Which barriers to break? Dazzle and puzzle are two different things. If you want to see some sparkle in the eyes of the fans, choose carefully the fireworks you want to make explode in front of their eyes. Sometimes, the final effect is not the one you were expecting. And then the sparkle disappears…
On the menu this week, from Nashville, Tennessee, Eddie Edwards will put the World Championship on the line against a mystery opponent. Heath will face off Moose to earn the right to become a member of the roster. X-Division Champion Chris Bey will team up with Rohit Raju against Fallah Bahh and TJP. We’ll also hear from the Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns, as they will be interviewed. Rich Swann will make a career-defining announcement. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were back on commentary. 

  • Moose defeated Heath to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Heath sent Moose into the referee who couldn’t see the three-count. Moose then hit a NutCracker on Heath for the win. Heath is not going to join Impact roster.
  • Backstage, Willie Mack told Gia Miller he doesn’t know what Rich Swann’s announcement can be. Swann has kept the information very close to his chest, so he’s not really sure. Mack was thinking it might have to do with Eric Young’s attack on Swann.
  • New EC3 promo. He talked about some of the greats in TNA. He once had his moment, but since then he’s been punished by the fans, by a corporation, and even himself. “To find your purpose, you must control your narrative.” EC3 then said he’s back to reclaim the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, then burn its legacy to the ground. EC3 added Moose he has been warned.

  • Jimmy Jacobs welcomed Impact World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin and Shelley were asked why they came back to Impact. Shelley said he and Sabin have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into wrestling. He felt like they needed to challenge themselves by returning to the company. They were last in Impact in 2012. Shelley added after that they went their separate ways but he was really proud of what he and Sabin both did. Shelley talked about Sabin coming back from a serious injury and being able to get back in the ring. Sabin said as they continued to train, they realized maybe they needed to team up again. The duo then ran down some of the top teams in the tag division, including The North.
    The North interrupted. Alexander said he feels like Sabin and Shelley are getting preferential treatment, not only getting to talk in the ring but also getting a title shot right when they came back. Alexander mentioned the champs did beat The North. Ethan Page freaked out at that though, he said The Motor City Machine Guns got them at about 40% and they wouldn’t have won if The North was at 100%. Shelley said The North shouldn’t be so bothered, they learned a lesson, they weren’t going to take the titles to the grave with them. Shelley then added they can have their rematch, whenever they want, so, how about now? Page said no way to that. Alexander then announced they will meet on their own time, and that will be at Emergence.

  • Backstage, Kimber Lee walked into where Deonna Purrazzo was hanging out. Lee said if Purrazzo doesn’t take Grace seriously, she’s going to lose that title at Emergence. Lee offered up a deal though, if she can take out Grace for Deonna, then she gets a title shot. “Deal,” Purrazzo said.
  • At “Wrestle House”, Taya reunited most of the group in the living room. Taya talked about being trapped in the house with a bunch of people with bad hygiene. John E. Bravo then handed out a personal grooming kit to everyone. Kylie Rae said she doesn’t mean to offend, but wonders when they get to go back to the Impact Zone. Alisha Edwards tried to give Susie some relationship advice, Johnny Swinger interrupted them and got told off. Swinger said he could handle both Susie and Edwards, Tommy Dreamer showed up and announces it’s MATCH TIMEEEEE.

  • Alisha Edwards and Susie defeated Johnny Swinger. Jake Deaner and his beer were the referees.
  • Still, at Wrestle House, Kylie talked with Bravo. She wanted to officially introduce herself, but Bravo said he’s really busy. Rae wanted to talk about him and Rosemary. Rae said apparently they can’t leave until Bravo gets the hint (she wants to get back to the Impact Zone). Bravo said he gets it and knows what Rosemary wants, then headed off.

  • In the parking lot, The Good Brothers were heading to their car, doors were open and empty beer cans were around the vehicle. Some cops rolled up to see what’s going on. They saw the open containers. Gallows and Anderson tried to explain the alcohol isn’t theirs. Ace Austin then came up and trash-talked them, bringing up they are a bunch of “boozehounds.” Gallows went at him, Madman Fulton attacked, but got elbowed away. A police officer then went at Gallows and got hit. Gallows realized he hit an officer and apologized. The police handcuffed him and took him away. Austin told Gallows to let him know how prison food tastes. Anderson tried to talk with the police that it was a setup but to no avail.
  • Brian Myers is coming to Impact Wrestling soon. “Trust the process.”

  • Eddie Edwards defeated Sami Callihan to retain the Impact World Championship. Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes attacked Callihan at the ramp when he was doing his entrance. Later in the match, Sami Callihan took a chair he quite strangely chose not to use on Edwards.
  • Back at “Wrestle House”, Kylie Rae talked with Bravo to see if he’s okay as he was leaving the house with his luggage. Rosemary and Taya were now looking for Bravo. They ran into Kylie and asked where he went. Kylie told them about Bravo needing to take a hint. Rosemary was super mad and called for Dreamer to announce that it’s MATCH TIMEEEEE.

  • Kylie Rae defeated Rosemary. Taya Valkyrie was the referee. Rosemary was distracted by Bravo cheering her on during the match. John E. Bravo came back and said Taya is his best friend and has done a lot for him. He says if Taya found out about them, she wouldn’t be happy. Rosemary said maybe she doesn’t have to know about them. Taya then took Bravo by the ear out of the ring because they have things to do. “As long as it takes,” said Rosemary with a smile.
  • Backstage, Karl Anderson was on the phone with Gallows, he’ll get there as soon as he can to bust him out. Austin came taunting him and he replied with punches. Fulton came to save his friend. Austin got in a few shots, then jabbed his walking stick into Anderson’s midsection.

  • Reno Scum agreed to help Hernandez get his money back from Rhino.
  • TJP & Fallah Bahh defeated X-Division Champion Chris Bey & Rohit Raju.

  • Rich Swann came to the ring with crutches. Swann got the mic and said with hard work, dedication, love, and support, he was able to become a pro wrestler. He continues that he was able to look at the doubters and live his dream. Swann talked about his devastating injury that happened earlier this year, and when he went to the doctor, he told Swann he’d probably walk with a limp for the rest of his life. Rich said he went home and busted his ass as hard as he could to prove that doctor wrong. As months went by, Swann says he could himself getting stronger, he went back to the doctor and got an MRI. The doctor said maybe he was wrong, Swann was ready to go. Swann then talked about being ready to claim the empty spot for the vacant Impact World Championship. He pinned Young and was ready to continue on in the match, but jealously and hatred got the best of Young. Swann said after the attack, he’s right back where he was, in that orthopaedic office. This time, the doctor said if Swann gets back in the ring, his life could change, he won’t live a normal life if he continues wrestling.
    Swann continued that he has to think about his family and his future, so he’s going to have to retire. Swann thanked everyone who supported him and all the wrestlers in the back who busted their ass. “It’s been a good 15 years, I hope I made a lasting impact not only in this company but in this industry.” The locker room came out and gave their support to Swann. They pounded away on the mat as he looked on. He headed out of the ring, tearing up a bit. He was helped out of the ring by some of his friends. Swann made his way up the ramp on his own. He turned around to look at everyone at the ring. Young then ran out and knocked him to the ground. He grabbed a crutch and smacked Swann over his busted ankle. The wrestlers ran up and Young ran off. Edwards and Mack checked on Swann who is not only in pain but incredibly enraged. Edwards called for help.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Moose vs Heath

Heath clotheslined Moose out to the floor, he looked to fly, but Moose popped back up on the apron. Heath punched him in the face, then sent him face-first into the steps and the barricade. Moose fought back, Heath went back in the ring and then hit a dropkick on the champ. Out on the floor, he continued to beat up Moose, threw him into the ring post, and finally back into the ring. Heath replied with a kick, but got lifted and dropped down over the top rope. Moose then choked him over the rope. After some back and forth shots in the ring, Moose connected with a big dropkick. The champ hit a pump kick to the head and then sent the challenger into the corner.

Moose talked trash and hit a kick, but it was blocked, Heath replied with some punches and running forearms. Moose connected with a kick to the midsection. Heath hit a Misdirection, a rising knee, and a sidekick. Moose charged and Heath moved out of the way. Heath then threw Moose into the referee by mistake. Heath hit the Wake-Up Call), Moose didn’t kick out as the referee was still down. Heath shook the referee to wake him up. Heath picked Moose up, but Moose hits the NutCracker. The referee crawled over, Moose got the win and retained the belt.

– Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan

Callihan was initially being helped to the back after RVD’s attack, but he stumbled to the ring and said he wanted the match. He walked up to Edwards and slapped him in the face. Edwards hit a Tiger Driver. Edwards continued to beat Callihan up, Edwards connected with a running forearm. Edwards ran in again, Callihan side-stepped and sent him out of the ring. Callihan hit a suicide dive on Edwards. Edwards recovered, got back in the ring and hit a suicide dive of his own. They made their way to the apron, Edwards looked for a Tiger Driver, Callihan strangled Edwards’ eyes, he then hit a piledriver on the apron. The referee began the count as Sami picked Eddie up into a front face lock, then slammed Eddie into the guardrail. The referee told them to bring it inside and Sami said to get out of his face, then chopped Eddie hard against the guardrail.

Edwards was finally sent back into the ring. Callihan connected with an elbow drop. After some back and forth strikes, both wrestlers ended up down. Edwards hit the Blue Thunder Bomb. Callihan replied with a kick to the face and a brainbuster. Callihan connected with a modified GTS and a sliding forearm. Edwards got back into the match, hit a big kick and the Tiger Driver. Callihan replied with a slap to the face and a piledriver. Callihan rolled out to the floor, went under the ring and grabbed a chair. He decided not to use it, threw it out to the floor, Edwards charged in and hit a Boston knee party, then another one to the back of Callihan’s head for the win.

The Weekly “Enigma For a Nygma”

I left you last week with my bitter feelings on “Wrestle House.” My desk cranium and I had had some long conversation over the last seven days. I may not be the biggest fan of “Wrestle House”, I appreciated it way more this week. Instead of ten-minute segments, making it small pieces all along the episode is the good formula. Tommy Dreamer is beyond funny. The wrestlers seem to have good fun doing it. Then, in a moment where our “world is supposed to change,” I still remain uncertain on the purpose of it.

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts of the Week

– Rich Swann

Two or three years ago, Rich Swann announced his retirement. Some allegations made him lose faith in the business. And he came back and showed the world the wrestling business is the place he belongs to. On IMPACT, he had been able to put some stars in the eyes of the fans. A great wrestler, a fabulous X-Division Champion, an absolute gentleman, I couldn’t say bad words on Rich Swann. This time, injuries are the reasons why he is retiring, thanks to Eric Young. Seeing the roster surrounding him was a beautiful moment…
I’m sorry but I don’t buy it. There’s a feeling that is much deeper than heart, dedication, hard work, love, and support. Revenge is tougher than any other feeling. Rich Swann’s face, after Eric Young attacked him again, was the face of someone who will fight so hard to come back Eric Young will regret to have ever looked at him.

– Sami Callihan/Eddie Edwards

How odd it was to see Callihan and Edwards back in a ring together a few hours after I put online my interview of Eddie Edwards because Edwards told me the infamous baseball bat accident was a defining moment in his career and made him get out of his comfort zone. Two years after, the chemistry in the ring hasn’t changed. They once again delivered a great match because they’re some of the best wrestlers in the business today and you couldn’t expect less from them. Then, why didn’t Sami use the chair? It was a Championship match, guys…

– Heath

Heath lost his right to become a member of the IMPACT roster. On paper. After a referee bump and a NutCracker, if he isn’t given a second chance, I won’t understand anything anymore. Put the belt aside, just give this man a chance. He has kids…


The announcement came as a surprise. One month after Slammiversary, Impact Wrestling are taking over the weekly show’s time for a two-week special event. We already know Deonna Purrazzo will defend her newly-won Knockouts Title against Jordynne Grace in a rematch of Slammiversary. Also, The North will try to regain the Tag Team Belts from the hands of the MCMG. If, as announced, “personal rivalries will be settled,” get ready for a load of action…

To be eNYGMAtic…

Like I said earlier, making “Wrestle House” vignettes and not big segments changed the pace of the show. Action wise, it was a very good episode. The storylines are blossoming when they are not exploding. With Emergence now around the corner, things are going to be tenser and tenser. Remember, everybody wants to rule the world, mostly when he just changed…
Like I said last week, some days are better than others, more inspired, less moody or tense. My journey with Impact Wrestling is like a diary of what you will never read there. There’s way too much behind the Nygma to let you go too deep into it.
On this “Nygma Is a Human Being” note, take care, stay safe, watch wrestling, until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Basil Mahmud and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag. 

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