Welcome back to MLW Underground. This week is probably the most stacked show yet. We get to see Fuego Guerrero vs Super Crazy vs Christopher Daniels, a number one contender’s match between Mike Awesome and Jerry Lynn and an MLW World Heavyweight Title fight between Satoshi Kojima and Vampiro. The stakes are higher and the match pace higher as we did into MLW Underground’s offerings and catch up with the modern world of MLW through Pulp Fusion. Let’s get into it.

Fuego Guerrero defeated Christopher Daniels & Super Crazy via Standing Shooting Star Press

The first match of the night was a Lucha infused triple threat of Super Crazy, Fuego Guerrero, and the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. The Mad Preacher Daniels had been trying to preach to Jerry Lynn so a win here could help get Lynn in his corner. Guerrero was just out to avenge the loss he was handed last week. After some jockeying to the fans, Super Crazy tried to shoo away Guerrero and go one on one with Daniels. They all locked up and everyone traded dropkicks. Crazy basked in more chants and Daniels tried to shut the crowd down by taking to the mic. It didn’t work and Daniels was launched out of the ring by Crazy. Guerrero did the same with an around the world head scissors to Crazy and the camera cut away. When it returned Guerrero was kicking down Crazy. He unleashed three stiff head kicks to Crazy and tried for a pin. That got two so the pair went into a chop fest and took Daniels down as he re-entered the match. They tried to double Suplex Daniels but he broke free and dropped both me with a bulldog/lariat combo. Daniels went top rope but Guerrero brought him down with a Hurricanrana. He then launched Crazy to the outside with an arm drag but missed a dive to the outside and ate the guardrail. Daniels and Crazy slugged it out on the outside then Crazy launched Daniels into the rails. Crazy reversed a second whip and sent Daniels into a ring post. He threw Guerrero into another guardrail then threw both Daniels and Guerrero in the ring. He then survived an onslaught of double chops and took both men out with a Quebrada. He then hit Daniels with a spinning leg lariat and a pop-up Crazy Factor on Guerrero. Daniels fought back, tanked a lariat, and planted Crazy with a Uranage. He then hit the Best Moonsault Ever for two and locked in a unique choke. Guerrero broke it up and hit Daniels with a flying scissor kick. He then hit Daniels with a Code Red but only got two. Crazy planted Guerrero with a spinning Powerbomb but Daniels saved the match. Guerrero went after the knees of Crazy then dived onto Daniels with a tope con Hilo. Crazy then dived onto Daniels and got caught by a flurry from Guerrero on the way back into the ring. He then kicked Crazy down again and won with a Standing Shooting Star Press. Crazy was not happy and tried to unmask him. Los Maximos made the save and Crazy bolted. This was an excellent opener full of great back and forth and Lucha stunts. It’s a shame Daniels didn’t get more in this match but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Mike Awesome defeated Jerry Lynn via Running Awesome Bomb

Next up was a match that would intrigue all ECW fans. Jerry Lynn was considered one of the best in the USA at this point and Mike Awesome had been a star in FMW and ECW so putting the pair together had dream match written all over it. Awesome started the match by pummelling down Lynn and crushed him in the corner. The size advantage allowed him to manhandle Lynn like a ragdoll and he took full advantage of it. After more hammering, Lynn avoided a corner splash and brought Awesome down with a diving crossbody. Awesome kicked out and speared Lynn to the canvas. Awesome tried to charge Lynn against the ropes but Lynn low-bridged him out and hit Awesome with a Guillotine leg drop in the ropes. He followed up with a dive and slugged Awesome on the outside. Awesome reversed a whip and sent Lynn flying into the guardrails. Awesome tried to charge again but Lynn sent him up and over the rail into the fans. Awesome cracked Lynn throat-first over the guardrail then backed up, knocking a fan over in the process, and hit a leaping lariat over the rail. Lynn was thrown back in the ring but quickly recovered and stunned Awesome with a dropkick. Awesome hung onto the ropes and hit Lynn with a springboard shoulder block. He pummelled Lynn then locked in a Camel Clutch. Lynn was let out and escaped Awesome’s clutches to take him down with a Hurricanrana. Lynn went top rope and brought Awesome down with a tornado flatliner. Christopher Daniels crept to ringside as Lynn tried for a piledriver. Awesome reversed into a Back Body Drop and brought him down with a big boot. He then hit a Sit-Out powerbomb for two. Lynn reversed a second into a DDT and tried to follow up but ended up running into an overhead belly to belly. Awesome hit a massive diving splash and narrowly avoided a roll-up. He took Lynn out with a clothesline and ended the match with a running Awesome Bomb. This was amazing. I’ve been a massive fan of both men and the mix of striking and selling on show was superb. Then watching Christopher Daniels berating Lynn added another level of drama to it all.

Satoshi Kojima defeated Vampiro via Lariato

Last but not least was the main event. A violent clash between Vampiro and Satoshi Kojima in a match that would go anywhere and everywhere. Vampiro had been hounded by Raven for weeks, but this would be the first time we’d see him in action since the cryptic messages began. He’s no slouch, but he’d have to it the next level to beat Kojima. Vampiro went for a handshake but Kojima backed away and ignored it. He did bow to Vampiro so there was some respect shown. They locked up and both took turns controlling their opponent in the corner. Kojima fired up Vampiro and took him down with a shoulder tackle. He bailed outside and threw a chair in the ring. Kojima set it down, sat in it, and thanked Vampiro for the break. They locked up again, and Vampiro reversed an armbar attempt into a takedown and deathlock. He dropped Kojima with a duo of deadly headbutts and threw him to the outside. He sent Kojima for a ride into the guardrail but got caught by a Snap Suplex on the floor. Kojima chopped Vampiro into the fans and attacked him with a chair. Vampiro hit Kojima with a stiff right hand and slammed him into the stage. He then climbed atop some scaffolding and nailed Kojima with a diving clothesline. The camera cut out and returned with Vampiro dominating Kojima in-ring. He dropped Kojima with a chokeslam but missed a twisting senton. Both men got to their feet and Kojima reversed a Hurricanrana into a powerbomb. He continued with a swinging neck breaker and caught a kick into a Dragon Screw. He delivered a duo of dropkicks to Vampiro’s knee and hit a second Dragon Screw. Kojima went for a Figure Four but Vampiro reversed into a small package and nearly won. Vampiro nailed Kojima with an enzuigiri but ate a drop toe hold. Kojima locked in an STF and forced Vampiro to the ropes. A Koji Cutter and Lariato later and the match was won. Kojima took on another tough title fight and came out the winner. Celebrations were ruined though as Mike Awesome came out, chopped it out with Kojima then put him through a table with an Awesome Bomb. An awesome match was continued with an Awesome mauling.

Pulp Fusion Recap

CONTRA opened Pulp Fusion by mocking the fans and heroes over footage of Gotch attacking Jordan Oliver and footage of other CONTRA attacks. Filthy Tom Lawlor was on his way to the airport, shaving in his car. Richard Holliday was talking about his party damages and having to go to therapy. He went into detail about how he no longer trusts his lawyer/father and is going independent, though as you could expect, it didn’t go well. The Von Erichs wanted wrestle island to be a reality. Calvin Tankman wants to show MLW who he is. Gino Medina is making moves and once again, someone is stalking CONTRA. Salina de la Renta was getting new designer purses, showing off the money she has to burn. Hammerstone was celebrating with his body-building trophies and medals so Fatu remembers he exists.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube