Welcome back to DDT TV Show! After the events of last week, we now have a new team of challengers to the KO-D Six-man titles as Eruption look to strip the #DAMNHEARTS of their belts. We’ll also see Jun Akiyama take on Makoto Oishi, plenty of faction warfare, more Iron Man Title silliness, Rita, and Tiara’s Nowhere to Run in the opening package and FANS IN ATTENDANCE. Let’s get into the action.

Hideki Okatani defeated Keigo Nakamura via Double Underhook Suplex

Our first match was a young lion bout. Nakamura and Okatani have a lot to prove and now got the chance to show it in front of live fans once again. The pair locked up and spent the opening minutes trying to one-up each other over technical holds. Okatani tried to overpower Nakamura but the smaller man was quicker and more cunning. Okatani tried for a tackle and was baited into a dropkick to the back. Nakamura kept control through a striking exchange and dragged Okatani to the mat for a running senton. They slugged it out again and Okatani brought down Nakamura with a running lariat. He followed up with a duo of running corner forearms and a bulldog for two. They fought over a Suplex attempt and Nakamura shocked Okatani with a springboard dropkick. That led to a double springboard Lionsault but only got two. Nakamura grew impatient and tried for a Boston Crab but Okatani kicked him off and initiated the third slugfest. Nakamura tried to power up but was slammed down and locked in a Boston Crab. More forearms followed with Nakamura finally powering up and unleashing some stiff kicks to the chest. Okatani fired back, taking Nakamura down with a complete shot and hitting a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex. A double underhook Suplex later and Okatani had finally achieved his first singles win. This was a nice opening match full of trainee fire. It wasted no time and fired the crowd up.

Antonio Honda wins the DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Title Delayed Battle Royal

Next up was a Delayed Battle Royal for DDT’s hot potato title. Dieno had reclaimed his title last week after a loss to Honda but would now have to win against six other competitors. If he was pinned, submitted, or thrown over the top rope, he’d lose his title again. He’d be against his arch-rival Honda, Shunma Katsumata, Yukio Naya, Mizuki Watase, Shinya Aoki, and MAO so it wouldn’t just be a case of battering trainees. Dieno started against Watase and had a very straight-up wrestling bout. He feigned a couple of Danshoku moves but decided instead to limb target. MAO entered a few seconds later and kicked down both men. Another few seconds later, Shunma Katsumata debuted his new hair and dived into the ring. He nearly eliminated MAO with a Meteora then skinned the cat as Watase tried to throw him out of the ring. Naya came to the ring next and ran all four men into all four corners of the ring. He then locked Katsumata in the Cobra Twist as the countdown for the next challenger played. Aoki rushed the ring, broke up the submission, and nearly pinned MAO. Watase broke that up and a shoving contest transpired. That turned to forearms and Katsumata getting dropped with a brainbuster. Honda made his way to the ring as the carnage cleared and instantly broke his knee getting into the ring. Everyone fought as Honda tried to tell his story. As this was happening, Aoki tapped out Naya and everyone dogpiled Aoki to pin him. Honda narrated the action and pulled out Gon the Fox as nobody paid attention to him. Meanwhile, MAO and Katsumata eliminated Dieno and Watase with stereo clotheslines. They then eliminated themselves in rather dumb fashion by forgetting the rules and diving onto their fallen opponents. Honda had won by standing in the corner and babbling about Gon the Fox. This had some really entertaining action and the finalists eliminating themselves gave me a chuckle. Honda was overjoyed to win the title again. Then disaster struck…

DDT Iron Man Title: Danshoku Dieno defeated Antonio Honda via Roll-Up

Dieno rolled up Honda as he was giving his victory speech and ran off with the title, having reclaimed it once again.

ALL OUT (Konosuke Takeshita, Akito & Yuki Iino) defeated DISASTER BOX (Kazuki Hirata, Naomi Yoshimura & Toru Owashi) via Super Spear

That madness gave way to a six-man tag match between DISASTER BOX and ALL OUT. It would be Kazuki Hirata’s TV Show debut working with his faction mates to take out ALL OUT’s top guys and Iino. Hirata got too over-excited, demanding to start with Takeshita so Owashi launched him out of the ring and told Yoshimura to start. As the match looked to start, Hirata ran his mouth again so Owashi threw him away again. Takeshita and Yoshimura locked up with Yoshimura easily taking control through sheer size and power advantages. He missed with an elbow drop but kicked Takeshita away from any submission attempts. Both men tagged out to Akito and Owashi, much to Hirata’s disappointment. The pair ran the ropes and pulled off some agile dodges and Owashi got the final hit in, knocking Akito down with a shoulder tackle. He and Yoshimura kept tagging to bully Akito and wind up Hirata. He tried to interrupt the tagging process but Owashi just tagged himself back in and threw Hirata away again. Akito was dragged around the ring like a ragdoll and mercilessly chopped by both Owashi and Yoshimura before overcoming both and kicking out the legs of Owashi. He tagged in Takeshita who ran rough shot on Owashi since he still wouldn’t tag in Hirata. After taking down Owashi with a spinning lariat, he took out Hirata by waving his hands around his face. A chop off ensued with Owashi raking the eyes then running into a big boot. He fired one back and both men were downed. They dragged themselves across the ring and tagged in Iino and Yoshimura who charged at one another with full heads of steam. Iino suplexed Yoshimura and went for the Haka. Yoshimura got to his feet and slapped him. They chopped it out then fought in the corner. Hirata tried to get involved and found himself being pummelled by both big men. ALL OUT tried to triple-team Hirata but he took them all out with swipes. He put Akito and Takeshita in the Paradise Lock and took out his own teammates when they tried to interfere, taking the time to put them in the Paradise lock too. He put on his glasses and freaked out as his music played, using the locked-up wrestlers as drums. He danced in the ring as Iino ran the ropes to power up his spear. Hirata was too distracted to notice Iino charging him and was taken out by a super spear. Everyone broke the Paradise Lock and left Hirata to suffer. DISASTER BOX is clearly not all on the same page. This was highly entertaining to watch though, especially since Hirata got the piss taken out of him for most of the match.

Yuki Ueno defeated Mad Paulie via DQ

Next up was a singles match pitting one of DISASTER BOX’s smaller members against DAMNATION’s biggest. Ueno would have his work cut out for him here trying to fight Mad Paulie. Ueno tried a test of strength and unsurprisingly failed as Paulie dominated him with one arm. He finally got some leverage when he took Paulie to the mat and tried to choke him with a head-scissor. Paulie popped up and after a brief staredown, slammed Ueno into the mat. He then missed an elbow drop, giving Ueno a limb to target. Ueno worked the arm then got too cocky and ended up paying for it as Paulie knocked him down again. Paulie tried to throw him out of the ring but Ueno skinned the cat and dragged Paulie outside with a head-scissor takedown. Ueno tried to follow up with a dive but Paulie caught him and rammed him into a ring post. Paulie continued to ram him into the ringside furniture then threw him back into the ring. Paulie continued his beatdown with a slew of strikes and chokes, dominating the smaller Ueno. He easily Suplexed him but missed a follow-up charge and ate a missile dropkick. He threw himself at Paulie and then dumped him face-first with a Kotaro Crusher. Ueno then tried for a half and half but couldn’t muster up the strength and found himself pounced by Paulie. He then flattened Ueno in the corner and dropped an elbow. He locked in an STF but released it because Ueno bit his arm. Paulie tried for a German Suplex but Ueno fought out and hit him with a dropkick into a half and half. He went top rope for a splash but Nobu interfered and threw a chair at Ueno. He rushed the ring and planted Ueno with a Fisherman’s Buster. The match was thrown out as Nobu went mad at not getting a chance to take on Nautilus before the tag title match next week. This was a slow but thankfully short match when the big man beat down the little guy. Not the most exciting thing ever but it did its job.

Jun Akiyama defeated Makoto Oishi via Exploder Suplex

That was followed by Oishi’s requested match with Jun Akiyama. Oishi had made his wish known after Akiyama’s match last week and received a singles match with the AJPW guest star. We got a respectful start and the pair started wrestling on the mat. That reached a stalemate so they backed up and locked up again with Akiyama knocking down Oishi and trying for an elbow drop. This missed and Oishi kicked his knee out, forcing him to bail. Oishi ran at Akiyama but the vet grabbed his leg and slammed him into the floor. Akiyama delivered some stiff kicks to the back and hit an apron knee drop across Oishi’s back. He got back in the ring to start a count-out and instantly attacked Oishi again the second he got back in the ring. Akiyama tried for a trio of pinfalls but they all failed so he dropped Oishi on his head with a Spike Piledriver. Oishi tried to fight back but Akiyama just knocked him back down with an elbow to the back of the neck. Akiyama continued to dominate, stalking Oishi into the corner and railing away with strikes. Oishi finally struck back by bounding out of the corner and dropkicking Akiyama’s knee. He continued to dropkick Akiyama’s legs for a total of five dropkicks then went to stomps and other leg focused attacks using the ropes. Akiyama caught Oishi with a slam which Oishi turned into a heel hook. Akiyama made the ropes so Oishi fired up with a flurry of strikes and gave him the finger but Akiyama tanked it all and downed him with a lariat. He then hit Oishi with a running knee strike and locked in a Guillotine. Akiyama picked him up and kneed him again before launching him with an Exploder. Oishi tanked it and hit Akiyama with a flatliner and locked in a deathlock. Akiyama battled threw and KO’ed Oishi with a jumping knee. He removed his knee pad and decked Oishi with another knee strike then finished him with an Exploder Suplex. Akiyama seemed impressed and I was too. Oishi took a beating, turned it around, and pushed the AJPW guest trainer further than anyone else has. Oishi was about to make a speech but ALL OUT interrupted and challenged Akiyama. He wanted it to be a team fight and formed the Akiyama Army of himself, Oishi, Okatani, and Watase.

DAMNATION (Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao) defeated Chris Brookes & HARASHIMA via Cross Face

After an intermission, we got our penultimate match. It would be HARASHIMA and Chris Brookes taking on DAMNATION. This would be Brookes’s chance to mess with Daisuke Sasaki before their title match next week. As Sasaki made him entrance, he dived onto Brookes as Takao went to work on HARASHIMA. He fought free and started beating down Takao with kicks and stomps. He tagged in Brookes and they hit a combo of kicks, sentons, and leg drops on Takao for two. Brookes was launched into the ropes and Sasaki dragged him outside whilst Takao jumped HARASHIMA. Sasaki drove Brookes into a ring post then did it again with a chair wrapped around his neck. He then threw Brookes in the ring and started beating him down further quashing any comeback Chris could muster. He brought in Takao and the cycle repeated. The rest of DAMNATION lurking outside also took shots with Paulie hitting Brookes with Sasaki’s cane. Brookes finally got a second to breathe as Takao threw him into Sasaki, which knocked Sasaki off the apron, then jumped onto Takao with the corner senton combo. Brookes tagged out to HARASHIMA who burst into the ring and started kicking faces. He downed Takao with a rebound dropkick and rushed him with a Helluva Kick into a Superplex. Takao raked the eyes and hit HARASHIMA with a Flatliner. Takao tagged out and Sasaki started hammering away at HARASHIMA. He tried to kick back but Sasaki caught him into a DDT. Sasaki went top rope but HARASHIMA met him there with a kick. They fought on the top but Sasaki got the upper hand with a Sunset Flip Bomb. He tried for a Superkick but HARASHIMA moved and Brookes caught him with the Shoop Cutter. HARASHIMA followed up with the Swan Dive splash but Takao broke up the pin. Brookes was tagged in, tried for the Praying Mantis Bomb, and found himself kicked in the head by his partner and victim to DAMNATION double-team. Sasaki followed with a top rope elbow and locked in the Crossface. HARASHIMA made the save and Brookes fought out of a Pedigree attempt. Sasaki did the same with the Praying Mantis Bomb and tried to hit his cross-face again but was spiked with a tombstone. Takao dragged out the ref and handed Sasaki the belt. He missed Brookes but cleverly threw it to Brookes, faking being hit. The ref was distracted clearing the belt and Sasaki used the distraction to hit Brookes in the balls twice and smashed the DAMNATION sign into his head. He then locked in the Cross Face and Brookes tapped out. This was another excellent tag match between these teams and you can tell Sasaki has to cheat to beat Brookes. He holds the momentum going into their title match but can he really beat Brookes for the belt again? Brookes did get a small manner of payback by smashing the DAMNATION sign or Sasaki as he talked about dicks.

KO-D Six-Man Tag Titles: Eruption (Kazusada Higuchi, Saki Akai & Yukio Sakaguchi) defeated #DAMNHEARTS (El Lindaman, T-Hawk & Tetsuya Endo) via Goten

Last, but not least, we got to the main event. Eruption challenging the #DAMNHEARTS for the KO-D Six-Man tag titles. They laid down the gauntlet and Lindaman kindly accepted, throwing in the stipulation that should Eruption lose, Saki Akai would have to lick his boots. Akai wanted to start against Lindaman but he quickly bailed and brought in T-Hawk. He reluctantly came in and stole Akai’s attention as Lindaman attacked her from behind and Endo cleared the apron. Lindaman stomped on Akai’s back and hit double elbows on her with T-Hawk. He worked over Akai some more, then tagged out to Endo. Akai made it to Sakaguchi and di the same. They locked up but quickly went to the ropes and played an avoidance game until Sakaguchi locked in a sleeper hold. Endo escaped with a jawbreaker and was thrown into his corner. Lindaman tagged himself in and missed his big entrance dropkick. Sakaguchi delivered back kicks to all three #DAMNHEARTS and gave Lindaman an extra for good measure. He tagged in Higuchi and Lindaman did his comedy routine of trying and failing to tackle Higuchi. Everyone, including Higuchi, egged him on but he couldn’t do it so Higuchi slammed him into the mat. Akai was brought in and she promptly went to work on Lindaman, stomping him. Lindaman hit her with a jawbreaker but was rushed by the rest of Eruption to prevent him from escaping. The #DAMNHEARTS regrouped, took out Higuchi and Lindaman dropkicked Akai out of the air. Meanwhile, T-Hawk and Endo got rid of Sakaguchi with a Spike Piledriver on the floor. Lindaman disrespected Akai then tagged in Endo. He claimed he didn’t want to fight her and threw her into her own corner. She was offended and rushed him with a series of kicks. She fought out of his grip but ended up getting caught with a headbutt. #DAMNHEARTS rushed the ring again where T-Hawk KOed her with a straight right. They continued to work over Akai, with T-Hawk laying in some very heavy strikes until Akai suplexed T-Hawk and got to Higuchi.

Eruption worked over Lindaman then turned their attention to the legal Endo. They went back and forth but Higuchi had the advantage and kept overpowering Endo. He missed a splash and Endo made him pay, driving him face-first into the mat. The momentum didn’t last as Higuchi hit a running power slam and tagged in Sakaguchi. He instantly started kicking out at Endo and caught Endo off the ropes into a jumping knee. He put Endo in a Rear Naked Choke and avoided a standing Shooting Star Press. Endo played it smart and finally escaped Sakaguchi’s clutches with an Atomic Drop and tagged in Lindaman. He went top rope and hit Sakaguchi with a Missile Dropkick. Sakaguchi answered back with a PK and Eruption rushed the ring, with Higuchi and Akai pulling off a double team combo on Lindaman. After a sleeper hold battle, Akai was tagged in and hit Lindaman with a diving crossbody. Eruption tried to hit a finisher but #DAMNHEARTS swarmed and Lindaman reversed the Saki Cutter and escaped a chokeslam attempt from Higuchi. T-Hawk and Lindaman tried to finish Akai with their German Suplex combo but Akai kicked out. Akai made it to Higuchi and tagged out. He fought off the #DAMNHEARTS with a double chokeslam as Higuchi and Akai hit their finishers on Lindaman. Higuchi went for the kill hitting the Goten on Lindaman for the win. After a hard-fought war, Eruption was victorious and Lindaman had been shut up. The match was exceptional but they couldn’t celebrate as they were given their first defence date and it was announced that Akai would be taking on Meiko Satomura at the July 3 show.

So, there you have it, another episode of DDT TV Show! reviewed for your reading pleasure. It wasn’t the highest stakes episode but it definitely delivered on drama. Most matches had something fun or had a high enough work rate. The main event was excellent and the build to next week’s massive episode has been successful. Join me next week to see Chris Brookes get another shot at the DDT Universal title and Nobu team with Endo to take on Nautilus for the KO-D tag title. There’s still a lot to play for in DDT. See you then. Also as always thank you DDT English Update for your translation work.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, DDT Twitter

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