Welcome back to an undisclosed location, New Jersey for our return to the Deathmatch Drive-In. Once again, I found myself excitedly awaiting this show, especially after the insanity of the first one. This one promised to go harder, boasted even more star power, and was taking place on the 4th of July so who knew when the fireworks would fly. This card boasted Eddie Kingston against Brett Ison, Eric Ryan taking on the debuting Alex Ocean, Casanova Valentine taking on Matthew Justice, and much much more. Let’s end the deathmatch weekender on a high note and get into the violence.

Dominic Garrini defeated Big Twan Tucker via Light tube Piledriver

The show started with the Bone Collector looking to rack up his next victory in ICW NHB. Garrini and Tucker are incredibly familiar with one another so they had a ring full of boards for their match. They started it with slugs and Garrini downing Tucker with Kawada kicks. Tucker powered through and hit a stinging double chop into a black hole slam. He grabbed some chairs and set up a board. Garrini woke up and started pummelling Tucker with chops and put him through the board with a flapjack. He continued to beat down Tucker with broken door parts and set up another board. Tucker tried to hook Garrini into a slam but Garrini broke out and locked in a sleeper. Tucker fought this off and drove Garrini back-first through the door. Tucker grabbed some light tubes but had his charge cut short with a knee strike into a German Suplex from Garrini. He charged Tucker and was met with a tube bundle across the face. Tucker grabbed a light-tube covered board and more bundles. He brought in another tube board and tried to set it up in the corner but Garrini hit Tucker with a whole board and smashed tubes over him with kicks, smashes, and headbutts. He stalled though and Tucker speared him through the other tube board. He kicked out of a pin and put Tucker through the other tube board with a German. Tucker rose to his feet and tried to slug Garrini but Garrini just broke more tubes over his head and finished him with a piledriver onto the glass. Garrini racked up his second win and we got to see him in a proper deathmatch. I loved this and I hope I see more of Twan Tucker, he’s one hell of a kaiju wrestler. Great opening match.

Eddie Kingston defeated Brett Ison via Spinning Backfist

Excitement doesn’t even begin to cover what I was feeling for this match. These two were about to kill each other. Kingston and Ison are two of the heaviest hitters in wrestling and now they were going to go to war. They locked up and found a stalemate. They traded strikes until Ison overpowered Kingston and beat him down in the corner then delivered a vicious back kick. Kingston bailed but Ison followed and continued pounding away. Kingston chopped at Ison’s legs that goaded him into kicking him in the chest. Ison obliged, powered up Kingston, and had his face bitten at for the trouble. Ison fired back with a stiff right hand causing Kingston to collapse to the mat once again. Ison hit a facewash across the chains and tried for a pin but Kingston bucked out and raked Ison’s eyes. They continued to trade slugs as the crowd continued to rally behind Kingston. He finally got a solid string off chops in and launched Ison with an exploder. He floored Ison with an STO but found himself on the receiving end of an overhead belly to belly. Kingston peppered Ison with palm strikes but was rocked by a rolling elbow and taken over with a Saito. Kingston powered through again and hit a Gamenguri but Ison knocked him to the dirt outside with the Cannon knee strike. Ison dragged Kingston inside and ate a Spinning Back Fist, sending him to the outside. Kingston dragged Ison in and the slugged/chopped it out again. Both men teed off on one another but Ison nearly scored the knock out blow. Kingston escaped Street Justice and hit a duo of Backdrop Suplexes and cracked Ison with a spinning back fist for the three-count. This was awesome. It was a King’s Road classic with Kingston making Ison look like a champion. Nothing pretty just a pure fight and that’s exactly what I wanted. The Mad King took to the mic and after running down some cocky fans, gave an impassioned speech about getting his ability to fight back and called out Zack Sabre Jr, Cody Rhodes, and Nick Aldis because he wants to take the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title to AJPW. Kingston is coming for you lads, better run.

Eddy Only defeated Tim Donst via Light Tube PK

Time for the first fuckery fest as Eddy Only took on Tim Donst. The ring was full of plunder and Only was ready to hurt someone. Only was his usual pleasant self and mocked the fans and his opponent. Donst didn’t even make an entrance, instead opting to hit Only with a tack bat as he chatted shit. He dedicated the match to Danny Havoc then broke a tube over Only’s head and hit a stalling Suplex on the outside. Donst threw him into some lawn chairs and the ring post. Only ran and smashed a tack bat into Donst’s head. Only annoyed the crowd, allowing Donst to recover and smash Only in the head with another tack bat. They had a bat fight then Only threw Donst into the ring. Donst recovered and dived onto Only through the chains. Donst threw only into the ring and pinned Only in the corner with a barbed wire board to the back. As the ref tried to free Only from the wire, Donst unleashed more tacks across the ring. Only bailed and Donst chased him with a baking tray. After a shot to the head, Only got back in the ring and sat amongst the tacks as Donst set up the can board. Donst was hit with a spinebuster into the tacks and locked in a half crab. He then put Donst through a tube board and pummelled him with the broken board. They got onto the apron with Donst sacrificing himself to put Only through the can board with a Russian Leg Sweep. They traded Germans and exploders in the ring then Donst hit a cutter into the tacks. Donst tried to set up tubes but Only suplexed him onto them and trapped Donst in the chains. He pummelled the trapped Donst with fists, booted tacks out of his mouth, and put skewers in his head after Donst spat at him. Donst wouldn’t quit so Only hammered him with a container and more tubes. Donst was freed and nearly won with a back-body pin but Only kicked low and won with a light tube PK. Donst put up a herculean effort but unfortunately Only was the bigger scumbag and better deathmatch guy. This was a great fuckery fest and Only makes anyone look good because they always want people to hurt him. As he sat to make another speech, the fucking Sandman appeared, gave the crowd beers, and gave Only a caning. He shared a beer with Donst and made his exit.

Eric Ryan defeated Alex Ocean via Head-Stomping Half Crab

Next up was another ICW debut. Alex Ocean, a breakout from No Peace Underground (an awesome little promotion) and deathmatch up and comer was here to take on ICW stalwart and deathmatch vet, Eric Ryan. Talk about a baptism by fire. Ocean is known for taking some insane spots, so there’s no telling what he’d do here. They started with chain wrestling that Ryan won through the power of fork then found his hold broken by a skewer from Ocean. The tubes came out and Ryan broke two over Ocean with a headbutt and a fist. He did the same with a bundle then got a headshot from Ocean. Ryan sat Ocean down and went for more tubes but Ocean broke them across his chest with a chair shot. Ryan bailed and tried to grab his barbed wire shopping cart but Ocean cut him off. He took too long grabbing chairs so Ryan ground his face into the barbed wire. He set up a barbed wire board and put Ocean through it with a leg sweep off the apron. Ocean was thrown back into the ring and hit with a senton through more tubes. He took a fork to Ocean’s head, slammed him into the glass but found himself going through tubes via a chain hung butterfly piledriver from Ocean. He went to break another tube over Ryan but Ryan knocked his legs out and he faceplanted the tube. The fork came out again but Ocean regrouped and smashed some tubes in the corner over Ryan. He hit a nutcracker with a chair then hammered it in further with another chair. He then curb-stomped Ryan into a tube bundle for two. Even more, tubes were kicked into Ryan but Ocean got too cocky and was hit in the head with a bundle then launched outside with a Northern Lights. Ryan set up another barbed wire board and put himself through it with a light tube dive as Ocean dodged death. The fight headed to the production area as Ocean set a ladder on top of the production trailer and put Ryan through a board with an elbow drop. They made it back to the ring where Ocean put Ryan through a tube chair with a 2K1 Bomb. He then hit Ryan with a double stomp duo through tubes. Ryan powered out at one, smashed Ocean’s head into a fork board, set up more tubes then had said tubes kicked into his face by Ocean. Ryan refused to stay down so Ocean charged Ryan through an ultimate fuckery board. Ryan couldn’t be pinned, broke a light-tube rake over Ocean’s head, cannonballed him through a fork board, and ended it with a tube assisted stomping half crab. Ocean may have lost but he took it to one of ICW’s best and made the crowd fall in love with him. Ocean is a beautiful example of deathmatch wrestling’s future.

Matthew Justice defeated Casanova Valentine (w/Riley Madison) via Superfly Splash

Next up was another Valentine dream match. Casanova Valentine would have to shake off the Gage beating, unleashed the Garden Weasel, and deal with the human embodiment of thrash metal, Matthew Justice. They started with a weasel vs crutch stand-off with Justice choosing to air guitar so Valentine raked him in the chest. The weasel was knocked away and the duo slugged it out. Valentine raked the eyes and tried to charge but Justice hung him out on the chains. He removed Valentine’s bandage and threw him into the corner. Valentine fell knees first into some tubes and had them ground into his head. Justice sent him into another corner and continued to rake at Valentine’s wounds. They slugged it out again and Justice threw Valentine through a door. Justice hit Valentine with a broken door and took the fight to the outside. They brawled on the outside as Justice went into a car. They reached the production trailer where Justice hit Valentine with a stool and Valentine put Justice through a table with an overhead belly to belly. Valentine got a beer from a fan and smashed it into Justice’s face. They headed back to the ring where Justice beat down Valentine with a chair and dived onto a chair-bound Valentine off the apron. Justice set up a table and knocked Valentine onto it by throwing a chair at him. He climbed onto a nearby car and put Valentine through the table with a splash. Madison saved Valentine and distracted Justice with a slap. He looked to put Madison through a door but Valentine saved her and put Justice through a door with a DVD. Valentine took the weasel to Justice’s back and dug it into his head. He then hit a tube nutcracker, breaking them in Justice’s groin with the weasel. Valentine impatiently waited for another door to be delivered and set it up in the corner. He planted Justice back in the ring and put him through the door with a powerbomb. A ladder was brought in by Madison and Valentine hit the windmill with it. Justice asked for more so Valentine suplexed him into door parts and the ladder. Valentine set up another door and tried for another Suplex but Justice escaped and cracked Valentine in the head with the ladder. Justice set up the ladder, hit Valentine in the head with a chair, and climbed to a platform. Valentine threw a chair into Justice’s head and threw him off the platform through the door. Valentine then dived onto Justice with a big splash. Justice kicked out at one so Valentine hit a DDT into the mat. He gave Justice a savage chair shot and asked for the barbed wire door. As Valentine set up the board, Justice’s Second Gear Crewmate 1 Called Manders rushed the ring and speared Valentine through the barded wire door. Justice embedded a skewer pile with a firework taped to it into Valentine’s head and Manders tried to light the fuse. When that didn’t light, Justice hammered them in with a chair shot and finished Valentine with a big splash. Valentine once again came up short but he nearly fucking killed Matthew Justice and got to fly. Valentine shook Justice’s hand, Madison kneed him in the balls then a rabid SHLAK scared everyone off with a barbed wire bat. Homicide made an appearance to confront SHLAK as they were meant to have a match. They will now have a match at the next event.

Akira defeated Matt Tremont via Sunset Flip

This was going to be a good one. Akira blew me away at Volume 2. He is a deathmatch samurai with an 80s martial-arts-inspired move-set that stole the show. Now he had a shot at the single most decorated American deathmatch star, Matt fucking Tremont. They started with a bar fight where they traded blows then Akira put his hands behind his back and urged Tremont to keep hitting. Akira took the blows and rocked Tremont with kicks. He went for another shot but Tremont blocked it with a chair and hit him in the head. Akira tried to shake it off but Tremont just hit him again. Tremont looked to use tubes but Akira cut them up over Tremont’s head with his Katana sheath. Tremont bailed to the outside and cleaved Akira out of the air with more tubes. They brawled on the outside, trading shots and Akira attacked Tremont’s head with a tube. He broke another tube over Tremont’s back and sat him down for some chest kicks. Tremont answered back with some vicious right hands, requested chops, and raked at the wounds on Akira’s chest. Akira answered back with a double chop, peppered Tremont with Kawada kicks, and threw him into the ring post. Akira charged into the ring post and hit Tremont with a bridging German after escaping a DVD. Akira charged Tremont but Tremont through him over the chains and through a tube/table contraption on the floor. Tremont told Akira to stay down so of course Akira got up and crawled back into the ring. Tremont once again tried to DVD but Akira escaped with a leg sweep and hit the diving tube senton. Akira had a ton of tube cabins set up and climbed a ladder. He tried to kick down Tremont but he was stunned with a light tube and superplexed through the tower of tubes by Tremont. Somehow, Akira kicked out and managed to escape a powerbomb attempt by rolling through into a Sunset flip. The ref counted three and Akira stunned the world with a win over Matt Tremont. He took the punishment, gave Tremont a fight, and picked up a crafty win. Tremont took it in good faith and put Akira over big time. Much like Alex Ocean, Akira is going to be the future of fucking deathmatches. If there was ever a torch-passing moment, this felt like it. Tremont celebrated deathmatch wrestling and told the crowd he was writing his last chapters now after 15 years in this bloody industry. What a fucking match from the fucking future and the fucking man in deathmatch wrestling, Matt Tremont.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Jeff King via Table Superplex

Last but not least, the main event. The Duke of Hardcore taking on The Old Timer. Jeff King is crazy, make no doubt about it. I’ve seen him go to war with SHLAK and so many other deadly matches and here he was in a match with the man that beat SHLAK last week. King taunted and was instantly hit in the head by a tube bundle and dropped on his head with a brainbuster. He grounded glass into King’s face and dropped him on a glass board. He attacked King with a knife and dodged King’s comeback, throwing him into the chains. Murdoch followed King outside and smashed more tubes over his back. He then hammered a gusset plate into King’s arm then had a plate hammered into his head by King. Murdoch retorted by battering King with a tube cover water cooler then threw him in the ring. He was tinkering with a table when King tried to dive onto Murdoch, missed, and put himself through the table. Murdoch hit a Deep South Destroyer and stabbed King with more tubes. King recovered and put Murdoch through a barbed wire board with a backpack cannonball. He set up some chairs and set Murdoch onto them. He climbed the top rope and missed a diving senton, crashing back-first over the chairs. Murdoch went one step further with a brainbuster onto a chair for two. More tubes were broken over King and a table was brought into the ring. Murdoch tried to cover it in tubes but the table gave out and Murdoch took his anger out on King with more tubes to the back. He got set-up and went top rope but King threw tubes at him and tried to fight Murdoch off but was Superplexed off the table (as the table didn’t break) and won the match. I love King’s crash test dummy approach to matches and he did everything he could to make Murdoch a monster. Murdoch got his second win in ICW when a familiar song hit the speakers… Nick F’N Gage was in the house and he wanted to fight.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Nick Gage via Chair Brainbuster

Nick Gage was in the location and he was here to steal the main event. He taped up his wrists, shook off the GCW fight from earlier, and squared up to Murdoch. Gage face washed Murdoch in the corner then the pair bailed to the outside and they brawled on the outside. Gage tanked a headbutted, bit at Murdoch’s head then ground a broken can into his forehead. Gage caught a stool thrown at him and rammed it into Murdoch’s face then took a bundle of tubes to the head. He hammered a gusset plate into Gage’s head then tried to retreat as Gage fired back and smashed more tubes over Murdoch’s head. He rained down punches onto a downed Murdoch then initiated a bar fight. These two shoot-headbutted each other and threw slugs until Gage threw his chair away and downed Murdoch with a flying forearm. He threw Murdoch threw a barbed-wire door, sandwiched Murdoch in it, and hammered away with the water cooler. He then suplexed Murdoch through a broken can board. He freed Murdoch from the wire and got Suplexed onto the floor. He smashed Gage with a bit of broken board and shanked Gage with a broken tube. They had another slugfest on the floor with Gage going to the eyes and smashing Murdoch with the board. They re-entered the ring and hit duelling light tubes. Gage hit Murdoch with a stop sign and speared Murdoch through another can board. Gage set up the Cornette Contraption (a small board covered in fuckery and an 8×10 of Jim Cornette on it) and powerbombed Murdoch through it. Murdoch took a seat so Gage grabbed a thumbtack bat and ran it down Murdoch’s back before smashing it across him twice. Gage hit a Piledriver but took too long on the follow-up and ended up eating a Brainbuster to a chair. The ref counted three and Murdoch got his second win of the night. The fans weren’t happy but Murdoch earned it after the beating Gage gave him. This was fucking ultraviolence. It was vicious, unrelenting, and amazing to behold. Gage even gave Murdoch the respect for beating him.

So, there you have it, ICW No Holds Barred, Deathmatch Drive-In 2 reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was a fucking awesome show. Brutal, bloody, full of surprises and home to one of the greatest speeches ever courtesy of Eddie Kingston. This tops off the deathmatch weekender with a bang as this show offered another level of craziness after GCW’s Backyard Bash yesterday. It was exceptionally fun to watch and to see two future stars in Alex Ocean and Akira receive a platform like this makes me happy. Murdoch became a King Slayer tonight and I cannot wait to see the Deathmatch Circus next month. ICW NHB keeps getting better and I am happy to be along for the ride.

Also as an after note, one of those people Kingston called out took notice…

All images courtesy of IWTV Twitter, ICW NHB Twitter, Chris Grasso, Orlando Death Squad, Nick Aldis Twitter

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