Which barriers to break? The last IMPACT special event took place in March 2019. Why not reloading something that was working and giving a taste of PPV to the weekly show? There’s no shame in looking at the past at a time nothing is really “normal.” Normality is what you decide to do with. Remember, too much is not enough.
All the titles will be on the line on Emergence. Chris Bey will put the X-Division Championship on the line against Rohit Raju and TJP this week. We’ll have a rematch from Slammiversary as MCMG will defend the Impact World Tag Team Championships against The North. Also, Moose will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against the man he thought was Suicide, Trey. From Wrestle House, Taya Valkyrie will face off Kylie Rae. The Good Brothers will seek revenge against Madman Fulton and Ace Austin. This “special event” from Nashville is taking place during IMPACT weekly broadcast time slot. But we’re still ready for some action, your French Enygma Steph way.

X-Division Championship Match: Chris Bey (c) vs Rohit Raju vs TJP w/ Fallah Bahh

Before the bell rang, TJP flew over the top rope to take out Chris Bey and Rohit Raju. The bell officially rang as Raju and TJP were back in the ring. Bey jumped on top of the apron and rolled TJP away from him. TJP planted a head scissors takedown on Bey. Bey came off the second rope with a leg drop. Raju rolled back in and watched Bey stomp TJP on the mat. Bey sent TJP towards the ropes. TJP caught himself up in the ropes (very Suicide…). TJP was looking for a sharpshooter on Bey but bridged across him, but Raju broke it up. Raju held TJP who kicked Bey in the midsection. He then put both men in a double submission. TJP rolled through. Raju broke an attempted arm lock on Bey. Bey sent Raju into the corner towards TJP. TJP got out of the corner but failed at connecting with a tornado DDT.

TJP springboarded off the second rope. He reversed and caught Bey with a tombstone piledriver. TJP headed to the top rope. Raju pushed him off. TJP ran back up. Bey put TJP up on his shoulders in the electric chair position. TJP surprisingly landed a superplex on Raju. TJP kept his offence strong with a double arm submission on Bey and Raju. Both men found a way out. Raju built up some momentum after landing a series of strikes on TJP, but that momentum dissolved. Bey put TJP in a gut-wrench position. TJP smashed Bey down on the mat with a double arm hook slam. TJP locked Bey up. Raju came in to help his friend break out of the hold. TJP connected with a solid dropkick. Raju was now up on the top rope. He turned on Bey by landing a double stomp off the top rope. Raju picked up the win on Bey and became the new X-Division Champion.

The Nygma View: What a match… TJP got to show off more of his innovative offence than we’ve seen in a while and worked fantastically against both Bey and Raju. I appreciated seeing Fallah stay where he was supposed to, at ringside. The title switch is half a surprise. Even if Bey won it only a few weeks ago at Slammiversary, TJP was clearly the one I was seeing as the future Champion. But Raju seized the opportunity…
Raju has been on Impact Wrestling for nearly 3 years. Under the name of Hakim Zane or Rohit Raju, he’s a 12-year veteran in this business. From his first IMPACT match in November 2017 against Taiji Ishimori to the X-Division Championship, Raju had waited patiently and finally been successful. Some will say he stole the win but wasn’t it a Three-Way match? So, no. Like we say here, he had some “culot…” (nerves)

Meanwhile, at Wrestle House… 

– Mr Mundo and the Crazzy Monkey were having a conversation. Well, John E. Bravo and Crazzy Steve…

Steve loves messing with his roommates. Next, Acey Romero found out that the horrible stench to his nose was Larry D’s new cologne, one he called “Ring Rust.” He was ready to do everything he can to impress Rosemary.

The Nygma View: A dog and a monkey having a conversation, I take it… Give me something stupid and I rush faster than light…

Meanwhile, backstage… 

The Good Brothers were more than ready for their match against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton tonight.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Moose (c) vs Trey

Moose grabbed Trey Miguel by the neck, then threw him over to the corner. Moose landed a vicious chop on Trey. Back from the break, Trey springboarded off the top rope only to be caught with a dropkick from Moose. Trey flew right out of the ring. Moose met him out there with a chop, followed by a drop on top of the apron. Both men climbed back into the ring. Moose sent Trey for a ride across the ring. Moose shouted, “I’m the best wrestler in the world,” while Trey was lying there on the mat. Trey was laying on the ropes.

Moose threw down a series of forearm shots. Trey was starting to look spent after Moose threw him again. Moose walked over to Trey. Trey found his offence for a mere second by throwing a few shots and kicked. But, it was short-lived after Moose grabbed his face. Moose cornered Trey. Trey landed on his feet and connected with a superkick followed by a standing flip. Trey countered Moose again with a DDT. Trey flipped out of the ring only to be caught by Moose, who powerbombed him off the apron. The referee began his count. Trey rolled back in at 9. Moose set up for the Lights Out. Trey countered it the first time but not the second. Moose grabbed the win.

Wait, wait…

EC3 crept up from behind and attacked Moose. He grabbed the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and left.

The Nygma View: Moose was absolutely rock-solid in this match and the outcome was never in doubt because of the EC3 feud. Trey worked really well here and it put Moose over better than all of the previous “title” matches have. Another good match, even if, of course, the big man defeated the little guy.

Meanwhile, backstage… 

– Reno Scum brought Hernandez his money. Hernandez had another assignment for them.

– Eric Young vignette.

– Jimmy Jacobs asked Willie Mack where his head’s at after Young attacked his friend Rich Swann as well as how he’s recovering from their match last week. As Mack was about to answer, Brian Myers hijacked the camera, along with Jacobs, and asked to be interviewed. Myers had a lot of repressed frustration and he made it known in his interview (the way the end of this promo was shot is very, very awkward…)

– Heath promoted himself again with #Heath4Impact.

The Good Brothers vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Karl Anderson and Ace Austin started the match. Anderson landed a back elbow towards the back of Austin’s head. Anderson went to work with several shots towards Austin’s face. Anderson made the tag to Doc Gallows. Gallows smashed his elbow into Austin’s face. Gallows tagged Anderson back in. Austin tagged in Madman Fulton. Fulton sent Anderson in the corner before Austin grabbed a quick tag. Anderson speared Austin towards his corner to get a tag in from Gallows. Austin ducked out in time. Fulton and Gallows stood toe-to-toe. The two powerhouses exchanged shots. Gallows cornered Fulton with a series of midsection shots. Fulton drove Gallows’ head into the turnbuckle. Fulton landed a few body shots before bringing Austin back in. Gallows tagged Anderson back in.

Anderson took his eyes off of Austin for one second and went flying after receiving a dropkick. Fulton grabbed in a tag. Fulton stomped away at Anderson. Fulton sent Anderson spine first towards Austin’s knees. Austin was now in for Fulton. Austin took out his card and sliced Anderson’s hand with it. Fulton was back in and both men hit the same double team spine buster from moments before. Anderson hit a spinebuster. Gallows was tagged in. Gallows sent Austin off his feet with a fallaway slam. The Good Brothers were looking for the Magic Killer on Austin. Fulton stopped them. Austin caught Anderson with a spinning kick. Fulton landed a clothesline on Anderson. Austin was back in. Both Austin and Anderson exchanged blows. Austin sent Anderson down with a knee shot. Fulton sent Gallows into the guardrail on the outside. Gallows sent Fulton to the other side. The Good Brothers locked in the Magic Killer for the win.

The Nygma View: There was no reason for The Good Brothers not to win, even if… I don’t imagine this feud ending now. Austin’s pride will betray him. Just to see once again Gallows and Fulton face-to-face, in this Godzilla battle, I want more. Austin and Fulton looked competitive, but this always had to go the Good Brothers’ way, and the heels don’t lose anything by losing here. It got a bit repetitive in parts but it was a good match in large part.

Meanwhile, at Wrestle House… 

– Someone took The Deaners’ beer. Johnny Swinger said at first that he’s straight edge and that he didn’t take the beer. He admitted that’s not true, he’s on probation. Susie said no one should break their truce. John E. Bravo stepped in to see Rosemary talking to Larry D. Swinger didn’t look too happy that Larry D was asking Rosemary out for a possible date next week.

Kylie Rae vs Taya Valkyrie, with Rosemary as the referee.

Kylie Rae put Taya Valkyrie in a waist lock, then dropped her down on the mat. Taya cornered Kylie and went to town with a series of shots. Kylie escaped the corner. Taya landed a running elbow and started to bite Rae’s hand. Rosemary turned away pretending not to see that. Kylie found her momentum with two midsection shots, followed by an arm drag. Taya, back up, connected with a suplex. She charged toward Kylie who moved out of the way in time. Taya almost ran into Rosemary. She turned around, only to eat a superkick to the face. Kylie got the win. After the match, Rosemary told Larry D that she’ll see him next week. The Deaners will continue their search on who stoled their beer.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: MCMG (c) vs The North

Chris Sabin and Josh Alexander began the match. Alexander slammed Sabin into the corner. Sabin flew off the second rope to free himself away from Alexander’s control and hit a top-rope crossbody. Alexander caught Sabin mid-air and sent Sabin towards his corner to tag in Ethan Page. Page sent Sabin headfirst into the turnbuckle before tagging in Alexander. Alexander smashed his boot into the back of Sabin’s head. Page and Alexander exchanged quick tags. Sabin fought out of The North’s attacks. Sabin got a tag to Alex Shelley. MCMG came together with a dropkick/DDT combination on Page. Alexander got caught in the crossfire right before the commercial break.

Shelley tried to lock Alexander up. Page came into the ring only to be sent out again. Alexander tagged in Page. Page landed a series of knee strikes to Shelley’s back. Page drove Shelley into the corner. Page threw in a shot before bringing Alexander back in. Alexander twisted Shelley’s ankle up. Sabin ran in. Page made his way back in and put Shelley up in a delayed vertical suplex. Alexander and Page switched off with double backbreakers on Shelley. Alexander went for a lateral press pin. Shelley rolled through and tagged in Sabin. Sabin came flying in with a forearm, followed by a neckbreaker on Page. Sabin headed up top and landed a missile dropkick on Page.

Shelley held on to Page. Sabin flew off the top rope again with another missile dropkick. Shelley went for the Sliced Bread #2. MCMG went for the ASCS Rush, but The North blocked their chance with The Nothern Assault. Their move just couldn’t put Sabin down. Page superkicked Shelley. Sabin met Page with a back elbow and a DDT. Alexander caught Sabin in the jaw with a roundhouse shot. MCMG connected with double superkicks on Page. Shelley was on top and flew on top of Page. He then rolled over to keep Alexander from coming into the ring. Sabin got the pin for his team.

The Nygma View: I didn’t really understand when Madison Rayne said MCMG needed the recognition they deserved. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley belong to TNA/Impact Wrestling history. As singles competitors and as a team. I honestly preferred the first match to this one but that doesn’t mean this one was not good. The in-ring action was great. I’m in a way sad to think The North’s fairy tale as Tag Team Champions is over. I don’t expect another match because it would be too much. The MCMG are definitely back, they are the Champions and we’ll see in the coming weeks who will be knocking at their door.

To be eNYGMAtic…

Emergence Night One was really a very good special event. After last week’s episode that wasn’t really what I’m used to loving, something clicked this week. The action and the tension were there and that was really enjoyable. One bad thing, the load of ads… and the end of the Myers/Mack segment…
This week, all the pieces of the puzzle that were set since Slammiversary have found a place on the game table. EC3 stealing the TNA belt, The Good Brothers, Brian Myers, The MCMG, they all found their place in the IMPACT orchestra. For Eric Young and Heath, it could take a little more time but will be sooner than later.
One week away to history, with Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo competing in the first-ever 30-Minute Iron Woman Match, Night One exceeded every expectation. The episode was action loaded, fun and right like Impact Wrestling can do it.
On this very “Nygma Emerges Only at Night”, stay safe, take care, watch wrestling, and until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…


Emergence Night One Full Results:

  • Rohit Raju defeated Chris Bey and TJP to become the new X-Division Champion.
  • Moose defeated Trey to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
  • The Good Brothers defeated Madman Fulton & Ace Austin
  • At Wrestle House, Kylie Rae defeated Taya Valkyrie. Rosemary was the referee.
  • MCMG defeated The North to retain the Impact World Tag Team Championships.


All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, AXS TV and Basil Mahmud. Photocollage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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