Welcome back to ICW No Holds Barred. The company had a hard weekend of wrestling planned that survived countless cancellations, weather issues, and unfortunate situations. They started the weekend of deathmatch insanity with a no-ring deathmatch mini-show. The Pit is a one-hour show of no-ring deathmatches pitting some of ICW’s best against each other. We’d see the Rejects take on Eric Ryan and Alex Colon, AKIRA tackling Eddy Only and Jimmy Lloyd battling Alex Ocean. Plus, we’d see the King of the No-Ring Deathmatch in action against Dale Patricks. Let’s jump into the pit and embrace the carnage!

AKIRA defeated Eddy Only via German Suplex into a Door

Our first match from the Barn of Doom was the Death Samurai AKIRA against 44OH!’s resident dirtbag Eddy Only. As the sounds of Fight to Survive filled the pit, the crowd went wild. AKIRA is the ICW NHB breakout and Eddy Only was going to try to break him and of course, Only had to run down the crowd before the match. AKIRA started the match fast and pummelled Only with a rubber chicken a fan had given him then launched Only into a guardrail. He hit a running knee and bounced only face-first off a chair. They entered into a chop-off which AKIRA won but Only reversed his follow up Suplex and threw him through a door. Only choked him against a guardrail and threw him across the pit into another. The pair traded more chops then Only went full-on scumbag and poked AKIRA’s eyes. Only locked in a chin lock and tried to wear AKIRA down but the crowd powered him up and he drove Only back-first into a rail. He then took Only to the floor and laid in some kicks and a groin attack. Only retorted with a gut kick and a slam into the dirt floor. The blood started to flow as Only hammered a gusset plate into AKIRA’s forehead. AKIRA remained cognizant and managed to pick one up too and attacked Only with it as he postured to the crowd. Only took a seat and ate another load of kicks. He caught the last one, locked AKIRA in a headlock, and took a seat. AKIRA lifted him up and dropped him back-first across the chair. AKIRA tried to fire up again but Only beat him down with straight jabs and a broken door to the skull. AKIRA tanked it all and threw the door at Only then peppered him with palm strikes and knees. AKIRA tried for a half and half and fought off Only to drive him through another door with a German Suplex for the win. AKIRA got the first big win of the weekend and made the crowd happy as it was against Eddy Only. This was a fun first fight with a nice level of pure striking. Only is a true heel and AKIRA is a true face so it was always going to be fun either way.

Casanova Valentine (w/Riley Madison) defeated Dale Patricks via Air Casanova

Next up would be Black Death’s first fight of the weekend. It would be Casanova Valentine taking on Dale Patricks, another big name in deathmatch notoriety. It was Patricks’ debut match in ICW NHB so he would have to go all out to beat Valentine, especially in his element. They started by trading slugs; Patricks was being cocky so Valentine let him take the first shot. Patricks slapped Valentine and used Valentine’s momentum to throw him through a door. He grabbed a tack bat and smashed it into Valentine’s arm then hit him with the rubber chicken. He ground barbed-wire into Valentine’s head and drilled him with a superkick. He looked to powerbomb Valentine through a cut-can-covered door but Madison slapped him and Valentine used the distraction to put Patricks through it with an overhead belly-to-belly. He grabbed the barbed-wire and whipped it across Patricks’ back then wrapped it around his face. Valentine slammed him onto a ladder then grabbed his Lawn Weasel and slammed it into a chair in front of Patricks’ dick. A barbed-wire door was set up and Valentine tried for the Stage 5 Clinger but Patricks reversed into a DDT. They slugged it out again until Patricks was able to stun Valentine and scale a ladder. Madison cut him off with a nutcracker then Valentine dumped Patricks on the board and finished him with Air Casanova off the ladder. This was excellent. It had some nice drama and Patricks did well despite losing. He has an edge to him that is only going to get sharper across the weekend. It was great to see Valentine get the win and show off more brutality.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated Alex Ocean via Barbed-wire Butterfly Piledriver

That was followed by the Neck Break Kid taking on the Different Boy. Both are considered the future of deathmatch so both had a lot to prove. Both are known for taking ridiculous bumps and now there was no ring to worry about too. Oh, and they had a shit ton of fuckery to play with. They started with a bar fight then Lloyd stapled a dollar bill to Ocean’s head and another to his cheek then another to his shoulder. He then cut up Ocean’s head with a saw blade and postured to the crowd. Ocean kicked out his knee and dropped him with a low dropkick. Ocean stapled some dollar bills to Lloyd and Ocean started an auction for the final one to end up on Lloyd. He then placed a chair between Lloyd’s legs and hammered it in with another. He did it a second time and tried for a DVD but Lloyd wiggled out and put Ocean through a door with a DVD. He then threw the rubber chicken at Ocean and hammered him with forearms. Lloyd set up a barbed-wire board but Ocean countered and kicked Lloyd into a butterfly destroyer for two. They fought to the back and Ocean climbed to the rafters. He dropped an elbow onto Lloyd but it only got a one-count. Lloyd rushed back to the ring, hit Ocean with a fireball, and finished him with a Butterfly Piledriver onto the barbed wire board for the win. Once again this was a great plunder brawl with some awesome athletic moves thrown in. Ocean may have lost but he made Lloyd work for it and got another big spot off the rafters. They hugged it out at the end so it’s nice to see there’s respect amongst the young stars of the future.

The Rejects (Reed Bentley & John Wayne Murdoch) defeated Alex Colon and Eric Ryan via Ref Stoppage

Last but not least was a tag team fuckery fest with two amazing teams. The underrated Rejects against Eric Ryan and Alex Colon, two of deathmatch wrestling’s best. This was going to get messy as Reed Bentley and John Wayne Murdoch looked to show they belong in the same pit as Colon and Ryan. Colon and Ryan struck first with Colon jabbing at Bentley and Ryan taking a fork to Murdoch’s head. Murdoch and Bentley struck back as Bentley put Colon through a door and Murdoch went after Ryan with a saw. Bentley threw a broken door at Colon and Colon answered back with another beating from the rubber chicken. Colon went for a drink so Murdoch hit him with the broken door. He then went after Ryan with a can and Bentley drove Colon throat-first into a chair. Colon struck back at Bentley and threw him through another door as Murdoch got another forking. They both then went after Bentley as Colon hit him with a bat and Ryan stabbed him with a fork. Colon went after Murdoch with a door and Bentley attacked Ryan with a staple gun including a staple to the bollocks. Murdoch also gained control and attacked Colon with a skewer. Murdoch then went after Ryan and threw him through another door. Colon kicked back and stabbed Murdoch in the head with a saw then went after Bentley with it too. A four-man bar fight took place until Ryan bit Bentley’s hand and Colon attacked both men with a beer. Colon then took everyone out with a running splash at Bentley. Murdoch attacked Ryan with his fork and Colon went back after Bentley with the saw and broken door parts. Murdoch attacked Colon with a bat as Bentley taped Ryan to a railing. Colon fought off both Rejects with the rubber chicken, wielding it like a nunchuck, and started throwing plunder around. Bentley clipped him with a door and the pair went after Ryan, pummelling him with everything in sight as he was powerless to resist. Ryan was KO’ed and the ref called the match off. Colon had tried to fight back but Ryan was unable to do anything and succumbed to the punishment. It was a total plunder fest with a lot of stabbing, smashing, and cutting but for an 8-minute main, that’s all it needed to be. It was a ton of fun and a great way to end the pit.

So, there you have it ICW No Holds Barred Volume 3.75, The Pit, reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was as outlaw as outlaw gets, pit fighting in a barn with a ton of fuckery on display. It was a riot from start to finish with each match offering something different. From the feelgood victory of AKIRA kicking down Eddy Only to The Rejects getting a big win over deathmatch elite. It was an excellent primer for a weekend of carnage. Was it the smartest thing ever? Of course, not. Was it fun to watch? 100%. Everyone put in the work to make this thrown together pit event a blast. Hats off to them all.

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