by Heather Bandenburg


The best way to inject some positivity into the future is that we get to watch wrestling again. And there is some seriously exciting talent in Brit Wres at the minute working within some female-led promotions. So make sure you get the chance to catch one of these bad-ass women who are fighting the good fight:

Hannah Lawless

courtesy of @burningheartsfe

Lawless is a feminist agitator and promo-assassin that moonlights as a drag king wrestler called Rich Tea. She’s also part of a project helping train queer wrestlers in Leeds.

Catch her at Burning Hearts (
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courtesy of @clementineprwr

Inspired by magic, computer games and anime – Clementine is part warrior-princess, part Pokemon trainer, all charm. Her default setting is ‘humble’, but she’s been in a music video; stood toe to toe with Millie McKenzie and is the current holder of her school’s championship belt.

Catch her at Pro Wrestling Eve (
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Aleah James

courtesy of RIPTIDE Wrestling

Aleah hit the ground running last year with a spate of high profile debuts and is currently a sponsored SPLX athlete, and recently has become part of the management team for a SchadenFreude – not bad for someone 2 years in to their career! Aleah is hard-hitting, genuine, and rocks a scrunchie.

Catch her at SchadenFreude (
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Zelina Power

courtesy of Zelina Power @ Facebook

Many wrestlers love what they do enough to commute in order to train and perform – Zelina commutes from Her ring style is full of energy and Lucha moves; she is fast growing to become an international name, and her version of training during lockdown was going to the woods and beating the shit out of logs.

Catch her at London Lucha League (
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courtesy of @chakarawrestler

Chakara has more power, attitude and skill in her ring entrance than most veterans have in their entire match. She’s a born fighter with matches at Progress, Riptide and Pro Wrestling Eve already under her belt. It’s guaranteed she is going to make it big – but for now, if you haven’t heard her hilarious promos and podcast recordings with a frenemy, Cassius the Neon Explosion, you’re missing out.

Catch her at Wrestling Resurgence  (
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