First things first, to say that GCW is back makes me incredibly happy. To then, say they came back and put on an insane show with a mix of new and regular talent in a safe environment makes me even happier. One of my favourite companies is back and firing on all cylinders with Nick Gage taking on Spyder Nate Webb, 44OH taking on the Second Gear Crew, Myron Reed taking on Blake Christian, Effy vs Allie Kat, a scramblefuck match and so much more, all with J Rose at announcing duties. Let’s get into the action.

Alex Zayne defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Taco Driver

When in doubt start with the Different Boy. He took on the physical embodiment of Taco Bell in the opening broadcast match. They high-fived in the ring, had minor staredown then went for a technical lock-up. They went for a second slew of holds and avoidance, where Lloyd showed off his Lucha skills but still found himself dropkicked out of the ring by Zayne. Lloyd avoided a dive but Zayne sprung back onto the apron and hit Lloyd with a twisting destroyer to the floor. Zayne tried for a Shooting Star Press off the apron but Lloyd clever avoided it and turned it into a Flatliner. Lloyd tried to dominate Zayne in the ring but Zayne avoided and hit Lloyd with a flipping scissor kick. Lloyd shook it off and tried to trap Zayne in a package piledriver but Zayne broke free again and hit Lloyd with a Standing Shooting Star Press. He continued by dropping a staggered Lloyd on his head with a Poisonrana. He backed into the corner and looked primed to take Zayne’s flipping foot stomp but once again cleverly avoided and hit Zayne with a Destroyer. Lloyd followed with the One-Winged Angel but Zayne kicked out at two. Lloyd went top rope but Zayne dragged him down with a Hurricanrana. Lloyd flew into the corner and was hit with Shooting Star Double Knees (the Crunchwrap) and finished with the Taco Driver. It wasn’t the smoothest opening match but it was fun to watch for what it was.

Tony Deppen defeated Shane Mercer via KO Forearm

Second up was a very obvious size mismatch. Tony Deppen may be one of the best wrestlers on the planet but well, Shane Mercer is massive. Deppen found this out by trying to attack Mercer before the bell where he found his strikes did nothing. Mercer shrugged it off and continued to remove his entrance gear. Mercer drove him into a corner and was willing to give a clean break until Deppen made horrible mistake number two, slapping Mercer. He then tried to hop over and whip Mercer, but he didn’t budge and continued to catch him out of any move. The most notable was him catching Deppen out of a Codebreaker and launching him across the ring. He continued to throw Deppen around but got too cocky on a Gorilla Press than Deppen reversed into a Tornado DDT. Deppen drove Mercer to the outside and hit him with two dives, the second breaking an audience member’s chair. The fight headed towards the river where both men tried and failed to throw each other in. They fought amongst the fans, where Mercer chopped Deppen off a fan seat, then got back in the ring. On the way in, Deppen crotched Mercer and started chopping away but it had very little effect. Deppen launched a snot rocket at Mercer and paid for it as Mercer fired up and slammed him hard into the canvas. Mercer launched Deppen a couple more times and tried for Moonsault and Battery but Deppen knocked Mercer to the apron and dropkicked him to the floor. He tried for another dive but Mercer caught him and powerbombed him against the apron. With Deppen destroyed, Mercer turned his attention to Logan Stunt, a wrestler he had a history with and started attacking him. He picked Stunt up and launched him into a nearby pond then returned to the ring. Deppen tried to fight back but was caught by Mercer again and lobbed with a butterfly Suplex. Deppen came back with a headbutt and nearly KO’ed Mercer with a forearm to the back of the neck. Deppen continued with a knee strike but Mercer caught him with an X Plex. Mercer continued with a Military Press Tombstone but only got two. He looked to finish with the Moonsault and Battery but was distracted by a very damp Stunt and hit with a combo from Deppen. Deppen hit another KO forearm to the back of the neck and won. This was an excellent match full of great spots and the fun sight of Logan Stunt being thrown into a pond.

AJ Gray defeated KTB via DVD Through a Door

Next up was one of my most anticipated matches as KTB and AJ Gray, two of GCW’s toughest competitor’s locked horns. AJ Gray got over a lot of obstacles to be here and now he was in for one hell of a fight. They locked up, then transitioned into throwing slugs. KTB got the better and backed Gray into the corner with a series of chops and strikes and hit him with the rolling corner shoulder block. Gray escaped a fireman’s carry and dropped KTB with a leg lariat. Gray locked in a grounded sleeper and started attacking KTB in the corner. KTB did the same and both went back and forth over corner strikes. Gray got the advantage with a capoeira kick and exploder slam. Gray missed a Moonsault and KTB punished him with an inverted atomic drop, Spinebuster, splash combo. With both men down, we got a grounded slugfest then both men started trading lariats. KTB took Gray down and hit him with a diving elbow drop and locked in a cross-face. Gray made it to the ropes and caught KTB out of Muay Thai knees into a corner rush. He baited KTB into hitting the turnbuckle and flattened him with a lariat. Gray hit a top rope leg drop and found a door under the ring. The door was set up in the corner and both men danced around going through it. KTB dumped Gray with a Wasteland and Lionsault combo but again only got two. KTB went top rope, but Gray met him up there. After some back and forth on the top rope, Gray brought KTB crashing down with a Superplex and held onto to drive him through the door with a DVD. Another excellent match with two athletic big guys doing what they do best. Both of these guys killed it.

Lee Moriarty defeated Tre Lamar via DDT Combo of Doom

Next up were two new stars to GCW. Tre Lamar and Lee Moriarty were going to tear the house (okay park) down. Lamar took control working the arm and neck but Moriarty broke free and forced Lamar to the ropes with a Cravat. They locked up again and Lamar locked on another grounded headlock that Moriarty was able to (literally) wiggle free from. Moriarty taunted Lamar but ended up eating a dropkick after a series of leapfrogs. Moriarty then nearly won the match by cleverly trapping a rolling Lamar in a tight pinfall. Moriarty then sent Lamar to the outside and followed him with an apron big boot. He threw Lamar back into the ring and charged him in the corner but was caught by a jumping double stomp. Lamar choked Moriarty in the ropes but was caught by another crafty roll-up attempt from Moriarty. Lamar stunned Moriarty and hit him with a pop-up crossbody. Moriarty came back by kicking Lamar off the top rope and hit a double stomp to Lamar’s arm. He trapped Lamar in a hammerlock DDT but took too long to follow up and was caught by a final cut/ falcon arrow combo from Lamar. Both men got to their feet and started throwing hands. Moriarty took advantage by hitting a combo of kicks but was caught with a Pele kick from Lamar. Moriarty tanked it and nearly won the match with a forearm to the side of the head. Lamar played possum and kicked out the leg of Moriarty then followed up with a kick to the back of the head. Lamar tried for the Pele kick again but Moriarty dodged and took his head off with a discuss boot. He picked up Lamar and hit a Tornado DDT, held on, and planted Lamar with a Spike DDT to end the match. Both guys blew me away here with how smooth they were. Both dominated the ring and left a great impression with me and the crowd at the show. Bring both back GCW.

44OH! (Rickey Shane Page & Atticus Cogar) defeated Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) via Faceplant to a door

It wouldn’t be a GCW show without the spineless champ in attendance. This time, he and his stablemate Atticus Cogar would have to fight off GCW favourites the Second Gear Crew. Mance Warner and Matthew Justice were eager to get back into the fight so things were going to get messy. Chairs were instantly thrown into the ring and two doors quickly followed. 44OH! instantly earned the crowd’s ire by throwing them back out. Justice and Page started but in typical RSP fashion, he instantly tagged out. Justice ran through Cogar and tried to signal RSP to enter. Justice beat the shit out of Cogar in the corner and brought Mance in after a neck breaker. Mance chopped away at Cogar and tagged Justice back in for a double team backbreaker. SGC continued to double-team Cogar but Page dragged him out of the ring then left him to take a dive from Justice. Page took out Justice with a boot then got into the ring and slugged it out with Mance. RSP used his size advantage to overpower Mance and 44OH! started double-teaming Mance. Ol’ Mancer escaped with a pop-up headbutt so Justice came in and once again ran rough shot over Cogar. Justice set up a door and had Cogar on his shoulders but RSP saved Cogar and hit Justice with a discuss forearm. RSP tagged in and removed the door again. Justice fought out of the 44OH! corner but the ref missed the tag and dragged the fired-up Mance out of the ring. 44OH! went back to work on Mancer breaking him with a backbreaker/moonsault combo. Cogar locked in a chin-lock that Justice fought out of with a jawbreaker but still couldn’t get the tag out because RSP interfered again, kicking him in the back. RSP tagged in and continued the working over of Justice, shouting abuse at the other members of SGC. He plonked Justice on the top rope but Justice fought back and hit RSP with a splash. Both men tagged out so Mance beat down both 44OH! with lariats and jabs. He took out Cogar with a chokeslam and hit Cogar with the kneepad up, kneepad down. 44OH! were crushed with multiple corner splashes that sent them bailing to the outside. SGC followed with a diving eye poke from Mance and a top rope splash from Justice. SGC looked to end things but RSP threw a chair into Justice’s head. He set up a door in the corner and tried to throw Mance through it but found himself on the receiving end of a splash from Justice. The door didn’t break so Justice hit a second with better results. Cogar resurfaced and took both SGC members out with a chair, crushing Mance’s windpipe with the top of it. Mance came back and hit Cogar with a leaping DDT. They retrieved the other door and hit RSP with a chair. They set the door up and put Cogar through it with 3D. RSP made the save by pulling out the ref and throwing Mance into a ring post. Cogar took advantage by hitting Justice in the balls and hitting a faceplant onto the door. He won the match and 44OH! cheat their way to yet another win. Seems a break can’t stop you from being a bitch. It was a fun match though. Love him or hate him, RSP is amazing at being a heel.

Scramblefuck: Calvin Tankman defeated Cole Radrick, Benjamin Carter, Gringo Loco, JJ Garrett & Zachary Wentz via Running Shooting Star Press

It wouldn’t be a GCW show without a scramblefuck and COVID sure as shit wasn’t changing that. As per usual, I will now break down the greatest hits as Calvin Tankman made his GCW debut and Zachary Wentz made a surprise appearance. Everyone jumped on Tankman and hit him with quintuple superkicks. Radrick impressed with a series of impressive slams. JJ Garrett proved you can make a headlock look cool and nearly kill someone with a double stomp. Benjamin Carter showed off his extremely impressive agility and flippy shit ability. Wentz showed off his extremely impressive striking ability. Nearly everyone in this match flew at some point and what can I say about Calvin Tankman? The man is a monster in the perfect way. He no-sold strikes, was a walking tank and threw guys around like nothing. We got an amazing tower of doom spot and Wentz became the MVP of the match by trying to kill everyone. Radrick and Tankman share second as Radrick but Garrett through a door with an elbow drop and Tankman basically killed of Radrick with one forearm. He then caught Carter out of a crossbody and used him as a weapon. He finally put him down with a sickening powerbomb. Then he dived. I shit you not he took everyone out with a dive and won the match with a running shooting star press. It was mental. Give me more Calvin Tankman, that man is exceptional. Hats off to everyone here, this was epic.

Chris Dickinson defeated 1 Called Manders via Figure 4 Leg Lock

There was going to be nothing pretty about this one. Two big, tough sluggers with no flash and all feeling were about to go to war. The match started with a back and forth on chops and quickly escalated to slugs and Dickinson planting Manders on his head with a half and half Suplex. Manders was backed into a corner and subjected to more chops before Dickinson went to the knee. He put Manders in a deathlock then hit Manders with a slew of heavy kicks. That was followed by a dragon screw and yet another strong kick. Manders had enough and started striking back much to Dickinson’s glee. They slugged it out again with Manders coming out on top and backing Dickinson into a corner with a flurry of strikes, a duo of corner splashes, and a power slam. He put Dickinson down with another lariat but had his Gutwrench powerbomb reversed into another dragon screw and got downed by a shining wizard. He swarmed Manders in the corner and gave him a dragon screw off the top tope into a DVD. Dickinson hit a missile dropkick but Manders answered back with another lariat and a loud fuck you. Dickinson tried to chop out the leg but was smashed with a bridging German Suplex. Dickinson struck back and locked in a sleeper hold. The pair traded suplexes and slugged it out again. Manders tried to run the ropes but Dickinson met him with a kick to the chest. He locked on the Figure-Four and Manders tapped quickly. It was a simple but brutal match where Manders tried to withstand but Dickinson was merciless here. Once again it was really fun to watch this car crash happen.

Blake Christian defeated Myron Reed via Roll-Up

This was going to be something special. Myron Reed, MLW’s top middleweight taking on GCW’s top middleweight Blake Christian. I’ve talked at length about how great these guys are and now I got see them square off. They started off mat wrestling and quickly picked up the pace with some rope running sequences. Blake tried to fly over but Reed caught him and dropped him on his tailbone. Reed ducked a kick and nailed Christian with an enzuigiri. They continued to avoid each other’s offence with Reed continuously messing up Christian’s aerial attacks. Christian faked out Reed and launched some kicks at the back and hit a basement dropkick. Blake continued to batter Reed with more kicks and barred an arm. Reed powered out and caught Christian with a duo of slams. He hit a springboard leg drop that made Christian bail. Reed dived to the outside and took him out. Christian climbed to the apron and was hit with an over the ropes ace crusher. Reed continued to bully Christian in the ring but favoured his back after the ace crusher. Reed struck out at Christian but was caught by a detonation kick to the head. Christian hit a cutter of his own but that was answered by another Ace Crusher into an inverted DDT. Christian followed Reed to the corner, took out his legs, and hit a brutal powerbomb. Both men then collided, kipped up, and promptly kicked each other back down. They struggled to their feet and slugged it out. Christian kicked Reed out of the ring and hit him with a dive into a hangman’s elbow. Reed was hung out on the ropes and suffered a 450 to the back. Christian missed a second and ate a springboard uppercut from Reed. He bailed but Reed dived over the ring post and hit him with a senton. He threw Christian back into the ring and hit the No Cap Splash for two. We got a grounded slugfest then Christian unleashed a brutal series of kicks. Reed got to his feet and ran to the ropes but Christian followed, hit an inverted Spanish Fly, and locked in an inverted Dragon Sleeper. Reed rolled through into a roll-up for two then Christian retorted into another roll-up for 3. This match was fucking awesome. Both of these guys have a bright future in the business. Christian once again proved he brings the best out of everyone.

Allie Kat defeated Effy via Ramming DDT

Next up was the most unexpected match on the card as we got a pairing I’d never thought about before, Effy vs Allie Kat. It would be Daddy vs Kitty in what would no doubt be a very fun match. Effy signalled for a lock-up but Allie tried to move the arm down for a belly rub. Effy recoiled, claiming he was a professional wrestler then lost a technical exchange to her and found himself in a hammerlock. She released him and laid down for him to rub her belly. Effy refused, dragged Allie to her feet and prepared to hit her with a shoulder tackle. Instead, he injured his back running off the ropes. Allie showed no sympathy and knocked him down instead. Effy bailed, grabbed a mic, and reminded the audience it was Pride Month and that there were two LGBT+ talents in the semi-main. He then threatened to put Allie through a door and snapped her off the ropes. He trapped her in there with a modified tarantula and another diving rope attack. He got the “closet” door from under the ring but found it dropkicked into his face. Allie hit Effy with a corner attack, then a hip attack, and ended the combo with a furball. Effy fired back with a sunset flip and a running knee strike. Allie paused for a second to address a gear malfunction then got beaten down again by Effy. He clawed her eyes and survived her series of jabs to deliver a back fist. Allie fired back and clawed Effy’s chest and back. She knocked him down with a clothesline and grabbed the door. She set it up in the corner and tried to whip Effy into it. He reversed and threw her back into the other corner and followed with a punt kick. Allie came back and dropped Effy with a sit-out Powerbomb. They slugged it out and Allie dragged a pair of chairs into the ring. She moved the door and laid it out across the chairs. She put Effy on it and went top rope but he popped up and put her through it with a top rope Rana. Effy dropped her with a TKO and locked in a dragon sleeper but Allie fought out and hit him with a senton. She folded Effy into a DDT position and dropped him on his head. She got her big win over the “old gay” and keeps racking up wins against GCW favourites. Another fun match with a less serious tone than the previous bouts.

Nick Gage defeated Spyder Nate Webb via Chair Piledriver

Last but not least, the man who made the show possible, Spyder Nate Webb got the main event against the King of this shit, Nick Gage. The MDK chants were flying and the crowd was riled up at the return of Gage. He tried to wait patiently as Webb made his entrance but snapped and launched him off the corner into the crowd. He smashed Webb with a chair and started setting up doors. He powerbombed Webb through a door and got J Rose to make his introduction. Gage dragged Webb into the crowd and continued to hammer away at him. He motioned towards the river and tried to throw Webb in. Webb fired back and leaped off the railing onto Gage. They continued to fight around the park with Gage getting thrown into a guardrail. Webb grabbed a beer and spat it into the eyes of Gage. He then tried to pose to the crowd but Gage grabbed him and hit him with a Chokebreaker. He then threw a cooler at Webb and threw him into a fan’s chair. The match returned to the ring where he dropped Webb with a DDT and a Spinebuster. Gage broke off a bit of door and kicked it into Webb’s face twice. Gage grabbed another door and set it up on more chairs. He set another door on top of Webb and hit a twisting senton. He then set Webb up on the top turnbuckle with plans to put Webb through the door but that was reversed and Gage was put through it with a sunset bomb. He dropped Gage with a ripcord DDT and locked on a choke. He put Gage in the tree of woe and hit a coast to coast moonsault. He tried for the chairsault but Gage reversed him and kicked a chair into his face. Gage then hoisted Webb up and broke him with a Top Rope Piledriver onto a chair. This was a brutal one-sided affair but man is it good to see Nick Gage back in action again. Remember it’s MDK all fucking day.

Well, there you have it, The Wrld on GCW Part 2 reviewed for your reading pleasures. This was a long-ass show with a lot of awesome matches full of talent raring to get back into a ring and new talent for me to see. They gave it their all and made a show worth watching. From start to finish this show delivered. I could go on forever about how good it was but honestly, for the FITE TV price just watch it. This was something special. Welcome back G C Fucking W.

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