Who doesn’t love backyard wrestling? It’s a wrestling fan’s guilty pleasure as we get to see over-enthusiastic fans don ridiculous gear and break all kinds of garden furniture. However, from those scattered bodies, embarrassing attires, and outlandish attitudes, we get real stars. This show is a celebration of that. GCW invites its stars and a new debut, to embrace their backyard roots and put on the most ridiculous matches they can to celebrate the 4th of July. So, strap in for a show of the most insane stunts, the most unbelievable spots, and some of the most fun you’ll get from a wrestling show this year.

Non-Title Action: Rickey Crash (Rickey Shane Page) defeated Alex Zayne via Top Rope Half Nelson Driver

After Joey Janela got scared by fireworks, we got our first match. GCW’s hated champion taking on the flippy master of the backyard, Alex Zayne. Crash started things back putting out the entrance fireworks (dick) and grounding Zayne with a side headlock. Zayne broke free and tried to run the ropes by Crash avoided it and hit him with a fist drop. Zayne took the upper-hand with an arm drag and sent Crash out of the ring for a cannonball senton through some scaffolding. Crash shook it off and hit a throat thrust but Zayne recouped by hitting a run-up moonsault off a tree. Crash ran to a car and kept his distance from Zayne. Zayne backed off, took a run-up, and dove right over the car at Crash. Things moved back to the ring where Crash woke up and rocked Zayne with a spinning enzuigiri combo. He chopped Zayne in the corner and smashed Zayne’s spine with a backbreaker. Zayne hit a Gamenguri but Crash blocked, avalanched him in the corner and Suplex tossed him into the turnbuckles. Crash continued to ground Zayne and locked in a nerve hold. Crash tried to crush Zayne against the ropes but Zayne dodged and Crash through himself to the outside. Zayne hit an indescribable dive to the outside and tried to hit a Shooting Star Press off the top but missed and hit the ring apron. He recovered, got Crash in the ring, and hit a space flying twisting leg drop. Crash wiggled out of the Taco Driver and hit Zayne with a modified Gory Breaker. He hit some “motocross” punches and countered Zayne’s second SSP attempt into a cutter. Zayne dodged Crash and hit the Taco Driver but it only got two. Zayne grabbed a door and set it up on some chairs. He looked to dive onto Crash but Crash moved at the last second and put himself through the door with a dive. Crash grabbed a heavier door, set it up, and after minor resistance, put Zayne through the door of the top rope with a Half Nelson Driver. Zayne broke the laws of physics again but fell to the world’s most hated champion in an awesome opener.

Paco Loco (Chris Dickinson) defeated KC Kwik (Kit Osbourne) via Pazuzu Bomb

IT’S A CHRIS DICKINSON (sorry Paco Loco) DEATHMATCH! I love Loco and to see him get more violent than his usual beat the shit out of people manner is fucking awesome. Kwik was his usual pleasant self with the crowd. Loco instantly went on the murder with some stiff kicks and chops then drop Kwik on his neck with a Thunder Firebomb. He threw Kwik to the outside and attacked him with a light tube across the gut. He set up a door and put KC through with a DVD. They got back in the ring where KC, despite some worrying bleeding, started hitting back at Loco. He powered through a devastating Saito and kicked Loco in the face. Loco responded with a Judo drag and dropped him on his head with a half and half. Loco through another pair of doors and more tubes into the ring. Loco set the doors up in the corner and Kwik stunned him with a light-tube to the back of the head and another across the top of the head. They fought over a Suplex and Kwik tried to spear Loco through a door. The door didn’t budge so Loco picked up Kwik and powerbombed him against the door which again, didn’t break. He then hit a DVD through the other door but Kwik kicked out. He attacked the ref and Kwik came back with a flurry of strikes, a running senton, and a running knee. He tried for a pin but there was no ref to make the count. The ref took another shot and Kwik hit a diving elbow for two. Loco hit a DVD off the top and hit another powerbomb against the door, that once again didn’t break. Loco grabbed a door platform but took too long to set up, allowing Kwik to hit Sliced Bread 2. Kwik climbed the scaffold but Loco scrambled up and knocked him off with a water spray to the face. Kwik fell through the door platform. He dragged Kwik to the ring and found himself taken off the top rope with a Frankensteiner by Kwik. He hit two superkicks but Loco caught it into a Dragon screw and locked on a Figure Four. Kwik escaped with a light tube bundle to the head. They slugged it out and Loco hit Kwik with a Tombstone into one final Pazuzu Bomb against the door (that still didn’t break.) It was thankfully over after Kwik had been brutally murdered. This was fucking cool but my god was it nerve-racking to watch. Loco at least put Kwik over at the end. In all seriousness all props to Kit Osbourne for taking such a beating, two days in a row.

Nasty Leroy (w/Joey Janela) defeated Dilfboy Dalton via Bobcat Dumping Dalton on a Car

Next up was the big debut for Joey Janela’s newest student, Nasty Leroy. He would be taking on the Dilfboy in a match guaranteed to be full of fuckery. Dalton stalled then found himself overpowered by Leroy. Dalton then struck back and beat down Leroy playing it up to the crowd. Leroy crushed Dalton in the corner and took him down with a discus lariat. He jabbed Dalton around the ring but the final punch was cut off by a dick kick. He tried to rush Leroy but Leroy low-bridged him into the pool. Janela gave Leroy some fireworks and he launched them at the pool trapped Dalton. Leroy tried to set up a door but Dalton charged and put him through it. Dalton looked for more doors as Janela threw a chair at him. Dalton hit Leroy with a chair and the pair fell through a door. Both men got knocked down and Leroy got a face full of door. He no-sold it and gave Dalton a bionic elbow and a slew of door shots. Both men bailed to the outside and fought over to a playground. Dalton tried to climb onto a fun-house but fell off the roof to the laughter of the crowd. Leroy capitalised and smacked Dalton over towards the bobcat (a bulldozer) present. He planted Dalton in the shovel and pulled a gun on the driver, forcing him to dump Dalton onto the car. Leroy made the pin and the madness was over. Leroy won his big debut in something hilarious. Poor Dalton.

Allie Kat defeated Denver Colorado (Drew Cordeiro) via Pool Laricat

That match was then used as a complaining point for Drew Cordeiro. He proclaimed himself one of the greatest backyard wrestlers and was insulted to have nothing to do. Allie Kat decided to give him a match to get rid of him. He tried to run her down, but she took it well and raked him across the gut then forearmed his head off. She hit two hip attacks but missed her Furball. Cordeiro bailed and hit Allie with a light tube and grabbed a door. He tried to drag Allie out of the ring but she countered and threw him into the ring post. Cordeiro fought back and put her through the doors with a DVD. He tried to piledrive Allie onto a chair but Allie dropped him on the chair with a takedown then hit a running senton. She broke a tube bundle over Cordeiro’s back and dragged him towards the pool. She threw Cordeiro onto some pebbles and then put him in the pool with a laricat. Cordeiro gave up and Allie Kat celebrated her victory as children swimming looked confused as hell. Totally random fun.

Tony Deppen defeated Kombat Kid (Chase Burnett) via KO Knee

Next up was the unsung best wrestler in GCW Tony Deppen taking on the Kombat Kid. Deppen instantly attacked from behind and kneed the life out of Kid. He got revenge by taking Deppen over with an arm drag and kicking him in the corner. Deppen followed with a stiff forearm and stomped away until Kid rolled him up and hit a crucifix driver. Deppen bailed and Kid tried to dive but Deppen cut him off and left him hanging in the ropes then kneed him back through them to the floor. He followed with a cannonball senton and hit Kid with a water bottle. They traded in the crowd and Kid threw Deppen into the car. He then launched Deppen head-first into the car again with an inverted curb stomp. Kid tried to climb up but Deppen cut him off and kneed him through the open car door. Deppen hit a back Suplex to the boot and then hit a leg breaker to the same spot. The action returned to the ring and the duo slugged it out. Kid rocked Deppen with a Superman’s elbow but his knee gave out after. He shook this off and dropped Deppen with a tornado DDT and a Back Suplex. They fought on the apron until Deppen trapped Kid and hit a DVD onto the trampoline. Deppen set up a door then changed his mind and scoop slammed Kid to the floor. Kid then hit an apron knee drop and put Deppen through the door. Deppen recovered and kneed Kid in the head again. Kid recovered and dropped Deppen with a sunset bomb and missed a Pele kick. Deppen kicked him down, hit a Lungblower, a KO forearm then a KO knee. This match was messy as hell but it was funny to watch and Deppen is still great.

Kyle Smiley (KTB) defeated Logan Stunt via Super Driver through a Trampoline

That was followed by Kyle Smiley and his quest for ice cream. He would put that aside to beat up Logan Stunt in a backyard match. Stunt attacked on the bell by dropkicking Smiley into the corner and hitting double knees. He continued with a combo of knees and kicks but was stopped by a punt kick and backsplash combo from Smiley. They shook hands then Smiley ran off as he heard the ice cream truck arriving. He returned with two cones and gave one to Stunt but rather than be nice about it, Stunt mashed it into Smiley’s head. Smiley retorted by throwing Stunt all the way across the ring and stabbing Stunt in the head with his cone. Smiley threw Stunt onto the trampoline and set up a door. He tried to launch Stunt into the air, but Stunt grabbed onto a tree limb and caught Smiley with a Hurricanrana and a blockbuster through the door. Stunt caught himself and hit another Hurricanrana to Smiley. Stunt grabbed a door and set it up. Smiley threw Stunt into the scaffolding and tripped him face-first onto the floor. Smiley hit a stalling superplex then an overhead throw into the door (that once again didn’t break) and launched Stunt into a pop-up uppercut. Smiley continued with a Go 2 Sleep and a piledriver but only got one. Stunt hit a piledriver of his own then headed up to the scaffolding. He hit a super double stomp but Smiley kicked out at one. Stunt hit a double switch destroyer but only got two. Stunt went back up the scaffolding but Smiley chased him up and put Stunt through the trampoline with a super driver. The ref called off the match and declared Smiley the winner. He checked on Stunt and the pair hugged. This was fun and I always forget how little regard for his own body Logan Stunt has.

Dexter White (Atticus Cogar) defeated Vampyro (Façade) via Air Raid Crash of Fire

Holy fuck this match was amazing. No preamble here just straight up saying how great this way. Both these guys are underrated indie gems and here they were in a backyard deathmatch. White struck first but Pyro ducked a chair shot and kicked it into White’s face. He pummelled White in the corner the ran the ropes for a springboard dropkick. White bailed so Pyro followed him with a step up 450 plancha. Pyro grabbed some doors but White ambushed him and tossed him into a ring post. White went for another chair but found himself fish hooked with a trampoline hook from Pyro. He finished setting up his doors and set White up. He went for a Sabu style chair dive but White clipped him with a tube bundle. He slammed Pyro off the doors and hit a moonsault inverted DDT off the apron. He broke a tube over Pyro and stabbed him in the shoulder. White retrieved a barbed wire board and had to hide behind it as Pyro blew fire at him. Pyro ducked a tube and broke one over White’s head then hit an elbow drop off a tree limb to a trampoline bound White. The barbed wire board entered the ring as Pyro hit a springboard cutter. A slugfest broke out with both men knocking the other silly then Pyro tripping White into the glass pile. He hit a rolling kick but White persevered and suplexed Pyro into the barbed wire. White missed a light tube leg drop and Pyro punished him with Burning Hammer into the glass. Pyro set White in the corner and covered him with a chair and tubes and hit a van terminator to the glass and chairs. White rolled out and Pyro had another platform brought out. He kept White down with a door strike and had the bobcat take them up to the top of the platform. Pyro set the platform on fire but took too long so White caught him and put him through the structure with an Air Raid Crash. The ref called the match off and White took his victory and sauntered off. As I said, this match was fucking awesome and I want more of Vampyro or Façade as he’s now known, in my wrestling experience. Both men deserve massive props here.

Eight-Man Elimination: Yard Legends: Hardass Nick (Nick Gage), Lucky the Leprechaun (Lucky 13), Psycho Joe (Joe Gacy) & Matt Demorest defeated New School Yarders: Mayday Jack (Cole Radrick), Kid Grapple (Blake Christian), Emanon (Jimmy Lloyd) & Jordan Oliver via Nick Gage Massacre

Time for the highlights treatment. Much like the scramblefuck matches, this was too much of a match to properly cover. It was full to the brim with awesome moments and exceptional performances throughout. We got Blake Christian mixing it up with Lucky 13, Joe Gacy living up to his psycho moniker, Jordan Oliver being a dick, Matt Demorest showing why he deserved to be on this backyard super team, Gage bullying Oliver, Cole Radrick proving why he deserves to have all the spotlights on him. Radrick has one of the brightest futures in this sport and I love seeing GCW showcase him properly. Lucky 13 killed it in his spots by nailing his fast and flippy offence, Gacy hit harder than a truck, Lloyd hitting back just as hard, Gage using Radrick to break the car’s windshield, Gacy hit a flying forearm off a trampoline. The action spilt everywhere with the cameras struggling to keep track, Radrick took it to Gage with a series of strikes and kicks but found himself getting drowned in the pool by the MDK King. Christian was able to fight both Demorest and Joe at the same time, flew through everyone as Gage killed Radrick for disrespecting the king. Demorest hit a double DVD on Oliver and Christian, Joe killed Lloyd with double cutters then everyone hit stunners. Radrick got the first elimination of Demorest with a senton off the scaffolding. Oliver got the second elimination of Psycho Joe with a nutcracker roll-up. Christian then quickly eliminated Lucky 13 with some teamwork from Oliver and a version of Storm Breaker. Then Gage came to play. It was four on one but that meant nothing. He threw Christian into the pool and threw Radrick over the hood of the car. He had the bobcat drop light tubes onto Lloyd then killed Radrick with a piledriver on the car. He beat the shit out of Oliver and murdered him with another piledriver. Christian hit Gage with a ton of kicks and downed Gage then went for a door. He set it on Gage and went coast to coast. Gage kicked out so Christian got some chairs and another door. He set that up but Gage reversed and put him through the door with a piledriver. Christian kicked out so Gage beat him senseless with a broken door then KO’ed him the Chokebreaker. Last was Lloyd who got into a bar fight with Gage. That got stale so Gage returned with a box of tubes. They broke all the tubes and Gage carved at Lloyd with a broken tube. He threw more tubes at Lloyd then was given a fishing rod by the crowd. He fish hooked Lloyd then pulled him into a piledriver. He hit another and that was that. Gage massacred the Young Yarders and it was beautiful. This was fun from start to finish and had a lot of fun throughout. As I said, Radrick got a lot of shine from this, taking the beating he took. Everyone killed it and was killed by Gage.

EL SHLAKO (do I really need to explain this one?) defeated JJ Escobar (JJ Allin) via Firework Nutcracker

Last but not least was one final bit of fuckery. A big mess of a match involving the public animal, SHLAKO as he took on JJ Escobar that lasted only a few minutes. However, they were a packed few minutes. Fought under falls count anywhere rules, SHLAK would probably murder to win this match. The tone was telling as EL SHLAKO came out with two goddamn fireworks launchers at the same goddamn time in red, white, and blue trousers. Escobar bailed and SHLAKO gave chase. They fought around the car as Escobar jumped off it onto SHLAKO and slammed him off it repeatedly. SHLAKO dodged a kick through the window and bounced Escobar off the car. Escobar lined up another kick but SHLAKO dodged again and Escobar put his foot through the window. SHLAKO delivered a Razor’s Edge to the hood of the car and drank two goddamn at the same goddamn time. SHLAKO pulled out a weedwhacker and administered a very painful nutcracker amongst other cuts with it. Escobar hit back and cut up SHLAKO’s sides with the weedwhacker. SHLAKO hit a German Suplex onto the hood of the car and beaned Escobar in the head with a chair. SHLAKO got behind the wheel of the car and Escobar crawled in next to him and set off a ton of fireworks in the car. Escobar took a firework to the face and collapsed to the floor. SHLAKO started up the car and hit Escobar with the car. That wasn’t the finish though, as SHLAKO taped Escobar to the chair and attached a firework to Escobar’s crotch. The firework exploded, Escobar was declared dead and SHLAKO was declared the winner. Escobar had his dick blown off and commentary could not get over this (Joey Janela freak-outs are so fun.) What a psychotic way to end a psychotic show. This was ridiculous but again, shockingly fun.

So, there you have it, GCW’s Backyard Wrestling 2, reviewed for your reading pleasure. Holy fuck this was mental. This is probably the most fun I’ve had with a show all year. It was messy, silly and so wild that it could only have been done by GCW. The crowd was into it, the stars pulled out all the stops to make it fun, Kit Osbourne took the beating of a lifetime, Nasty Leroy got his big debut and SHLAK committed kayfabe bodily harm (at least I hope it’s kayfabe.) If you like silly, violent, high impact wrestling… no actually, if you enjoy wrestling, do yourself a favour and watch this show. If enjoyment is the best medicine then this show could cure anything. Plus, as I said before, SHLAK HIT SOMEONE WITH A GODDAMN CAR, where else are you gonna see that?

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, Chris Brasso, KVR216, FITE TV, Wrestling With Unicorns, Atticus Cogar Twitter 

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