Welcome back to GCW. This time, we got ourselves a big one. GCW has thrown together a massive weekend event full of big matches and big surprises. On today’s offering of wrestling excellence, we get the return of ACH as he battles Tre Lamar, Joey Janela taking on the demon doll of DDT Yoshihiko, Nick Gage vs SHLAK, Homicide trying to dethrone Rickey Shane Page and much much more. let’s get into the first day of this wild weekend.

Scramblefuck: Calvin Tankman defeated Matthew Justice, Allie Kat, Benjamin Carter, Jimmy Lloyd & Lee Moriarty via Murder Driver to Carter

Our first match of the night was the scramblefuck, so it’s time for some highlights. This one was going to be good as it was full of GCW favourites, prospects, and the monster Calvin Tankman. He was instantly taken out by teamwork for Lloyd and Carter, then that duo was destroyed by Moriarty and Allie. Justice went on a chop fest until he too was stopped by Moriarty and Allie. She tried to betray Moriarty so he took her out with a huge dropkick then got KO’ed by Tankman with a back elbow. Carter and Lloyd went through a fast exchange that ended with Carter hitting a ton of flips and a step-up Code Red. Tankman and Justice tried to stop him but ended up being stepping stones for a diving destroyer onto Lloyd. Carter then had to try and face off against the two big men and decided to dive out of the ring onto Moriarty and Lloyd instead. Tankman dumped Justice on the outside, then flattened everyone with a massive Tornillo over the top rope. Carter quickly rebound and took out Tankman with a diving cannonball and ate a Tenzan Piledriver from Lloyd. Allie saved the match with an Eat Defeat but ended up smashed with a coast to coast from Justice after her furball. Justice and Moriarty mixed it up with Moriarty showing off more of his hyper athleticism. Tankman entered as Justice had Moriarty in a Fireman’s Carry and dropped both with a backdrop driver. Carter hit Tankman with a twisting Moonsault senton for two but only got two. A frustrated Carter tried again but Tankman caught him into a massive powerbomb and dragged him through into what I’m calling the Murder Driver, as I’m not 100% sure if I can class it as an Omega Driver or a Northern Lights Bomb. It was just pure viciousness and pain in a move. Tankman claims his second scramblefuck win and continues to be an immovable object. What a fucking opener, short sweet, and action flying everywhere.

ACH defeated Tre Lamar via Dragon Fly

To say I’m excited at the return of ACH would be an understatement. He is super talented, super athletic, and super good at what he does. He was making his return against one of the newest stars in GCW, Tre Lamar. They started with lock-ups and traded a series of technical holds as both men traded momentum and knockdowns. Lamar caught ACH off guard and dropped him with a series of kicks and a rope rebound. Lamar continued to push the advantage by running ACH through the corner and kicking him out of the ring into the apron. He caught ACH with a tope on the outside and a twisting crossbody in-ring. Lamar hit ACH with some corner chops then tried to throw ACH into another corner. ACH caught himself floated over and threw Lamar outside with a Spike-Rana. That was followed by a massive PK and a slam into the boardwalk. They traded slugs on the floor then ACH crippled Lamar with a duo of backbreakers. ACH returned some disrespect by scrubbing the face and beating down Lamar against the turnbuckle, purposefully targeting the back. ACH continued to grind down Lamar with newfound aggression, posturing to the crowd as he did so. More strikes followed but as they did, ACH got cockier and cockier, so Lamar drove him face-first into the turnbuckle as he posed. Lamar tried to keep momentum going but ACH dropped him with a huge dropkick to the head. ACH locked in a Camel Clutch but Lamar broke free and dropped ACH down. ACH immediately responded with a chop to the thigh and a superkick to the face. ACH continued to mess with the crowd and initiated a slugfest. Lamar tried for a rolling elbow but ACH caught him and delivered another elbow to the back. Lamar hit back again but was felled by another elbow to the back. ACH continued to trash talk so Lamar fired up, hit a flurry of strikes, and ended it with a rolling Pele Kick. He feigned a springboard, kicked ACH back then hit a springboard elbow for two. They fought over an apron Suplex, then Lamar dropped ACH with a springboard flatliner over the ropes. They traded reversals and counters until ACH caught Lamar with a basement dropkick. After more strikes, he planted Lamar with a deadlift bridging German Suplex. They fought over another Suplex and Lamar caught ACH with a duo of double stomps, the second off the top rope. ACH flipped off Lamar so Lamar hit him with a rolling implant neck breaker for two. Lamar tried it a second time, so ACH dropped him on his head with a brainbuster and ended the match with the Dragon Fly Frog Splash. This went long but deservedly so. It was a highly dramatic return to form for ACH who seems to be wrestling with a grudge and I’m all for it. He also gave Lamar another star-making performance. Excellent stuff.

Chris Dickinson defeated Mance Warner via Brainbuster

Next up would be the battle of Second Gear Brawler vs Dirty Daddy. Both men throw hands and both men like to fight so this was going to get ugly especially since Dickinson came to the ring pissed off. Within two seconds Dickinson had levelled Mance with a dropkick and rope chops. This was followed by a rolling leg lariat and more chops then a bridging German. They traded chops and slugs then Dickinson hit Mance with a Mutoh style rib breaker across his knee. He went top rope and Mance followed to deliver a hangman’s cutter. They brawled on the outside as Mance beat him down around the fans then choked Dickinson with a rope. Mance continued to throw slugs and winded Dickinson with a throat thrust. The strikes fired Dickinson up who started throwing back and dumped Mance on his head with a deadlift Falcon Arrow. Dickinson hit a duo of running forearms and ran through Mance like a train. They traded boots then Mance stopped Dickinson with a headbutt. Mance followed with a lariat to the back of the neck and locked in a crossface. Dickinson broke free and hit Mance with a DVD. Dickinson tried for a second but Mance wiggled free and stopped him with a ripcord headbutt, stunning both of them. Mance continued headbutting as Dickinson threw more slugs then ran into a spinebuster for two. He hit Dickinson with knee pad up, knee pad down but again only got two. He hit a second knee and willed Dickinson to his feet for a third but Dickinson caught him into a powerbomb and dropped him with another German. Mance held on so Dickinson stomped his head and went top rope for a beautiful missile dropkick. Both men fired up and traded lariats then downed each other. More traded slugs followed until Mance ducked a chop and hit a DDT. Dickinson shrugged it off, hit a Dragon Screw, and kicked Mance into a brainbuster for three. Fuck me this one was hard to watch and I loved it. Both guys will be battered and bruised but both were good sports about it. Dickinson is an unstoppable force and without a doubt one of the true kings of the indies.

Blake Christian defeated Alex Zayne via Heartbreaker (Rolling Flatliner)

From the battle of the bruisers, we now go to the battle of the flippy and furious. Zayne and Christian are both GCW breakouts and are both famous for flippy shit. I’ve talked at length at Christian’s ability to diversify but here he would have to contend with the king of flips and sauce, Alex Zayne. After an opening dropkick, Christian broke the internet with a tope con dragonrana to the boardwalk. About 30 seconds in and we’d already reached that level. Zayne answered back with a floor Rana and clipped Christian with a trust fall moonsault to the outside. He floored Christian with a slug to the jaw and a Suplex. Christian fired back with some chops but was caught by a Baja Blast Spinning slam from Zayne. They continued to trade then Zayne unleashed a kick combo on a top rope bound Christian and brought him crashing down with a superplex. Christian kicked out and answered back by kicking out the leg and hitting a basement dropkick. Christian went for a half and half but was hit by a Gamenguri. Zayne missed a flip and was caught into the half and half. Both men were down then both tried for kicks. Zayne counted Christian and nearly broke the ring with a massive Uranage. Zayne went up for the Crunch Wrap but Christian caught him and kicked him all the way to the floor, Zayne bouncing off the ropes on the way down. Christian broke the internet again by hitting a Fosbury Flop into a Tombstone. As commentary searched for gifs, both men slugged it out on the floor, damage taking its toll. They fought over another superplex but both men were knocked off and Christian rolled Zayne through into a Fisherman Buster. Zayne threw Christian into the corner and finally hit the Crunch wrap Supreme but only got two. Christian found a burst of energy, dodged a dive, planted Zayne with a Spanish Fly, and followed through with a Springboard 450 but only got two. Zayne chopped a turnbuckle bound Christian and hit a leaping Frankenstiener but Christian rolled it into a pinfall. Zayne kicked out and caught Zayne with a GTS knee into the Taco Driver but Christian somehow kicked out. After knocking Zayne of the turnbuckle with a head-scissors, Christian hit a diving double stomp to Zayne’s back and hit Elia for two, shocking the crowd. Christian finished the match by dropping Zayne with a snap Burning Hammer (at least, that’s how I classify it) and a rolling flatliner (which I’ll dub Heartbreaker after Stormbreaker) for the win. What a fucking show of athleticism. Both of these guys killed it (and themselves) to put on an unbelievable match. It was a nice mix of flips, power, and outright dare devilish antics.

After this, we got the announcement that Tournament of Survival 5 will be August 22nd in the Sandlot at the Showboat, Atlantic City. GCW’s big deathmatch tournament is back!

Deathmatch: Alex Colon defeated AJ Gray via Top Rope Spanish Fly to Death

To illustrate the deathmatch tournament news, we got a deathmatch between Alex Colon the TOS 4 winner, and AJ Gray, the former GCW champion and in-ring monster. This was gonna get bloody. They started by playing dodge the deathmatch implement and Colon broke the first light tube by hitting Gray with a tube dive. Colon borrowed a fan’s chair and slammed Gray into it then sat him down and lariated him out of it. He stabbed Gray with a broken tube and made a unicorn horn of broken glass. Blood and glass flew as Gray broke a tube through Colon with a clothesline and tore at Colon’s forehead with glass. He broke more tubes over Colon and laid in some slugs. Gray decorated himself with blood and lit Colon up with kicks. Colon kicked back but was chopped back down. Gray choked him with a chair and then launched Colon through a glass pane back in-ring. Gray was handed some gusset plates but Colon survived a slugfest and hammered a plate into Gray’s head then with a plate in his head, headbutted Gray. He tried to hammer Gray with a barbed-wire door but Gray threw it back at him and then set it up in front of Colon and kicked it into him. Colon withstood and put Gray through the wire with Sliced Bread. Colon went top rope but was hit with the door again. Colon held on and killed Gray with a double stomp that barely missed the barbed wire. Colon grabbed a chair and attack Gray with another tube. He sat Gray down, gouged his eyes then placed a light-tube chair in his lap. Gray woke up, attacked Colon with a tube, and set the tube chair on some more chairs. Gray put Colon through the chair with a Superplex but Colon somehow kicked out. Gray hit Emerald Flowsion and still only got two so he put Colon through the barbed wire door with a powerbomb and even that got two. Gray called for fuckery and had a barbed wire glass pane brought out. That was set up and Gray perched Colon up top for an Awesome Bomb but Colon countered into a Spanish Fly for the win. Gray put up one hell of a fucking fight but Colon was able to withstand and hit the killing blow to win the match. It was bloody, violent, and full of glass. Hell fucking yeah. Colon was a good guy after and put AJ Gray over strong for entering Colon’s world and going all out in it. Deathmatches are for the culture.

Effy defeated Spyder Nate Webb via Dragon Sleeper

Next up was something lighter as Spyder Nate Webb, one of GCW’s fondest characters took on Effy, another of GCW’s fondest characters and its newest daddy. After a sing-along to Teenage Dirtbag and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, the action kicked off with a failed rock paper scissors game and Effy bitch slapping Webb. He tried for a choke but Webb bucked him off and threw him outside. Webb grabbed a chair and cracked it across Effy’s back but Effy snatched it off him and did the same. Effy choked him out and took a seat. He then threw Webb into the chair and the duo chopped it out. Webb ran Effy into the ring post then ran himself into the ring post. Effy capitalised and dumped Webb on the apron with a Back Suplex. Back in-ring he found a Cranberry sign and bashed it off Webb’s head and locked in a headlock then gave Webb a massage. Webb snapped out of it, hit a single-leg codebreaker then found Effy biting his nipple. Effy turned this into a bridging Northern Lights but Webb kicked out and struck Effy in the corner with a cannonball. Effy fired back with some jabs and a crotch drop. The barrage continued with a corner boot and a fabulous DDT. Effy grabbed the chair and looked to hit Webb in the head with it after some air guitar but Webb reversed and slapped it into Effy’s head. He followed with a Tornado kick and hit the chair-sault. Webb tried for a half and half but Effy reversed it with a lariat, hit a TKO, and locked in the Dragon Sleeper, forcing Webb to tap. This was short, sweet, and just a bit of fun, a nice break.

SHLAK defeated Nick Gage via 44OH! Bullshit

All the glassware was out for the next match as the two big deathmatch stars got ready for war. The Public Animal Number One taking on the MDK King of this fucking shit. Prepare for violence, blood, and insanity here. It started with a tube vs pizza cutter duel as both men wielded their tool of destruction like a lightsabre and dodged the glass pane. SHLAK was thrown into rope taped tubes and Gage broke more off his head. Gage hit a chokebreaker and set up weaponry. He took too long and SHLAK put Gage through a light tube pyramid rigged door. The fight travelled outside as SHLAK broke a tube on Gage’s back with a chop and another with a headbutt. Gage fired back by lobbing a barbed wire board at SHLAK and punched in SHLAK’s face. He ground glass into SHLAK’s head and smashed in SHLAK’s head with a broken door. He placed the door fragment in front of SHLAK and tried for a face wash but SHLAK woke up and whacked Gage with it. He broke a couple more tubes then put Gage through a glass pain with an Olympic Slam. 44OH! members Eric Ryan, Eddy Only, and Atticus Cogar appeared with tube bundles and stalked the ring. SHLAK ignored this and ground glass into Gage. Ryan swung at Gage with a bundle but missed and KO’ed SHLAK. Gage went for the pin then cancelled it, citing “fuck that shit” as his reason. Gage wanted chairs and got them for a ton of tubes and a bar fight. They broke tubes on each other and threw hands for the rabid crowd as a blinded SHLAK hit a chokebomb. The ref was dragged out and SHLAK tanked a bundle thrown at him to take out Cogar and Ryan. Gage didn’t like being ignored and hit SHLAK with a chair as only hit Gage with a bundle and laid SHLAK on Gage. SHLAK got the win but no one was happy. Fuck you 44OH, this was going to be a war and they killed it off. Gage is getting his revenge tomorrow in a Team MDK vs 44OH fight where he gets a title shot if he wins and has to leave GCW if he loses.

DDT Ironman Heavy Metal Title Match: Joey Janela defeated Yoshihiko via Diving Elbow Drop

Now for the match, none of you were expecting, Joey Janela vs Yoshihiko for the DDT Ironman Title. He’s fought the invisible man and now he has to face his deadliest enemy, the demon doll of DDT. From AEW to GCW, Janela was here to fight. Yoshihiko caught everyone off-guard by instantly diving at Janela with a crossbody and a second diving crossbody. Janela survived the onslaught and rolled through into a moonsault press and through Yoshihiko out to the boardwalk below. Janela threw Yoshihiko around more with no regard for their body. He put Yoshihiko into a Figure – Four but Yoshihiko reversed the pressure and forced Janela to the ropes. He rebounded and threw Yoshihiko across the ring with a Suplex toss, hanging them in the ropes. He tried a moonsault but the demon doll dodged and punished him with a cover. Yoshihiko locked in a waist lock and was hit with a series of Germans. He really was sent to Suplex City and had to kick out of a bridging one to end. Janela was sent into the crowd with the Yoshihiko special and hit a second one that knocked Janela to the floor. They slugged it out on the floor then Janela threw Yoshihiko into the apron and tried for an apron Suplex but Yoshihiko reversed and hit an apron doll-stroyer. Janela somehow kicked out and went top rope for a top rope double flipping German that launched Yoshihiko to the boardwalk. Janela collected some chairs and a ladder as Yoshihiko tried to recover. He set up a door and the ladder then whacked Yoshihiko off the ring as the doll re-entered. This would be his undoing as Yoshihiko reversed him and hit a spike DDT. Yoshihiko placed Janela on the door and climbed the ladder. After a tentative look around, they dived off the ladder with a splash and broke the door and Janela for two. He reversed another doll-stroyer and powerbombed Yoshihiko to the floor and followed that up with a double stomp. Janela hit the elbow drop and bested Yoshihiko and claimed the DDT Ironman title. This was fucking hilarious and honestly, I knew Janela was going to put on a barn burner with Yoshihiko. After a speech from Janela offering to defend the belt anywhere, he was attacked by Lio Rush, who had been posing as Yoshihiko’s handler. He hit Janela with the Midnight Hour and a match was set up for Part 2 billed as the final match.

GCW World Title: Rickey Shane Page (w/44OH!) defeated Homicide via Piledriver

Last but not least in this GCW Supershow was the main event, Homicide, the original outlaw, and all-time great taking on Rickey Shane Page in title match action. Could GCW’s most loved take out GCW’s most hated? RSP instantly bailed like a bitch and stalled for time, making Homicide wait. RSP raked at the face in a lock-up and continued stalling. They brawled on the outside with both men trading strikes. They returned to the ring as Homicide raked RSP’s back and drove him into a turnbuckle. 44OH! interfered to cut his momentum and RSP attacked with a knee. Homicide fought back and chopped down RSP. RSP went back to the eyes and choked Homicide on the outside with 44OH! interference. RSP took the time to mock the crowd so Homicide took the time to punch him in the face and strike back again. He went to RSP’s eyes but got splashed in the corner and slammed into the mat. The fight went back outside as RSP was bounced of fan seats. He brained RSP with a door and dropped it over his back. Back in-ring, he fish-hooked RSP and tried for Three Amigos. He got two then RSP reversed with a knee-buckling Suplex toss. RSP continued by standing on Homicide’s back and Suplexed Homicide over the ropes. Homicide hit a nutcracker and stabbed RSP in the armpit with a fork then stabbed south. Eric Ryan interfered to get rid of the fork and RSP sent Homicide to the floor again. RSP continued to strike Homicide off the ropes and ate a DDT from Homicide. A slugfest broke out and Homicide took RSP down with a series of running forearms. RSP then ran him into the corner and tried for a superplex but was hit with a powerbomb. That was followed by a Saito and tried to go top rope but Cogar crotched him. RSP superplexed Homicide and tried for a chokebreaker but Homicide reversed into a Cutter/Lariat combo. Homicide took out Cogar but ate a boot from Eric Ryan and kicked out of RSP’s cover to deliver a belly to belly into the turnbuckle. Only tried to interfere but Homicide killed him off. It was enough though as RSP recovered and put Homicide through a door with a spinebuster. RSP hit the chokebreaker but Homicide picked the ankle and locked in an STF. RSP tapped but 44OH! distracted the ref… again. Homicide got angry, hit Cogar with the Cop Killa, and ran into a second chokebreaker from RSP. Page then went for the ultimate insult and hit the short piledriver to end the match. Homicide put up a valiant effort but the 44OH! bitches kept the title from him. It was a sombre end to one fucking awesome show. If that was Homicide’s last run in GCW, he went out a hero. SHLAK and Gage tried to save the day but 44OH! legged it. 44OH! ran the show at the end of today but I don’t think it’ll be the same for part 2 as Team MDK goes to war with 44OH!

All images courtesy of Earl Gardner Photography, Chris Grasso, Kayden (KVR216), Rob (HeyyImRob), GCW Twitter

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