Welcome to the season finale of DDT TV Show! Now that fans are back, the show no longer has a purpose and as such will be coming to an end. That being said, it would be going out with a bang as we got a show stuffed full of title fights and odd pairings. It’s time to celebrate one final episode as Chris Brookes gets another shot at the Universal Title, Tetsuya Endo and Nobu go after Nautilus for the KO-D Tag titles and we’ll see Eruption in another six-man fight after winning the KO-D Tag titles. For one final time, let’s get into the action.

DAMNATION (Soma Takao & Mad Paulie) defeated Keigo Nakamura & Mizuki Watase via Diving Double Stomp

After starting with a press conference covering Jun Akiyama’s status in the company, we got our first match. It would be DAMNATION’s resident team of Takao and Paulie beating up the much younger team of Nakamura and Watase. Nakamura and Watase struck early by dumping Takao out of the ring and then tried to double-team Paulie. They stunned him with double dropkicks but Takao dragged away Watase and Paulie started clubbing Nakamura. Paulie dropped an elbow into Nakamura and continued to attack his gut, winding the young lion. He also dropped some strikes to the back and tagged in Takao who did the same. He tagged out quickly and Paulie kept up the work on the back with more strikes and a suplex into the mat. Nakamura got his escape with a series of dropkicks and got the hot tag to Watase. Paulie brought in Takao and the duo traded forearms. Takao hit Watase with a dropkick but missed a diving stomp and ended up receiving a low dropkick and Dragon screw for hit troubles. Watase dodged a Gamengiri and hit Takao with a double stomp to the back and locked in a Figure 4. Takao tried to drag himself to the ropes but Nakamura slowed him by hitting a double spring Lionsault. Paulie broke the hold so Watase made the mistake of tagging in Nakamura. He peppered Takao with kicks but was then dodged and hit with a DAMNATION double-team. Takao grew tired of Nakamura, flattened him with two stiff strikes, and won with a diving double stomp. This was an excellent display for Watase who showed off some of what he’d learned from Akiyama.

Akito & Danshoku Dieno defeated DISASTER BOX (Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata) via Danshoku Driver

Next up was the odd couple pairing of Akito and Dieno taking on the DISASTER BOX duo of Owashi and Hirata. This week, we’d see if Hirata could better co-exist with his teammate. Akito looked like he was having fun alongside Dieno whilst Owashi looked sick of Hirata before the match even started. He started by giving a speech about wanting to get better and locked up with Akito. After marveling at Akito’s technique, he thanked him and tagged in Owashi. They quickly started charging and went for a groin test of strength that Dieno (obviously) won. They ran the ropes some more until Hirata annoyed Owashi and tagged back in. Dieno took him to the mat suggestively and attacked Hirata’s arse. He tagged in Akito, who locked a pretzel hold on Hirata. Akito tagged back out and Dieno started humping Hirata (I ain’t kidding here.) He then gave Hirata a wedgie and suplexed him. He tried for the nightmare pin but Hirata kicked out. Hirata tried to fight back but Dieno stopped him with a Danshoku Screw and tagged out. Hirata tried to hit Akito with a Danshoku Screw but it had no effect. He then suplexed Akito and bailed. Owashi came in and battered both men but Akito took him down with a low dropkick and locked in a Figure 4. Owashi made the ropes but Akito kept the hold on as Hirata was studying it. He filmed it on his phone, re-watched the video, and then tagged back in to try the hold on Akito. He was instantly locked in it and Owashi had to put him in an armbar to stop him tapping. Dieno was tagged in and found Owashi very happy to take the lip lock. Dieno decided to do it on Akito instead. Hirata was astounded and wanted to learn it. Dieno obliged lip-locking Akito again. Hirata tried to copy the move but was instantly repulsed. Dieno hit him with the lip-lock combo then finished a very vocal Hirata with the Danshoku Driver. What a weird but comedic “match” this was. Owashi really has to deal with a lot trying to put up with Hirata.

HARASHIMA defeated Seigo Tachibana via Double Knees

Next up was the return of Seigo Tachibana, who thought he was going to have an easy time beating HARASHIMA. Oh, how wrong he was. After getting into a verbal battle with everyone around him, Tachibana locked up with HARASHIMA and was taken down to the mat. Tachibana broke free and hit his squat pose, trash-talking HARASHIMA. He ran the ropes and hit HARASHIMA with an inverted Atomic drop and took his head off with a big boot. He disrespectfully kept stomping at HARASHIMA’s head and wouldn’t stop taunting him. This pissed off HARASHIMA who downed him with a stiff lariat. He struck Tachibana into a corner and drove through him with a double stomp, keeping his boots in his guts. The ref told HARASHIMA to calm down but SHIMA refused as he’d been kicked in the head. He planted Tachibana with another stomp and locked his arms for some curb stomps. HARASHIMA locked in a Camel Clutch and then danced on Tachibana’s head when he made the ropes. They slugged it out, with Tachibana stunning HARASHIMA with a stiff elbow, but quickly went back to HARASHIMA kicking the life out of Tachibana. He dropped Tachibana with a Suplex and tried for a Fireman’s carry but Tachibana stood on his hands and once again trash-talked from the squat pose. He then stomped the hands and delivered another devastating head kick to HARASHIMA. He then hit an STO but it wasn’t enough to keep HARASHIMA down. He continued with more elbows, a rolling elbow, and an Olympic Slam but still couldn’t keep him down. He tried for a Piledriver but HARASHIMA reversed with a hook kick, hit a high kick, and planted Tachibana with a Falcon Arrow. He then kicked Tachibana out of his pose and finished him with the double knees. This was HARASHIMA at his brutal best. He was merciless and I guess it was earned as Tachibana refused to be respectful and, to his credit, took a lot out of HARASHIMA. At the end of the match, HARASHIMA praised him but, alongside Dieno, Tachibana’s handler, they agreed he has a manners problem. So, to fix that, he’s going to have a match with Yukio Sakaguchi on July 12th.

Eruption (Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai) defeated Antonio Honda, Hiroshi Yamato & Yukio Naya via Running Knee

Next up was Eruption making another six-man appearance against a ragtag team of Antonio Honda, Yukio Naya, and Mr. Seaweed Hiroshi Yamato. Honda wanted to start and instantly fell to his old vices trying to fight Akai. He has become a new man and refuses to fight women due to the effects it has on him. He quickly grabbed a mic and gave up but first, he needed to tell his story. Gon the Fox needed a raincoat. Akai seemed enthralled by the story but when Gon went to attack Akai was ready and stopped the evil fox with a kitsune of her own. Gon was gone and she started striking Honda with forearms. She booted him in the corner and planted him with a Bulldog. Sakaguchi was tagged in and mercilessly started hammering away at Honda. He locked Honda up then tagged in Higuchi who chopped Honda so hard, Honda nearly bailed. He threw Honda into a corner but Honda rebounded and dropped Higuchi with a Lous Thesz Press and a diving Axe Handle. Yamato tagged in and too Higuchi back down with a missile dropkick. He cleared the Eruption corner and continued to work over Higuchi. He tried to Suplex Higuchi but was easily reversed and hit with a Powerslam. Sakaguchi was tagged in and continued the Yamato torture train with more stiff kicks and strikes. Yamato caught him with a spear and tagged in Naya, who then ran through Sakaguchi in the corner. He hit a gutwrench Suplex and staggered Sakaguchi with a stiff forearm, but Sakaguchi woke up and kneed his way out of a chokeslam. Eruption rushed the ring and destroyed Naya with a triple-team combo of offence but Naya’s team broke up the pin. Akai and Higuchi cleared them as Sakaguchi locked a sleeper on Naya. Honda saved Naya by hitting Sakaguchi in the eyes with Gon the Fox and Team Honda formed a Megazord of Gon the Fox users. Sakaguchi dodged the bullet and Eruption dismantled Team Honda again. Sakaguchi finished Naya with a running knee and claimed another victory. After a fun little bout, Honda challenged for the six-man belts promising he had partners. That he did as he will be teaming with a returning Riho and Harashima at the 23/7 Korakuen Hall show against Eruption.

ALL OUT (Konosuke Takeshita, Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Iino) defeated Akiyama-Gun (Jun Akiyama, Makoto Oishi & Hideki Okatani) via Super Spear

After that big announcement, we got the debut of Akiyama-Gun. They formed after Konosuke Takeshita called out Jun Akiyama last week. Now it would be Akiyama and two of his newfound students in Hideki Okatani and Makoto Oishi taking on the ALL OUT lads. Akiyama even made entrance to different music; it was that big an occasion. Akiyama and Takeshita started with some fast and fluid chain wrestling exchanges. Both men aggressively trying to outmatch the other. This devolved into a heated slugfest that saw Takeshita topple Akiyama. Katsumata was tagged in and wishboned Akiyama on the way in. He kept up the pressure on Akiyama with a long series of forearms but a second wave was quashed with a headbutt. Akiyama tagged in Okatani, who rushed in and quickly started slugging with Katsumata. He was stopped by a slam but Oishi stormed the ring and saved him from punishment by knocking down Katsumata. Okatani threw Katsumata to the outside where all of Akiyama-Gun triple-teamed him. Katsumata tried to fight out of their corner but the numbers kept him trapped. Oishi was tagged in and too KO’ed Katsumata with stiff strikes. Akiyama came back in, directed Okatani at the ALL OUT corner, and hit Katsumata with a Spike Piledriver. After avoiding Takeshita’s interference, he went back to bullying Katsumata. Akiyama kept egging on Katsumata, then shutting down his comebacks with more brutal strikes and elbows. He finally dodged a running knee and got a much-needed tag to Takeshita. He rocked Akiyama with running strikes and a stiff forearm. He ran into a jumping knee and had his big boot reversed into an Exploder. Takeshita no-sold this and hit Akiyama with a running knee of his own. Akiyama brought in Okatani who charged Takeshita with running forearms and but couldn’t continue his assault as Takeshita grabbed him by the trunks and elbowed him in the back. Okatani tanked it and more Takeshita forearms to land a running lariat. He tried to follow up with a Northern Lights Suplex but his back gave out. Takeshita took advantage with a Tiger Bomb then locked in a Texas Cloverleaf. He kicked away Akiyama but got caught by a Tornado DDT from Oishi. Katsumata tried to help but was also taken out by Oishi. Iino finally got a chance to enter the match and quickly chopped down Okatani. Okatani fired back with some running forearms but was speared out of his short and hit with one final super spear to end the match. This was insane. Okatani has come on leaps and bounds under Akiyama’s tutelage and I hope we see more from these teams in the future.

KO-D Tag Titles: Nautilus (Naomi Yoshimura & Yuki Ueno) defeated DAMNATION (Tetsuya Endo & Nobuhiro Shimatani) via YK Flipping DDT

After the King of DDT announcement and intermission, we got our first title fight, the KO-D Tag Title defence. After Ueno ambushed Endo two weeks ago, Endo responded by laying down a challenge for Ueno’s gold and he was bringing Nobu along for his first chance at gold. Nobu and Ueno started quickly but Nobu got distracted and tried to attack Yoshimura. This resulted in him being used as a ping pong ball for forearms from both members of Nautilus. Nobu fought back then Endo tagged himself in. He too though received the beatdown treatment from both members of Nautilus. They continued to work over Endo until he hit Yoshimura with a handspring kick and booted Ueno to the outside into the arms of his partner. Endo then posed in the middle of the ring as Nobu dived onto Yoshimura. Nobu bounced Yoshimura off the ring then joined Endo in the ring to hit Ueno with a face-based combination. Ueno tried to strike back but Nobu kept control by raking the eyes. DAMNATION continued to bully Ueno until he caught Endo with a surprise headscissor takedown and dropkick. Yoshimura was tagged in and charged Endo but got trapped by Nobu and struck from behind. He reversed some DAMNATION double team and pummelled Endo and Nobu into a double flatliner. Yoshimura continued with a Stalling Suplex and locked in a choke. He continued to keep Endo grounded but Nobu interfered and saved Endo from a powerbomb. Yoshimura was subjected to a series of double team combos as Nobu took control of the match. He tried to slam Yoshimura but was cut off and hit with an overhead throw. Ueno re-entered the match and kicked Nobu’s face off. He hit a full-nelson backbreaker and attacked Nobu in the ropes. Nobu was locked in a straight jacket and forced Nobu back to the ropes. Endo made the save and dived onto both members of Nautilus with the Endo Special. He tagged in legally and hit Ueno with a flying forearm then tried for the torture rack bomb. Ueno escaped and hit another dropkick. He couldn’t capitalise as Endo locked him in a nasty submission. Yoshimura tried to make the save but Nobu put him in a Camel Clutch. Yoshimura powered through and slammed Nobu onto Endo. Nobu rolled out and Nautilus KO’ed Endo with another combo, ending in a diving splash to the back. Yoshimura and Nobu mixed it up as Endo used the confusion to trap Ueno in the torture rack bomb. Ueno reversed a shooting star press and rolled Endo up. Nobu tried to interfere but hit Endo, allowing Ueno to hit a half and half Suplex and finish the match with the YK flipping DDT after a little more double-team. Nautilus retain again and Ueno requested another title shot for pinning Endo. He will get another shot at the 23/7 Korakuen show where hopefully he and Endo make more magic.

DDT Universal Title: Chris Brookes defeated Daisuke Sasaki via Incredibly Cool Looking Pinfall

Last but not least, the main event. Chris Brookes getting another chance at his old Universal Title, thanks to his injured tag partner, Masahiro Takanashi. Sasaki had cheated and stolen his way across his other title defences but could he do that again here? In a feud built on dick jokes, who would come out the bigger man? Brookes started by showing up Sasaki with his technical skills until the pair reached a stalemate. Brookes continued to overpower Sasaki so the DAMNATION leader bailed to the outside for a breather and a taunt. He tried to bait Brookes to the outside and quickly rolled back in to repeat the process on the other side of the ropes. Brookes got back in the ring but Sasaki crotched him on the ropes as he did so. Sasaki retrieved a bottle of dubious-looking liquid from under the ring and held it to his crotch. Brookes bailed as the ref admonished Sasaki for having a bottle of suspected piss. Brookes dragged Sasaki outside and chopped him, then stole the bottle and made the same pose with the bottle at his crotch. Sasaki kicked low, grabbed a chair, and hit Brookes with it. He tried to replicate the chair wrapped trip to the ring post but Brookes reversed, trapped Sasaki’s arm in the chair, and rammed him into the ring post. Brookes grabbed more chairs and set them up outside. He got Sasaki onto the apron and set up for a Praying Mantis Bomb but Sasaki held onto the ropes and hit a knee crusher onto the chairs. Sasaki continued to work the legs in-ring and used Paulie as outside interference for extra damage. He hit a Dragon Screw in the ropes and locked in an inverted Figure 4. Brookes fought back with some stiff chops but Sasaki just went back to the knee. Brookes got an escape with his corner senton combo and went on a reversing spree until Sasaki hit a chop block. He continued with a Fisherman’s Neck breaker and tried to go top rope but Brookes caught up with him and hit a butterfly superplex off the top. He tried for the Praying Mantis Bomb again but Sasaki twisted out and grabbed Brookes by the nose. Brookes swatted him off and grabbed Sasaki by the nose. He grabbed Sasaki’s kick attempt and reversed it into a leg-trap German. Brookes nearly collided with the ref and avoided a roll-up and dick kick from Sasaki but was pushed into the ref anyway. Sasaki hit a nutcracker and DAMNATION rushed the ring. Nobu held Brookes in place for a swing from the DAMNATION sign but Brookes moved and Nobu got a headshot from the sign.

Brookes fought the rest out of the ring and crushed them with a diving cannonball senton. Sasaki tried to hit Brookes with the sign again but Brookes dodged and broke the sign over Sasaki’s head again. A replacement ref came out at Brookes’s behest but only counted two. Sasaki got to his feet, still stunned, and dragged the ref into a Shoop Cutter from Brookes. He then retrieved a crutch from under the ring and cracked Brookes in the side of the head with it then nearly won the match with a Takatonic. Sasaki retrieved a table and set it up outside. He dragged Brookes to the apron and set up for a Pedigree on the table. Brookes reversed with a Danshoku twist and put Sasaki through the table with a Praying Mantis Bomb. He threw Sasaki back in the ring and dropped him with a leaping Tombstone. After a fight in a Grounded Octopus, Brookes tried for a top rope Praying Mantis Bomb but Sasaki reversed into a second-rope Pedigree. The pair had a grounded slugfest then transition to jumping knees and Sasaki locking in the Crossface. Brookes freed himself and hit a Shining Wizard to the back of Sasaki’s neck and hit Sasaki with a superkick. Sasaki hit a dudebuster but still only got two. He tried for the Crossface again but Brookes rolled through and tied him into an incredibly unique pinfall for the win. This was exceptional and I’m happy to see one of my absolute favourites as Universal Champion once again. Even Sasaki gave Brookes a respectful display… I’m kidding he tried to low blow him again and Brookes sent him packing with another Praying Mantis Bomb. These two have undeniable chemistry and I honestly hope they fight again in the near future. His first opponent has been confirmed too as Maku… a Ronald MacDonald lookalike that gives Dieno competition in the abuse department. Brookes was thrilled to fight him.

So, there you have it, DDT TV Show! ends with a bang. It’s been a fun eight weeks, with DDT filling a void during this COVID climate. It was hard work to cover and a lot of hours have been spent on this but I’ve had a ton of fun hopefully introducing more people to the whacky world of DDT. It’s been a wild ride so far and I promise you, it’s far from over. The TV show might be over but I will be bringing more DDT coverage in the coming weeks/months/ however long I can keep this going. I love this company and I’m glad that this show proved a fun place to start covering them. Thanks, DDT English Update as always and congrats again Chris Brookes. See you all in the next one.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, DDT Twitter

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