Roll up, roll up for the most violent spectacle in all the land. We’ll have deathmatches, deathmatches, and more deathmatches as the ICW circus comes to town. Get ready for a weekend of violence coming to our screen’s courtesy of IWTV on August 7th and 8th at 1 AM BST. Across two nights, we will be graced with dream matches, spectacles, and surprises as ICW does what it does best, put on wild shows with a lot of blood and broken objects. Plus, the company has put on parties for Danny Demanto and a deathmatch weapons workshop to give the attendees things to do in between shows as well as hosting New Jack for a meet and greet. Let’s break down the circus’ matches:

ICW No Holds Barred Volume 4 (Night 1)

  • Alex Ocean vs Alex Colon

The future of deathmatch clashes with the very best of deathmatch present. Alex Ocean has turned a lot of heads in the no-ring deathmatch scene and broke out against Eric Ryan at Volume 3 but how will he cope against the absolute best the US deathmatch scene has to offer?

  • 44OH! Taipei Deathmatch: Eddy Only vs Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan and Eddy Only clash in a friendly bout with broken glass. The 44OH! brothers have been making GCW a living hell for those outside its little group so I can see this being the ultimate catharsis for people that hate the faction. That being said, best friends make better enemies so this should be an insanely fun bout.

  • Reed Bentley vs Dale Patricks

1/3 of The Rejects and vinyl record connoisseur Reed Bentley looks to continue his ICW winning streak after coming up victorious against AKIRA at Volume 2. This time he takes on ICW newcomer and Indiana deathmatch star, Dale Patricks who got a good run in this year’s King of the Deathmatch tournament.

  • SHLAK vs Jeff King

Animal meets Old-Timer in a rematch for the ages. I have seen these two clashing once at GCW and it was beyond ridiculous. It’s going to be incredibly interesting to see how they up the ante at the circus and just what they might do with even more deathmatch shenanigans at their disposal.

  • Mance Warner vs Tony Deppen

I’m not sure how to preview this one. These two know how to fight, how to brawl, how to wrestle, and have had very few encounters with each other. Now we will get to see them mix it up as only they know-how. it’ll be a stiff fight with stiff shots as both guys are not afraid to throw hands and launch knees. If things go the way of the plunder though, I’m going to have to go advantage Warner.

  • AKIRA vs John Wayne Murdoch

In part 2 of our interview with him, AKIRA said that he and John Wayne Murdoch could probably go an hour in the main event. I don’t think it will be quite that long here but these two will tear the house down. Murdoch has become the king of ICW, knocking contenders off left and right whilst AKIRA has become the breakout star of the company. Plus, AKIRA has the big win over Matt Tremont pushing his momentum going into this. No matter the result, this is 100% one of the matches to watch as the other two Rejects go to war.

ICW No Holds Barred Volume 5: The Official Deathmatch Circus

  • Tony Deppen Fight Me Challenge

Originally billed as Eddie Kingston vs Tony Deppen, circumstances changed and now he has an open pass to fight anyone and everyone. This could range from those in attendance to a fan with a grudge. The possibilities are endless so this should be a blast.

  • Alex Ocean vs Eddy Only

If Ocean survives night 1 with Colon, he will have to take on 44OH!’s Eddy Only. Ocean claims to be impervious to death Only will definitely try to test that. Only is unrepentant and unimpressed by fan’s applause so I can see him going all out on this brash and young guy the fans have gotten behind.

  • Reed Bentley vs Eric Ryan

What happens when you put two uber-talented and hungry deathmatch/grappler guys in a match together? Ryan holds the crown for KODM’s this year and will go into this match eager to prove why he won. There’s no brotherhood in this match, just a high propensity for violence.

  • Mance Warner vs Jeff King

This will be an old school style brawl. Mance and King are more than happy throwing hands and breaking plunder. There’s not much to say here, it’s going to be violent, fun, and rather painful for all involved. King is completely uncaring when it comes to pain and Mance loves fighting people, seems like a match made in hardcore heaven.

  • Jimmy Lloyd vs AKIRA

This one will be special. Jimmy Lloyd is famous for his outlandish bumps and death wish in the ring whilst AKIRA is willing to do whatever he needs to do to win. Both have wrestled matches with gaping wounds and would both do it again should the worst happen here. This is going to be a massive showcase for the future of wrestling right here. The Different Boy vs Death Samurai, need I say more?

  • Pagano’s Funhouse Deathmatch: Alex Colon vs Pagano

You can’t have a fiesta without a clown. The circus takes a sinister turn as Pagano, the deathmatch clown brawler of Mexico comes to town. He takes on Alex Colon, whose praises I cannot stop singing, in a macabre funhouse match of Pagano’s own design. This could go either way as Pagano is a complete wildcard in-ring and not afraid to bring the bloodshed. We have found the deathmatch equivalent of the unstoppable force and immovable object.

  • No Ropes Barbed-Wire: SHLAK vs Homicide

This reaches dream match levels of hype. SHLAK, the deathmatch animal takes on Homicide, the in-ring demon who waterboarded Casanova Valentine with bleach in his last appearance. This has the potential to push a lot of boundaries as Homicide looks to live up to his name and murder SHLAK in a barbed wire wrapped ring.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of big matches across the two nights here. From Pagano making a US appearance to Homicide taking on SHLAK to seeing AKIRA and Alex Ocean get huge chances to show why they’re the future. There is something for everyone here and it’s all going to be viewable on IWTV. If you haven’t got your tickets yet and live near the NJ area then you can pick tickets up here. This is not going to be a weekend to miss for all outlaw and deathmatch fans.

All images courtesy of ICW No Holds Barred Twitter

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