Killer Kelly announced on Twitter that she has officially joined the wXw Academy as a trainer and will be leading the first women’s training class for the Academy. wXw is the training school associated with Westside Extreme Wrestling which is considered the biggest promotion in Germany. Kelly will be a part of the school that currently has wXw standout Robert “Avalanche” Dreissker as its head trainer.

Killer Kelly is a noticeable star from wXw and a former trainee at the Academy, was popular on the UK indies with companies like Pro Wrestling EVE and Riptide as well as breaking out in her native country of Portugal and working in Japan with Sendai Girls. She also had a showing during WWE’s second Mae Young Classic tournament in a match against Meiko Satomura and was a long-standing member of the NXT UK brand before leaving earlier in the year. As the inaugural wXw Women’s Champion, Kelly will have a lot to offer the female trainees of the academy.

All images courtesy of Killer Kelly Twitter, wXw Twitter

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