Since the second episode of DDT TV Show! All Japan Pro Wrestling veteran, Jun Akiyama has been a part of the DDT roster as a temporary wrestler and guest coach. Now, as reported by Tokyo Sport, his residency with the company will be extended until the end of 2020.

Akiyama has been in action almost every week since his guest status was announced and will now be with the company until the end of the year on a rental basis from AJPW. A press conference is going to be held on the final episode of DDT TV Show! to announce Akiyama’s status.

So far, Akiyama has worked most episodes of the DDT TV Show alongside or against the likes of Mizuki Watase, Hideki Okatani, Makoto Oishi and at the end of the latest episode formed Akiyama-Gun to take on one of the top factions, ALL OUT.

This also means any angle DDT wishes to use Akiyama for will no longer have to be run by AJPW. It’ll be interesting to see what this press conference holds and what DDT plans to have Akiyama be a part of for the rest of the year.

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