It’s time for day two of GCW’s Homecoming weekender. This day would have a tough job following the spectacle that was yesterday’s wild ride but it had all the tools to be even better. We’d see Joey Janela vs Lio Rush, Chris Dickinson battling Calvin Tankman, more Scramblefuck madness and of course the big 44OH! vs Team MDK match that could earn Nick Gage another GCW Title shot or see him forced to leave the company forever. Let’s get into the action.

Lee Moriarty defeated Tony Deppen via European Clutch

The show opened up with what could very well be the best technical match on the card. Both Tony Deppen and Lee Moriarty are smooth as silk grapplers and exceptional wrestlers. Now they had a ring together and they were going to make the most of it. They started with a technical trade-off, looking to bar each other’s arms until Moriarty made a unique escape and Deppen backed off in confusion. Moriarty tried for a series of pinfalls but Deppen kicked him off and transitioned to an Abdominal Stretch. They traded some strikes and jabs with Moriarty getting the better of Deppen’s offence and pissing him off. They continued to play avoidance but Moriarty got the better of it, kicked Deppen’s arm out, and dropkicked him out of the ring. Deppen kneed Moriarty out of a dive and started pummelling him in-ring. Moriarty struck back but Deppen continued to chop or forearm him down. Moriarty was finally given a chance to strike back by kicking Deppen in the head and turning it into a combo ending in a leaping double stomp. He avoided more of Deppen’s strikes and hit a double stomp to the arm. He continued his assault on the arm with a hammerlock Flatliner, then took Deppen out with a dive and a springboard forearm. Deppen escaped with an arm drag and baited Moriarty into a deadly leaping foot stomp to the head. He continued with a Tiger Driver and locked in a submission off the kick out. They slugged it out with Deppen at a disadvantage and downed each other with lariats. Moriarty continued to work the arm and caught Deppen with a leaping Flatliner, then locked in a cross arm breaker. Deppen distracted Moriarty with a snot rocket and used that to hit a tornado codebreaker. He followed up with a brainbuster and KO Forearm but only got two. Deppen continued to pummel Moriarty but Moriarty tanked off it and trapped Deppen in a European Clutch for the win. He got the upset win over the gatekeeper of the company in clever fashion. Both men opened the show in style and I swear GCW needs to keep booking Moriarty, he’s awesome.

Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice, Effy, 1 Called Manders & Mance Warner) defeated Benjamin Carter, Façade, Logan Stunt & Lord Pinkie Sanchez via Manders Moonsault

Next up was a fun clusterfuck of a match as the Second Gear Crew took on an ensemble of indie talent. Everyone startled brawling instantly as Sanchez attacked Effy. The SGC cleared the ring and easily dispatched Stunt as he tried to fight all four of them. Effy picked him up and threw him into his teammates on the outside. The fight broke to the outside, tempting Effy to dive but Sanchez cut him off and jumped onto the SGC. Carter then did the same with a frog splash. Façade then did the same with a rope walking imploding senton because of course, he did. Carter then rocked Manders with a Dragonrana off the top and a superkick to the mouth. He then hit another frog splash but the SGC swarmed and killed Carter with a Hart Attack. They were about to beat down Carter when Sanchez interrupted with a light caress to Effy’s face. He stopped, walked over to Sanchez, and kissed him before doing the same to Carter and Justice on the tag. Justice continued the pummelling of Carter, then brought in Manders to do the same. Manders dumped Carter with a stalling Suplex but lost him flipping out of a German. Stunt was tagged in and flew at Manders with a dropkick, sending him into his corner and a tag to Effy. He tried to manhandle Stunt but Stunt crashed down with a massive double stomp to Effy’s face. Stunt took some strikes from Ol’ Mancer but was then downed with a pop-up headbutt. Façade came in next and took out everyone with a slew of different kicks and a leapfrog cutter to Manders. Lastly was Sanchez who stomped Manders and murdered Effy with a Burning Hammer. The wind stopped Façade from blowing fire at Effy so Effy threw Sanchez into Façade and SGC killed off Façade with a combo of finishers ending in a Mander Moonsault. This was frantic fun with the SGC showing their capability in a ring.

ACH defeated KTB via Brainbuster

Next up was a match guaranteed to be an athletic masterclass as KTB and ACH were ready to go to work. They started by trading technical lockups and picked up the pace slightly. ACH taunted KTB, then flipped round him in a rope running sequence. KTB then chopped down ACH for being cocky, then dragged him up into a rope walking arm-drag. ACH bailed so KTB taunted with a lionsault pose. ACH was not impressed and grabbed a chair from under the ring, mocking KTB’s chant. KTB gave chase but was hit by a running dropkick and an apron PK. ACH then cut a promo on the audience for not applauding him more so KTB chopped him as he held the mic. ACH ducked another so KTB ended up chopping a lamppost. ACH started pummelling and hit him with a foam beast hand so once again KTB chopped him to the floor. The action returned to the ring and ACH unleashed his speed and power on KTB peppering him with a ton of strikes and kicks. KTB caught ACH into the splash combo and gored him in the corner. That was followed by a snapmare chop and diving headbutt. They fought on the apron and both kicked each other to the floor. They both grabbed doors and slugged it out again. ACH tried for a Suplex on the outside but KTB hung him on the ropes and kicked him in the head. KTB set up a door and tried to muscle ACH to the top rope but ACH broke free and snapped KTB’s neck of the ropes. ACH hit a springboard cutter and flipped the fans off again. ACH tried to put KTB through the door but KTB rebounded and speared ACH through it in brutal fashion. KTB hit a rope spring powerbomb and set up the other door. ACH slid under the door and tried to go top rope but KTB cut him off. They fought on the top rope where ACH knocked KTB off and hit him with a super distance splash. Both men performed amazing feats of athleticism, then ACH put KTB through the door with a superplex. KTB powered up so both men slugged it out again with ACH taking a slew of knee strikes but surviving to hit a superkick and brainbuster for the win. This fucking rocked. ACH’s aggressive and antagonistic attitude is so fun to watch and being paired against someone like KTB just brought out the best in both.

Deathmatch: Alex Colon defeated Zachary Wentz via Glass DVD

Next up was a unique match. It would be the Rascalz Zachary Wentz taking on the deathmatch don in his own playground. Wentz is an amazing hybrid wrestler but could he cope with Alex Colon in a deathmatch. They started with a lockup and a couple of brushes with glass, then Colon grabbed a tube and Wentz dodged it in every way possible. Colon gave up, broke the tube over his head, and ran Wentz into some rope taped tubes. Colon tried for a tube dive but it didn’t break so he just broke the tube on Wentz’s back instead. Colon broke another tube and stabbed it into Wentz’s head. He ran Wentz into a chair but was kicked out of a charge and evaded a second one by hitting Colon in the head with a tube. He then sat Colon down and dived onto him with a cannonball. Wentz continued to beat Colon around ringside but back in-ring Colon fired back and stabbed Wentz in the head with another tube. Wentz dodged another shot and broke a tube into Colon’s chest with a PK. He then started a duel and snapmared Colon into the glass after taking his hit. They went for round two and Wentz got the better by kneeing the final tube into Colon. Wentz hit a Uranage into the glass and tried to go top rope but Colon threw him off through a tower of glass and barbed wire doors. Colon dragged Wentz back in and hit a frog splash for two. Wentz fired up and launched Colon into some rope tied tubes and hit a handspring knee into a springboard cutter. Another pane was set up and Colon placed against it but he woke up, smashed Wentz with a tube, and put Wentz through the pan with a Spanish Fly for two. He then kicked a bundle into Wentz’s head for a one. Adrenaline was fuelling Wentz as he stunned Colon on the top rope with a tube and set up a bundle. They fought on the top rope with Colon hitting a Style’s Clash through the bundle but it still wasn’t enough. Colon quickly picked Wentz up again and killed him with a DVD into the glass. Wentz went all out in this and I’m proud of him. He didn’t half-ass his deathmatch chance and made Colon work for it. Everyone loved this and Colon gave Wentz the respect he’d earned. This was fucking awesome.

Scramblefuck: Blake Christian defeated Alex Zayne, Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, Jimmy Lloyd & Tre Lamar via Elia to Oliver

It’s highlights time as we get a scramblefuck of the young and the hungry. Between the flips and the fast, we were certain to get a spectacular scramble. We started with quick throwouts as Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver rekindled Injustice to work together with stereo dives. Lloyd took out Oliver so Reed and Lamar scrapped in the ring. Lamar excelled in athleticism, then took an End of Days from Lloyd and Christian took over. We got a three-way dance between Lloyd, Christian and Zayne with Lloyd and Zane accidentally teaming up to deck Christian with a GTS Knee, Half and Half combo. Zayne took out both men with a flipping kick and Lamar dived on everyone outside. Zayne then did the same with a twisting trust fall senton. Christian hit his own series of dives, then we saw Reed leap over the turnbuckle onto Oliver. This rivalry continued as Christian dived onto Lamar and Reed leapt the other corner to land on Lloyd. They then rolled Zayne and Lloyd into the ring to hit springboard 450s. They finally slugged it out and went top rope where Zayne brought them down with a double Rana and everyone got splashed. Lamar did more impressive athletic moves on Lloyd and hit an assisted destroyer on Zayne. Christian dumped Lloyd with a Back Suplex and hit a massive frog splash. Zayne stunned Christian and hit the Crunch Wrap Supreme, then Reed who KO’ed Zayne with a Suplex Cutter and a Clout Cutter. Oliver launched Reed and hit him with an Idol Buster. Lamar and Oliver chopped it out, then Lamar hit a total elimination and set up for a springboard but Christian kicked him down and hit a rope hung springboard 450. He then took advantage of the weakened Oliver with Elia. Christian picked up the win in a total spotfest of a match that will no doubt be highly giffed. This was an excellent post-intermission opener as it was fun and furious.

Chris Dickinson defeated Calvin Tankman via Lariat

Next up is the ultimate hoss fight. Chris Dickinson the dirty daddy of brutal physicality taking on GCW’s newest monster in Calvin Tankman. This was going to get vicious and heavy fast. They started with some pushing and Tankman no-selling Dickinson’s chops. He dropped Dickinson with a German and caused him to retreat and regroup. They had another shoving contest and Tankman launched Dickinson with a pounce. Dickinson launched a couple of kicks but ran into a brick wall and was backed into the corner by Tankman, chopped and hit with a brutal backbreaker. He hit Dickinson with a brutal lariat for a two-count and continued to smack him around with strikes and chops. Tankman started trash talking as he ground his boot into Dickinson’s face and choked him on the ropes. Dickinson took a breather on the outside, then chopped it out with Tankman again. Dickinson ducked a back fist and rocked Tankman with a Gamenguri. He knocked Tankman into the corner with a missile dropkick and hit a slew of running strikes to differing effects. After some more dodging, he got Tankman up and drilled him with a DVD. Tankman withstood more kicks and caught Dickinson with a spinebuster, then rolled him through into a back elbow. He tried for a powerbomb but Dickinson freed himself and hit a Tornado DDT. He tried for a Backdrop Driver but Tankman broke free, they collided and Tankman rocked a stunned Dickinson with a sit-out Powerbomb. Tankman went for the Moonsault but missed and ate a Saito from Dickinson. Dickinson then powered up a lariat and KO’ed Tankman. This was every bit the match I wanted it to be. Tankman took it to Dickinson in a way very few have. It was excellent fun and both men shook hands. Tankman is a monster and he has one hell of a future in GCW.

The Final Match: Joey Janela defeated Lio Rush via Superkick


Next was the final chapter of a long rivalry. Lio Rush, a man who’s been to the top and back taking on Janela, the new DDT Ironman champion in what he’s hinted at as his final wrestling match. Janela pissed off Lio Rush with some verbal jabs Janela faked out Rush, kicked him in the gut and throat thrust him in the corner. He took Rush on a tour of the corners, chopping him along the way. Rush tried to do the same but Janela gut kicked him again and brought down some hammer blows. Rush broke out of a side headlock and picked up the pace with a series of misdirections and dodging before nailing Janela with a duo of vicious kicks. The fight broke outside where Janela clipped Rush off the apron and dumped him on some chairs. He attacked Rush with a chair, sat him down, and hit him with a running elbow. He threw Rush back in the ring, hit a tornado Axe Handle, and tried to break Rush’s arm with a Hammerlock arm breaker. Rush fired back after more verbal jabs but Janela trapped him in a corner with shoulder blocks. Rush tried for a handspring, got stuck, and hit with a Tombstone. Rush continued to trade but Janela withstood and hit him with a brainbuster. He went for a Swanton but Rush got the knees up, then kicked Janela in the head. He struck Janela more and landed the handspring back elbow, then kicked Janela off the apron with a handspring kick. Rush dived out with a lope, then soared off the top rope with a diving elbow. He continued with some chest kicks and survived an elbow strike to deliver a superkick. The pair traded kicks and strikes, then Rush got Janela with the Spanish Fly. They had a very emphatic slugfest until Rush went to the eyes and Janela launched him off the apron again. He hit a very scary dive into the boardwalk and Rush threw him into the ring post. Rush got a door and set it up as the ref attended to a busted Joey.

Rush tried to trash talk Janela so Janela grabbed him by the jaw and slapped the shit out of him. Rush killed Janela with a Poisonrana and hit the Final Hour for two. Janela locked in a Crossface, then moved into a side headlock. Rush got up and charged Janela but Janela just redirected him through the door. Janela powered up a lariat and hit the Package Piledriver but only got two, then stomped a chair through Rush for another two. Janela got another door and set Rush upon it. Rush fought off, knocked Janela onto it, and hit Janela with the Final Hour again through the door for two. Rush got a ladder but Janela cut him off by throwing a chair at him and ran him into a lamppost. More doors were set up and a bigger ladder was brought out. Both men hit nutcrackers and Janela climber a pillar to a nearby roof. He stood up and hit an elbow drop off the top through Rush and the doors. After shaking off the effects of his fall, he got Rush in the ring and finished Rush with a superkick. Fucking hell. This was something else. It was messy, personal, brutal and for fuck sake, Janela jumped off a pillar. Both guys rocked and honestly, I hope it’s not the end for Rush. He has a lot he could give wrestling yet. Janela gave him a passionate send-off with a cheering crowd. Also, hell fucking yes, I have all the respect for Lio Rush and the speech he made too.

Allie Kat vs Spyder Nate Webb ends in no contest

Now for something a bit lighter. Spyder Nate Webb battling everyone’s favourite wrestling cat, Allie Kat. At least it would have been but 44OH! attacked both competitors with Cogar hitting Allie with a faceplant and Webb eating a Chokebreaker from RSP. They cancelled the match to skip to the main event.

Gage’s Career vs Title Shot: Team MDK (AJ Gray, Alex Colon, SHLAK & Nick Gage) defeated 44OH! (Rickey Shane Page, Eddy Only, Atticus Cogar, Eric Ryan & Gregory Iron) via Glass Double Suplex

So, before this match even began, we knew the numbers were going to be against Team MDK. Gage was announced as injured and at a hospital and all five of 44OH! were present to get rid of Gage for good. They had ruined the previous match and dragged SHLAK out to fight for Gage. Plunder came out and SHLAK got ready to be a one-man army. He tanked a tube to the head and threw Cogar threw a glass pane with a German. Eric Ryan came in and attacked SHLAK with a fork but he too went through a glass pane, this time via Back Suplex. He continued by scaring RSP off and hitting Cogar with a tube assisted elbow drop across the apron. SHLAK was preoccupied trying to slam Ryan when RSP smashed a tube across his gut. He locked in a chin-lock on SHLAK and tagged out to Ryan. They hit SHLAK with a combo senton, then Ryan went back to forking SHLAK’s forehead. Cogar tagged in, bit SHLAK, and hit a snap German suplex. RSP tagged back in and locked in a side headlock. They continued beating down SHLAK with quick tags and RSP crushed SHLAK with a barbed-wire door, Swanton. SHLAK gave a big fuck this, threw door off, and tried to fight back. He took kicks from everyone and was saved by Alex Colon coming out and blind tagging himself in. He broke Cogar with tube assisted double knees and hit a bundle dive on RSP. He then broke a bundle over Ryan and Cogar after a double stomp. Unfortunately, RSP made the save and hit Colon with a backdrop kick and stabbed Colon with a broken tube. Colon got a forking from Ryan and Cogar bit him. SHLAK was rushed and RSP set up a glass pane. Colon ate a triple powerbomb through the glass, then rolled out as AJ Gray’s music hit and he came out to help Team MDK. He launched Ryan and no-sold two tubes from Only to floor him with a clothesline. Cogar was killed with Emerald Flowsion and Iron was caught out of the air and slammed into the mat. He then took to the air to dive onto Iron and Only. He scared them off as 44OH! went back to SHLAK. He tried to fight back but the numbers were against him and the barbed wire door was set up. SHLAK was perched on the top and put RSP through the door with a choke bomb. SHLAK and Gray put Ryan through a pane and could have won but SHLAK stopped the pin to do something else, citing not this way as his reason. SHLAK then called out Nick Gage who limped to the ring and pinned Ryan for the win. SHLAK gave the pin to Gage so the people can see the man who will save the company and the allies he has. Gage has his title shot and he’s fucking coming to Rickey… better get running again. What a masterclass in deathmatch drama. SHLAK and Colon took a beating so Gray could save the day. What a fucking finale eh?

So, there you have it, GCW’s Homecoming Part 2 reviewed for your reading pleasure. This fucking killed it. The whole weekend did. So many great matches, showings for people, and restored hope that the GCW Title might be stripped from RSP at last. If you need something to clear the air for a bit, then put this on. Everyone went out of their way to put on a great show, there were respect, drama, tension and celebration everywhere as GCW continues to grow, expand and do what it does best, make stars.

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, Earl Gardener Photography, Robert Starkz-Bellamy (Mouse), Kayden, Wrestling With Unicorns, HeyyImRob, FITE TV