Well isn’t this a treat? The first time I reviewed GKPW was in January and it still holds the record for being the most random show I have ever watched. It was one match that saw Chris Brookes take on Miyako Matsumoto in a bout with continuously changing rules. This time we’d see the bitter rivals team up to take on Brookes’ best mate (and human dartboard) Drew Parker and Rina Yamashita, one of the toughest stars in Joshi and a bonafide deathmatch wrestler. That would be preceded by a special singles contest between DDT young lion Keigo Nakamura and DAMNATION’s Nobuhiro Shimatani. Let’s get into the madness, shall we?

Nobuhiro Shimatani (w/Seno MAO) defeated Keigo Nakamura (w/Munenori Sawa) via Fisherman Buster

After the opening introductions from Miyako Matsumoto, we went into our first match that saw Keigo Nakamura who had Munenori Sawa in his corner do battle with Nobuhiro Shimatani and a very enthusiastic Seno MAO. They started with lockups and rope running then Nakamura sent Nobu flying with some arm drags and a dropkick. MAO grabbed Nakamura and allowed Nobu to hit Nakamura in the back. They double-teamed Nakamura with double corner splashes and Nobu held Nakamura in place for MAO’s brain chop. Sawa came to Nakamura’s aid and started a very light slap fest with MAO. Once that subsided, Nobu shooed off MAO and went back to Nakamura. He stomped him and slammed him into the mat then dropped him with a back elbow. He threw Nakamura to the outside and unleashed MAO again whilst he took out Sawa. MAO dragged Nakamura across the floor and bit Nakamura’s head on the floor. She threw Nakamura back inside and Nobu locked in a half crab. Nakamura broke free and sprang off the ropes with a dropkick. He hit Nobu with more dropkicks and Nakamura held Nobu in place for some Sawa interference. Instead, Sawa missed and hit Nakamura in the head with a brain chop. He tried to recover but Nobu caught him into a swinging Facecrusher and locked in a Camel Clutch. Sawa tried to interfere again but MAO rushed him and locked in an abdominal stretch. Nakamura made it to the ropes and avoided a fisherman buster by turning it into a roll-up. They continued to trade roll-ups until Nakamura tripped Nobu into the ropes and hit a slingshot 619. He followed up with the slingshot Lionsault but only got two. Sawa came in again and hit a running knee and helped Nakamura hit a double Suplex. Nakamura rattled off some stiff kicks but Nobu ducked a follow-up and landed an enzuigiri. He followed up with a shining wizard and a fisherman buster for the win. This was an exceptionally entertaining opening match boosted by the hyperactivity of MAO and Nobu’s clear confusion at what she was doing. It was all good fun and a nice match to start the show. The craziness would only continue though…

Falls Count Anywhere Hardcore Tag: Rina Yamashita & Drew Parker defeated Miyako Matsumoto & Chris Brookes via Plunder Pile Splash Mountain Bomb

The main event was next and we saw all four entrants make their way to a ring full of plunder. Could Brookes and Matsumoto co-exist after the battle they had those months ago? Not to mention Brookes was legit scared of Matsumoto would offer a unique dynamic as they took on a team with certified hardcore credentials, Rina Yamashita and the hardcore prince, Drew Parker. Brookes brought Shota, who had been doing announcing duties, to the ring to help translate the fact that Chris Brookes had a special surprise. He didn’t want to tag with Matsumoto on his own because she’s crazy and he had brought with him a returning legend from the US! It was none other than Chinsuke Nakamura, who made his way to the ring and joined Brookes. Just as the match looked to begin, more music hit and a man in a stick-on disguise and a swimsuit came out. I didn’t catch his name but he seemed ready to fight too and joined Parker and Yamashita. Nakamura started against Parker and instantly invaded his personal space. He got in the head of Parker by starting a silent chant that even Parker’s own team clapped along with. He hit Parker with a low blow and hit a very weak Chinsasa. Parker let him try again and it was just as weak so he got up and hit Nakamura in the head with a plastic tub. He then killed Nakamura with a Styles Clash so the ref rolled him out of the ring and Brookes entered the fight. He fought with the drunken swimsuit man, who I then discovered was being called Lingerie Mutoh and got hit with a dropkick to the knee. He feigned injury and hit Brookes with a Dragon Screw.  He hit Brookes with a shining wizard and went top rope but slipped and winded himself on the turnbuckle. Brookes ripped off Mutoh’s bra and gave him a nipple cripple. Mutoh ran away in shame and we finally returned to the core group of the tag match.

The rules changed to Tornado Tag so Matsumoto and Brookes went right after Parker and Yamashita. Brookes choked out Parker with Mutoh’s flower crown and Matsumoto ran Yamashita into a ring post. The fight went up to the stage area where Yamashita slammed Matsumoto into the floor. Brookes saved her from more punishment and she smashed Parker’s head between two cymbals. Both teams grabbed trollies and both charged each other. Parker went unarmed so Matsumoto cracked him in the face as Yamashita wheeled him to his doom. Brookes threw Yamashita over the barrier then helped Matsumoto choke Parker out with a chair. Brookes hit Parker with a backbreaker then went backstage. He called to Matsumoto to follow him. So, she did, using Parker as a doormat on the way. They returned with Sanshiro Takagi’s bike which Brookes ran over Parker’s back, then fell off. The action returned to the ring where Brookes deafened everyone with cymbals and Matsumoto brought out Hikari Shiina, who had performed on the show earlier. She came to the ring with a giant scythe and danced on Parker’s back and head. Parker had enough, chopped Matsumoto, and let Yamashita run wild. She knocked Matsumoto out of the ring with a clothesline then did the same again with a running knee to the back. Matsumoto was able to hold on the second time and locked on an armbar across the ropes. She chopped Yamashita down and made the tag to Brookes. He kicked down Parker and nailed Yamashita with the corner senton combo. Matsumoto came in and threw Yamashita with a Biel then posed on her neck in the corner.

Matsumoto ordered Brookes in and he started a slugfest with Yamashita. It was an even fight until Yamashita went low and clawed Brookes’ groin. She booted Brookes down and brought in Parker, who took Matsumoto out with a cannonball and hit Brookes with a hip attack. Parker continued with a detonation kick that sent Brookes to the outside and a tope con Hilo to follow. Matsumoto recovered and hit Parker with a diving crossbody and Yamashita threw the ref at the pile of bodies. Parker dragged Matsumoto away and smashed her against the ring apron. Yamashita ran off and returned with a watermelon. Matsumoto and Yamashita fought over the melon until Matsumoto kicked low and placed the melon on top of Yamashita. She picked up a barbed wire bat and Brookes blindfolded her. She looked for Yamashita but Parker spoiled the fun by hitting her with a superkick. Yamashita broke the melon over Matsumoto’s head and Parker choked out Brookes in the corner. Plastic tubs were thrown in the ring and one was set up in the corner. Brookes got the ref to hold it in place and launched Parker into it with a lawn dart. Matsumoto gave Brookes a bag of tacks and he set them up in the ring. Brookes dragged Parker around the tack strewn ring and stomped him down into the largest pile. Brookes went top rope but Parker cut him off (after being thrown down again) and launched Brookes into the tacks with a Frankensteiner. Yamashita brought in her ladder but Matsumoto snatched it off her and performed the Funk helicopter, knocking Yamashita down with the final hit. She lay the ladder on Yamashita and hit a splash onto it after another pose. Parker saved Yamashita and another slugfest broke out between everyone. Parker and Brookes were knocked out so Yamashita and Matsumoto continued the slugs. Yamashita clearly won this, nearly making Matsumoto cry with the force of her strikes. Yamashita tried for a piledriver but Matsumoto reversed into a stunner and hit her with a shining wizard. She landed in the tacks and Parker drove her into them again with leaping double knees.

Everyone traded strikes and the bodies lay everywhere. Matsumoto went back to standing on Parker as Yamashita rummaged under the ring for more plunder. Brookes set up a table with the help of the ref and set a plastic tub on top of it. He urged Matsumoto to get in the tub and launched her off the table like a slipway. By this point, Parker had moved and Matsumoto ate nothing but canvas and broken plastic. Brookes then tried to put Yamashita through the table with a Powerbomb but she wriggled free and kicked him in the balls. She hit a German into the tacks then laid Brookes on the table for Parker to hit a Swanton. They then put Brookes through the table with a double powerbomb and went after Matsumoto with skewers. She fought off Parker and embedded the skewers in his head. She hit Parker with a destroyer but Yamashita caught her out of the pin with a head kick and slammed Matsumoto onto a chair pile. She tried to go for another kick but Matsumoto nailed her in the face with a chair and kneed another one into her. Matsumoto grabbed another pack of skewers but Yamashita kicked her and stabbed the skewers into her head instead. She then hit Matsumoto with a lariat into the chair pile and finished her with a Splash Mountain bomb into the chair pile. Parker and Yamashita took the win after a hard-fought war and Yamashita tried to put Matsumoto over. Brookes switched sides to chill with the winners as Matsumoto made her closing speech and the show ended with another idol live performance.

So, there you have it, another GKPW show reviewed for your reading pleasure. Much like the last one, it was whacky, comedic, and rather violent. Also, like the last one, it was a whole heap of fun that I would recommend to anyone who needs a good laugh. This is wrestling at it’s weirdest and honestly, I don’t think it would work any other way. Everyone was having fun, laughing along, and enjoying the wild ride they’d all signed onto. From Seno MAO’s madcap antics in the opener to Matsumoto’s OTT in-ring performances, it’s all a riot to enjoy. I’m always happy to take the time to review a GKPW show. Plus, it’s always a laugh to see the dynamic between Miyako Matsumoto and Chris Brookes. If you have DDT Universe then do yourself a favour and give it a watch.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, TDE Wrestling Twitter

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