AEW announced Fight For The Fallen during Fyter Fest Night One and it certainly was a shock announcement as many of the matches suffered from none to little to no build-up. Fight For The Fallen was completely built around the AEW World Championship match between current champion Jon Moxley and the FTW champion Brian Cage. During Fight For The Fallen, we also saw Cody defend his TNT Championship against Sonny Kiss, the Lucha Bros face FTR, Jurassic Express face The Elite and The Nightmare Sisters were in action.

TNT Championship Match: Cody (C) (w/ Arn Anderson) vs Sonny Kiss

Cody tried to finish this match early as he hit Kiss with a huge boot, punches and kicks to the stomach. Cody attempted a pin but Kiss rolled out of the ring, Anderson had a pep talk with his client. A battle started as both competitors left the ring and then came back. Kiss tried to gain some control but was caught by Cody and locked into a submission. Kiss fought out and the fight started to run through Kiss’s bones that were until Cody started to dodged every move he threw at him. There was a real back and forth in the first moments of this match as they dodged each other’s moves.

Kiss attempted a pin but was only a two-count, Cody then dodged again. Cody attempted a Cross-Rhodes but Kiss reversed to a Cross-Rhodes of his own, another two-count. Kiss climbed to the top rope and hit Cody with a 450 Splash, another two-count. Kiss hanged to the top rope and attempted to pull Cody in but instead, Cody threw him over the rope and onto the entranceway. Cody lifted Kiss up and slammed him into the entranceway, pulled him back into the ring but Kiss was too close to the rope.

By this point in the match, Cody just didn’t seem to be acting right as he made too many simple mistakes, Anderson seemed worried and angered at Cody’s heelish behaviour. Cody lifted Kiss again and dropped him on his head mid-ring. Cody lifted him again and carried him to the top rope, Cody suplexed Kiss off the top rope but is met with another kick out. Cody continued to show his frustration arguing with referee Aubrey Edwards. Kiss saw his chance rolling Cody up but Cody immediately reversed it to another neck submission. Cody wanted the match done by this point, showering Kiss with punches. Kiss tried to show fight but he was too beaten down, Cody hit a Cross-Rhodes and retained the TNT Championship.

Really enjoyed this match while it may not have been the best match of Cody’s AEW career and it won’t go down in the history books as one of the best matches ever, but it did have amazing storytelling. We got to see a completely different side of Cody, many started to boo Cody as he purposely hurt Sonny Kiss in unnecessary ways.

Winner: Cody (And Still TNT Championship)              Rating: 4/5

Lucha Bros (w/ The Butcher & The Blade) vs FTR

Pentagón Jr started this match against Dax Harwood. Pentagón Jr took Dax down with a huge superkick, this gave Fénix the chance to come into the ring and help his brother cause more damage to FTR member Dax. Rather shockingly, the Lucha Bros messed up one of their moves, Fénix attempted to lift Pentagón Jr and flip him onto Dax, it didn’t go that way and after two attempts Pentagón Jr just fell onto Dax. Cash and Fénix both tagged in. Cash rushed to take control which allowed Dax to come in and help his tag partner. FTR lifted Fénix and then dropped him down mid-ring.

Fénix fought back hitting Cash with a running dropkick off the apron. Fénix then focused to isolate Cash as he tied him up in the ropes before he dragged Cash back to the middle of the ring. Pentagón Jr tagged in and continued Lucha Bros control, even mocking FTR as he slowly strutted over to Dax, Pentagón Jr dragged Cash and performed a submission move right in his tag corner. Rey Fénix then flew off the top rope but Cash catches and reverses with a big hit to the face. Dax tagged in and knocked both Lucha Bros down, lifted Pentagón Jr and suplexed him into Fénix. Dax finished his attack by hitting a running uppercut, only ended with a two-count for his hard work. The Lucha Bros focused on taking back control after the close two-count, they isolated Cash. Springboard leg drop from Pentagón Jr, another two-count.

A brawl broke out between the two teams Fénix seemed to be the worse off afterwards. Pentagón Jr jumped in the ring and dragged Fénix to their corner so he was able to tag in. Big right hands and elbows from Dax on the top rope against Pentagón Jr, Dax suplexed Pentagón Jr. Cash then climbed the ropes and flew into Pentagón Jr but his knees were up. Fénix flew off the top rope attempting to hit Cash but his knees were up. Another huge brawl broke out between both teams. Fénix and Dax toppled over the middle rope. Back in the ring, Pentagón Jr attempted to drop Cash on the hard part of the ring, both Cash and Pentagón Jr reversed this multiple times. Pentagón Jr fell out the ring, Cash flew onto him, Fénix joined in the fun and flew into everyone. Back in the ring, Fénix and Dax continued the match, Fénix hit a super hook kick. It seemed to be going in Lucha Bros favour until Dax ripped off Fénix’s mask to win the match.

This was the most shocking moment of Fight For The Fallen. It certainly shows us more of FTR’s character as it truly is the biggest insult to remove a Luchador’s mask. The ending showed incredible storytelling and what made this match truly brilliant was the superb wrestling. By the end of the match, the Lucha Bros failed move was long forgotten. This match showed exactly why The Young Bucks called them FTR.

Winner: FTR                                                               Rating: 5/5

The Butcher and The Blade watched the whole match by FTR’s stolen truck, right at the end of the match they were attacked by the Bucks of Youth. Kenny Omega then came to the ring with an ice cooler full of beer to apologise for last week and celebrate with FTR. FTR wasn’t too happy and instead poured beer all over Omega’s head.

Chris Jericho then came to the ring to make a statement about the ‘demo war’ AEW is currently in with an unknown promotion. Jericho explained to everyone how rankings work and why AEW and Le Champion were, in fact, winning the war. He then continued his rant explaining why he will never face Orange Cassidy again, which of course meant Cassidy came out. While Jericho continued his little strop, Orange Cassidy displayed a thumbs down, then orange juice fell from the sky covering The Inner Circle.

Jurassic Express vs The Elite

Nick Jackson and Jungle Boy started the match with a lock-up battle, Nick showed off his athletic ability as he performed a rope-assisted takedown of Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy wasn’t giving up yet as he jumped off the top rope to take Nick down and then hit him with a dropkick. Marko Stunt and Kenny Omega then entered the competition. Omega refused Stunt’s handshake, clearly not taking him very seriously as he refused to remove his t-shirt. Omega threw Stunt headfirst into the ring then reversed every one of Marko’s moves. Marko saw his chance though and knocked Omega down, clearly angering Omega who ripped his shirt off. Luchasaurus and Matt Jackson tagged in.

Matt knocked Luchasaurus down and attempted a pin. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus worked together to lift Stunt and threw him into Matt, Jungle Boy quickly took down the other Elite members. Stunt flew out the ring into Matt twice and started dancing. Nick run down the ring and kicked Stunt in the head, Omega attempted a snapdragon on Luchasaurus but he reversed with a huge dropkick. Everyone fell out of the ring one by one, Omega flew out of the ring into everyone. Omega pulled Jungle Boy back into the ring and attempted a pin but only a two-count. The Elite then focused their attention on an already fatigued Jungle Boy. Omega climbed the top rope with Jungle Boy on his shoulders and flew into the middle of the ring. Nick and Matt attacked Jurassic Express stopping Jungle Boy from escaping. Matt had Jungle Boy locked in a submission but he was able to fight out by hitting Matt’s injured ribs.

Jungle Boy hit Matt with a swinging DDT and tagged Luchasaurus who dropped each member of the Elite one by one. V-Trigger from Omega who refused to give up against Luchasaurus hit another V-Trigger. Omega went one by one hitting each member of Jurassic Express with a Snap-Dragon. Omega attempted another V-Trigger on Luchasaurus but it was blocked and reversed to a back elbow. Luchasaurus lifted Stunt and threw him into Omega. Extinction Event on Omega but the Bucks of Youth broke the pin. Stunt tagged in and helped Jungle Boy hit Nick with an assisted swinging DDT but only a two-count. Stunt climbed onto Luchasaurus’ shoulder to hit a Destroyer on Matt but Omega broke the pin. Omega went to hit Stunt with a V-Trigger but Luchasaurus saved Stunt. Stunt attempted a roll-up but Omega hits him with a big knee and then a One-Winged Angel for the win. After the match ended, Omega kept punching Stunt in the head but was pulled off by Bucks of Youth.

This match had an amazing finish as Omega teased a heel turn. This match had some impressive wrestling moves and amazing storytelling. Every single competitor displayed their own athletic ability and it was fantastic.

Winner: The Elite                                                 Rating: 5/5

The Nightmare Sisters (w/ Dustin Rhodes) vs Kenzie Page & MJ Jenkins 

For the second week in a row, the only women’s match AEW featured on their show was a rather pointless squash match. This time The Nightmare Sisters faced Kenzie Page and MJ Jenkins in a match that lasted all of five minutes. It really was pointless should have just been shown on Dark.

Winner: The Nightmare Sisters                                              Rating: 1/5

Dasha came to the ring to interview Nyla Rose who announced her new manager as Vickie Guerrero. Personally, I wouldn’t have put these two together but it may work perfectly, so we are all going to have to wait and see.

AEW World Championship Title Match: Brian Cage (w/ Taz) (FTW Champion) vs Jon Moxley (AEW World Champion)

The bell hadn’t even rung yet before Moxley was racing across the ring attacking Cage. Cage reversed and dropped Moxley to his knees, then he lifted him up and headbutted him into the turnbuckle. Cage lifted Moxley once again and threw him headfirst into the middle of the ring. Moxley was stuck in the corner but started to fight back hitting Cage anywhere he could. This was the first time Cage seemed to show weakness. Moxley now focused working on the previously injured bicep of Cage. Moxley used several different arm submission moves to injure the bicep, Cage started to fight back realising the danger he was in.

Cage created some space between him and Moxley, regrouped with Taz at ringside. Moxley flew into Cage locking in another arm-bar, they both rolled out the ring. Moxley threw Cage into the barriers, then stuck Cage’s injured arm into between the barriers. Moxley set up another barrier but was thrown into it by Cage. Cage started to regain control until Moxley reversed his headlock, Cage then reversed again and attempted a cover. Moxley was thrown into the turnbuckle. They continued their back and forth battling for control though no one was really gaining an advantage. They exited the ring once again but Cage was too slow to gain an advantage on an injured Moxley. Cage finally made a move and suplexed Moxley through a chair.

Back in the win Cage hit a power slam, he attempted to climb the top rope to fly off the rope but Moxley moved. Moxley hit Cage with a huge knee to the face. Cage wasn’t down for long as he hits Moxley with a clothesline, Moxley then hit Cage with a clothesline. Moxley hit Cage with a Paradigm Shift but Cage kicks out. Moxley then returned his focus to Cage’s injured arm; locking in an armbar. Cage stood up and lifted Moxley, hit a powerbomb off the top turnbuckle. Moxley reversed Cage’s pin into another armbar, this time the submission was too serious. Taz threw the towel in knowing that Cage would be out for months if he allowed it to continue. After the match ended, the lights turned off and Darby Allin appeared, jumping on his skateboard hitting Cage’s throat.

I went back and forth with the rating for this match, loved parts of it and some just didn’t hit. I understood why Taz threw the towel in for Cage but it just wasn’t a satisfying ending, wanted a little bit more from this match. The other problem with this match was it was predictable, part of me wished Cage had won as that would have been shocking. However, this match was very good, in terms of wrestling I couldn’t find a single fault. The storytelling was good, I just wanted a little more from it.

Winner: Jon Moxley                               Rating: 3.75/5

Fight For The Fallen was a rather well-put-together show. While the show did lack any shocking results and many of the matches had no build-up the overall show didn’t suffer at all. There were a few minor problems, The Nightmare Sisters match should have been shown on Dark so there was no real competitive women’s match once again. However, the storytelling featured in most of the matches was superb and only helped to feed the fire of possible heel turns and new factions.

Overall Rating: 7/10

All images and videos courtesy of All Elite Wrestling 

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