Due to the continued global pandemic, All Elite Wrestling decided to change the format for their Fyter Fest special event. Fyter Fest 2020 would be a two-night event. Fyter Fest Night Two was meant to feature Brian Cage vs Jon Moxley but, due to Moxley’s exposure to the virus, this has been moved to next week’s show, that will also be a special event, Fight For The Fallen. Fyter Fest Night Two featured the current AEW World Tag Team Champions defending their titles against Private Party. We also saw Nyla Rose in action, Colt Cabana join the Dark Order in the ring and we finally saw Orange Cassidy face off against Chris Jericho.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. Hangman Adam Page & Kenny Omega (c)

Kenny Omega tried to use his years of experience against his younger opponent, Marq Quen but they seemed to be quite evenly matched. Omega hit a move, Quen replied with another. This battle caused us to see glimpses of old school heel Kenny Omega as frustration took over. Both the champions jumped into the ring overcontrolling Quen. Quen noticed the sticky situation he was now in and fought both champions off before tagging out. Outside the ring, Hangman took his frustration out on Quen throwing him over the barrier into the crowd. Kassidy saw his wounded brother in arms collapsed at ringside and decided he was going to get some payback. Kassidy flew off the middle rope into Hangman and knocked him down into the barrier as well.

Everyone returned to the ring. The champions worked hard to destroy any advantage Private Party was able to gain. Omega knocked both members down before focusing his attack on Kassidy. Kassidy wasn’t out for the count yet though as he repeatedly punched Omega in the head and chest creating some much-needed distance. Both members of Private Party circled Omega like sharks stalking their prey, the champ tried his best to fight and escape, but Hangman was nothing to be seen. Hangman sensing the danger jumped up and tagged in. Hangman seemed to get some control back, that was until Kassidy and Quen showed off their excellent team working abilities once again. Private Party knocked down Hangman this gave Kassidy the chance to fly into Omega.

Hangman attempted a Buckshot but was reversed by Kassidy. Quen climbed to the top rope, hit a shooting star press and it seemed to be all over. Until the One-Winged Angel raced to break the pin-up. Private Party attempted a Gin and Juice, but Kassidy was taken down by a V-Trigger from Kenny Omega while Hangman hit Quen with a Liger Bomb. The AEW World Tag Team Champions hit Kassidy with the Last Call and retained their titles.

An excellent match to start Night Two of Fyter Fest. Private Party worked their arses off, giving everything possible to try and get their paws on the Tag Team belts, at last to no avail though as our current champs just had the right answers on this day. If this match was anything to go by next time it may not go so well for the Champions.

Winner: Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page – Rating: 4/5

Joey Janela vs. Lance Archer (w/ Jake Roberts) 

This match meant a lot to the Bad Boy Joey Janela as he was fighting The Murder Hawk and aimed for revenge for Sonny Kiss. Lance Archer concentrated on boiling Janela’s blood as he came to the ring carrying an unconscious Sonny Kiss. The bell hadn’t even fully chimed before Archer raced across the ring smashing Janela down, throwing him out of the ring and into a barrier. A few more barrier hits until Archer started to get bored of his prey and threw him back in the ring hoping to end it all early. Janela started to fight back, running into and knocking down the Murder Hawk. Janela climbed the ropes and flew into Archer before jumping back out of the ring setting up a table.

Janela, feeling the momentum, climbed under the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He prepared to climb back onto the top rope and hit Archer with the chair, the referee quickly confiscated the chair. Due to Janela spending too much time an angered Archer saw his opportunity to strike another attack. Archer raced into Janela once again knocking him down and then dragged him towards the rope, he used it to choke his opponent. Joey Janela seemed to be beaten down, being whipped, and thrown all around the ring. Though even after suffering brutal attacks the Bad Boy wasn’t giving up just yet, climbing back to his feet and throwing multiple punches at Archer’s chest. All the fight in the world couldn’t save Janela from being outmuscled as one huge Bear Claw was all it took to knock him back down. Sensing the danger, his tag team partner found himself in. Sonny Kiss raced to Janela’s aid, distracting Archer and giving Janela just enough time to get a few knocks in.

Janela had some fuel to burn as he focused on knocking down The Murder Hawk, which is no easy task. Multiple hits seemed to do close to no damage. Janela tried another knockdown attempt but was caught by Archer who lifted him ready to serve the last blow. Janela fought out of the hold and it was Archer’s manager who would come to Janela’s aid. Jake Roberts argued with the referee not realising that this helped Janela, both Janela and Kiss took it in turns to climb to the top rope and perform splashes on the Murder Hawk. Janela pinned and received a two-count, Lance Archer was never going to be beaten so easily. Janela tried once again to climb the ropes but was grabbed by Archer who carried him across the ring, hit a superb Blackout through a table. There was no fire left in Janela as he seemed to struggle to fight unconsciousness, Archer pulled him back into the ring and won the match.

The match benefited from some smart booking and great creative direction. Joey Janela and Lance Archer played the role of David and Goliath perfectly. Archer was showed to be a monster who anyone would struggle to gain control over, whereas Janela displayed his passion and fight refusing to give in until the very last moment.

Winner: Lance Archer – Rating: 3.5/5

Taz’s ground-breaking announcement

Taz and his client Brian Cage came to the ring to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Taz declared it was unfair that Jon Moxley would be the only champion in their Fight For The Fallen AEW World Championship match, set for Wednesday the 15th of July 2020. Brian Cage is a rightful champion, Taz continued to explain and therefore deserved his belt heading into their match-up. Out came Taz’s FTW World Heavyweight Championship from his days in ECW, which Taz presented to Cage.

Lucha Bros & The Butcher and The Blade vs. The Young Bucks and FTR 

FTR still haven’t filed a police report about their stolen truck as the Lucha Bros, the Butcher and the Blade turned up in the said vehicle. Pentagón Jr started the match against Nick Jackson, but Nick wasn’t good enough for Pentagón Jr as he signalled for Dax Harwood to tag in. They went back and forth battling for control, reversing every hold on one another. Chops, punches, slaps, you name it they reversed it. Pentagón Jr was the first to gain some control for his team as he hit Dax with a huge kick and tagged Rey Fénix in. Fénix feeling the momentum hit Dax with a huge kick to the face, a shot to the back of the head, a diving stomp all to finish it off with a springboard off of the top rope. For all his enough Fénix only managed a one-count.

Dax finally created some distance between him and Fénix, tagging in Cash Wheeler. Cash seemed to have better luck at gaining some control as he dominated Fénix. Cash pulled Fénix close to his turnbuckle setting up his next big move but was quickly tagged by Matt Jackson instead. FTR didn’t seem overly happy about tagging with the Young Bucks. Fénix escaped Matt’s attacks and tagged Blade into the match. Nick and Matt Jackson tested the limits as they both jumped into double-team moves against their opponent. The Butcher and The Blade then took their chance to test the rules as they worked on isolating Nick from his teammates, causing quite a bit of damage before Pentagón Jr tagged in. Pentagón Jr and his fellow teammates all raced to the ring to continue the isolation of Nick Jackson.

Nick refused to take any more punishment as he broke into a flying, athletic battle with Rey Fénix, this battle ended with a hurricanrana from Nick. A brawl broke outside the ring as everyone partnered off. Back in the squared circle, Cash Wheeler was struggling due to the fatigue caused by Blade, he managed to crawl his way to the turnbuckle, only to find Matt Jackson there. Matt being well-rested, flew into both Lucha Bros, knocking them down over and over again. Matt then flew off the top rope into everyone possible. The Young Bucks and FTR seemed to finally get their groove as they worked together to isolate and dominate Pentagón Jr. All four members then worked on Blade, Dax started the attack with a slash, Nick then flew off the ropes. The match ended with a final battle between Pentagón Jr and Matt Jackson. Pentagón Jr attempted to fly out the ring but was stopped by Nick. Nick and Fénix connected flying out the ring together. A mistiming by Cash and Matt gave Pentagón Jr the advantage, Pentagón Jr hit an FT Driver and won the match.

Superb tag team match. It worked well to highlight every single competitor and whatever skill set they own. It also told a great story as we saw the tense relationship between the Young Bucks and FTR, they seemed unhappy to tag each other but quickly learned that they had to work together. Whereas, The Lucha Bros and The Butcher and The Blade didn’t share this problem, knowing exactly what they needed to do to gain the win. 

Winner: Lucha Bros, The Butcher and The Blade – Rating: 5/5

We then watched Big Swole arrive at the Jacksonville Arena with her gear bag ready to watch the show. Although, she was met by security and an AEW executive who served her with papers, stating that Big Swole has been suspended due to the kidnapping and the harassment of Dr. Britt Baker.

Nyla Rose vs. Kenzie Page vs. KyLynn King 

While there was much speculation on who Nyla Rose’s mystery opponent would be, it turned out to be two of the indie talents featured on Dark at the moment. In very simple terms, this was a squash match. The youngest AEW competitor Kenzie Page looked completely petrified to be in the ring alongside the Native Beast. Nyla destroyed Page and then her tag partner Kilynn King as well. The match didn’t last long and ended with Rose lifting Page and throwing her into King. Nyla Rose then took to the microphone to let everyone know she hired a manager but isn’t ready to tell us who it is. This whole match and segment read as “thanks for coming, Nyla” but there wasn’t much point. It was a complete waste of an opportunity. AEW should have just put this match on one of their already full Dark cards.

Winner: Nyla Rose – Rating: 1/5

Dark Order & Colt Cabana vs. SCU 

The Dark Order did their usual stalking walk to the ring, this time with Colt Cabana in tow. Christopher Daniels wanted to start the match, probably due to all the trouble, the Dark Order caused SCU just a few months ago. Daniels fought against Grayson, who worked his arse off to have his best match within AEW. Daniels took control on Grayson, knocking him down with a dropkick. He then hit a backbreaker. SCU then took it in turns to continue the attack on Grayson, Frankie stomped on Grayson’s back, then Sky tagged in dodging and reversing every one of Grayson’s attacks. Colt Cabana was next to the tag, Sky used Colt’s waist injury against him using a waist lock while Colt screamed in pain. Colt attempted to create some space running from rope to rope but was blocked once again. Colt threw Sky into the ropes and Grayson put his knee up.

Dark Order members raced into the ring, mounting an attack on SCU. After the attack calmed down, Mr. Brodie Lee tagged in and beat the living hell out of Sky. Mr Brodie Lee demanded Colt come into the ring continue the attack. Grayson then took his chance to attack Sky, repeatedly kicking him. Sky tried to fight back slamming into Grayson, but this doesn’t end well for Sky as Grayson doesn’t blink an eye. Brodie returns to the ring sending huge punches to the back of Sky. Colt tagged in and repeatedly punched Sky’s rips, exactly what Brodie Lee demanded, angering the other SCU members.

Attempted pin by the Dark Order but it was only a two-count. Sky struggled to stand and fight back as he had been in the ring far too long. Seeing his escape, Sky threw Grayson out of the ring and hit Colt’s injured ribs, he tagged in Frankie. Frankie lit Brodie Lee up with punches and then a DDT, only a one-count. Brodie kicked back displaying his more aggressive site, both Daniels and Frankie attempted to bring Brodie down but all attempts failed. Sky dropkicked Brodie but Grayson was quick to jump in and attack Sky, Frankie then attacked Grayson, Brodie returned to his feet to attack Frankie and Daniels performed a moonsault press off the top rope. Brodie and Grayson returned to mount the last attack on Daniels, Brodie demanded Colt make the pin and Colt Cabana won the match.

Another great storytelling match as it completely focused on whether or not Colt Cabana would be joining the Dark Order. We watched the conflict within Colt as he fought his demons to find out what his moral limits were. Any limit seemed to go out of the window when Colt finally got another win, does this mean Colt will join for the improved win record?

Winner: Dark Order & Colt Cabana – Rating: 4/5

Orange Cassidy (w/ Best Friends) vs. Chris Jericho (w/ Proud N’ Powerful)

When Orange Cassidy puts his hands into his pockets, you know he means business. Swings and misses for Jericho who just couldn’t catch Cassidy, Cassidy then flew off Jericho’s back continuing to outsmart Le Champion. Jericho was thrown out of the ring and into a barrier. Both Cassidy and Jericho climbed back into the ring, Jericho saw his chance as he hit the Walls of Jericho. Cassidy crawled to the ropes for a moment of relief but is attacked by Ortiz with a mad ball. Jericho started to get frustrated with Cassidy’s antics. Jericho took full control, he threw Cassidy into the opposite turnbuckle. Cassidy tired a reverse rollup but only managed a two-count. Cassidy returned to dodging Jericho’s hits but is eventually thrown out of the ring and Jericho dropkicks into him.

Jericho getting vicious threw Cassidy spine first into the barriers, then he attacked him with one of Leva’s books. Santana got involved mocking Cassidy with a huge carton of orange juice. Jericho does a usual Le Champion and gets completely distracted by arguing with referee Aubrey Edwards. Cassidy tried to mount another attack, but it didn’t go anywhere, leaving Jericho open to mock him further. Jericho worked hard to ware down Orange Cassidy. Cassidy tried to fight back again repeatedly hitting the ribs of Le Champion. Jericho caught him and locked him into a shoulder submission move, Jericho attempted to cheat using the rope but was kicked off by Aubrey Edwards.

This gave Orange his chance to repeatedly hit Jericho once again. Jericho knocked Orange out of the ring, Cassidy held onto the ropes and Jericho flew into Cassidy knocking him into another barrier. The match seemed to be repeating itself at this point, Cassidy fought back but was knocked into the barriers once again. Cassidy knocked Jericho in the face with his boots, then hit Jericho with head scissors. Cassidy repeatedly kicked Jericho with his little kicks, then a huge kick to the face, but only received a two-count. Both competitors climbed to the top rope, battling over who would gain control of the situation. Jericho was thrown off and Cassidy flew off the top rope, very close two-count.

The battle continued, it nearly ended with a Superman punch from Cassidy, but Jericho reversed IT with other Walls of Jericho. Proud N Powerful threw orange juice into Cassidy’s face. The referee was distracted by Proud N Powerful, giving Jericho his chance to hit Cassidy with a bat. Cassidy hit Jericho with a Scrum Dog Millionaire and then a swinging DDT, but Jericho kicked out. Cassidy tried another Superman punch, but it was reversed with the Judas Effect for the win. A great main event to finish the show. The moves Cassidy did manage to get in looked excellent while Chris Jericho showed more of his heelish frustration over Cassidy’s annoying behaviour. 

Winner: Chris Jericho – Rating: 4/5

Fyter Fest Night Two may have suffered from a lack of championship matches as it didn’t have the same excitement as felt watching the first night. Night One was a PPV level of quality without an insane price tag whereas Night Two seemed to be another excellent episode of Dynamite. The show was well put together and had some great matches, it just didn’t have the same exceptional PPV feel.  

Fyter Fest Night Two Rating: 7/10

All images and videos courtesy of All Elite Wrestling and TDE Wrestling