GCW will once again grace our screens tomorrow, August 2, after their successful Homecoming event last weekend. Keep in Touch, coming to us from the Celebration Plaza Amphitheatre, White River State Park, Indiana, is once again stacked to the eyeballs with great matches and more new debuts within the company. It is available to purchase for just over £10 on FITE TV and will air at 10 pm BST. Now let’s get on with the matches:

  • Kylie Rae vs Cole Radrick

A big GCW debut for Smiley Kylie Rae as she becomes MDK affiliated covering for Nick Gage in what will be a wild match with the Wild Heart. MDKylie is going to make a big splash. It was originally meant to be Gage vs Radrick but he is currently out of action with an injury. Rae is more than ready to fill in and will bring some welcome positivity to proceedings.

  • First time ever – ACH vs Joey Janela

Big match Joey has been killing it lately seeing off the likes of Yoshihiko of DDT and surprise appearance Lio Rush. Now he will have to contend with an indie darling on a big return, ACH. We’ve seen Janela go to desperate lengths to win a match, will he do the same again here?

  • 44OH! Vs Effy & Allie Kat

44OH! continue to be the world’s biggest buzzkills as they cancel out any match they don’t like. Now, after attacking Allie Kat last weekend, there will be some revenge as she teams with Effy to take on Rickey Shane Page and Atticus Cogar.

  • Chris Dickinson vs AJ Gray

A hard-hitting, strong style showdown is going to erupt as the Dirty Daddy and AJ Gray collide in the ring. Both guys are strong as hell and hard as hell so this could honestly go either way. All I know is, it’s going to be fun to watch.

  • Scramble – Ace Austin vs Isaias Velazquez vs Alex Zayne vs Jimmy Lloyd vs Jordan Oliver vs Shane Mercer

Another loaded scramble that sees a new debut in former Impact X Division champion Ace Austin and the return of Isaias Velazquez alongside a whole host of GCW regulars. The Iron Demon Shane Mercer is definitely going to be the one to watch as the powerhouse of the scramble.

  • Tony Deppen vs Benjamin Carter

It’s prodigy vs gatekeeper as Benjamin Carter steps up to take on the measuring stick of the company Tony Deppen. Carter has been making a statement in GCW since the Acid Cup 2, now he gets a chance to show off against arguably the company’s best singles star.

  • Calvin Tankman vs KTB

We got a kaiju fight on our hands as two athletic beasts clash in a GCW ring. Both of these guys hit hard, are innovative as hell and deceptively agile. Both men are coming off high profile fights as KTB took ACH to his limits and Tankman nearly toppled Chris Dickinson.

  • Blake Christian vs Tre Lamar

GCW’s breakout star, Blake Christian will go one on one with another wrestler trying to break out in Tre Lamar. Both men have been putting on excellent matches and it would be a massive shock and feather in Lamar’s cap if he could get his first win over Christian. This has potential show-stealer written all over it.

  • Mance Warner vs Spyder Nate Webb

Last but not least we have the SGC light beer brawler against Wheatus’ favourite wrestler. Webb was beaten out of his last match by 44OH! so it’s likely he’ll try to make the most out of his time against Warner.

So, as you can see there is a wealth of matches planned for this next event and if they live up to the potential here, it could be one of the best GCW shows this year. Once again, it is on tomorrow, August 2, at 10 pm BST and available on FITE TV for just over £10. Plus keep your eyes peeled to SteelChair as we will be bringing you a review in the following days.

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, Kylie Rae Twitter, FITE Twitter

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