Gary Ward, the owner of the newly created UK promotion, Wrestle Carnival, just announced its first international partnership with Lucha Libre Barcelona, a Spanish-based wrestling company created last year. Wrestle Carnival will welcome Lucha Libre Barcelona’s top performers in 2021, and Wrestle Carnival roster will also be involved in Lucha Libre Barcelona shows. “I’m delighted to welcome Jeffrey and the team at Lucha Libre Barcelona to Wrestle Carnival and hope for a long and successful partnership,” stated Gary Ward.

Gary Ward, former co-owner and promoter for Wrestle Gate Pro, announced last month he is departing the company he founded in the fall of 2018. In a statement, he was officially announcing his departure from Wrestle Gate Pro, as well as his merchandising company Lariat Apparel, as both were acquired by Shane’s Wrestle Talk company. Gary Ward is remaining in the business and is now moving forward with the launch of a new promotion, Wrestle Carnival.

Gary Ward began in the wrestling scene as a photographer for multiple UK promotions, before working behind the scenes in a small capacity for Southside Wrestling Entertainment (SWE). In 2018, he founded Wrestle Gate Pro, which sought to combine British wrestling with Japanese Strong Style. The brand gained international attention when it was the site of Adam “Hangman” Page‘s confrontation with PAC during the early days of AEW in 2019.

Wrestle Carnival is ready to begin operations once the UK government allows the re-opening for live events. More details will follow, including event and match announcements on @WrestleCarnival.

Screencap courtesy of Wrestle Carnival