Last Saturday, Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary PPV premiered worldwide live on Fite TV and blew all expectations. The most talked-about wrestling PPV of the year will receive its worldwide television premiere on Fight Network UK this Saturday, July 25 at 9 pm BST. Fans will be able to see all the surprises, all the returns and all the action on SKY channel 192 (via Showcase TV).

As described in the PPV review and Impact Wrestling statement, Slammiversary “was firing on all cylinders Saturday night.” Not only the matches were excellent but some wrestlers made their debut or comeback and Impact Wrestling became the company’s biggest live event in years. Slammiversary 2020 smashed IMPACT’s record for single-day total impressions and trended #1 on Twitter.

The situation was the same on Tuesday as the Fallout From Slammiversary broke some records on Twitch and trended #2 on Twitter. The comments on Twitch, from all over the world, let think this will continue as viewers were delighted of the content shown and the wrestlers competing.

Viewers across the globe can watch IMPACT Wrestling content on a variety of platforms and devices including the IMPACT Plus SVOD service and digital channel for $7.99 a month; on the promotion’s highlight-packed YouTube Channel, on AXS TV USA and on every Tuesday night at 8 PM EST (1 AM BST).
The show is available to view in the UK from 2 am Wednesdays on the IMPACT Plus app and airs at 9 pm Wednesdays on Fight Network UK (Sky 192/Freesat 161) and repeated on Fight Network UK at 9 pm on Sundays.

All pics and videos courtesy of Impact Wrestling