Welcome back to MLW Underground. This week sees Christopher Daniels utilise his connections to bring in stars from Japan as he calls on Michinoku Pro superstars Dick Togo (yes EVIL’s right-hand man) and Ikuto Hidaka to take on Los Maximos and Quiet Storm. Alongside that massive match, we’ll see the Extreme Horsemen’s CW Anderson in action against Devon “Crowbar” Storm as he awaits his shot at the Tag Team Titles. Could Storm cause an upset as the Extreme Horsemen are beginning to build momentum? Let’s find out as we follow MLW in the past and present through Pulp Fusion.

CW Anderson defeated Devon “Crowbar” Storm via Chair Spinebuster

The show started with a singles contest between CW Anderson and Devon Storm, WCW’s Crowbar. The two locked up and instantly traded arm-based locks. They continued to trade technical holds until Crowbar was able to slam down Anderson. Anderson recovered and tried to go back to a headlock but Crowbar took him over with a Northern Lights. The two stared each other down then started trading slugs and chops. Crowbar got the advantage, kicked Anderson away, and nailed him with a second rope clothesline. He continued with a spinebuster and slingshot leg drop. Anderson bailed and ate a Baseball slide. Crowbar threw Anderson into the railing and then sat him down, hit him with some jabs, and put him through it with a dive. The camera cut out and returned to show Anderson had taken control with a chair. He smashed it into Crowbar’s head then pumped the crowd up and did it again. The ref through the chair away and Anderson got hit by a thrust kick. He continued with a flurry of strikes, an excellent dropkick, and vicious lariat. He followed with a second and hit a unique jawbreaker variant. Anderson reversed an Irish whip and ate a belly to back Suplex. Crowbar jumped outside and hit a slingshot splash and a Quebrada. Anderson answered back with a superkick and tried to hit Crowbar with the chair again but Crowbar kicked low and trapped Anderson in with the chair. He rammed Anderson into the turnbuckle with the chair at his back and hit a bridging Northern Lights. Crowbar threw the chair to the mat and bounced off the ropes but was caught into a Spinebuster on the chair for the three-count. Anderson just to say scraped the win here as Crowbar went above and beyond to show what he can do.

Christopher Daniels & The Far East Connection (Dick Togo & Ikuto Hidaka) defeated Los Maximos (Joel & Jose) & Quiet Storm via Last Rites to Storm

Next up was the main event. A massive international six-man tag match as the Cult of Daniels took on the Lucha infused unit of Los Maximos and Quiet Storm. This would become a twenty-plus minute war of styles with a lot of insane moments. Hidaka and Jose started with a lock-up and swept through to a pin attempt. The pair went into a rope-running phase that ended in both men attempting dropkicks. They both tagged out to Daniels and Quiet Storm. They too went rope running and Storm eclipsed Daniels in speed and threw him with a head-scissor. Daniels went to the eyes and fled, bringing in Togo. Joel also entered and was instantly planted with a float over DDT. Togo beat down Joel then feigned sportsmanship as his team attacked from behind. The fight went everywhere as the Cult of Daniels attacked the various members of the enemy team. Los Maximos were thrown into the ring posts and railings then in-ring recovered and targeted Daniels. He was beaten down by Maximos and Storm and ate countless strikes, kicks, and sentons. He was hit with Maximos double team for two and was chopped down by Storm. Hidaka saved Daniels and Togo was tagged in. He was struck down by Jose Maximo and was hit with a Vertical Suplex. Joel was tagged in and Los Maximos hit Togo and Daniels with combination submissions. Togo recovered and spiked Jose with a deadly DDT and tagged out to Daniels. The Cult of Daniels continued their beatdown of Jose as Hidaka and Togo worked him over with kicks. Togo came in and landed a Swanton Bomb and took Jose’s head off with a running dropkick. Daniels came in and hit an Arabian Moonsault then slammed Jose headfirst into the mat. Joel tried to make a save but he was shooed off and Hidaka and Togo went back after Jose. Togo dropped him with a brainbuster and a brutal DDT. Jose tried to escape again but got locked in a Koji Clutch and then was trapped in a triple submission from the Cult. Togo and Hidaka planted Jose with a wheelbarrow facebuster but only got two. He broke away from Daniels with a DDT and made a much-needed tag to Joel. He broke into the match and hit everyone with strikes as Storm leaped onto Daniels. His momentum was killed off though as Togo dropped him with a DDT to the floor. Everyone hit dives then Daniels and Hidaka took everyone out with an Arabian Press and a Cannonball senton.

Hidaka continued by choking Storm out in the ropes and targeting the leg with a dropkick and heel hook. Storm made it to the ropes and rocked Hidaka with a neckbreaker and a Gory Special Breaker. Storm hit a series of suplexes but got stopped by a rebound leg lariat. They left the ring so Daniels and Joel took over. Joel hit some strikes but Daniels caught him into a Blue Thunder Bomb, flatliner, and the Best Moonsault Ever. Jose made the save and planted Daniels with a Tornado DDT. He hit a frog splash but Togo saved Daniels. Togo went after Jose and drilled him with a powerslam and rolling DDT. Joel saved his brother and hit a bridging German but couldn’t keep Togo down. He tried with a powerbomb but Daniels made the save and the pair killed Joel with a double team facebuster. Los Maximos survived and took out Togo with a double Spanish Fly. Hidaka made the save and took out Joel. This left Storm and Daniels to finish the match. Storm nearly won with a Dragonrana but Daniels held on and killed Storm with the Last Rites. This was an amazing match that sadly saw Togo get injured from someone landing on his ankle. It was a mad match with excellent chemistry and excellent displays of international talent.

Pulp Fusion Recap

Pulp Fusion opened with Alicia Atout interviewing Richard Holliday where he was as irritating as possible over his Caribbean title. Filthy Tom Lawlor missed another flight to Hawaii after Kit Osbourne was caught smoking in the suitcase. Hammerstone called out Josef Samael and Fatu for being silent on his challenge to the title. Dominic Garrini was looking for Jungle fights in the Amazon and got attacked for being rude to nature. LA Park addressed the potential return of MLW and the fact he wants to conquer Wrestle Island. Salina de la Renta was still making deals behind the scenes. Injustice addressed the attack on Jordan Oliver by CONTRA Unit and Simon Gotch. They threatened retribution as the video glitched with the CONTRA logo.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube

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