Welcome back to MLW Underground. This week is a big one as we got a mix of tag tournament action, a World Heavyweight title defence from champion Satoshi Kojima and a big Florida deathmatch between Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk and Steve Corino that saw the formation of one of the most dangerous units in MLW History, the Extreme Horsemen. Let’s see some of the matches that made MLW history and check in with the stars through the latest Pulp Fusion.

Dr. Death Steve Williams & PJ Friedman defeated Jimmy Yang & Mike Sanders via Backdrop Driver

After some intense words from Steve Corino, we got our first match of the night. It would be the AJPW team of Yang and Sanders taking on Dr. Death and his protégé PJ Friedman in a Global Tag Round one match. Friedman started proceedings by backing Yang into a corner and slapping him. Friedman continued to overpower Yang and threw him into the ropes. Yang caught an arm and hit a short-arm lariat on Friedman knocking him down. He then returned the slap to Friedman and threw him into the corner for a slingshot kick. Yang then tagged out and Sanders came in to deliver some knee drops. Friedman tried to hammer back but Sanders caught him and twisted him into a neckbreaker. Williams interfered and hit Sanders with a powerbomb before he could make a pin. Friedman took advantage of the situation and beat down Sanders in the corner then tossed him outside for some double team with a chair. Williams bounced a drink of Sanders’ head then dragged out a table. Williams put Sanders through the table with a backbreaker and postured to the crowd as Friedman chopped Sanders against a guardrail. A camera cut later and Sanders was still being tortured. He was hit with a double Suplex and the Doc continued to administer a kicking. Sanders was dragged to the opposing corner but fought out and nearly won with a roll-up. He made the hot tag to Yang who entered the match with a springboard dropkick. He peppered Friedman with fast strikes and hit a twisting flip kick off the top rope. Yang tried for a moonsault but Friedman knocked him down, chopped him, and tagged out to Williams. Yang tried to fight off both men but was hit with a Gorilla Press and running elbow drop. Sanders made the save and took both Friedman and Williams down with a double dropkick. Sanders valiantly fought off both but ended up clobbered and hit with a Doctor Bomb. Yang came to life, hit a spinning heel kick, and a step-up kick but was caught into a Backdrop Driver and pinned for three. It was a solid effort but experience and dickishness won this round.

MLW World Heavyweight Title: Satoshi Kojima defeated Mitsuya Nagai via Lariato

Next up in the episode were some highlights from Satoshi Kojima’s first Japan-based title defence. Here he was taking on Mitsuya Nagai in AJPW. The highlights showed a mix of stiff kicks, Dragon Screws, the elbow drops, running knees, and a whole slew of other back and forth before Kojima got the big win with the Lariat and retained his title. It’s a shame we could see the whole match but for what we got, it looked to be an exciting back and forth bout that pushed Kojima to his limit.

Extreme Horsemen (CW Anderson & Simon Diamond) defeated Los Maximos (Joel & Jose) via Spinebuster

That was followed by the next GTC first-round match between the soon-to-be Extreme Horsemen and Los Maximos. It would be a clash of styles as the journeyman style of The Horsemen was at odds with the high-flying agility of Los Maximos. Diamond started the match with some technical dominance and manhandled Jose into a pinning predicament. Jose answered back with the same pin, and the duo traded arm drags to a standoff. The camera cut out and we returned to see Anderson tagged in and throwing Jose with a German. Joel saved the match and saw his partner get hit with a stalling superplex. Jose avoided a trip to the turnbuckles and hit a step-up tornado DDT on Anderson. Both teams tagged out and Joel rushed Diamond with a dropkick. He took both Horsemen down and hit Anderson with a German. He nailed Diamond with an enzuigiri and a moonsault. Anderson tried to hit Joel with a powerbomb but Joel fought through and landed an air raid crash for two. Diamond woke up and hit Joel with two snap suplexes and a reverse Suplex for two. Jose saved Joel from certain death with a missile dropkick and both teams tried for covers. We got another camera cut and returned to see the Horsemen nail Jose with a slingshot knee strike. Los Maximos came back by hitting Diamond with a moonsault and launching Anderson of the top rope. Diamond quickly rebounded and nailed Joel with a superkick and Anderson caught Jose with a spinebuster as he flew off the top rope winning the match. This again was entertaining enough but we didn’t get to see enough of it.

Steve Corino defeated Terry Funk & Dusty Rhodes via Extreme Horsemen

Originally reviewed here. This is the classic idea of a good time. Two wrestling legends and a legend in the making smashing it out in a Florida deathmatch. It was a slow match and featured lots of trashcan shots but it was fun and compelling all the same. Especially when you know what’s coming. The episode has also been filled with promos from Corino and Dusty too to hype up the upcoming match. It was a be brutal clash full of grudges, bad blood, and broken dreams as Corino took the win through devious means, forming the Extreme Horsemen as he did so. So not only was he proving himself against Funk and Dusty but he also cemented himself in MLW history by making its most dominant faction of the early years. There was no mercy, no remorse, and nothing held back. This was the spark that kicked off a wave of Corino vs legends feuds. Plus, it’s just a fun match to watch because Funk is the hardcore king, Dusty is enjoyable to watch no matter what and Corino was the younger man with something to prove. A worthy main event to round off this packed show.

Pulp Fusion Recap

Last but not least, our weekly trip into the lives of MLW’s stars. This week opened with a dynastic trailer for Martha’s Vineyard and Richard Holliday complaining about event hosting and that any event hosted should benefit him, Salina de la Renta was receiving some spa treatment and threw a lot of money at her assistant to get someone, Filthy Tom Lawlor stormed back home after failing to get to Hawaii because of dubious mask choices, Gino was demanding 6 feet and sick of the camera person wasting his time, Mance checked in to talk about selling Mancer 2020 stickers, the Von Erichs talked about interest in doing a Wrestle Island event, Myron Reed plugged his music, Hammerstone enjoyed browsing pizza pictures and dreaded eating another salad, Jordan Oliver was still trying to challenge Jacob Fatu, and lastly, Konnan offered to save Salina and Promociones Dorado by getting AAA to buy the promotion.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube

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