slam Owashi. He was dragged into the enemy corner and Matsunaga was tagged in. He slugged it out with Katsumata, then gave him three attempts at a handshake. Each time Katsumata would answer with another shit joke and be met with a knee to the gut. Naya was tagged in and started slamming Katsumata. He quickly tagged out and joined in a dancing train of splashes into the corner. Katsumata still tried to make his joke, even as the air was driven out of him. He was finally given the chance to escape by dropkicking Owashi and tagged in Iino. He was able to survive some double team from Naya and Matsunaga and signalled for the Haka Elbow and missed it on both men. He regained his momentum by chopping down Matsunaga and tagged in Okatani. After helping Iino with a double team splash, he tried to hit a Northern Lights Suplex on Matsunaga but failed and found himself being kneed in the gut repeatedly. Naya was tagged in and made minced meat of Okatani with a series of slams and knees. He took Okatani down with a lariat and tapped him out with a Cobra Twist. ALL OUT ate their first defeat of the night thanks to the young lion help they had. This was a nice little opening match with Katsumata getting most of the spotlight because of his appalling attempts at humour.

DDT Iron Man Title: Antonio Honda defeated Danshoku Dieno via Gon devouring Dieno

Our next match was the next chapter in the Honda vs Dieno quadrilogy. These men had fought in all kinds of gimmick matches for this belt and had now found their way to the official DDT set for another round of goofy antics. The pair traded technical holds and we got a repeat of the give up sequence from last time. Honda nearly tripped trying to run over Dieno and ended up being caught with a Danshoku Screw. We then got an uncomfortably close view of Dieno’s arse as he performed the nightmare pin. Honda avoided the Danshoku driver and landed a series of punches and a knee strike on Dieno. He jumped up to celebrate this and tripped over Dieno’s body, damaging his knee again. Honda went into his usual I give up with a story and Gon the fox made his appearance. Gon was hungry so Honda accidentally revealed where DDT was being filmed from to suggest a food place. What followed next was a psychedelic montage of action shots accompanied by flashbacks and a karaoke version of It’s Yesterday Once more by the Carpenters. It ended with Dieno hitting a Danshoku Driver than went into space and nearly blew up the Earth on impact. Just when all seemed lost, Gon called to Honda and powered him up again. Honda then summoned a giant version of Gon who ate Dieno whole. Since there was no longer an opponent, the ref made Honda the winner and the new Iron Man champion. After all the dramatics and weird antics, Honda had finally won the title from Dieno with one ridiculous homage to Dragon Ball.

DDT Iron Man Title: Danshoku Dieno defeated Antonio Honda via Lip Lock

Dieno reclaimed the title about 5 seconds later with another uncomfortably close shot lip lock. Honda had once again lost a title match.

Eruption (Kazusada Higuchi, Saki Akai & Yukio Sakaguchi) defeated DAMNATION (Mad Paulie & Nobuhiro Shimatani) & El Lindaman via Running Knee Strike

Next up was more faction warfare as Eruption took on a contingent of the #DAMNHEARTS. Lindaman seemed amused by Nobu’s frantic sign flailing as they made their way to the ring. Nobu started the match with Sakaguchi and immediately regretted his decision. He threw some practice strikes at a turnbuckle pad then completely failed to hit Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi, unimpressed, instantly locked in an armbar and his teammates rushed the ring. Nobu made the ropes but found no safe haven as Sakaguchi continued to methodically take him apart. Higuchi was tagged in and did more of the same, easily picking up and throwing around Nobu. Lindaman broke up a pin and tried to knock Higuchi down but ended up running out of breath from too many attempts. Higuchi gave Lindaman a stern talking to and the second round of knockdown attempts ensued but it ended in the same result, Lindaman on the mat out of breath. Lindaman went for a third attempt but couldn’t muster the energy and tried to cheat by stomping the foot of Higuchi but this just angered the big man and got him knocked down. Nobu finally remembered he was the legal man and rushed Higuchi but was instantly downed with a chop. Akai was tagged in and started kicking away at Nobu. He tried to escape by raking her eyes but she made him pay by kicking his teeth in. Nobu finally escaped by dropkicking Akai and tagging in Mad Paulie. Higuchi was also tagged in and the pair instantly slugged it out. They both knocked each other down and then splashed each other in the corner. The giants continued to trade until the DAMNATION side swarmed the ring. Lindaman and Nobu tried to double team Higuchi but couldn’t decide which type of Suplex to do. Higuchi grew sick of their arguing and chopped both of them but was knocked down with double dropkicks as he charged. Lindaman took advantage and slammed Nobu (unwillingly) onto Higuchi. Nobu tried for a pin and then went for a Tornado DDT when that failed. Higuchi caught him and suplexed him into the mat. Sakaguchi was brought in and he started kicking everyone down. He went back to dismembering Nobu with precision kicks and then reversed Nobu’s Crucifix Bomb into a takeover and sleeper hold. DAMNATION rushed the ring so Highuchi launched Lindaman into orbit with a chokeslam. Higuchi and Sakaguchi double-teamed Nobu with a tackle/knee strike combo and won the match. They then demanded a six-man title match that they will get next week under the condition that if they lose, Saki Akai will lick Lindaman’s shoes. Great match here and I look forward to seeing next week’s spectacle.

Jun Akiyama & Mizuki Watase defeated Chris Brookes & Keigo Nakamura via Backdrop Driver

After that was the next match from Jun Akiyama and his trainee Mizuki Watase taking on Chris Brookes and another DDT trainee in Keigo Nakamura. Brookes and Akiyama could put on a technical masterclass whilst Watase and Nakamura could work on their training. Win/win, right? Akiyama and Brookes started the match exactly as you’d expect with a very smooth exchange of technical wrestling and submission attempts. When that reached a stalemate, they both tagged out. Nakamura got the best of Watase but made the mistake of trying to knock Akiyama off the apron. That earned him an elbow to the back of the neck and gave Watase the advantage… for all of two seconds as Nakamura hit another dropkick and went back after Akiyama. He headbutted Nakamura and threw him to the outside for Watase to feast on. Watase then slammed Nakamura onto the exposed floor and threw him back into the ring. Watase tagged out and threw Nakamura back outside for Akiyama to beat up. His timing sucked though as Akiyama was already in the ring and had to exit it again. Akiyama continued to beat down Nakamura and tried to fire him up into fighting back. Nakamura answered back with a series of forearms but was cut down by a big boot. Nakamura finally escaped with a pop-up dropkick and tagged out to Brookes. He chopped down Akiyama, booted Watase off the apron then hit Akiyama with the back senton combo. Akiyama fought out of the Praying Mantis Bomb and smashed Brookes with a knee strike. Watase was tagged in and nailed Brookes with a corner forearm and top rope face crusher. He locked in a guillotine when Brookes kicked out but couldn’t keep Brookes from the ropes. He tried for a Suplex but Brookes reversed by kneeing him in the head and launched him with a leg-trapped German Suplex. He tagged out and Nakamura flew in with a missile dropkick. Watase tried to fight out of the enemy corner but was caught with the Shoop Cutter. He then held Watase in place so Nakamura could hit a Lionsault. A slugfest broke out and Nakamura powered up to hit a series of lethal kicks but Watase caught him with a Gamenguri. Nakamura was hit with a knee strike/Diving foot stomp combo but Brookes saved the day. After a brief exchange, Watase hit a Backdrop Driver and won the match. He had finally picked up a win alongside his new mentor. Oishi took to the ring post-match to ask for a match with Akiyama. The AJPW vet accepted and that match was made. So far, I have loved Akiyama’s DDT run and would love to see more of him against Brookes.

DAMNATION (Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao) defeated DISASTER BOX (HARASHIMA & Naomi Yoshimura) via Takatonic

Fresh off their wins at Wrestling Peter Pan, DISASTER BOX were back to try and kick DAMNATION’s ass. Sasaki and Takao rushed the ring and took out both members of DISASTER BOX. HARASHIMA quickly broke through the double team and took both down with a double dropkick. Takao saved Sasaki from more double teamwork and they dragged DISASTER BOX outside. HARASHIMA was thrown face-first into the ring post and Yoshimura was beaten with the DAMNATION sign. When the ref confiscated the sign, Sasaki beat down Yoshimura with a chair, specifically targeting the arm. Back in-ring, Takao began to also work over the arm of Yoshimura and worked with Sasaki to keep Yoshimura cut off from his partner. Yoshimura tried to fight back but the numbers were against him. Takao had fun beating down Yoshimura and tried to egg him into fighting back with his injured arms and punished him every time he tried. Yoshimura eventually caught Takao off the top rope with a Suplex and made a much-needed tag to HARASHIMA. He dived into the ring with a dropkick and knocked Sasaki to the floor. He then went after Takao in the corner and, after a swift kick to the jaw, plonked him on the top rope. HARASHIMA superplexed Takao to the mat but only got two. He hit a series of YES Kicks and a Michinoku Driver for another two-count. After Takao went to the eyes, a slugfest broke out. Takao got the better of the exchange with a low dropkick and tagged out to Sasaki. He also dived into the ring and clubbed HARASHIMA with a flying clothesline. He pummelled HARASHIMA in the corner then ate a springboard kick. HARASHIMA tagged out and Yoshimura went to work on Sasaki. Just when DISASTER BOX looked to have the match won, Takao ruined their double team and DAMNATION double-teamed Yoshimura again. Both Sasaki and Yoshimura missed moves and Yoshimura was finally able to take out Sasaki with a judo throw. Everyone attacked everyone until Sasaki drove HARASHIMA into his partner and distracted the ref. A Nutcracker later and Sasaki finished Yoshimura with the Takatonic. This was extra interesting as that is the finisher of his next challenger, Masahiro Takanashi. This great match was punctuated by a massive shock, Takanashi actually appeared despite being injured. Takanashi came to get his title shot in writing and hit Sasaki over the head with his crutch and gave the shot to his partner, Chris Brookes! It was a clever ambush that definitely paid off for Brookes.

Right to Challenge Contract: Yuki Ueno defeated MAO via Frankensteiner Pin

After that shock to the system, we got MAO defending what was his right to challenge gauntlet. This allows the owner a KO-D Openweight Title shot whenever they want within 2020. Since he got injured, he had to relinquish it and win it back in a match against KO-D tag champ, Yuki Ueno. After a quick opening exchange, the fight broke to the outside where both men were slammed into the ring apron. MAO took the advantage and threw Ueno into the seating area. MAO re-entered the ring and waited for a count-out. Once Ueno entered the ring, MAO went back on the attack and hit Ueno with a series of flashy strikes and a split-legged Moonsault. Ueno tried to fight back but was continuously beaten to the punch, trapped in a submission or hit with springboard moves. After a failed slam attempt, the pair got into a slugfest that Ueno won with a running lariat. The pair fought over a Suplex and then traded pinfall attempts. Ueno caught MAO across the ropes and tried to go top rope but was met with double knees. After more fast and furious exchanges with Frankensteiners, kicks, and more, Ueno finally got the win with a roll-up.

T-Hawk & Tetsuya Endo defeated ALL OUT (Konosuke Takeshita & Akito) via Shooting Star Press

Our second #DAMNHEARTS team were in action next as they took on ALL OUT in more faction warfare. The new KO-D Openweight champion could celebrate his big win with another win over the top faction not called DAMNATION. T-Hawk and Akito started things started with a technical showcase with both men matching each other hold for hold. When Akito was overpowered, he tagged out to Takeshita. He wanted Endo but T-Hawk didn’t want to tag out. Takeshita got the better of T-Hawk through his size advantage but T-Hawk took out his knee and his partner. T-Hawk tagged out and went for a wishbone with Endo on the way out. Endo continued to work Takeshita’s knee but quickly turned his attention elsewhere, giving Takeshita a way back into the match. The pair traded strikes until Takeshita took the same tactic and went for Endo’s knee. Takeshita threw Endo into the ALL OUT corner and snapped him with a cutter across the ropes. Akito and T-Hawk also got into the mix, attacking the other’s partner. ALL OUT took the advantage with Akito continuing the work on Endo and Takeshita nailing T-Hawk with a kick. Takeshita locked Endo in a Figure-Four and performed a wishbone tag with Akito. He kept up the attacks on the knee and utilised quick tags with Takeshita to keep Endo trapped. ALL OUT kept the ring and Endo locked down, continuously torturing the knee. Endo started to get the better of Akito and after planting him with a spinebuster finally tagged out to T-Hawk. Takeshita also came in and started a slugfest. T-Hawk avoided the ALL OUT double team and baited Takeshita into hitting Akito with a lariat. He then chopped Takeshita off the top turnbuckle but couldn’t follow up as Takeshita was back on him and dropped the #DAMNHEARTS strongman with a brainbuster. Both men made it to their feet and subsequently knocked themselves back to the floor. Takeshita tagged out and Akito went back after the legs of T-Hawk. That didn’t last as T-Hawk overpowered him and dropped him on his head with a Michinoku Driver. He tagged to Endo, who then missed a Moonsault and was mauled by Takeshita with a diving splash to the back. Takeshita reapplied a leg lock and splashed the leg into a heel hook. Lindaman interfered to distract the ref and ate an uppercut from Takeshita. He tagged and ALL OUT went back to double-teaming Endo, easily avoiding his attempts at resistance. Lindaman dragged Takeshita to the outside, where he was dogpiled by DAMNATION and Akito kept Endo trapped in another submission. Lindaman hit both ALL OUT members with a German Suplex, dived onto Takeshita and Endo took out Akito with a Torture Rack Bomb. Endo then went top rope to finish the match with a Shooting Star Press. He had taken a beating but his team were once again victorious. I loved this and was more than happy to see more Endo action next.

KO-D Openweight Title: Tetsuya Endo defeated Yuki Ueno via Yurikamome

After a gruelling tag bout, Endo was the victim of a challenge gauntlet cash-in as Ueno attacked from behind. The match was made official and Ueno went straight for Endo, pummelling him in the corner. He dropped Endo with a Kotaro Crusher but couldn’t keep him down. Endo elbowed free of a submission attempt and trapped Ueno is an STF. Endo picked him up in a torture rack and threw him out of the ring. Ueno just beat the count and was promptly kicked back outside. Ueno tried to slug back in-ring but was downed again by Endo. The champ planted him with a DDT and locked in a grounded Cravate. Ueno fired up and caught Endo with a dropkick. He followed up with a full nelson backbreaker and locked Endo in a half jacket Camel Clutch. Endo eventually made the ropes so Ueno drove double knees into his back. He halted Ueno’s momentum with a superkick and rolled him up for two. Endo continued with a series of attacks to the face and locked in a neck crank, leaving himself open to being rolled up by Ueno. Endo tried for a springboard but was caught and dropped across the ropes. Ueno followed with a springboard of his own and dumped Endo to the floor with a Hurricanrana. Ueno dumped Endo back in the ring and dived onto his back with a splash. He then locked in a Boston Crab and transitioned it to a stretch muffler. Ueno tried to KO Endo with forearms but Endo fed off them, having been subjected to much worse from Tanaka. Ueno landed a massive chop and nearly won with a bridging exploder Suplex. He missed a top rope splash but was able to recover and drop Endo on his head with a Dragon Suplex. Endo retorted with a Code Red and both then collided running at each other. They both beat the count back up and Endo clobbered Ueno with a springboard elbow. Endo went top rope and Ueno met him there, bringing him crashing back down with another Frankensteiner. He followed up with a frog splash for two. He went back up for a pop-up Moonsault but crashed and burned on Endo’s knees. Endo rolled through into the Yurikamome submission and tapped Ueno out. The young tag champ showed a lot of guts and heart but couldn’t make it against someone as tough or experienced as Endo. In retaliation, Endo challenged for the tag titles naming Nobu as his partner. This was an excellent main event to top off yet another excellent episode of DDT TV Show.

So, there you have it, another episode of DDT TV Show! reviewed for your reading pleasure. Once again, DDT managed to knock it out of the park by turning a less than appetizing card into something spectacular. For a company famous for its comedy work, people often forget just how talented and varied its roster is. Next week, we’ll see the #DAMNHEARTS defend their six-man titles against Eruption alongside a host of other entertaining matches. Thanks as always to DDT English update and hopefully see you all next week for the next one where it appears we’re finally going to have fans back at shows.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, T-Hawk Twitter

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